How To Make Any Room Cozy

HOW TO MAKE ANY ROOM SUPER COZY & INVITING - A must pin to learn how to add a cozy element to any space.

Hi guys! One goal when decorating our home is to make it super cozy & inviting. One of the biggest compliments that I get is that our home looks cozy & that makes me so happy because to me every room in our home should be very cozy, warm, & inviting. We do not have the most perfect home by any means, but that doesn’t matter to me as long as every room feels like home & somewhere were I can fully relax and unwind. I want all our guests to feel welcomed & our family to love being in every room of the home. To me there are a few simple steps that come naturally to me to make every room in our home cozy & comfortable. There are of course many other ways to make a room cozy, but these are the tried & true ways that work for us that I just couldn’t keep to myself. Here are 10 tips that work for me…

  1. Add texture.
    This can be done in SO MANY ways. Rugs, pillows, baskets, blankets, furniture, & more. For example mixing a wood coffee table, with a wicker basket, a few different texture pillows, some greenery, a chalkboard, & cozy throw adds so much texture which in turn makes the space so cozy.  I love having a basket in each room some to hold blankets & other items, I have a throw on every sofa to curl up with, rugs in each room to anchor the room, & of course a ton of pillows because I’m obsessed. Mixing textures like jute, grain sack, cotton, wool, metals, wicker, & more can instantly make a room feel cozier.. try it!!DSC_4847
  2. Add warmth.
    Add warm tones to the room. This can be done with paint colors, accessories, & more. My favorite way to add warm tones to a space? With furniture. I love adding warm wood tones with end tables, coffee tables, & more. We all know I love my white decor so warm wood is a life savor when it comes to adding that cozy element.DSC_3997
    DSC_4839 (1)
  3. Bring nature inside.
    I sometimes think I overdo this step a little, but I LOVE bringing greenery into our home. From magnolia wreaths, to simple ikea plants, & lovely branches. I am obsessed with faux greenery & I did a little post on where I get mine [here]. I do not have a green thumb at all so most of the plants in our home are faux. Plants add a homey feel, texture, & brighten a space up instantly.DSC_2415
    DSC_4802 (1)
  4.   Chalkboard.
    This is kind of a strange one, but it works for me! If ever I feel like a space is too white or just needs a cozy element, adding a chalkboard seems to work for me. Something about adding that dark paint color & it’s imperfect finish adds a huge element to a room a whole lot of cozy. You could also do a whole wall in your home chalkboard if you are ambitious. Try it… it’s my little secret to making a space cozy. Here is a tutorial on how to make a large chalkboard for yourself [here].DSC_4849 (1)
  5. Excessive amounts of pillows.
    I am a pillow hoarder & usually load up every single piece of furniture. This instantly makes any space look cozy & dreamy. Sometimes this can annoy people who look at our photos or some get intimidated by adding pillows because of the “room” issues, but in our home we sit on the pillows, toss them on the floor, hug them, squish them, & ware them out. The pillows at our house are meant to be used & to really be used for comfort. No pillow is safe around these parts. Here is a post I did recently about where I get some of my favorite pillows from [here].DSC_3838
  6. Add a rustic element or a million.
    I LOVE good rustic antique or vintage find. We have many pieces around our house with chippy paint, rustic touches, & old charm. An antique piece of furniture or vintage find can instantly add a warm cozy touch to any room. I like adding antique touches to every corner to instantly make a space feel more cozy and more my style. Mix in some old elements with some new elements to create the perfect cozy blend. For example in our living room we combined a new ikea sofa with an antique side table & coffee table to create a cozy nook.DSC_4487
    DSC_4721 (1)
  7.  Paint a piece of furniture.
    Sometimes by painting a piece of furniture & mixing it in with some natural wood & fabric pieces it can cozy up an area & make it more personal as well. I love painting a dresser or nightstand to freshen up a spot in our home & make it more cozy. When your space feels more like you it will feel more cozy.DSC_0715
    DSC_4781 (1)
  8. Lighting.
    Candles & lamps can really make a room feel more inviting. There is something about curling up with a candle burning & a soft glow from a lamp that just makes you feel at home. I love the light from a lamp better than a ceiling light sometimes because it’s less harsh & often times softer. In our house we usually have a candle burning every night as well because we love our house smelling good & enjoy the ambiance of the flame as well. Try it!DSC_2876DSC_2328-1
  9. Rugs.
    A cozy textured rug can really transform a space into a relaxing & inviting area. I love natural fiber rugs in our home like [these] from Rugs USA. We have all wood floors in our so in our living areas and our dining area I added rugs & it makes the spaces warmer & cozier by adding texture & a great place to lay. A rug really anchors a room & creates that homey feel by bringing every element in the space together.DSC_2606-1
  10. Add some books.
    Lastly is kind of a strange one, but I was sitting here with Mr. LMB & I asked him what makes a room cozy & his answer was books. I hadn’t really thought of that one & he’s right! I add books to almost every room & other than being inviting because it makes you want to curl up and read, but it also adds color, texture, & sometimes, if the book is old, a rustic element to the space.DSC_3864

I hope these 10 points helped showed  you a few ways you can make any room in your home cozy. It’s really simple & my biggest passion when it comes to decorating. Cozy spaces are my favorite! I could go on about cozy spaces, but if I say that word one more time I will even annoy myself, but I truly do hope this helped some of you. If you have any questions let me know & I would love to do another blog post on this topic. Let me know if this post helped you at all & share with me some ways you like to make spaces cozy in the comments below, on Facebook, & on Instagram. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog today & for always coming back to read my posts. It means a lot! xx


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click [here] to find out where I get my grain sack pillows.

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  1. liz

    This was such a wonderful and very helpful post – lots of great ideas I will definitely be incorporating into my home – I so NEED MORE PILLOWS!!!! I especially love how you use warm wood pieces in each of your rooms – something else I need to add more of. Your home has truly been an inspiration for me as I slowly try to makeover my home to be more relaxing and welcoming for my family and friends.

  2. Katie McIntosh

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I am moving house soon so I get the chance to redecorate our new home and this post has been so helpful! I hope our new home will be as cozy as yours looks!

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