We Are Moving!! Updates On Our New Farm Life.

Wow. Do you ever have those times in life where you are like “Oh yah! I can do it all. No problem” & then you get in the situation & you are like, “Crap. This is hard.” Yah, that’s me with this move. I announced that we bought a farm 10 days ago [here] & my have these 10 days been crazy. We decided we were going to move ourselves & not use movers, we have been working, Jose is in school full time, & just dealing with daily life on top of moving all our belongings to the new house which is a little bit of a drive from our old home. It has for sure kept us super busy, sweaty, but also thankful that we are able to do this. It will for sure all be worth it & I’m hoping to never move again. Ever. I’m not complaining by any means because this farmhouse was such a gift that we had prayed for for a very long time, but what I’m trying to say is that I always fill my plate up to high & fail at getting the things done that I had planned. I hope you guys have been enjoying all my posts lately about the final home tour of our old house as we are moving out which you can see more of [here] if you have missed any of the before & afters.

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Funny story: Before we moved I thought on top of the move, blogging, running the store, & doing normal life things, that I could paint, work on projects, rip up our carpet, & more. What was I thinking? After moving all day, blogging, & the store I can hardly stay on top of washing my hair twice a week. Sometimes I think I’m super woman or something. I’m always quickly humbled because I can’t do it all. But this farmhouse is already teaching me something. Take it slow, take it easy, take time to stop & enjoy the view. That’s exactly what I needed in life. We have been loving laying in the grass after we drop loads of boxes off, walking around the landscaping, & dreaming inside of projects we will start after the move.

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Anyways… I guess I came on here today to update you & let you know that the move is coming right along & by this weekend we will be completely out of our other home & fully in our new farmhouse. We just have some last minute things like cleaning, painting, & all of that fun stuff to do before we can hand the keys over. Many of you asked if we sold our last house, we are actually renting it out! We couldn’t bare to sell it so we decided to rent it to a loving family who will hopefully love the home as much as we did. I’m sharing tons of photos I have snapped the past week while living in our home today on the blog, but our house is looking a little like this at the moment with piles of our stuff everywhere…

The inside of the new farmhouse is filled with boxes & piles of things everywhere. I can imagine it will be like this for a while as we put the whole house together, but I’m perfectly ok with that as long as we have everything here & not in two houses.. that is no fun. But the outside is looking a little more rad. The other night after returning from dinner there was a full rainbow over our property. It was so amazing, I may have cried. My first instinct wasn’t to take a photo so I didn’t get the best one of the full rainbow, but I managed to snap one to share with you guys. It was a sign to me that we were right where God wanted us…

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Seriously this move might be hard & life may be really crazy right now, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel & God has placed us in our dream home.  I think my biggest problem is that I just want to get started on projects around the house, but the move comes first. We have the rest of our lives right? I keep telling myself that. I can’t wait to start working on this place & documenting the whole thing for you guys. I have a video tour of the house coming very soon for you guys & I can’t wait to share the beginning! Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest for behind the scenes of what I am up to. Thank you FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for following along with our journey, for cheering us on during this move, & just for caring for us from afar. We truly appreciate every single one of you. xx

9 thoughts on “We Are Moving!! Updates On Our New Farm Life.

  1. Mindy

    So happy for you! Love your blog and excited to follow along on your journey! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Lyla Thomas

    We moved into our dream home on the 1st of the month and are still in the trenches of unpacking boxes. I feel ya on the “Want to get it all done NOW’. It seems like, even though it is a brand new house, there are so many things we want to improve upon. Painting, island lights, backsplash in the kitchen and butlers pantry, new lighting fixtures everywhere, landscaping, curtain-hanging, it is endless but first…boxes. So. Many. Boxes.

  3. Brit

    So excited you are on this journey! Sometimes it is tough to realize we can’t do it all, and so glad not only has God reassured you of the move, but he’s teaching you to slow down in the process. Just what you need!

    Ps. Would love if at some point we could get the details–I know you’re super crazy busy right now. But like a run down of how many square feet the house is, how many rooms, bathrooms, and any other rooms and spaces the property has. What kind of acreage you have? And more! I’d be totally cool too if we don’t get photos on it all for a while, but just having a concept of the space you’ll be making over the next few years.

    Such a beautiful place–and already looking like home!

  4. Kelly Jo

    Hi from a fellow Michigander! I’m somewhat newer to your blog but just wanted to take the time to tell you that I really enjoy your space here. I admire your positive attitude, even in tough times you have shared, and your overall vibe is just so refreshing. Your new home is what farmhouse dreams are made of and I look forward to seeing all of the projects. xoxo

  5. Jaymie

    Hi Liz!
    Just wanted to say hello from a couple of fellow Michiganders! My mother and I read your blog all the time! To the point where we text each other when you publish a new post lol
    So happy for you and your hubby to have moved into an old farm house. They are the best! All their little imperfections are what make them to perfect and homey. Your pictures remind me so much of my parents farm house in Michigan. My mom even has the same rainbow pictures over the old barn. It’s so great to see that you are experiencing the same beautiful things!
    Can’t wait to see more of it!

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