DIY Round Coffee Table

DIY round coffee table - Turn a dining room table into a coffee table!

Sometimes I have these ideas that come to my head & I can never shake them. they stay on my mind forever until I complete them. Some call it a blessing that I have such great follow through, and others might call it a curse because it will bug me until it’s done. This project is one of them. For the longest time {maybe like year now?} I have wanted to turn a round dining room table into a coffee table like no one else’s business. One day Mr. LMB & I were driving down the road in the middle of no where & spotted a whole bunch of “junk” for sale. Naturally we stopped & among all of the boat parts & tools was this rustic old beat up table. I had found what I was looking for for an entire year. The table top was rustic, bleached, & beat up. the bottom, well, we will talk about the bottom later. The hubs and I loaded it up in his jeep & I was happier than a bird with a french fry… or something like that.

DIY round coffee table - Turn a dining room table into a coffee table! DIY round coffee table - Turn a dining room table into a coffee table!
Once we came up with the idea, making the coffee table was actually pretty easy. It required a few cuts & some drilling. Your experience could be different depending on what kind of table you find. Ours happened to be more high maintenance than what we thought. Hopefully yours isn’t a little diva like ours. Sad news, I didn’t get a picture of the dining room table before we took it apart to fit it in the jeep, so just picture a dining room table in your head & if you are struggling, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the blog post for more of a visual.

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So, here is what the two {three really} pieces looked like when we got them home. The top came apart in two pieces. Not sure if that’s normal, but it’s a really heavy top. We soon discovered that we didn’t think the base of the table went with the top because it was two small. We actually had another base on hand so we decided to use that one since it was larger & beefier. Yes, that’s the most accurate way to describe it.

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The first photo is the original base that we cut down to size & then discovered it was too small. We then did the same thing to the second base & that base seemed to be much better. Since the table top came in two separate pieces. We used 2) 1×2 boards on the bottom cut to 40 inches to maintain a level top and attach the two pieces. We bought a base from a local antique shop. Using the pre-existing hardware and support we simply attached the base right to the bottom of the table. & the color you ask? Well, the gray was already on the base.. we really got lucky because the color fit perfect into our home!

DIY round coffee table - Turn a dining room table into a coffee table! DIY round coffee table - Turn a dining room table into a coffee table!

DIY round coffee table - Turn a dining room table into a coffee table! DIY round coffee table - Turn a dining room table into a coffee table!

DIY round coffee table - Turn a dining room table into a coffee table!

The coffee table that was in our sitting room before was cute, but it wasn’t this big beauty piece of furniture that this one is. I like that this one makes a statement in the space & I also love it’s little story & how it came to be. The table is pretty solid, but the only thing I wish was that the top was one piece and not two so it was even more solid, but beggars can’t be choosers! I finally have my DIY round coffee table that I have been wanting. Now I can rest. Just kidding… my brain never rests. Let me know what you guys think of the table in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram!


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DIY rustic round coffee table - Turn a dining table into a coffee table easily!



35 thoughts on “DIY Round Coffee Table

  1. Courtney

    I get so many ideas too but I am so unlucky because the next day I forget them so easily! I try to carry a notebook around with me but I still forget lol. I have two boys that keep me on my toes. Anyways this is very lovely! Beautiful job

  2. Kelly S.

    Hi Liz! This room looks so cozy – great job! I was wondering where you got your curtains? I am looking for some simple curtains to go in my room. Thanks!

  3. Christie

    This is so great! Like you, I’ve had this same idea in my mind this past year. Lucky for me, I’m acquiring a new dinner table from a friend, so I have the feeling my current round dining table will be making an appearance in my living room soon. 🙂 Yours looks great, wonderful job!

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  5. Shantel Ruland

    I have a table just like this, thanks for the inspiration! what stain did you use for the top? Thanks

  6. ashley wise

    this is one of my favorite things ever! i saw where you said the bottom was already gray (I’m glad i reread that because at first glance, i thought it was black)… did you stain the top yourself or was it already gray as well??

    do you have a dark gray ‘go to” color that reminds you or is similar to the base of this table? I really want to recreate this project! thanks so much

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  10. Makala

    What method did you use to stain the top and what brand and color stain did you use? Very beautiful! Thanks

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  15. Nessie

    Love how your table turned out but I can’t quite figure out how you attached the dining table top to the shortened base.

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