Ikea Slipcover Sofa Review – Honest Opinions 3 Years Later

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!

Wow! This Ikea slipcover sofa review has been coming for almost 3 years now. Everyday I get questions about our slipcovered Ikea Ektorp sofas & whether or not we like them. I think I kept waiting to review them because I wanted a substantial amount of time with them before I gave my honest review. Before I get into the pros & cons I just want to say that I am obsessed with these couches. All of the pros outweigh the cons for sure for us. I purchased these when I was 23 years old & they allowed me to have the “Pottery Barn” look I wanted for less & I’m so thankful for that. 3 years later & 2 moves later these couches are still going strong & I’m actually sitting on them right now writing this post. We sit on these couches every single day & they still are like new. Please don’t mind these photos in our unfinished lower level living room. Ever since we have moved in two months ago we haven’t done too much to this space, & actually we just set the clock on that ledge & never centered or moved it so that will be changing soon too. But today, alas, it’s all about those sofas.

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!
And I have to address one more thing before I continue with this review. Before I get comments like “wait until you have kids” or “wow, you can’t have these when you have kids” or “You can tell you don’t have kids by your decor”, first of all that’s a tad hurtful considering our situation. Second of all, again, they are slipcovered sofas. You can literally take off the slipcovers and wash them when needed. Your kid draws on your sofa? Remove the slipcover, wash, dry, & put back on the sofa. Good as new! I still continue getting comments like these on all my posts & I kind of wish they would stop. Spread the word.  There are lots of people I personally know & know through the internets that have children with ikea slipcovered sofas {mostly in white} who swear by them. They love the fact that they can be bleached & they don’t have to worry about spills, stains, exd because hey, their couches can be put in the washer. boom. done. These couches are for sure not for everyone’s style, but I truly think they would work in mostly everyones home considering how easy they are to take care of & the price point. & think of all the dirt on a brown sofa that’s not slipcovered. This neat freak likes being able to wash things when needed & knowing that the sofas I am laying on are squeaky clean makes me one happy girl. Again, this is not to make anyone feel like I think your non-slipcovered couch is gross, but just to hinder those comments as we have been getting them for 3 years now. No sofa shaming here at all on my end. Only spreading the sofa love. Ps. These sofas come with darker slipcovers as well, so if you are wanting to hide those stains better and have the option of washing your couch in the washer, I suggest a darker color for sure!

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!
A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!

Some quick facts about our couches:

– They are about three years old.

– We ordered them online from Ikea & had them delivered to our house. Delivery was super quick {not even a week} & they brought the large boxes in our house & placed them where we wanted them.

– We got a sofa & a love seat. I kind of wish we would have got two sofas instead because we would have more seating, but I am happy with the ones we got. In fact later in the post I state that these will soon be in our third living room & we will most like purchase the sectional for this area.

-We did have the blekinge white slipcovers originally, but we purchased the svanby beige slipcover [Not sure if they still have that one] [Update: They do not have svanby beige, but a close look to that one is the Stenasa white I believe] about a year ago & we have used the beige ever since. It hides a lot more than the white & I love the softer look it gives to the space. The svanby beige has more texture than the blekinge white as well which I love.

-Something I was shocked about when we first got these sofas was that when we moved our old sofa out & the new Ektorp sofas in it’s place, the Ektorp sofa was noticeably shorter & took me a while to get used to.

– We allow our dogs on the sofas at all times. Whether they are clean or dirty they are always laying, running, jumping, licking, sleeping, & whatever else dogs do all over our sofas & they still stay clean as ever.

– We wash our sofas maybe once every two months. I do not have to wash them often. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I washed these svanby beige ones & there is many one or two tiny spots so I might be washing them soon, but this beige color hides things so well.

– I wash the slipcovers like anything else & dry them maybe to 80% & put them on the couches damp to dry the rest of the way so that they do not shrink & this makes it easier to get the slipcovers back on the sofa.

– We always have lots of throws & pillows on our couches which helps cozy them up & I think helps keep them super clean as well. Weird, but I think it works.

– We are not easy on our couches. We eat dinner, snacks, & drink every beverage under the sun on them. I do crafts with messy items while sitting on the couches. We do not feel like we have to be overly cautious because of how affordable & washable our sofas are.

-When we had our sofas in the last house the layout of the room was different so that’s why we bought the two sofas, but if we had bought them specifically for our new lower living room in these photos I would have purchased the sectional.

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!
A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!

On to the Pros & Cons of the Ikea Ektorp Sofa!


– Price! These babies are less than $400 … can’t beat it!

– Easy to put together: You can see a video of us [[HERE]] assembling our Ektorp sofas when we received them & it took less than an hour for both of them to be put together. & we did it all while watching the baseball game. Go Tigers!

– Washable. Like I said before, these couches are so easy to keep clean! You can take off the slipcovers individually on each cushion so if the stain is on one part of the couch you do not have to wash the whole thing. With two dogs, a husband, me, & kids in and out of our house I only have to wash our couches maybe once every other month. I’m sure when we have kids of our own it will be more often, but again, to me when my baby poops on my couch it will make me really happy to be able to throw the slipcover in the wash & know that it’s perfectly clean.

-Lightweight. These suckers are light & easy to move around for those of you who move a lot or just like to rearrange your living rooms often.

-Cheap slipcovers. A new slipcover for your couch will literally only run you around $49 or less. So replacing them is no big deal & at this price you can have some spares to put on while you are washing the other one. Also, you can have other color options handy if you want.

– Keeps it’s shape. This can be a pro & a con. The couch is very firm & after having it for three years the couch is still in the same shape as when we first got it. There are no butt indents or weird misshapen cushions.

– Quality. Not only do the sofas keep their shape after daily use, but the slipcovers are great as well. After all the washing, tugging, pulling, drying, sitting, laying, and on and on, the slipcovers are still like new. The only thing I ever had happen was with the white slipcovers. One of them got a tiny tear in the bottom & I know it was from the constant bleaching. I suggest if you have the white only bleaching when needed because bleach does break down the fibers. But no issues with svanby beige slipcovers yet after all this time.

-The look. The sofas have a Pottery Barn look for less & that is good for everyones budget. These babies allow you to get the look of a high end sofa for less.

– Easy to move. In the military lifestyle I feel like we were moving a lot, not as much as other people, but if you move a lot these sofas are for  you because they are super easy to lift & fit through tight spaces. Mr. LMB & I easily packed these up many times without breaking a sweat.

– I’m sure there are more pros, but for now this is what stands out to me the most!

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!
A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!


-Size. These sofas are smaller than most sofas. The depth is less than the average sofa & the height is smaller than our other sofa as well. This makes it not as comfortable as our huge down filled sofa, but none the less the sofas are still comfortable & we use them daily & never have any complaints.

-Location. Not everyone lives close to an Ikea so driving to pick them up might not be convenient. Shipping the sofas did come at a cost, but we thought it was totally worth it.  So, if you are not close to an Ikea & you hate paying for shipping this can be a con for you.

-Wrinkles. After washing the slipovers there are sometimes some dreaded wrinkles. Now, some wrinkles are great because they add to that cozy charm, but sometimes I get heavy wrinkles if I don’t put the slipovers on the couches right out of the dryer. My advice is to do what I said above by drying 80% & placing the slipcovers on when slightly damp. This will stretch out the wrinkles and make the covers fit snug. If there are any leftover wrinkles that I want to get out I use wrinkle release spray & it seems to work well.

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!

The pros & cons of the Ikea Ektorp Slipcover sofa - & why I think everyone should own one.
All in all I love these sofas. I honestly & truly do. After three years of owning them it feels good to be able to still say that. It feels good to know our money was well spent & that we have no regrets from purchasing these sofas. I know everyone has their opinions, but these have worked well for us for years & we are even thinking of repurchasing. Like I said before in this post I think the sectional will work well for this space in our lower living room, so when we finish our basement we will have a third living room where we will move these current couches & replace with the sectional. That’s the plan. Who knows when it will all happen, but I think the fact that we both want to repurchase means that we really likes these sofas. Thank you Ikea for making some affordable couches so that us people in our young 20’s who want to keep lots of money in our savings account & still get a high end look can have couches that look amazing with great quality! Now it’s time for  you to chime in! I know some of you have these couches & love them, I know some of you  have these couches & don’t like them, I know some of you don’t have these couches & wonder about them, & I know some of you don’t have these couches & already hate them & have your own opinions on them. Let’s open the comments section up for some nice helpful conversations so that people wanting other opinions can get some help. What do you think of these sofas? Would you ever buy them? Do you have them? What are your pros & cons? What is your living situation? Leave it all in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram. xx

A complete & thorough review of the Ikea Ektorp sofa - A great guide to whether or not the ikea slipcovered sofa is for you with honest opinions!

A super honest Ikea Ektorp sofa review after 3 years of owning it! super thorough with lots of comments from others who own it as well!

189 thoughts on “Ikea Slipcover Sofa Review – Honest Opinions 3 Years Later

  1. Gilly

    I can’t believe people would be so insensitive. They obviously just don’t understand, don’t let them get you down Liz Marie. And just for the record you can have a nicely decorated house with kids….I never changed my decor when I had a child…..I used this magical word “NO” and she learnt not to touch my stuff! and I don’t see anything in your rooms that would need changing when you finally get that beautiful baby….not that you will care about your home one bit when you have that baby in your arms. I really pray you will be parents, genuinely you both deserve that kind of joy.

  2. Ali

    I have the couch and the two matching chairs. I have 3 boys and we move every two years with the military, The first set we had for 7 years before the padding smooshed down too much and then we bought the exact same set of couch and chairs again from Ikea. I wash my covers and I have 2 sets of covers to alternate. I will not buy anything more expensive till we are done moving and are kids are older. They are great for the price and quality. The couch and two chairs have been the perfect size for our ever changing size of our living rooms we get when we move. I agree completely with your review. What I like the most, Ikea will occasionally come out with a new color or texture for the covers so it is fun to change it up every once in a while. And I also like when I wash the covers and put them back on my house smells all fresh, which is good because usually it just smells like boys. I too continue to pray you will have that stinky boy or nice girl smell in your home one day.

  3. Kylee

    Ugh! People are crazy! Who thinks their comments like that are at all necessary?! (Sorry that’s not helpful conversation) 🙂 Anyway thanks for this! I’ve been really curious about Ikea sofas!

  4. Cindy

    We have the same slipcovers and two kids that play in the dirt and do art projects and our covers stay pretty clean. Even after my son bellyflopped on the couch with green paint all over him, a quick wash and the covers were clean again. Your review is very accurate!

  5. Jen

    Right now, this reads “All of the cons outweigh the pros for sure for us.” Think you want it to say the reverse?

    1. LizMarie Post author

      HAHA that’s what I get for writing this after 5 cups of caffeinated tea Jen.. you are right! It’s all fixed 🙂 Thank you for pointing that out!! xx

  6. Andrea

    we have IKEA sofas with straight WHITE slipcovers in our main living area. Also, we DO have messy little kids and they still look good-as-new 3.5 years later.
    I just get comments like “you must never let your kids play or have fun since your couch is still so white” seriously!

    we love IKEA slipcovers, and slip covers in general!
    The armrests are the hardest part for me to keep clean — but we also had ours professionally stain guarded from our carpet cleaners, it lasts about 3 or 4 washes — which is well over a year for me as I don’t need to was them that often.

    1. LizMarie Post author

      Ahhhh people love shaming people with white couches. Sure they get dirty, but they are washable & I’m sure you allow your kids to have all the fun in the world. Love that idea as well about the stain guard!! Thanks for the tip I will look into that!! xx

  7. Jackie

    Great review Liz! I have two slipcovered Pottery Barn Basic loveseats and the Ikea Ektrop Sectional. The same look, very different price points. My loveseats I have had for 12 years at least, and have washed those slipcovers about every three months in that time. They have faded from a buttery yellow to a cream in that time. Taking them on and off to wash has been awesome. I have two children and two dogs, all of which could jump on those couches no matter what. After my divorce I got the Ektrop sectional for my little rental house. My kids and dogs are older now, but still are able to jump, and put their feet up. I have the white slipcover and the red one, and am thinking of getting a third. I love being able to change up the whole look of my living room by changing the slipcover, and pillows. Something I have learned in the time since I had my babies, when people make comments about you- it is more about how they feel about themselves. They feel they can’t have a beautiful home, because of what the kids might do to it. It is just an excuse to make themselves feel better. I am sure when you have your babies you will have both, beautiful children and a beautiful home.

  8. Dale

    Hi Liz! Thanks for taking the time to write this review! This for sure would have come in handy while I was also shopping for my IKEA Ektorp sectional a few years ago, so thank you for giving people a place to hear the pros and cons of this couch. We love our Ektorp sectional as well. We have the slipcover in Risane Natural and as much as I love the colour and the look I feel like it has shrank quite a bit. The fabric doesn’t touch the floors like yours do in the photos anymore. I did wash and dry them as suggested so I’m not too sure if it’s just this particular matierial in this new colour:(. Either way I’m still so happy with it overall as well and loved that I could buy a Pottery Barn looking sectional (in Canada) for $1200!! All the best Liz:)

  9. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    We love our Ektorp sofa and loveseat too! We’ve had ours for about 3.5 years and wash them about once a month with two kids in the house. I love that I don’t have to worry about them, even though they are white and bleach works wonders on them for any stubborn stains. Their price point makes them so very affordable too!

  10. Sarah

    We have the the corner sofa of Ektrop. We love it. We went with the dk brown cover at first and about 2/3 years ago we bought the beige. I love that you can change the look without high cost. I love how well designed the covers are and the different shapes for the back cushions. in the corner style there are 2 arm style cushions, 2 regular cushions and 2 that are angled but different sizes. I love the small size of the couches. I hate going t o peoples house and I feel like I’m sinking into their couch or I can’t get up because they are too soft.
    I love that they don’t change the styles and you can buy the covers for a number of years after. I look every year to see if there is a cover I might want later. Either way it is worth the cost to me.

    The delivery cost is crazy. I spent $350 to get our delivered — the closest IKEA is 3 hrs in any direction for me. An we weren’t ready to buy when we were at the store.

    Enjoy the couches.

  11. Connie

    Has anyone attempted adding legs to their IKEA couches? My sister and I were looking at them the other day, but her husband is 6’3 and it would be VERY uncomfortable for him to get down onto a couch so low. I know they sell couch legs at lowes for about 5.00 each… I’m just wondering if anyone has attempted to adjust the height of their couches this way?

    1. Amanda

      I’m curious about that too! My husband is 6’4″. I’ve looked at Ikea couches but it almost seems like you’re on the floor, compared to the ones we are used to. I think Brittany of BrittanyMakes blog put new feet on her Karlstad couch, but I’m not sure if it changed the height or not!

      1. Maureen

        My husband is 6’3″. We bought an Ektorp sofa for our daughter and her family when we had to live with them for 3 months waiting for our new home. Husband loves it, sat on it every evening, loves the length for napping, and never had any problem getting up and down. Once anyone sits on an Ektopr, that sells it!

    2. Debbie

      Did you try putting legs on the Ikea couch? If so, how did it turn out? The standard sofa is really a little too low for most of us.


  12. Virginia

    I have had the Ikea sofa for probably going on seven years now and have the white slipcover I use during the warmer months and a denim slipcover I use during the winter. This is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made!

  13. jeanne

    I am getting ready to order the sectional for my basement family room. I am confused about the colors. I want to softer white color thats not so stark white. Any idea which one this is?

      1. kellie

        Hi LizMarie,
        Can you still bleach the beige covers? The one you have in your home or the one you suggested on the link above? Do you bleach yours, or just use spot treatment or oxi-clean type product? I’m guessing no bleach, but just want to make sure. I have a 15 month old. 🙂 Thanks.

  14. Readlisten

    I have Ektorp sofas also. Since we bought them on sale the second one was half price, so 2 sofas were $600. Mine are a gorgeous, joyful shade of red and I have never had to do more than spot wash the covers. They still look new after 3 years of daily use, and are as comfy as all get out. Some years ago we spent a small fortune on a made to order Ethan Allen sofa. The springs began breaking immediately, the cushions cracked in half and the fabric faded and actually rotted. We threw it out after a few short years.

  15. Daisy

    Thank you so much, great timing!
    I changed out my IKEA sectional gray slipcovers to the white ones because I have always dreamed of white slip covered couches. The white has been kinda stark and shows everything but like you said, just throw in the washing machine and done! Anyway, they are coming off and headed for the laundry today so your timing is perfect. I started questioning my decision of white lately and I am so glad you discussed the Svanby Beige. They look so great on your couches and I am going to order a set today!
    I have always been fickle about my couches and most of them are way too expensive for that kind of attitude so I have been in love with the Ektorp collection for a long time. I love that I can change the color of my couch whenever my fickle little heart desires without it costing us the mortgage!
    Thanks again for great review!

  16. Brenda

    While I do not have an Ektorp I have had a 3 seater Stockholm for about 7 years. I have put new covers on it for 149.00, so easy and gives you a totally new sofa, while we do not have children here either we do have 2 Labradors and 4 cats who love this sofa. Best purchase we ever made, IKEA is great, they think about how life really is and design their products for it.

  17. Phoebe

    We have a 3 seater ektorp sofa and two ektorp Jennylund armchairs and we love them! I have had them for over a year with my hubby and 3 kids (11,7,6) and we use them all the time. I bought the sofa with the svanby beige and after a year I got a white cover too. The beige are less demanding washing wise, I wash them about once a month or so, and the white every 2-3 weeks as someone always manages to spill something on it! The armchairs we got in a patterned fabric so I wash them when I fancy a change (about seasonally) I have 3 sets of covers in beige (summer) red (winter/Xmas) and navy (spring and autumn).

  18. Hannah

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! and i’m sad that people can be so insensitive! 🙁 we have the ikea slipcovered sofa in white and i would do it all over again! i LOVE that you can just take everything off and bleach it. i’m a germ freak so it makes my heart happy knowing they are clean! HA! and i am short…so the sofa being shorter works great for me! 🙂 happy tuesday!

  19. Veronica

    We actually just bought these like a month ago and I’m super happy with them so far! Couldn’t beat the prices and bought the white slipcover and the beige one. I agree with the beige, it does warm the place up a bit. The white looks great, but attracted lint way too fast. I have kids one with Autism and knowing that I could wash them anytime, or just one cushion cover, gives me tons of peace of mind! Now everything I buy, even the extra pillow covers and throw pillow covers are washable! My previous sofas were not washable and I washed the cushion covers and they tore right away, boo! I agree with all your review!! You are awesome! Hugs~~

  20. Ginet

    Thank you for your review! I never would have considered these Ikea sofas. I’m not planning to replace my sectional any time soon, but if/when I do, I’ll highly consider these. Slip-covers are probably the way to go. My dog lives on our couch so I don’t think there’s a spotless section on the sofa.

  21. Lee Anne

    It amazes me the negative comments people are so “brave behind a computer” to make, 99% of those Nay Sayers would never say things negative to your face, I feel bad you have to listen to that! I don’t know why they just don’t say anything! Anyways, I have these slipcovers and 2 teenage girls, 4 cats and a dog, no matter what ends up on them, they come out of the wash perfectly white and clean! So spill, dirty up and live on them, they can take it!! Love you’re blog Liz, keep up the great work!!

  22. Kati

    Thanks so much for this review today! Our couches are in dire need of replacement. I’ve been interested in these Ikea couches for a while, but haven’t been able to convince my husband because he is afraid they won’t last well. I appreciate your feedback after actually using them for a while. Thanks!

  23. Abi

    LOVE this review! I always look at the couches, but I have previous skied away because some of their models are super modern–which I love, just not in my couch.
    Curious, could two people lay on the couch together or would it just be too narrow?

  24. Mary

    Thank you for posting this review. My sofa is getting very long in the tooth and we have been thinking about buying the Ektorp from IKEA. The weight and slightly shorter length is a bonus for us! I have no problem with white covers. I have had them for years. A houseful of children, dog and countless cats during that time taught me how useful white cotton covers were. Take them off and into the washer they go! Both hubs and I are both in our 60s but we love the look of this range. Very classic, doesn’t age. Thanks again for the review. Definitely convinced me that it is a great buy! I also love the price for extra covers.

  25. Lea

    I have the couch with white slipcovers for Spring and Summer months and beige (light tan colour) for Fall and Winter. The sofa is almost nine years old and has held up extremely well. Bought two chairs and an ottoman at the same time and they are thriving too. The white slipcovers have been replaced three
    times and the tan ones twice. Definitely would buy again. Do love IKEA products!!

  26. Carin

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review of your sofas! Your living room looks great and I’ve been curious to know how the sofas hold up as we’re in need of replacing our family room sofa. We’ve purchased many things from IKEA in the past and have much success with quality. This slipcover sofa may just be our next purchase.

    Keep up the terrific work…I love your style, honesty in writing and practical ideas. It’s very refreshing:)

  27. Julie

    Haters gonna hate! Shake it off, Liz!!!!

    I have the same sofas in white and have had them for years WITH kids and I have NEVER had any issues. I have washed them a handful of times because I WANTED to and not because the kids destroyed them. I too have dealt with YEARS of negative comments about my white/light furniture. In my opinion, people say these things because it makes THEM feel better somehow. Truth is- if you raise your child to respect furniture and things in your home and follow a few SIMPLE house rules- there is not a problem. AT ALL!

    High fives to all the mamas and MAMAS TO BE *wink wink* who are brave enough to follow their personal style and raise kids and pets around light colored furniture!! Keep up the good work!

    Julie <3

  28. Alisha Starr

    This couldn’t have come at a better time!! We are driving from our home in Montana to the Denver IKEA to purchase these sofas for our living room 10-year spruce-up!! Thank you for your honest critique – it helped me make this decision!

    And as far as I am concerned, judgmental people can just go jump in a lake! If I want a white or beige sofa with my 4 children and 4 dogs, I will buy one!!! As if kids and dogs mean you can only have a brown couch. Yikes! Okay, I feel better now.

    God bless you and your sweet hubs on your family journey. We birthed one child and then had secondary infertility. We adopted three children and are helping to raise my nephews. Family comes in lots of different ways!

  29. Sara Lewinski

    Hi Liz Marie! I am newly addicted to your blog! You are just so adorable! I teach art at an elementary school in a very small town in New York and have dabbeled in blogging in the last year but would rather read everyone else’s when my kids are sleeping. I guess making art with little ones all day poops me out and blogging is a lot of extra work! You rock at it and I really love how frequently you post. Anyway long story short……I am sorry that some people can be so insensitive when they make comments about your white decor. Although I would like to think that they are not regulars to your blog and know what you have been through. I can tell you this though, I have a 12 year old and 6 year old and I also have a white couch, lots of white decor, and pretty things all over my house and no problems here. My house gets messy at times but it would happen with or without my children. In fact my husband causes more spots on the couch that leads the cover to the washing machine! HaHa! Thanks so much for sharing your home and heart! Peace and love, Sara

  30. nita

    Wow, I am impressed! I love this style couch,always have, but never would’ve thought about Ikea. ( we have one about 100 miles away in Minneapolis) My daughter bought furniture from there, as did a resort I frequent and I just felt the furniture was kind of chintzy. This is great news!!! I need a new couch but know hubby wouldn’t want to spend on one right now. I am planning to redecorate soon with more neutral colors so these reviews give me hope! Years ago I used to throw my cushion covers in the wash, that wern’t meant for washing but i figured I take my chances. My children are grown now, but I have Grands here now and then. I can’t wait to go shopping hee,hee! Also going to mention this to my daughter as her sofa is totally gross with the three kids. I think it is that suede looking stuff it shows all the spill marks its awful! I am really enjoying your blog and gathering some nice decor ideas and info! Thanks for that. p.s. I am so sorry for your losses hun and pray you will be blessed with some little ones one day soon. Nita

  31. stacey

    WOW! I’ve been waiting for someone to review the svanby beige slipcover for years now!

    Quick question, please… my svangy beige slipcover says dry clean only so I’ve been hesitant to throw it in the wash. Does yours say “dry clean only” and you’re just a super, amazing rebel that puts it in the wash anyway? Love it!

    Love your blog! 🙂 xo

  32. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    We bought the sectional in Velinge Beige just before Christmas. Love it! So comfy and this specific color is a thick soft almost brushed corduroy texture. Kids got a streak of marker on it and it wiped right off!

  33. Heidi

    Good to know that the beige hides spots better! I do have four very messy children and I tried white slipcovers. I was literally washing them once a week.(Don’t hate me!) However, they were not ikea couches or covers and they were not made specifically for my couches so they were a royal pain to put on & off. I ended up giving them to my friend who already had a set just like them and she loves them. Oh, and by the way, she has 4 kids as well. So I think you just have to know your family and what’s going to work and what’s not. My kids are super messy and would get done eating and go rub their face on the couch before I could catch them. My friend’s kids are super cautious and clean.

    But I am anxious to try beige……;)

  34. Sherry Haines

    Hi Liz, love,love,love your style and Blog! As you know from being a blogger the world is full of negative and insensitive people. Thankfully however there are also as many that are caring and encouraging. I try to always work on being the latter. My husband and I are in our 60’s and purchased the IKEA sofa in white last year and I love it!! We keep our only grandchild who is a VERY busy energetic 3 year old girl. We also have two very spoiled Shih Ztu’s. I so loved the sofa that I wanted to purchase a second before Christmas to provide additional seating. But……waited to late for delivery before Christmas so I located a used one on Craiglist. This sofa fell out of our truck onto the side of the road TWICE on the way home. (We finally tied it down after the second fall….who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks LOL) when we got it home the cover was grass stained and had road marks all over it and thread bare corners. Threw it in the wash with Oxyclean stain remover and it came completely CLEAN!! Flying out of the back of the truck did bend a bar in the frame and my hubby fixed that! I ordered the white covers immediately and they arrived on Christmas Eve!!! I would love to send you a picture. PS This gave us one of the best stories to share at Christmas. I pray for you and your sweet hubby to be blessed with the family you so desire.

  35. Meleah

    Love this review, especially since I’ve been eyeing these sofas for a while. We aren’t ready to replace our hand me down sofas yet, but when we are, I’ll be shopping at Ikea for sure. I like that Pottery Barn look without the price tag for sure.

    Would you mind telling me what kind of rug you have in these pictures? I remember from an earlier post that you said you got it from rugs usa, but is it a jute rug, or something else? I seriously love it!

    As for people and comments about kids, I’m always surprised when folks try to project their ideas so strongly onto those around them. Especially if those ideas are negative. Stay strong and continue writing great content. I originally found your blog through googling “natural skin care” and saw your post on how you healed your skin. When I started reading more, I realized you were an amazing designer as well! We’ve been in our house a little over a year now, and there is still SO MUCH TO DO. With my musician’s income it’s going to take a while but eventually my house will look cute like yours. In the meantime, I can read your posts and dream =)

  36. BriBedell

    Honestly I have secretly been wanting these white couches for ever. Never had a great argument to stand on when trying to convince the hubby! But now….I do!

  37. Stephanie

    Oh my goodness!! This seriously answers all the concerns I have had about these. We are purchasing a new couch this year and I had my eye on these. The firmness was one of my concerns as well. I do have one VERY messy boy and one VERY messy husband so I loved the fact that you could wash them and if the stain did not come out you could replace the cover at a cheap price. Thank you for taking the time to share!!!!

  38. Ashleigh Maggard

    Love! Thanks so much for writing this! I have 1 slip covered sofa (not Ikea; I think my slipcover was more than the sofa!). I’ve been looking at replacing our other sofa with with an Ikea- but reviews on their website are so spotty! Thanks again for the wonderful write up- and it seems that y’all are settling into your new home just fine!

  39. Liane

    I would have to agree with your review 100% We had 2 great danes and 3 cats with the white slip covers. They have been vomited on more times than i can count and come clean in the wash and if they don’t, just buy a new cover! Super easy.

    Also, i would have to recommend buying industrial strength bleach (instead of 3% it’s 12%). Your covers will come out soooo white even if they do encounter vomit.

    Another “pro” would be that they are super easy to re-sell because of the slip covers.

    Liz: I know how you feel about “white home shaming”. People can be so silly. I get that response all. the. time. Even about my walls: light walls show dirt….. How dirty are your walls?! Apparently people forget that they can clean items in their home.

  40. April

    I just want to say first of all how much I adore your blog and style. I also love your Instagram posts! I am sorry for insensitive people as well.. I’m praying for you! Your strength in the The Lord always encourages me and my own struggles and it’s great to know it’s all in his plan for us. This post couldn’t have came at a better time for me.. I have been planning on ordering the Ektorp Blekinge white to be able to bleach… my only question is the fabric. You mentioned you preferred the fabric on the beige covers to the white.. Is the white cover very uncomfortable material or only slightly less comfy as the beige?.. Thanks!

  41. Mei-Ling

    Your review comes at a great time! Have always wondered about these couches and now I know. I also want to say that my kids are now 19 and 21 but when they were little I had light beige (ivory) microfiber couches and they NEVER messed them up. They knew food/drinks weres not allowed on the couches. To make a long story short, I had rules and they followed them. That’s why I hate it when I read people’s comments about not buying certain things because of their kids (or pets); the problem is them, not their kids or pets. Finally, I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with insensitive people. The www is a cruel world sometimes.

  42. JoAnn Larsen

    Hi! I came across your blog following an item on Pinterest. What a small world! New Bern is my home town, and so I can assume that your hubby is stationed either at Cherry Point or at Lejeune. I hope you’re enjoying New Bern. If you haven’t discovered it already, you need to check out the Historic Homes Tour that will be April 10-11. Many of the restored historic homes in town will be open to the public. My husband and I usually plan our trips to NC based on when the Tour is so we can enjoy it while we’re there. In fact, we’ll be there this year. Your blog is great – you’re a terrific writer. Keep up the good work1

  43. Kim P

    Thanks for the review! I recently bought the blekinge white slipcover. I love it! I read somewhere that this slipcover used to be bright white but that the color has changed. The one that I have is definitely more of a cream color. I actually prefer that.

  44. Nancy @ SlightlyCoastal

    Hey Liz Marie. Thanks for writing this post. I am considering some IKEA slipcovered chairs for our den. I think I will go with a bit darker color because of the location. It is good to know the shape of the sofas are holding up. There is nothing worse than sitting in a chair or down on a sofa and getting a cracked tailbone. Okay, that may or may not be an exageration. I also love the companies out there that are making slipcovers to fit the IKEA products out of a variety of fabrics. They are more costly but are super cute.


  45. Suzanne

    So glad that you gave your thoughts on this set after using it for 3 years. Time and use will show the true quality of a piece of furniture and it sounds like yours is holding up nicely. Love the fact that the covers can be washed. We have 3 little fur balls and so, this is a major plus!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pieced Pastimes

  46. Roberta

    No kids living at home…no animals…no problem. I love my Ikea loveseats and also use them for all my staging jobs! Great post and love your clock sitting on the ledge!! Thanks

  47. Jackee

    Love your idea of keeping lots of pillows on your couch! Wondering what size your big pillows are and where you found them!? Are the pillow covers removable too? Thanks so much for your post! 🙂

  48. Caroline

    Thank you so much Liz for the honest review. Sadly we don’t get IKEA here, but your discussion about the slipcovers has firmed up in my mind that I want white covers for our Living Room. We have a solid wood vintage Bergere sofa and chairs which I plan to make white with white slipcovers. I will follow your advice and have two sets, then my grubby bug and his cats can sit or lie down on the sofa and I won’t have to stop him. btw my grubby bug is 68 LOL. I wish you and Jose only the very best and pray that your family dreams will come true. You will make fantastic parents. Lots of Love and Prayers.

  49. Debbie

    Thank you for this awesome post! I just submitted a design concept to a client for this sofa and will be forwarding your post to help in the decision making process! Love the rug in the picture, too…can you tell me the source? So glad I stumbled on your site this morning — love your blog… 🙂
    Your new fan,

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    1. Cindy

      Hi Liz, I have one Ektorp couch and I love it for its size and its great appearance. This couch gets slept on often due to the fact that we have foster babies that do not sleep well. One thing that I have noticed is that the slipcover is becoming pilled. And the pills are black due to the blanket that we use on it. Have you had anything like that happen to yours?
      I very much want the Ektorp chair, I LOVE it!!!

  51. Kris

    Thanks for this review! I love it that you waited to write it to let us know how the sofas held up in the long run. I have long admired these but never wanted to commit. And, for the record, I have a light taupe slipcover over my current couch for several reasons, the main one being that slipcovers are a wonderful way to deal with messes. I have always been strict with my kids–food and art supplies have to stay in the kitchen or the basement where I can more easily clean up messes–but even so, life happens, and it’s easier to shrug your shoulders and say, oh well, at least I can toss this in the washer …

    You have a charming decorating style. 🙂

  52. Albert Leonard

    Awesome post! Thank you for sharing good review . I will Definitely buy IKEA slipcover. But I made the couch with white slipcovers for Spring and Summer months and beige for Fall and Winter at Reyna’s Slip Covers and Upholstery. The sofa is almost 2 years old and has held up extremely well.

  53. Jen

    Great review Liz! I am also an Ektorp owner….I have the sofa with chaise and a chair with ottoman in medium brown. I also have the white slipcovers but I haven’t used them yet. We’ve had them for about 4 years now. I like the look, the fact that I can wash & change slipcovers, and the price was great. They have held up well and I have 3 kids! It’s kind of ironic that I came across this post earlier today because my 6yr. old daughter vomited all over herself, the middle seat couch cushion, and her sister’s foot. As I type this I am washing the slipcover. Ugh! So not what I planned for my cozy Friday night!! Really it’s the best furniture to have with kids and pets. It makes me think back about a year ago to when my son literally emptied his bladder on the couch after falling asleep during a movie. I would definitely buy an Ektorp again but I do have a few Cons to add….for some reason the seat cushions constantly slip forward and have to be fixed, limited slipcover colors available, discontinuing slipcovers so if you need a replacement you’re SOL, and non-existent IKEA customer service if you have a problem. I enjoy following your blog and welcome back to Michigan. 🙂

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  56. Genna Baxter

    Your review is wonderful and was the last nudge I needed to convince myself that is the right sofa. There isn’t an IKEA within 500mi of where I live but with shipping at $99 who can complain? I love your style and am constantly finding ideas on your blog. Where did you get the area rug we see in these pictures, I’ve been looking for one like it for a while. It is so simple yet it ties everything into place!

  57. Rebecca

    “Keyboard courage” really stinks! So sorry that other people think that being rude and insensitive is appropriate, grrrrr. Thank you so much for your wonderful and informative review, though. We are in the process of updating our saggy sofas and have been eyeing Ikea, so this information is timely for us! Your blog is awesome and your home is truly beautiful. Keep up the great work!!

  58. mandy marx

    Could you tell me what the actual seat width is for the sofa? Thanks! Looks beautiful!

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  60. Suzanne

    We just bought two Ektorp sofas with the dark gray slipcovers. I chickened out on the white and am kind of regretting it:) But they’re so affordable that I think I’ll buy a set of the white also. I was concerned about the cushions losing their shape over time, but the gal at the store told me to keep my receipt and Ikea will replace the cushions anytime within 10 years of purchase! That sold me. Also, regarding the wrinkles after washing, have you tried steaming them out? Sometimes wrinkles look good too, though. 🙂 I’m a new follower of our blog and am really enjoying it. Blessings from Arizona!

  61. Anne MacLellan


    I run across your review today.

    We bought an Ektorp loveseat and armchair (with Idemo Beige covers) and I love them. We find them very comfortable and hope to buy another armchair soon. (Our living room is too small to accommodate a 3 seat sofa, let alone a sectional, We are hoping to downsize to a smaller house in a couple of years so we felt that this was more practical). My husband who is 6’4″ doesn’t find them too small or low. (We are in our late 50s so height is a consideration for us.) However he does find the Ektorp Tullsta chair we have a big small for him though..

  62. Judi

    I am SO envious of all of you who have these sofas! I have a really expensive brown leather sofa with two matching armchairs, and hate it, although it is really comfortable. I bought the suite before I became really interested in home decor, and thought of the practicalities with having three boisterous grandkids who love throwing themselves on the suite, piling the cushions on the floor etc. If only this one would wear out I’d be out like a shot to buy the Ektorp, as having sat on one at Ikea just once I found it to be more comfortable than a lot of the expensive furniture, and your review just goes to show that even in white it’s practical too. Any volunteers to come and jump all over my sofa??? PLEASE!!

    Judi in the UK

  63. Lauren

    Thanks so much for posting this review! We’ve been thinking about buying the Ektorp in grey for our living room, specifically the sofa with the chaise part and matching loveseat, mainly for the great price and also the low maintenance. We plan to have kids and maybe a dog in the next few years, so something easy to clean and care for is a must for us. I’ll definitely keep your 80%-drying tip in mind, that’s a great tip. Thanks for the helpful and honest review!

  64. Angelique

    I found this review on pinterest and am so glad I was looking for Ektorp Sofa. We are about to purchase two loves seats this weekend, and my husband is quite unsure about it. He loves the ugly one that we have, but I hate it! I have been trying to convince him that with the dogs, a sofa from Ikea is the best way to go. I spent over $100 on a Surefit Slip cover, and it just does’t fit properly on our sofa, and it always gets mussed when w sit on the sofa. Witht he Ektorp, we don’t have to worry about the slip cover not fitting. And because we have dogs–who are ALWAYS on the sofa (they are family afterall), I was glad to hear that the covers still look good with dog slobber and whatever else bring to the sofa. We are getting the white because I want a bright living room. Everything is so dark right now and its depressing. Fantastic review! I wrote down some of your pros & cons so that I can work my magic on hubby 🙂

  65. Kirk Smith

    I have never owned an IKEA sofa but because they are known for selling cost effective furniture I would certainly be open-minded to looking into them. I’m not sure if I would ever want a white sofa. Personally I feel white furniture can be a bit difficult to match with certain rooms depending on the color of the walls and the style of floors. Also like most people I would be concerned with it getting dirty too easily.

  66. Dawn

    I am sitting on my IKEA Ektorp sectional right now. We had the Ektorp sofa for years and loved the fact that we could buy new a new sliocover over whenever we wanted a new look. Last month, we decided to redecorate and get the Ektorp sectional. I can’t recommend this sofa enough! My current slipcover is brown, which works for us as it hides the muddy paw prints from our two dogs that believe their bottoms should not touch the floor. Although the brown does show every white hair from the cat, but because the fabric is so durable, I just vacuum it off whenever it gets to be too much.

  67. Amy

    We just bought a new home with a large living room and very high ceilings. We have three children under the age of 4, so I’m in love with the idea of washing the cover. As some have mentioned the couches are short and also pill after washing. I would love your opinion on this. Luckily, we have an IKEA a few miles from us, so no need to worry about the delivery charges. My husband and I are both not very handy. If it took a few hours to put together two sofas, it may take us a few days. I wish I could post a photo of our empty living room and get your suggestions. As I have stated, we have a large space to fill with high ceilings, and I have considered getting two sofas with coordinating chairs. Too bad they discontinued that beige color you talk about because it sounds like it would be perfect for us. I have always stuck with the same ole plain, everything beige in decirating all our homes. I’m ready to decorate this one with some colorful pillows, rugs and curtains along with bold accent peices. my husband will think I’m crazy if I tell him I want a white couch, but I’m in love with the pottery barn/country/shabby chic look with pops of color. Again, I so wish I could post a picture of our large space so you all could tell me if the couches or sectional would look best! I’m certainly open to any and all suggestions! I’ll try to look you up on FB 🙂

  68. Page

    I have been really wondering if I should get a couple of these sofas for my living room. I love the potterybarn look. But I live far away from an Ikea and shipping costs $345. It appears that it is a flat rate and I can buy any number of sofas and the shipping doesn’t increase. So I can get two sofas for $1145. Do you think that is still a good price for two sofas? I can’t even visit an Ikea to sit on the sofa to decide if I think it’s comfortable enough.

  69. Amy

    I am moving into a home with a lot of space fill! Thank goodness!! I am considering two of these couches across from each other, but someone mentioned they are short? The ceiling is very tall so I’m not so sure this is my best option for looks. I have three little children and love the idea of the slip covers and also love the price. Neither my hubby or I are very handy. The cost of two sofas (not including slipcovers), delivered, and assembled is around 1200. I really don’t think I can beat that. we only live a few mins from ikea so I could save the $99 delivery fee and $300 assembly fee. I truly want to know how hard it is to assemble for a non handy person like myself?

  70. Carolyn

    Love this review! I’m ordering today! Question….I only see the bright white on the site. Am I suppose to order a different cover? Also where is your jute rug from? Is it scratchy or soft?

  71. traci

    I am considering the Ektorp sofas for our living rooms at both of our houses, but I do have a few questions that you may be able to answer for me. I have been reading about this couch for a while, and have read where people have said that they used to make the cushions with foam and feathers, but they now make them with foam only. Some people have said the new cushions are very firm, some have said they compact rather quickly. Are yours the feather/foam blend, or just foam? Do the back cushions hold their shape well? Lastly, do the inner covers on the cushions zip or Velcro open so they can be restuffed, if need be?

    Also, about the “insensitive comments” on your white decor (and really, these are just my thoughts; I am visiting your blog for the first time, and I have never actually seen any negative comments posted), Its easy to understand that many people wouldn’t realize how very easy it actually is to maintain a white decor, and have long avoided it due to misconceptions, no matter how much they love it; after all, we have all had it hammered in at one time or another that “white shows dirt”. I like to use that as an opportunity to educate and sing the praises of white decor… Less frequent dusting, easy to clean, etc. 🙂 Often, text conversations don’t translate the way they were intended, and it is easy to take things the wrong way. Perhaps it is possible that many people (like me) are new or infrequent visitors to your blog, and don’t understand about personal struggles that you might have posted about at an earlier time. Though it might come across as hurtful, it might also be possible that not all of the commenters meant their comments in that tone, and might even be surprised to learn that they were received that way. Having said that, there are also a lot of people who have little else to do but post awful things, but it’s usually pretty easy to tell the difference. 🙂

    Thank you for posting your honest opinions about the EKTORP sofas. 🙂

    1. Suzanne

      Traci, Yes the cushions seem more firm to me (we just bought two sofas about a month ago) but I’m getting used to it. 🙂 I, too, was concerned about the cushions compacting, but the sales rep told me they are guaranteed for 10 years — so keep your receipt and have them replaced, if need be.
      The bare seat cushions do have a zipper (so you cold add stuffing/feathers if you wanted to) but the back cushions do not. All my cushions are holding their shape fine, but our sofas aren’t getting a whole lot of use since their in our more formal living room. If they begin to look bad I’ll just have them replaced by Ikea. HTH!

  72. Sydney Reader

    dear liz, i just discovered your blog and it’s beautiful. thank you for sending it out into the world! regarding the ikea slipcovered furniture, you may not know that there is a firm in sweden (established by an american lady) which creates slipcovers for many, many pieces of ikea furniture. it’s called bemz.com. you just fill in the ikea name of the furniture item, and then there is a visualizer so you can see each of the many fabrics (heaps! patterns and plains) as if they’re on that furniture. so far i’ve purchased a badalen headboard cover. it arrived promptly (all the way to australia) and the quality is good. more pros = they send free fabric samples AND will make up slipcovers for many of ikea’s discontinued pieces as well.

  73. Jordan

    Hi Liz! I love reading your blog and following along on Instagram. I’m looking into buying these sofas, so I just reread this post. Quick question, do you bleach the beige covers like you did with the white ones, or do you just run them through the regular wash? Thanks!

  74. Nadiya

    Hi! Ever since I saw your fluffy throw pillows, I’ve been looking for them everywhere and can’t find them anywhere! Where did you get them?

  75. Karen

    Hello, I found you by doing a search for reviews of jute rugs and then saw the reviews of the Ektorp. We must be separated at birth! I love the look of your home. It seems similar to mine. I have the exct same sofa and rug from Rugs USA. First of all, I LOVE my Ektorp. I have had mine for one year and have washed it 2-3 times. We are retired but have two very rowdy and grubby grandkids who think sofas are climbing equipment and shoes are required. Most of the time, if they get some dirt on the sofa, I just wpe it off with a damp cloth and it either goes away completely or it is faded enough until the next washing. I like all the comments about getting different colors of covers. I think I will try that. I did however buy an extra white cover when I bought the sofa. It’s still in the box. My one little peeve with the bleiking white covers is that they are so tough that everything with any nap to it snags on the fabric and I am always picking lint off of it. I love throws, but have found that I have to stick with neutral ones, as the red and the blue one that I bought shed on the couch like crazy. Do you have that problem? I would have thought that dirt woulc be the problem with the white covers, but dirt is a breeze to deal with; it’s the lint from other fabrics that I have trouble with, even after washing them repeatedly. Anyway, it’s something I can live with and I now only use neutral throws for daily wear band use the colored ones for Christmas and just deal with the lint. After a little while that doesn’t bother me much either. And when people come over, I always find myself quickly giving the couches a once over and thinking I should have cleaned such and such a spot, but honestly NO ONE ever notices any dirt, fuzz or spots on the sofa. They just look at those beautiful babies and say Wow! How do you keep those couches so clean? ; ) Thanks for this review. I agree with everything.

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  77. Melissa

    I found your review very helpful and love the look of your room. Can you tell me where you purchase your pillows? I agree those big pillows and throws really add to the comfy look of the couch. I’m always looking for great pillows! Thanks 🙂

  78. Erin Sanders

    Hello! Does anyone know of online coupons with ikea? I have the sofa which I love and want to add the chair and ottoman? Anyone have the ottoman? What do you think? The shipping is $145 with everything I’m wanting. The only cupoun I found was the one you get when registering via email and its in store only. The closet store is 2 hours away.

  79. Erin Sanders

    I have the sofa and I’m wanting the chair and ottoman. Anyone have the ottoman? Also do you know if there are any coupons for online orders. The closet IKEA is 2 hours away. Shipping is $145! I’m on the email list but only received a $25 In Store credit.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. April

      After seeing Liz’s beautiful living room I decided we had to have slipcovered sofas! We decided on two ektorp sofas and the ottoman. When we ordered the couches the ottoman was out of stock so we ended up having to drive the 3 hours to the closest Ikea to get the ottoman. It was worth the drive. We love it! It is big, comfy and opens for storage. I put extra pillows and throws in it. I would recommend putting the cover back on still pretty damp after washing it because for me it’s the most difficult cover to put back on and drying too much makes it super hard. Hope this helps!

  80. Maria

    Good review Liz. I have a ektorp sofa with a striped red and white slipcovers. I completely agree with the points regarding the pros and cons. My concern is regarding the time and effort involved in washing the slipcovers. With two of my children and their pets, it’s sometimes impossible to get them washed regularly. Buying a new slipcover with a different color might solve the issues but i think it’s better to go for leather sofas in order to reduce my efforts. Do you have any suggestion on leather sofas?

  81. Gee

    Thanks Liz Marie!!! Thanks for a wonderful post and your honest opinion. We, the AMR and I were just talking about said sofas. We are ready for a change and have been contemplating them. Now zi am certain after reading this it is the way we will go. Firm is good :)And I am NOT a fan of butt indentations , hence why the present one is going.
    Sorry people have been so thoughtless and rude. I mean really, what happened to ‘if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing’? I am living proof that you can have a beautiful home with kids. When our youngest was 2 and eldest 7, our home was a show house for the builder. All I asked was to be called 30 minutes prior to showing. I/ we have always had slipped covered sofas.. wash and dry those puppies. Back on. Good as new. HATE the fact that a regular sofa /chair cannot be washed . Sharing this with the Mr.!
    So again, thanks!! Forget the haters.
    BIG HUGS, Gee

  82. Worth

    I love this post! My sister would love this post! I have a HORRIBLE teal green sofa (inherited during my early twenties) that has a BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL WHITE slipcover. I have three kids who wallow all over it and a filthy ginner husband that leaves a fabulous brown body spot on it after a week or two. The best part about my sofa is that it is white…I can bleach it, shout spot it, and clean it any time I want! Thank you for sharing your heart and your love for WHITE SOFAS! May the Lord bless your Pure and Peaceful Taste! 🙂

  83. Joanne

    Hi! I just found your blog because I was googling how to wash the Ektorp covers. I have had my Ektorp sofa for a year and this is the first time I’m washing the seat covers. I have the denim slipcover and although I do love the sofa and versatility of the slipcovers, I’ve found that the denim one fades. With that said, this sofa was the first piece of brand new furniture we have ever bought in our 9 years of marriage (we buy everything on Craigslist and our previous furniture was given to us used by my mom lol!) I have to say that I LOVE our Ektorp sofa and until today we have had no reason to wash the covers because we have the denim blue color and nothing really shows. I can tell it will last for many years. The only thing is like I said, that the denim cover has faded in the spots where the sun shines through the windows in our living room so we may need to get new covers at some point. Thanks for the tips on washing the slipcovers, I will dry them that way today, hopefully they do not fade more in the wash! You have a beautiful home by the way and if my black dog didn’t shed so dang much, I would totally get the white or natural colored slip covers. I don’t mind the kids getting stuff on them, but the dog hair is another story lol!

  84. Sara

    I bought my Extorp sofa while I was in college and have had it for the last 7 years. It’s lasted great and is easy to take care of. However we recently replaced my beloved IKEA couch because like you mentioned, it is on the short side and my husband is 6’6. Whenever he would try to lean his head back, it was just waaaaay too severe an angle to be comfortable. He even tried propping pillows up behind his neck and that help a little but not much.

    I would like to add that you are a lovely person and totally have everything together (basically one of those women I would love to be) and maybe those comments on keeping your couches clean are from people like me. I would love to be able to keep anything white in my house but that just doesn’t seem possible for me and my household. I am a neat person, I’m just a klutz or have really bad luck. I’ve dropped open sharpies on the furniture (created a very interesting art deco aesthetic haha!), spilled fruit punch (I wasn’t even sitting on the couch, just walking by it) on it, my husband managed to get shoe polish on it, and don’t get me started on the pets.

    You look like the type of glamorous person that could walk through a mudslide all in white and come out spotless on the other side without a hair out of place. That’s not being critical either, but admiration. I can’t even make it to my car in the morning without something becoming disheveled.

  85. shannon

    Hi!!!! Love the couches! Can I ask where you got the big fluffy pillows on them? I love them all especially im so fancy. Thank you!!!!!!!

  86. sophie

    Hi! I was wondering where you got those extra throw pillows? I’m trying to find nice big ones like that for my couch but the largest I can find is 26×26. Do you know where you got them or how big they actually measure, they look so comfy!

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  88. Brandi

    I have my mind set on buying the Ektorp couches when we finish our house but we have a 3.8 washing machine (center agitator, fits a queen comforter without room to spare). Do you mind me asking what size is your washing machine and do you have any problems getting it to fit into your machine?

  89. Kate

    I so can’t wait to buy these for our front room! just love them!
    I really love your rug too! Where did you get it? Also how is the material? scratchy – fine barefoot?

  90. Jean Wong

    Can it be disassembled and reassembled once or more than once without damaging the sofa? I’m worried because once assembled it will not fit through our door frame and if we need to move we will have to do this…

  91. Erica

    Hi Liz,
    I’m a HUGE fan and have a quick question about your throw pillows. Where do you purchase your down inserts? The only place I can find them for an affordable price is IKEA, which is fine, I should pick up a sofa or two while I’m there ;), but it’s a bit of a drive for me. I love the really big down throws like on your sofa and just wondering how you keep it affordable. Thanks so much for sharing so much with all of us!

  92. Nicole

    Hi Liz!

    Thanks so much for posting this blog! I’m buying my sofa and extra slip cover based on all of the great feedback.

    I would like to know where you purchased the metal and wood side table as well as the faux clock?

    Thanks again!!!

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  94. Bev Stone

    I am so happy to read the initial blog plus all the comments! So many times, people who write reviews, do it soon after they make a purchase. So you really don’t get a good picture of how the item works or wears over time. That’s why I love this one! I can’t spend a lot on sofas and my livingroom is small so this sounds great! Again, thank you all so much!!!

  95. Elizabeth

    Just stumbled across this blog article and have to add my two bits. Our two-seater Ektorp sofa is now 11 years old an is probably about ready for retirement, as the seat cushions are losing their volume. No children here but we are two messy adults with two muddy-pawed cats and the sofa has worn exceedingly well. We have alternated covers so that when one is drying on the line, we have another cover ready to go. The covers have shrunk a little over the years but after 11 years, I think we have gotten our money’s worth.

  96. Jennifer V

    This is exactly the type of review I was looking for. We have a dark brown sectional now (and two little messy boys) and it gets gross. I LOVE the idea of being able to wash the covers on them and have them looking like new!


  97. Nan

    10 years ago we bought an Ektorp sofa and chair and loved them. We recently bought an Ektorp sofa and loveseat and have been very disappointed. Unlike the first purchase, the seat and back cushions are too soft and do not provide the support needed for comfort. The material in the back cushions doesn’t even fill out the cover giving it a very unfinished, flat look. The older ones are still great and very supportive and comfortable. Not sure how I made such a mistake. I went to the store and sat in them etc. I’ll get upholstery foam and change out the seat cushions and add more filling to the back cushions.

  98. Connie

    Hi, appreciate all the comments about the sofas, but one thing I can’t find in all of the comments….what is the actual seat length of bothe the sofa and loveseat. My current loveseat has 48″ of “sit” space. I need at least that, or I’ll go with 2 sofa instead.
    Thanks for helping with this!

    1. Karen

      My sofa seat space measures at 66″. I do not have a love seat. I do have a chair though and the seat space on it measures 21″. I love this furniture!!

    2. Jen Ethington

      I have the sofa with chaise and the seat “sit” space measures in at about 80 inches. The regular sofa would be the same as the only difference with the chaise option is that one of the seat cushions is longer to fit over the chaise base that attaches to the sofa. Hope this helps! 🙂

  99. Kate M

    Hi Liz Marie!

    Thank you so much for this awesome and detailed review! I am currently debating buying the Ektorp sectional for our main living area! We have a white Ektorp loveseat in our attic/play room/rec room space and with two little girls everyone totally thought I was crazy. I just love the clean, fresh look of white though! However, our main living area may look better with that softer white color you suggested in the other comments. In the photos of that color sample on their website, it almost looks like it doesnt have the same lines and isnt the same fabric as the white, so i am hesitating! I like that stiff canvas type fabric of the white and the ribbing it has. Do you happen to know if that other white is actually a similar texture and look in person? Thank you! I adore your style! 🙂

  100. terri

    I just bought a standard Ektorp sofa. Wow, the seat pads were such a tight fit inside the cover and the covered seats have that overstuffed look. In time, will the cushions condense a bit? The couch does not feel as comfortable as the one in the Ikea showroom. In the showroom it was softer. Mine feels very hard and I’m wondering if that will change in time as they are used more. Any input would be appreciated.

  101. Cheap sectional sofas

    I am also going to be in the “not recommend” crowd. hubby and i have a sofa that is microfiber on the top and leather on the bottom and arms and our cats destroyed the leather, but are fine with our fully microfiber and fabric couches.

    My parents have a fully leather couch and they (and I) always comment on how they look nice, but you never really feel comfortable, always sliding off of it. You stick to it in the summer and its freezing in the winter.

  102. Judy D.

    First of all I’d like to thank you for your very detailed review. I have three kids and loved my sofa (not Ikea) because it reclined. It was very hard for me to convince my husband to buy an Ikea sofa. He still complains because it is definitely not as comfortable as our previous sofa but the pros outweigh the one con. I wash my covers at least twice a month with bleach. At first I thought it was going to be a pain to remove and put back. We got the same color as your sofas and I also was afraid because of the kids but as soon as they start to look a bit dirty I just take off the covers and wash. I LOVE THAT I CAN WASH THEM!!!! I am going to make pillows to go with the sofa because I think you definitely pillows to make it a bit more comfortable. Once again thank you.

  103. Stacy

    We just bought 2 Ektorp couches today (2 full size couches, with 3 cushions on each couch; not the 2 cushion loveseat) and 1 Ektorp chair. I’m SO EXCITED to receive these couches! I have 2 kiddos & the couches we have now we bought when my husband & I were both still in college & beyond broke so needless to say the couches we have now are in pretty bad shape. They were a beyond cheap couch set that has gone through a lot but it definitely shows by the huge hole that is in it. The fabric is not torn but whatever keeps a couch up or level is not there in our couch anymore. If you happen to sit on the hole you will feel the wood frame stick you in you back & butt, not fun! Now that we have 2 kids I wanted a couch where I could unzip the covers & wash it all. I looked all over & these couches were the answer to my prayers! I too wanted the “Pottery Barn look” without having to pay the Pottery Barn price. These couches are EXACTLY what I wanted/needed with a husband and 2 kids. Not to mention additional family members that are constantly over. For what we paid for 2 full size couches & 1 matching Ektorp chair, you would only get 1 couch (possibly just a loveseat; 2 seat cushions) from Pottery Barn. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like Pottery Barn furniture, on the contrary, I actually LOVE Pottery Barn. I just (sadly) cannot afford Pottery Barn furniture at this point in time. I cannot wait to revive them & let you all know how they hold-up with my ever busy household but from reading some of the other reviews, it sounds like they will withstand a whole lot more than our cheap, crappy, college years couches ever could.

  104. Curt Lacrimosa

    I’m looking at getting the same sofa from IKEA. I just purchased a older home circ 1912 that has been remodeled. I’m looking to do the decor in a farm house white. I had all seen a similar or it maybe the same sofa in the Farmhouse5540 blog. I love the idea of the slip cove. As with kids and pets, that makes it easy to wash and clean. I like your decor and style.

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  107. stacy

    Just so you know – I have dogs and kids….dogs are messier any day of the week, and dirtier!! SO if these stand up so well to your doggies, kids would be apiece of cake. Ignore those people who say “wait until you have kids!” Its none of their business!!

  108. Lashana

    This was soooo awesome! Thank you for the review. I have been wanting these couches for a while and couldn’t figure out if I wanted to take the plunge since I have big hubby, two dogs, and now a newborn baby.

  109. Jane

    Great review Liz – thanks for sharing in such detail. I just wanted to share something exciting with fellow Ektorp lovers on this post. I found a company called bemz.com that makes gorgeous covers for many Ikea sofas, including Ektorp. I decided to buy a cover from them because I wanted to make my Ektorp look like a more expensive piece of furniture and they make these amazing linen covers in a loose fit (like the shabby chic look). I can’t recommend this highly enough. The service was excellent and my sofa looks like something out of an interiors magazine. The linen covers cost a bit more than than a regular cover that you can buy at IKEA but bemz sells cotton covers too for the same price as IKEA (I think!) but they have a much bigger selection of colors and patterns and even some really cool designer patterns (a bit too cool for me but more daring people would like them I’m sure).

  110. Tamara

    Love your review, helped me decide to purchase these!
    We find the size of the sofa is really great, not too small.
    Where did you get the throw pillows?
    Thanks a bunch!

  111. Mark

    We bought a sofa a couple of years ago and love the fact that the fabric really is durable and the cushions seem to keep their shape fairly well. But, I have trouble keeping the velcro that attaches the cover to the frame “velcroed”! So when the velcro becomes unattached, the cover slips a little and causes big wrinkles in the front corner under the arm(s) and clearly makes it look shabby. Is there a secret to keeping these attached and not coming off? Thanks!

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  113. couchandsofa

    This post has been so helpful! . We are looking at purchasing the PB Slipcover Comfort Roll Arm sectional for our cottage. I love your blog!

  114. couchandsofa

    This post has been so helpful! We are looking at purchasing the PB Slipcover Comfort Roll Arm sectional for our cottage. Are you still happy with how your sofa has held up? Also, did they deliver it with the slipcovers on?

  115. liz

    Hi, I know this is irrelevant to this blog post meaning but I’m wondering where you found the big rustic wall clock i see in all the above pictures!?
    Thanks in advance!

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  139. Eleanor

    Thank you for this post. My husband and I have been looking for durable sofas that don’t cost a $1,000. Three years ago, we got some couches from Rooms 2 Go. They have gotten so saggy. We will definitely be checking these out.

  140. Wendy K. Peterson

    I bought a off white Thomasville sofa with chaise that cost $3100. I couldn’t get ANYONE to sit on it. My adult kids called it the “Couch of nails”. We hated it! So when we moved last year, I was able to sell it second hand, at a great loss. (The only reason my husband was willing to part with it and lose the value was his intense hate for it!!) We bought an Ektorp ($399) with a light beige slip cover for $49. My 6’1″ husband loves it and loves to stretch out and nap on it. My 6’5″ son-in-law feels the same way! I’m washing the cover for the first time today after 15 months. We are empty nesters and we don’t have pets so it isn’t dirty but I want to freshen it up.
    We love it so much, we bought a second one to put in our vacation home. I think all my adult children will be purchasing one in the years ahead, because they all rave about this couch.

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  142. Emily

    I’m so sorry people make the “wait until you have kids” comments to you. 🙁 I have 4 kids, I homeschool (so they’re ALWAYS home), I have a white IKEA Ektorp sectional AND I painted our hardwood floors white. Like you said, I’d like to actually know if there’s dirt all over my sofa so I can wash it! Not even a year after we got the sectional, my daughter colored black sharpie all over it. I freaked out, but at least an entire new slipcover was only $99! I absolutely ADORE your style! You’re amazing!

  143. Geri

    I am older and need a couch. Not sure about Ikea been to the store and, Sat on them and they are firm. So not sure about having them in my front room. We have more dark greens and Brown’s in our front room so whit wouldn’t work. But appreciate your review and your place looks great by the way!!

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