Dining Room Makeover – Shiplap Going Up

You guys! This weekend at the farmhouse we had a few setbacks. I’m honestly not too upset, but you guys are along this whole journey with our farmhouse & this is a part of it. If you aren’t in Michigan you may not know that we had a wicked hot weekend here with some crazy humidity. The one bonus about our 1800’s farmhouse is that it has had air conditioning. I mean it’s a HUGE bonus & it was one of the things that was a selling point to us. WELL it was 98 degrees last night, not the hot boy band just a really hot sticky night, & our air decided to quit. Yup, just as we were sitting watching a movie after a long day enduring the heat while we were relaxing enjoying the cold house, our air just quit & quickly our house went up to 80 degrees super quick. Fail. I know to some I may seem like a crazy person for even mentioning this or caring, but when you have something & when you pay for something & it breaks, it sucks. Especially when it’s a weekend & it’s something you can’t fix or have someone else fix until the following week. Thank goodness for fans, tons of showers, & friends with pools because this house gets hot really quickly. There were a few other things that happened, BUT there were so many more good things that happened & these things are to be expected in an old house, but it’s our dream home so who cares? I quickly was able to put everything in perspective & realized how small of an issue all of our setbacks were in the grand scheme of it all. I think when doing a huge renovation on such an old home, if you are not prepared  for things like this than it’s time to get prepared & say a prayer… or ten. & guess what the best thing that happened this weekend was? The outside of our house was painted! More on that later this week with the before & after photos. It is slowly turning into our dream farmhouse & we are so excited. Who cares about the little setbacks? It’s all about moving forward here at the farmhouse & we have made some progress this weekend in our dining room that I couldn’t wait to show you today…

We opted to do actual shiplap in the dining room above the beadboard & chair rail rather than our DIY shiplap that we blogged about in our last house [here] for a few reasons & so far we have found that it’s much easier to work with, but it is pricier. I will be blogging our full experience & our thoughts when we are done ship-lapping this space. The whole room will be painted one color [Magnolia Home – True White] which will really clean the look up & bring all the different wood work together & make it less busy. I really wanted to keep the beadboard at the bottom of the walls to keep something that was already in our old farmhouse. When all the shiplap is up we will be spraying the room with the paint to give it all an even coat that is seamless, but again, I will be blogging more on that when we get to it.

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the dining room…


& how it’ is looking today with some progress…


Oh man. It’s a mess, but I see the progress & it motivates me to keep working through the not so pretty “in-between” phases to get to the pretty “after”. Here is a little run down of what we have at the moment…
The shiplap is almost done in this space. We have reached the tricky parts, like around that archway that are going to take some mad skills from Mr. LMB, but I have faith in him. It always feels like we haven’t made progress, but then I look at that “before” photo & I’m so amazed. What do you think of the shiplap so far? What do you think of our progress? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you so much for following our journey!!


See more of our dining room progress below…


Finding the original wood flooring [here]

7 thoughts on “Dining Room Makeover – Shiplap Going Up

  1. Jenny

    It’s going to be awesome in there once you’re done… great eye, great plan, great execution!!! I’m really enjoying watching you “do your thing” in the new house, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Derrick Barchick

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