The Old Garage Living Room Before – Video Tour

We really need to name this room something other than “the old garage living room”, but it truly is the old garage of our farmhouse. Another name we keep referring to this room is the “slider door room” because of the wall of slider doors. Anyways, we need to re-name it & maybe when we start working on it it will name itself. I have been getting SO MANY questions about this room & it’s layout ever since I posted our entire tour of our farmhouse before we started working on it [here]. I thought I would share some wide angled shots today of the room so you can get a better overview before we start working on this room which I hope is very soon.





ok ok. This room has a lot going on, I know. We have done nothing to this room but move some furniture in so we can use it before we get started working on it.  It’s kind of a modge podge of things that in the end probably wont be in this room, but for my sanity I had to style it a little while we use it in the mean time. I designated some area in the photo to give you an idea of what we will be using the room for & here is a small list of a few plans for the space…

-remove ledge that runs through the middle of the room on the floor

-paint walls & trim

-replace/paint doors

-build up the fireplace

-hang new lights/fan

-rip carpet up/add new flooring

– replace furniture/new arrangement

-build coffee bar where the sink is

-provide an office area, sitting area around the fireplace, & a living room area

This room is going to be such a cool space when we get done with it. It’s already where we hang out the most. In fact, I’m in here right now writing this for you guys. This room will be a very open concept space that will be for creating, working, gathering, & a lot more. It’s a very large room at ………. so I want the design to be super cozy since it’s such a big room. I made a quick video of a walk through of the large living room area so you can get a better feel for it…


I CAN’T WAIT to get started on this space. I can’t say that enough. But we are enjoying this space in the “in between” as well. But, oh my who is excited for me to rip the carpet up & get rid of that ledge that curves on the floor in the room? I feel like it will really open the room up & allow for more options of arranging the room as well. I love that my office will be in the living room & in a central location & I also love the view… I mean, come on?! So, there you have it. I hope this answers a lot of your questions you had about this space & I hope to bring you some updates very very soon! Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for behind the scenes.


11 thoughts on “The Old Garage Living Room Before – Video Tour

  1. Shannon Fox

    The old garage living room. Some things just stick!
    It happened with The Little Cottage. I tried to give it a pretty name… something that fit, or hinted at it’s history, but it always went back to TLC, so I stopped fighting it. hahaha.
    I’m sure this will shine and come into it’s own when you are done 🙂

  2. Nicole B

    I’d call it either the Old Garage or the Bonus Room. Its a great space! Can’t wait to watch the progress!

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