How To Decorate With White Pumpkins

How To Decorate With White Pumpkins - Great inspiration on how to decorate for fall with neutrals. A must pin for farmhouse style fall decor.

Hi guys & happy Monday!! I have been getting a lot of comments lately saying how fall is for “tons of color” & not for neutrals. In my very very very humble opinion, I think fall is beautiful in vibrant colors & soft neutrals. Personally I love both, but today I wanted to share with you some inspiration of how to use white pumpkins in your fall decor. When our first instinct is to use oranges, yellows, & reds, it can be kind of hard to know where to start with neutral fall decor so I wanted to jump on here today to help with that. I found some lovely inspiration from around blog land to share with you & hopefully inspire you in some small way of how you can incorporate white pumpkins in your decor this autumn if you have been wanting to give them a try. I only included a few lovely examples of using white pumpkins, but you know I could have kept going. I hope this helps you see how to decorate with white pumpkins…


Rustic white pumpkin centerpiece [here]


basket of white pumpkins [here]

DIY white pumpkin wreath [here]


DIY pumpkin flower pot [here]


DIY stick pumpkin stems [here]


White pumpkin place holders [here]

How to decorate with white pumpkins

Black & white fall mantel [here]


simple fall table [here]


Pumpkin pedestal [here]


white pumpkin chair [here]


White pumpkin tray centerpiece [here]

modge podge pumpkin [here]


White pumpkin planter [here]


White & gold fall wreath [here]


Eclectic fall table centerpiece [here]


White pumpkin fall crates [here]


Pumpkin wedding decor [here]


Simple fall mantel [here]


white pumpkin candle holder [here]


White pumpkin fall entryway [here]


white pumpkin coffee table centerpiece [here]


Neutral fall entryway [here]


DIY sharpie pumpkins [here]


neutral copper thanksgiving table [here]


DIY faux white pumpkins [here]


DIY painted pumpkins [here]


Pumpkin porch tower [here]


Rustic wood pumpkin pedestals [here]


White heirloom pumpkin centerpiece [here]


White autumn mantel [here]


Antler & candle fall centerpiece [here]

Seriously so much gorgeous inspiration from such talented people. I am so inspired to go decorate for fall now & I hope you are as well! What was your favorite use of using white pumpkins? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you SO MUCH as always for stopping by my little blog today & for sharing it with your friends. It means so much to me. xx

13 thoughts on “How To Decorate With White Pumpkins

  1. Rachel Massmann

    My friend gave me a bunch of seeds to plant white pumpkins but it was too late to get them in the ground. This gives me so much inspiration to get them in the ground next year and decorate like this. Love everything, thank you:)!

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  6. Cindy Poff

    I love love love your white pumpkins table centerpiece on what looks like a stained piece of wood . Could you please tell me where you got your pumpkins? I think they are artificial which is exactly what I need. I appreciate your help!
    All the white pumpkin decirations are so pretty!
    Thank you for sharing them!

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