25+ Easy & Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

25+ Easy & Creative ways to wrap a gift - A must pin for any occasion!!

Ok. If you are like me, you were not blessed with the gift wrapping gene. The gene that allows you to be super creative & talented in the gift wrapping department. I envy people who show up to the party with the pretty wrapped packages while I’m holding a gift wrapped in paper that looks like it went through a paper shredder. Alas, I turned to some amazing inspiration to help me learn how to bring my presents from drab to fab & I couldn’t just keep the knowledge I found to myself, so I decided to put this little post together for all of you who need some inspiration to help wrap your gifts all lovely for any occasion. No, but really… let’s try this. I vow to try to make some gifts pretty this year & not just buy gift bags & ask my husband to wrap them. He was born with the gift wrapping gene thankfully, but for me it’s going to take some practice. I hope you enjoy these easy & creative gift wrapping ideas!

Wooden gift tags.

Deer stamped gift wrap.

Glitter giftwrap.


Boxwood wreath gift wrap.

Gray & gold gift wrap. 

Doily gift tags. 

Shiny & bright gift tags. 


Book page gift wrap.


Burlap gift bags. 

Name garland.

Gold & black gift wrap.

f983051cdc1ce7baa7b5029e051db2e6DIY printed gift wrap. 

Monogram Gift Tags. 

Clay gift tags. 


Cupcake wrapper gift toppings.

Label maker gift tags.


Photo gift tags.

Sharpie gift wrap. 


Pine needle gift wrap.

Woodland gift tags. 

Twine snowflake. 

 photo 8-570x443-1_zps70d9d8c8.jpg

Chalk pen gift wrap.

Pom-Pom ribbon.

Postcard gift wrap.

Woodland scene gift wrap.

Newspaper gift wrap. 

Hand painted gift tags.

Oh man. I’m so inspired by all of these gifts & I hope you are too. Perfect timing for this post since none of our Christmas gifts are wrapped yet. I’m off to wrap some gifts now! Let me know what your favorite gift wrapping inspiration is in the comments below & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram! xx

22 thoughts on “25+ Easy & Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

  1. Baileywife @Irishman Acres

    I’m wrapping ALL DAY today, hopefully mine will be somewhat pretty! I always use brown or white craft paper, and plan to add some aztec painted designs to them this year! Have fun, Liz!! ~Kim

    1. LizMarie Post author

      Hi! Thank you so much for the sweet comment & I am so sorry for our mess at the moment. We are in the middle of re-doing the blog & it’s taking/going to take longer than anticipated. We are trying to get everything figured out & lots of changes are being made. Hoping to get things figured out soon! xx

  2. Lana

    My favourite is the Postcard and Monogram wrap – took my breath away! I call them new old-fashioned style of wrap … there is none which I don’t like!

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  9. Michelle S.

    This post totally inspired me to use brown paper, doilies, and pine on my gifts! I even think I saw some embossed paper, too…

    Going to wrap right now–thank you!!!

    Merry Christmas!

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  12. Lee Ferguson

    Liz, your gifts are beautiful. And I know that when wrapping gifts it all begins with getting the paper right.
    I spent thirty years on the living room floor cutting giftwrap with scissors and became frustrated enough to develop a better way. It’s the WrapMaster. Check it out at http://www.giftwraptools.com. If you think it has value ,I’ll send you one. My gift to you!

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