Neutral Early Fall Home Tour

Lovely Neutral early fall home tour - A must pin for rustic neutral fall decor.
I am so excited about today’s blog post! It’s September & that is when I start decorating our home for fall. I usually start out super neutral & move into more color & plaids later on, but today is our neutral fall home tour. I was invited by the super talented & beautiful Laura from Finding Home Farms to join some other lovely bloggers to show you our fall homes. We have also teamed up with Better Homes & Gardens as well which is super exciting! Be enjoy their tours at the end of this post as well. Also, today’s post is filled with some lovely neutral fall decor around our home, but I will be back later this week with separate posts for each room & the sources & all of that good stuff will be in that post. Today’s post will be our upstairs living room, dining room, entryway, our lower level living room, & some other random spots in our little home. Enjoy!


The second stop on the tour was Finding Home Farms so be sure to stop by her home if I am the first stop you are making today as well as the first stop on the tour which is Better Homes & Gardens. & I truly hope you enjoy how our home is looking today…

Early fall in our upstairs living room… 



Our neutral early fall lower living room… 

Our Early fall dining room… 

DSC_1030DSC_0808Our early fall entryway & a few random spots in our house… 




I hope you guys loved our early fall home tour! Sorry about some of the dark photos, it was a gloomy day when I took the photos & this little lady doesn’t use photoshop quite yet… maybe someday haha Anyways be sure to come back this week to see the individual posts on each room with all the sources.  The next stop on the tour is Inspired By Charm, you will truly be inspired when you stop by his home so enjoy! Also, see more of the tour below. Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog it means so so much to me. Find me on Facebook,Instagram, & chat with me in the comments below. xx



See more lovely fall home tours below: 


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73 thoughts on “Neutral Early Fall Home Tour

  1. Regnia

    nice style, but sweetie it’s so cluttered it doesn’t look inviting. Your rooms remind me more of a store display There is no room for people and just. so. much. stuff. Again, pretty, but if you removed about 1/2 or even 3/4 of it it would be so wonderful.

    a little picture heavy of the same shots too.

    1. LizMarie Post author

      Hi Regnia! So sorry you feel that way about our home. We truly love our home & how it’s styled so it’s a good thing that we live in it. There is plenty of room for us and our guests so maybe the photos are making you feel that way? I don’t know. Also, I’m all about freedom of speech, but sometimes things should be kept to ourselves or said in a nicer way for example: “Hi Liz! From the photos it looks like people can’t enjoy your home because of all the lovely things you have, do you have room for people? Also, I like your shorter posts with less photos. But other than that I loved the home tour, have a great day!” I hope have a better day from here on out & that you left my blog feeling a little happier. This is my happy place & I want everyone to feel welcome here. It’s my place where I share what I am passionate about & things that I love. I know we all have our opinions, but there is always a nice way to say it. I would never go to someones blog or home & tell them that there house wasn’t good enough, too cluttered, messy, ect. Because that would not make them feel good about themselves. I hope you have a great week & Thank you for stopping by the blog! xx

      1. melissa sullivan

        I love your style Liz, it feels so warm, cozy and inviting but everyone has there idea of that. In anycase thank you for opening your home to us bloggers.
        I love the Gasco church sign….
        If you come across another or change up your room please reach out to me….
        Enjoy your holidays,

    2. Terri

      Regina, Let’s make the comment section a positive place. Although we do feel close to bloggers who share their lives and open their homes and lives to us, we still need to respect the person behind the blog. If you don’t appreciate someone’s style no need to criticize, simply visit the blogs that you prefer.

  2. Michael Wurm Jr.

    I was watching your Periscope yesterday and was so surprised to hear you say you do multiple fall home tours. Good for you! One is enough for me. Haha.

    So many beautiful details. You can tell your love your home. Happy to be a part of this tour with you!

    xo Michael

    1. LizMarie Post author

      HAHA I legit think I’m crazy. & I do this to myself. at least I love it right? You are too funny. I seriously wanted to cry this morning when I read the sweet words in your post about me. I was so nervous to be among amazing designers like yourself, but your words made me feel so welcome.. thank you. Loved your tour & as always I left inspired. xx

  3. Emma

    Love it Liz! I love keeping up with your blog through every season. I am transitioning my home to fall decor right now and wanting to mix it up with my throw pillows. I have the same white couch as you and have been using pops of blues in my throw pillows but I think I am wanting a more neutral look for fall. Where are some of your favorite places to buy throw pillows?

    1. LizMarie Post author

      Hi Emma! I love H&M, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, Ikea, Home Goods, & also there are some great small handmade shops as well. I will be featuring one very soon on the blog when I get the items in, but also check out Ms. Craftberry Bush’s shop as well. She’s an artist & makes amazing pillows. Hope that helps! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! xx

  4. Vanessa

    Liz everything looks just beautiful!!! I’m loving all of your white pumpkins and the soft neutral accents everywhere are so lovely. So thrilled to be part of the tour with you this week!

    1. LizMarie Post author

      Are you kidding?! Thank you Jessica! You are so kind & really just made my day with your sweet words. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to comment. Hope you are having a great day! xx

  5. Katelyn

    Love love love! So cozy and right up my alley:) I also want to say that I loved your diplomatic response to that rude comment from earlier today. Good for you;)

  6. Lauren

    Hi Liz, I stumbled upon your blog recently and I love it! Your home is lovely and I love your fall decor. I am so sick of my fall decorations that I use every year, and you’ve give me some great ideas.

    Just some feedback – it is so, so difficult to read your posts on a mobile device (iPhone) due to the number of ads that appear – the same ones, multiple times throughout the post. I understand the need for ads, but just some feedback that it’s frustrating when I’m just trying to read the post.

  7. Jennifer

    Love everything in every room …. the perfect amount of pumpkins, ‘stuff’ and photos. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Alyssa

    Hi Liz,
    I LOVE your home and find I am constantly going to your page for inspiration when I am changing things up in my own home.
    We have very similar styles and I love that! 🙂
    I would love if maybe one day you could write a blog post on how exactly you got started with interior design, how long its taken you to find your own style and things you’ve learned along the way.
    Did you always have a knack for this or has there been a lot of hits and misses along the way?
    Are you nervous designing clients homes?
    Do you have any insecurities when it comes to putting your home out on the internet and if something looks great or not?
    You might already have a post pertaining to all this and if so, point me in the right direction but I find I am always so curious about more of the process behind it all.
    I often receive compliments on my own home but I feel like it takes me FOREVER to finally get my house the way I like it and I feel like I make a ton of mistakes before getting it the way I like.
    Anyways, thanks so much.
    You inspire me with not only your decor and design but also your heart and humble attitude.

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  10. Terri

    You have been working very hard! Thank you so much for sharing your well-loved and creative home. It’s always a joy to check in on your blog to see what you and your beloved have done! Thank you again.

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  12. Nicole

    Love your home! So beautiful and inviting! I’m hoping the “coffee” pillows in your downstairs living room were a recent purchase because I would love to get them. Please let me know when you have a moment! I’ll be following your blog and found you from The City Farmhouse!


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  17. Susan

    Your home is simply gorgeous – I looked at the photos over and over again. thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous home and beautiful display of Fall!

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  30. Brianna

    Hi there! I love all of your stuff! It’s so beautiful. I’m obsessed with that circle Gasco wall piece! Is it available to purchase anywhere?

  31. Brianna

    Hi there! Love all of your beautiful stuff! I’m obsessed with that Gasco wall piece. Is it avaible to purchase anywhere?

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  38. Homelove

    Yes! Agree, lovely lovely lovely, well done! Would also love to know about the circle Gasgow sign, please let us know! Thanks

  39. sarah webb

    hi** i am new to your blog but LOVE your style. i especially love the me church sign…did you make it?? the white pumpkins everywhere are so elegant!!!

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  47. Michelle Olson

    Wow Liz Marie, you my dear are super talented! I honestly loved every pic, live your style. I just started blogging and your blog is an inspiration, thank you for sharing!

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