The Farmhouse Kitchen – Before

This feels weird. It’s like ever since the fall season & now the holiday season hit I stopped blogging about our farmhouse renovations & focused on seasonal decor because that was what I was up to. To be honest we haven’t been up to many big projects on the house. It’s been so busy at the store & in our lives… but I am so ready to start another big project! So today I interrupt the normal Christmas decor posts & DIY projects to bring you a glimpse at our next big project in our farmhouse…



The kitchen! The heart of the home, & the room you walk through on the way to just about anywhere in our home. These are just a few of the photos & not even the entire room. A couple things… the dining room [here] & the front living room [here] are not finished yet either even though we started those. Even though I am known for starting a million projects at once, this wasn’t on purpose. Those rooms are on pause for various reasons like needing to make decisions, needing to get new floors installed, & more. The kitchen is connected to our sunroom which you see a lot here on the blog. In fact the sunroom/kitchen/and eat in dining area are all one big room & we will get into more of that later. The kitchen is going to be a huge project, it’s going to take a lot of time, & it’s going to be the biggest undertaking in our farmhouse to date. The sad part for me is that the flooring in the whole area, which includes the sunroom, is going to have to be taken out that means the sunroom is going to have to be ripped up for a while too. I was just getting used to having at least one corner of our home livable.BUT I’m so excited to get my hands dirty & so excited to make this kitchen our own. Can you believe this contrast between the kitchen & sunroom currently…

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Isn’t it funny that I have been sharing the sunroom here on the blog & social media, but the kitchen wasn’t in any of those posts. I’ve been keeping a secret from you, but I’m so ready to complete this space so it fits in with our style. It honestly looks like two photos side by side because of the drastic contrast even though it’s the same room.

So what is on our list of things to do? Just for starters:

-rip out all of the upper cabinets

-take out the current window & replace the window

-rip out current backsplash and countertops

-get new countertops

-get new sink

-rip out the current island from floor to ceiling

-replace the island with something exciting

-get new flooring

-replace appliances

-get new range hood

-paint lower cabinets

-shiplap the stone wall

-set up a new breakfast nook area

-replace windows in sunroom

-get new lighting

-replace fan

-paint the ceiling

Ok, I’ll stop there. There is more that has to be done & some big decisions to made, but you get the general idea. Now that I list that our I am overwhelmed. & it also looks really expensive. So we will be taking our time with this one. I can’t wait to get started & I’m hoping to start the demo this weekend so I will be sure to keep you posted. Are you guys as excited as me?! I’ve been gathering inspiration for our kitchen renovation & will hopefully be putting a design board to share with you guys soon so I can convey my vision with you. I just had to share my excitement today with you guys before I got ahead of myself. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & for being with us through this farmhouse renovation journey! Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more being the scenes. xx

11 thoughts on “The Farmhouse Kitchen – Before

  1. Cait

    Just wondering why you don’t paint all the kitchen cabinets white? It might look amazing against that extremely interesting floor and ceiling-….good luck!

  2. Holly

    We are about to re-do our little kitchen too! Nothing too fancy or custom since we won’t be living in this house for much longer, but it will be so pleasing to see a new kitchen come into fruition! Patience for these things is difficult, but it’ll be fabulous in the end 🙂 Love your blog as always, friend!!

  3. Pamela Sommers

    Ooh noooo not those beautiful floors!! The rest is so not your style but of course anything can be transformed with paint. I like the beadboard look of them but the ones with the appliance garages give you no counter space at all! Everything else on your to do list I agree with but I am so sad about the floors.

  4. Carla

    The floors look nice. Are they not real wood? I do think the ceiling and cabinets would be beautiful painted white.

  5. Botanic Bleu

    Did you write shiplap a stone wall? I didn’t see a stone wall in your pictures. A stone wall…. such a great feature… usually. Why are you covering yours with shiplap?

    P.S. I’m always tickled to complete your mathematical captcha… love math


  6. Caitlin Smith

    I have been waiting to see what you have up your sleeve for your kitchen! So excited for you and can’t wait to see it all come to life!

  7. Kim

    Oh my word!!! I had NO clue that was connected!! Hahahaha. Crazy to see the whole picture. Will look totally to die for when you are through!!

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