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Ok, so one of my MOST asked questions is “Where are those tufted wing back chairs from in your living room?” The answer? Marshalls!! Seriously, they are two of my favorite pieces in our entire house. They are for sure a focal point of our upstairs living room & I’m so happy I found them because we all know how quickly things sell at Marshalls. I still see them all the time at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, & Home Goods so don’t give up hope if you want these exact chairs, BUT I put together the ultimate list of neutral tufted chairs for you from high price to low price & every price in between. From small to large from armless to large arms, & every single chair in between. There are of course a lot of more tufted chairs out there, these are just a few to get you started on your journey to finding the perfect tufted neutral chairs for your home. 

The ULTIMATE list of the best neutral tufted chairs from high to low price & every size and shape in between!

1 II 2 II 3 II 4 II 5 II 6 II 7 II 8 II 9 II 10 II 11 II 12 II 13 II 14 II 15 II 16 II 17 

Let me know what your favorite neutral tufted chair is in the comments below. I have my favorites & I can’t wait to see which ones you guys love! Leave the number below, on my Facebook, & my Instagram. Can’t wait to see the results!

16 thoughts on “The Best Tufted Neutral Chairs

  1. GO

    1,3,11 are my favorites. Fun! You mentioned a store recently and I am not sure of the name. Was it Home Decorators? I live in a small town. Not familiar with a lot of places anymore! Thanks.

    1. LizMarie Post author

      I agree with you… I love all those numbers too! Was it Home Goods? I love Home Goods. It’s like a TJ Maxx, but just home stuff. Let me know if that one was it! xx

  2. Paige.Rose

    I love those chairs!! I see we’re keeping our late night postings alive hahah!! I’m ready to publish something soon too…I swear working at night is so my jam! Gorgeous spaces as always ,Liz!!


  3. Brittany

    Looking at the different ones and their prices make me glad I purchased the same chair as you, just from TJ Maxx! It’s a steal! All beautiful though!

  4. Sharon C

    I really love your armchairs! My favorites are in this order – 6. 11. 4. I live in South America and unfortunately we don’t have these wonderful stores like you have to choose from. Very envious!!

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  6. Jessica

    Can you please post where the rug in the living room is from? I have been looking for one similar for quite a while! Thank you!

  7. Joan

    I inherited two antique Italian Provincial fanback chairs that look very similar to yours They have the same shape but have carved wood trim. They are covered in a floral tapestry, and I can’t wait until I can afford to recover them in a neutral fabric. Thank you for the inspiration! They will look similar to #11.

  8. emilya

    Wow what a great idea. Where are most of the materials coming from? I’m sure there are some great finds that could be refurnished reviving the life of the furniture. And just for your information, in Indonesia we make some mahogany and teak furniture. You can visit my site to

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  10. Amanda W.

    I like #9, although the link didn’t take me to where to buy it from……

    I have been looking for a chair like this for a reading nook. There are so many cute choices online, but I often wonder how comfy they actually are. How are yours from Marshall’s? I love that place 🙂

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