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Happy September!!! How is it even possible that it’s September already? In 3 months we will have lived in Michigan for a whole year. & this month we will be celebrating 8 years of a beautiful marriage together. Crazy! I thought about what to share here today on the blog to kick off one of my favorite months & I remembered I had forgot to share something with you guys that I have known about for a while now. It’s September now the start of all things pumpkin spice, orange & all of those warm colors, sweaters, flannels, pumpkins, boots, & my favorite… FALL DECOR! Last week I shared a little sneak peek of some early fall decor [here], but today I wanted to share with you something special that happened this month about some of our past fall decor….

Our fall dining room was featured in Country Woman Magazine this month!! I was so excited for many reasons. First: I received this magazine a few days after miscarrying & it was a little sign from God saying “Hey this is where I want you right now. I am in control.” I see you God.. I see what you did there. Thank you. Second: Umm hello. We are in another magazine & that’s just really fricken cool to see your hard work in print. Third: I love Country Women Magazine & so it was quite an honor. Fourth: It was a feature on our North Carolina house so it brought back some awesome memories. Fifth: This is the first magazine that Jose & his blog are mentioned… holy proud wife moment!! Seriously.. when I saw his name and blog & photo I had tears and ran to show him. He’s awesome, he’s talented, he’s a hard worker, & he’s quite handsome so he totally deserves it.


IMG_2324IMG_2340This magazine feature was on our dining room in our North Carolina house & so seeing it in a magazine flooded me with memories of that home we built together… such an awesome reminder of our little life in NC & the fun times we had in that house. I also loved that fall dining room we did together & that buffet that Jose built. This room was also featured in Cottage Home last year, so that dining room is getting a lot of love & I’m not mad about it! You can see the full space [here].



IMG_2347I picked up these fall items today at Painted Farmgirl here in Michigan. the plaid scarf is from Shop Oh Abigail who makes me broke with her awesome accessories & the Autumn banner is from Pearl Girl Creates who also has a booth in the store. Both items got me excited for fall along with this awesome 5 page magazine spread on our fall decor. My heart is full & happy & I know September is going to be one amazing month. I hope you guys have an awesome start to September & I want to thank you for stopping by my little blog & supporting my little home decor & DIY dreams. Seriously, you guys are the best & the reason I want to keep blogging. Let me know if you pick up the magazine & wha you think of the feature in the comments below, on Facebook, & find me on Instagram. Thank you! xx


Some of my past fall posts:



15 thoughts on “Some Exciting News – Country Woman Magazine

  1. Veeta

    Congrats! so fun. What happened to that table?

    am I missing something? only has 3 items. 🙁

  2. Eva @ Pearl Girl Creates

    When I saw your feature image on bloglovin’ this morning, I thought, I know that place! I work for the downtown development authority there during the day, so I instantly knew that cute little alleyway! Then, to my surprise when opening the post, I saw my little banner! Thanks so much for sharing it. Your NC dining room is beautiful and looks great in the magazine feature! How exciting!

  3. Anne Anzil

    Congratulations on the article! I just need to know where you got that cute top and boots you are wearing in the post?

  4. Gina Benson

    Congratulations on the magazine article! Super excited for you and your honey! Happy Anniversary too! ❤️

  5. Jennifer Ely

    WOW!!!!! Congrats on the article. I was really impressed with the look of the North Carolina house this year. I was so excited I went back to 2014 and looked at last year’s post again. You and your husband make a great team. Happy anniversary BTW.
    XOXO Jenn

  6. Birgit

    What a wonderful article about your gorgeous NC home!! You have such a fantastic eye for decorating, down to the smallest detail, it always blows me away…
    Yes, could you please share where you got your adorable fringed booties from???
    All the best to you and your hubby!!! Happy anniversary!!

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