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Light & bright master bedroom - lovely inspiration on how to create a light & bright bedroom in your home!

Wow, I have no idea why I never blogged a tour of our Master Bedroom while we lived in our rental. I don’t even have a reason for you. We loved this space & we found it so cozy. I miss this space in our historic rental probably the most just because of the light & how the sun came in this room so beautifully. I shot a few quick photos as the sun was setting on night in this room the day before the movers came & I wanted to show a quick little tour of our bright & light master bedroom in our rental…

Light & bright master bedroom - lovely inspiration on how to create a light & bright bedroom in your home!
Light & bright master bedroom - lovely inspiration on how to create a light & bright bedroom in your home!
I know this is so symbolic, but the sun setting in the room as I was taking these photos really made me all teary eyed because it was like the sun setting on our time in North Carolina. I probably should have blogged this room a while before the movers were coming since somethings were packed up & things didn’t look the same, but I couldn’t possibly close the chapter on our NC home without blogging this space. What do you think of our North Carolina rental master bedroom? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!


Source list:

Striped bedding: Ikea
White bedding: H&M
Rug: RugsUSA
Bench: Marshalls
Throw: Target
Lamps: Target
Plants: Ikea
Nightstands: DIY{here}
Lumbar pillow: DIY {Here}
Curtains: H&M
TV stand: DIY {Here}
Pouf: Target
Shoes: Target
Frames: TJ Maxx
Word art: House of Belonging 
Baskets: Ikea

17 thoughts on “Bright & Light Master Bedroom – LMB Rental

  1. Baileywife @Irishman Acres

    I think this is my favorite room of yours, I actually think I want to take off my headboard and put my bed under our window! So beautiful Liz…..

  2. Joan

    This is one of my favorite rooms. I LOVE lots of light and would have wanted to be in this room a lot.
    Even though you have been busy moving into your Michigan home, I know you must miss a lot of things
    from your life in the military and this sweet home that you created in NC. Blessings to you.

    1. LizMarie Post author

      We loved this room too! & you are so right.. in the middle of all the excitement I have had moments where it doesn’t seem real that that life is in the past.. crazy to think about! xx

  3. Chrissy

    Hi Liz, I love your blog! Have been a long time follower & wanted to say u are killing it!

    However, as a reader I thought u might want to know that the ad set up is terrible. I read on my iPad while playing music or a white noisemaker (I do all my blog reading while my baby naps 😉 ) & now I can’t open your website without the ads stopping my music or whatever I have playing. For some reason I can’t get my sounds to keep playing At the same time as your blog being open. It’s really intrusive. Also the site now is only half the size of the page, I can hardly see your beautiful pictures!

    I can appreciate bloggers needing ad revenue but this makes the experience not enjoyable & I can’t actually read it at all while my baby naps. Pls go back to making your content the focus of the site!! I would be so sad to miss out on your blog.

    Sincerely, a long time reader

  4. Eva

    Liz, This light, airy room looks so cozy for a master bedroom. I’ve always loved those end tables/dressers. I’m glad they made it to your new place!

    1. LizMarie Post author

      Thank you so much Eva! We love those nightstands too. they are in the new house, but not sure for how long… we have some plans & they might not fit… We will see!! xx

  5. Lisa A

    I love everything about this bedroom! Wow, is all I can say! I can only imagine how cozy it was to be in that space. I am sure you will make your new bedroom just as lovely! I love the grey tones with the whites and creams and on and on! You were blessed with such a talent and your hubby too!

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  7. Lauren

    What a beautiful and light room! Your pics give me so much house inspiration 🙂 I was wondering if your Ikea striped bedding is the gray or blue set?

  8. Lisa

    I love this room and read your blog for many inspirations in our home. Could you please tell me if the white bedding from H&M is their linen or cotton? The whole room is just beautiful!

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