Farmhouse Barn Light Pendants


The best farmhouse style barn light pendants - The best barn light pendants a must pin for indoor/outdoor farmhouse style/cottage style lights.

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I have been thinking about lighting A LOT lately for our farmhouse. I don’t even know where to begin so I haven’t begun at all to tell the truth. I decided I would start getting lighting options & putting them here on the blog so as we start working on rooms, we have them here ready for us to pick out. This week I have really been looking at barn lights as  an option in our dining room & kitchen. One thought is to have a series of three barn lights hanging above our dining room table. This of course isn’t a final decision, but an idea that has been brewing in my mind. I think any of these options I shared from various sources today would look great alone or in groups. The problem? I love them all for different reasons. That hunter green one, the mint, the copper, the charcoal, I mean.. I love them all. You can go to the source of the lights by clicking the corresponding numbers below the photo or the individual photos. Which one is your favorite? Do you like the idea of us using a set of three of these in the dining room? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Also, find me on Pinterest [here] to follow along with all of my pins for the farmhouse. xx

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10 thoughts on “Farmhouse Barn Light Pendants

  1. Baileywife @Irishman Acres

    Number 2 for me, and number 5 for you!! Definitely !!! Can’t wait to see what you decide…. ~Kim

  2. Kim Dykman

    Number 11 would look great if you had three in a row ( due to the width )…of course I ALWAYS default to YOU the one who always seems to make the right choice look fabulous ! Do you have a source for the awesome vintage looking light bulbs for these types of fixtures? I know I can go online but I need to see them and make sure they fit my lamps etc. Let me know and in the mean time thanks for sharing! I am so happy to be on this project with you ,…you make us all feel a part of your journey and make it so FUN!!!!!

  3. Stephanie D.

    I love the shape of No. 2 and I also love No. 11! I really been into the “caged” look lately!

  4. Gloria

    was immediately drawn to 11 for you….can’t wait to see your final choice and the final dining room reveal! So exciting to check in and see all the changes that are taking place. Did you decide what to do with the wood floors??? I k

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  6. Steve

    Following up a while after others, but thought I would share my input from a guy’s perspective. I agree that #11 caught my eye, and I like the look, but I specifically thought it wouldn’t work — even with several in a row — for a dining room. I guess it depends on the overall look of the room though. I just felt it was too stunted, and that a thinner neck would look better.

    Again, depending on the setting, I like #8. And if you have some other lights in the room for primary illumination, then setting #8 up with vintage Edison bulbs could be really cool. But you wouldn’t want only Edison bulbs in the room — nobody could really see what they were eating.

    1. Jose Galvan

      Love your input! & it’s always so great to get a guys opinion!! I agree I do want to see what I am eating.. especially if I cooked it. LOL Thank you again! xx

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