Jute Rug Review – An honest Review After Three Years

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!

Oh man. I think I bought our first jute rug maybe like 3 years ago? & ever since then I have been getting questions about how we liked it, what we thought of it, would I buy it again, & many more questions. I am finally doing a post on my jute rug review… Yay!!! Well, since then we have acquired 4+ more jute rugs for our homes & I think that says a lot, but I wanted to do a full review for you guys & share my thoughts on these rugs that you see all over our blog & social media. Have any more questions after this post? Leave them in the comments below & I will edit the post with the answers later. I hope this helps some of you guys if you have been wanting to buy one or if you were just super curious about these beautiful babies.

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!

Why I love them:

– Low maintenance! These things are awesome in high traffic areas. After a few years of having them, they look good as new. They almost just absorb  dirt and stains & don’t show any ware or tear. We have dogs, kids, lots of people, furniture moving, eating food, spills, pet accidents, & more all over this rug & you would never know. These rugs are good for an active home with kids, pets, & high traffic areas.

– Easy to clean! I vacuum these suckers a few times a week because I just love vacuuming & everything just sucks up right off of them. When there is a spill or a pet accident, a little water and a rag gets everything right up. These rugs seem to just hide everything from hair, dirt, spots, & more & when you want to clean it up the vacuum just picks everything up. Seriously the most low maintenance rugs ever.

– The look! I just love the look of these rugs. I mean, they are my style down to every last fiber. They are cozy, warm, & add a lot of texture to my neutral style. They always look clean & never show any aging. The rugs go with that cozy cottage vibe that I dig & so I’m all about them. You can also get jute rugs in different colors/patterns as well, I just stick with the classic, but you can really get one to fit any space!

– The price! I get all my Rugs from RugsUSA.com.. you would think I was sponsored by them, but I’m not.. I just love their prices [they always have sales & free shipping]. They are super affordable rugs which allows you to get bigger sizes for your spaces.  I usually go for the Maui Chunky Loop rug from Rugs USA because I love the look of the weave & the ties on the ends. I have also bought smaller jute rugs from Pottery Barn, Marshalls, & World Market & love them as well. Jute rugs can be an inexpensive way to add a big impact to a space while adding lots of texture & that cozy factor you are looking for.

The feel! True jute rugs like ours are a mixture of firm/soft/foot massager. Sounds weird, but it’s not. When you walk on them they are a mix of softness & like someone is massaging your feet.. is there anything better? I think not. I love the added texture and softness these rugs add to our rooms & yet that they are firm & nice to walk on. Buying rugs can be like goldilocks and the three bears sometimes, finding the perfect amount of softness to fit you & your family. I also love how flat these rugs are that again makes them so easy to clean & keep clean. You can also get a jute fiber mixture like jute & chenille that is much softer. I don’t have experience with anything but 100% jute so I can’t help you there, but do your research.

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!
A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!
What I’m hesitant about:

The shedding: Ok, the ONE thing about these rugs that I’m a little iffy about is the shedding. The Rugs USA jute rugs do shed little fibers [not a ton] & they ‘fall out’ under the rug which when you lift the rug to clean it looks like dirt, but it’s just little fibers and they are easy to clean up. Most of the fibers stay under our rug & can easily be cleaned up, but some fibers shed onto our floor which wouldn’t be as noticeable if we didn’t have super dark wood floors in our entire house [I NEVER noticed it in our other homes with lighter floors & carpet]. But seriously the pros outweigh the cons for me, I mean if you have another rug then stains show up on them, or they wear down easily, aren’t easy to clean, & more. You have to outweigh the pros and the cons for your home & your family.

The smell: I wasn’t even going to mention this one because it quickly goes away, but the natural fibers have a scent to them that’s pretty strong at first. It’s almost like burlap/natural dirt. It’s noticeable at first when you first roll it out, but quickly goes away. This happens with any natural fiber rug, because it’s natural, so again, I don’t see it as an issue because I love the rugs so much.

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!
A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!

A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!
A super honest review of jute rugs, where to buy them, where to get the best deal, & the pros & cons! A must pin!
I hope this review helps a tiny bit if you had any questions or were wondering what I thought of them. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions & I’ll try to answer them the best I can. I love these rugs & how they fit into our home. What do you think of them? Do you have any jute rugs in your home? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram!


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102 thoughts on “Jute Rug Review – An honest Review After Three Years

  1. Shambhavi

    These rustic jute rugs can never go out of trend. I’m coveting your huge jute rug. I’ve a smaller one, the only issue I’ve with them is how to clean them, like really clean!!??
    PS- Your home is very beautiful, with a personal touch- exactly what a home should be!!

  2. baileywife @Irishman Acres

    I have a large one from Pottery Barn and LOVE it too! My only negative (besides a little shedding) is my puppy chewing and shredding it on the ends. We have the same breed as your pups, have you had any issues with them gnawing on your rugs?? ~ Kim

  3. April Hoff

    Great review! I just got my first jute rug earlier this year, and I LOVE it. I also got a jute/chenille rug, and can’t believe how soft it is! I love every picture in this post, btw. Your new home is looking amazing! 😉

  4. Dana

    So I was just looking into getting one of these rugs via the web link you provided. I have 2 dogs, and wood floors, and would like to put it as you enter my front door. Anyways….I was wondering if you use a pad with this rug, or if you just lay it on the floor? If so, does it slip around a lot without a pad?


    1. Melissa


      After seeing Liz Marie’s beautiful home, I bought this Maui Chunky Loop for my front entry. I have a dog as well, She gets very excited after coming inside from a cold walk and tends to kick the carpet with her hind legs as she runs inside. So I decided to buy a mat, but to save money, I bought it at Target for about $12 or less. Prior to the mat it did slip on the wood floors some and I had to do some adjusting but not nearly as much as other rugs that I have had. I LOVE this rug, it is holding up beautifully here in New England with all the wet boots that enter my home. It is exactly how Liz Marie describes (my kids even say it is a foot massager) and I get compliments on it all the time.

      Hope that helps!

      All the best,

    1. Judi

      Hi Emily

      I bought the Ikea ‘Lohal’ rug just last week and I’m lovin’ it so far, although I would recommend getting a rug underlay to stop it slipping. Unfortunately Ikea had sold out of theirs when I went so I ordered one from another company online, and was shocked to find that for the large size it cost almost half the price of the rug!! Still makes it a really GOOD buy for such a large rug – 2m x 3m.

  5. Penny

    I tried a jute rug for about 2 months and it’s now been rolled up in the garage for 4+ months. I could not handle the shedding and dirt that was ALWAYS under the rug. It just grossed me out. I was so disappointed because I love how they look.

  6. Amanda

    I’m so glad to read this review! I was really interested in a 100% jute rug when I was looking for our living room rug last year, but my hubs didn’t think it would be soft. We ended up going with the jute herringbone rug from west elm (which is 50% chenille) and when it arrived I was SO excited because it was GORGEOUS and really soft – but it has worn terribly 🙁 The beautiful soft chenille part has turned grey and flattened completely over less than a year. We do have a dog and aren’t good about taking off our shoes inside, but for the price of the rug I was still really disappointed. It always looks dirty. I will definitely go with 100% jute when we replace it!

  7. Callae

    Would you be willing to share the RugsUSA links with us? It is so hard to tell from the pictures online how high the “loops” are, and I love that yours is on the lower side. My parents had an extremely chunky jute rug, almost to the point where it was hard to put furniture with small feet on it! it didn’t last long in their house 😉

    1. LizMarie Post author

      Hey Callae! Did you end up finding the link? Let me know sorry they didn’t show up in Bloglovin.. that is so odd! xx

  8. Diana

    I am interested in getting a jute rug for my dining room. I have a rustic farm table and wine country vibe going on in there so I think it’s the only style rug that would work for me. I’m hesitant because my dining room is right smack dab in the middle of the house between the entryway/living room and the family room and I’m concerned about the pile height being too “chunky” high for such a high traffic area. Am I overanalyzing this? Or should I take that into consideration? I wish I could see them in person before buying but I can’t afford one from PB or Restoration Hardware and would have to buy online.

    1. LizMarie Post author

      I get what you are saying Diana! I had this in our last two houses in a “hallway” high traffic area and they were wonderful. Now I have one by the door right when you walk in. I have never had an issue wight he chunkiness or anything like that. It’s never been a problem in our house or even something we notice if that helps! xx

  9. Hannah S

    Its great to read some good reviews on this rug. I am still a little iffy just because I remember walking on a friends rug barefoot and it was pretty coarse and not very pleasant. But it looked great… Maybe it was just bad quality.
    Thank you!

  10. Jacque

    Aweee I love this rug! We had this rug (from rugs USA) for exactly 1 year and Matt made me get rid of it right before the baby was born. He said it wasn’t soft enough for the baby. But I know it’s because it shedded all the time on his pants plus he always got the fringe caught up in the vacuum. I miss my rug. And ironically the rug he picked out to replaces it shedded so badly that after 6 months I had enough and got rid of it haha We are currently at a rug stalemate 🙁

  11. Rhonda

    Love the look also. Just happened upon your site and am loving it. I have been looking at purchasing a jute rug so perfect timing ! I too am wondering if you use a rug pad. I’m torn between this one and one with no fringe so as to not have to worry about catching the fringe in the vacumn cleaner. I’m assuming you have the beige rug ?

    Thanks !

  12. Susan S.

    Talk about perfect timing…I just purchased a chunky jute from Overstock.com for my daughter’s apt right before reading this entry. I def made the right decision! Curious…I actually own a chunky jute (no fringe) from Pottery Barn that we purchased 2-3 yrs. ago. (Aside from the area my cats have clawed…it still looks great!) The instructions say to NOT vacuum…so we never did…. Why do you think that is?

    1. Susan

      Hi Susan,
      I think with these rugs, like with my hand-hooked wool rugs, you can vacuum with an attachment that doesn’t have a beater bar. If your vacuum has a beater bar it will grab onto and pull up the strands of the rug. I am lucky enough to own a Miele that came with a large floor attachment that just uses suction to clean.
      I am curious if anyone who owns a jute rug has cats and if they tend to use it as a “scratching post”?

      1. Susan S.

        I actually own two cats. They were scratching on one section of the rug until I gave them actual scratching posts to do their business on. They have now basically lost interest in the rug 🙂

  13. Melanie

    I have an identical one in my lounge and I also love it. Your so right when you say you can’t see any mess on it. The only thing in my household is that my dog loves the texture of it and rubs himself all over it and it has a few pulls in it. But its impossible to see the dog hair he leaves behind though!

  14. Mandy from White & Wood

    Hey Liz!
    I’ve had a couple jute Rugs and I love them too. I am curious how you clean them…. Maybe I missed that part in your post, but I am curious if you do the same thing. Thanks!!


  15. Carla

    I have been thinking about getting a jute rug but was hesitant because we have laminate wood floors and I was worried that once we were done with the rug it would have ruined the floors with the rubbing. Do you use a mat under yours and if not have you noticed any wearing of your floors?

  16. Bonnie

    I have had two Pottery Barn 8×10 jute/chenille rugs for 15 months … I love the look but can not stand the shedding any longer … I will be so sad to see them go but can’t stand sending my grandchildren, who play on the floor, home covered in rug fibers … they get a sticky roller treatment before they go … haha … I have ordered new area rugs that look like sisal … I’m sure I won’t like them as well but hopefully I can put this shedding problem to rest. Also, I too love your home … you are a sweet blogger … Thanks for sharing your home and self!

  17. Alma

    hey liz! love your jute rugs. when i went shopping for jute rugs i did consider buying them from usa rugs and i did love the free shipping. but i was so in need of new rugs that weekend so i ended up getting mine at ikea. and i have to say i do love them. i use a larger sized one in my living room and a smaller one in our dining area and its the best. have you ever needed to wash yours. A few friends have told me they are so durable (having had theirs forever) that they’ve actually washed (literally hosed down) them and hung them to dry and they were good as new. thats what got me. I do however have to sweep the floors more often, but i don’t mind it. anyway, thanks for the share!

  18. Nancy

    I just purchased a jute rug from Ikea, couldn’t beat the price! I haven’t put it down yet though because I forgot the pad. I’m wondering if I really need one though. I can’t wait to use it though and really love the look!

    1. Alma

      hey nancy, ikea has the best pad for the best price. I’ve bought from other places including home depot and target. and they were way too expensive and didn’t work very well. hope this helps!

  19. Meagan

    I have wanted one if these rugs for a while and having just had a baby wasn’t able to splurge… But then, something magical happened. Yesterday as I was cruising the home decor section at Ross, I spotted it. A dazzling 5′ x 7′ jute masterpiece. I had to check the price… you ready?? $49.99!!!! I grabbed that thing, threw it over my shoulder and sprinted to the checkout line. Then, to make things even better, there was a matching 2′ x 3′ entry way rug for $8.99. Yesterday I might have been the luckiest girl on earth. Not to mention my living room smells of earthy goodness. Happy to see such a good review of them! Excited about our future together. 😉

  20. Lauren

    Thank you SO much for this review, Liz! I’m wanting a couple of jute rugs for our house soon, so this post will help me convince the hubby. He was worried about the texture not being comfortable on feet. Glad to know it’s basically a big ol’ foot massager. 😉

  21. judith h.

    We just removed our 9′ x 12′ jute rug from the den after about 2 1/2 years. We bought it at RugsUSA. I know jute rugs combined with various fibers are available on this website. Ours was primarily jute. I loved the painted perimeter, a very wide charcoal stripe with a narrow clay orange colored stripe just inside the charcoal. We rolled it out and fell in love with it. The next day I sat on the rug wearing some black yoga pants and when I stood up, I was so covered in fibers I couldn’t believe it! For weeks, I vacuumed that rug every day, still the shedding persisted.
    Our grandchildren complained. They didn’t like all of the “hairs” on their clothes after they sat playing or watching a video. When they spent the night, I would launder the clothes they wore so they wouldn’t take all of the “hairs” home for Mom to wash.
    Finally, a month ago, I told me husband the rug had to GO! I didn’t care if we just had the huge expanse of hardwood, I just wanted that rug gone. A couple of days later he came home with a gorgeous soft wool blend rug that took its place beautifully on the floor. It’s soft, has a lovely watercolor looking print on it and the best part…NO “HAIRS”.
    I guess my advice would be to check very carefully what fibers are blended with the jute, check the weave and when in doubt, make a phone call or send an e-mail to the company asking very specific questions.
    When satisfied, enjoy your beautiful new jute rug!

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  23. Home Brands USA

    I am totally agree with all of you regarding quality of jute rugs but do you know your floor may may look more beautiful if you select a colorful rug according to your wall and furniture colors, don’t worry about their cost just visit homebrandsusa_com and get the best rugs under your budget.

  24. Shannon

    How well is the fringe holding up? I’m considering this exact rug because I love the detail the fringe adds, but I’m worried about it constantly getting caught up in the vacuum.

  25. Bryn


    I want to place a jute rug on top of carpet for decoration (but also to protect the carpet from falling markers under kids’ desks 🙂 Our carpet is very speckled with cream and brown fibers, but do you think that having a jute rug on it full time with discolor the carpet with all the fibers/dirt that falls underneath? Or do you think it will vacuum up nicely in the end?

    Thank you!!

  26. Melissa

    Hi Liz,

    Have you had one close to the door? I am wondering if they are too thick for the door to open and close. Hope this makes sense.

    Love your home !

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  29. Paula

    Is the Jute rug you have from Rugs USA beige? I thought it looked darker on their website than in your photos. Thank you

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  31. Jen Hutchison

    I love your photos! And I’m in love with the round wooden table on the jute rug! I have a table that I’m looking to refinish – did you strip the top and leave it natural or did you put a weathered finish on it? And do you mind sharing the color of the base of the table? Looks awesome. Thank you!

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  34. April King

    Oh my husband and I ordered the chunky jute rug with tassels in 8’6″ x 11’6″. I LOVE it! I had to throw away my off white rug because the dog, an Aussie and the cat made a few spots…it was worn out and was only 2 years old. It was a remnant from a carpet place that I paid $200 for a 12 x 12. I’ve been looking for something natural that will also conceal traffic and spots! It looks great and feels wonderful!

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  36. MB Stone

    Thanks for your blog! I am thrilled with my new Maui Chunky Loop Rugs from Rugs USA. I wouldn’t have found them without your recommendation.
    Well done!

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  47. TriGirl

    I had two of the Pottery Barn chenille/jute rugs and just got rid of them after two years. They NEVER stopped shedding (the sale person told me to give it four-six months–of course they’re not taking them back at that point). I loved the look which is the only reason I didn’t part with them sooner. You couldn’t sit on them or walk across them in socks without having fibers stuck to your pants or socks. They’ve been gone a week and I noticed the dust in the rooms they were in has decreased. Save yourself the grief and find something other than this Pottery Barn rub.

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  68. Amy

    Thanks for the review! I also have pets and the rug I have now is not holding up. With the jute rug, does the dirt seem to sit on top or sift through?

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  75. Mollye Ashmore

    Hi! I just purchased a jute rug from Rugs USA and I love it, but I don’t love the smell 🙁 How long does it take for the smell to go away? We have had it a week and we are hosting a party soon. I don’t want my house to smell like this!

    1. Jose Galvan

      The smell stays for a few weeks, but fades… trust me! I would vacuum whenever you can to lift the natural fibers & that helps! Hope you love it as much as I do xx Liz Marie

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