Handmade Chunky Knit Wool Blanket

One thing that winter has taught me in an old farmhouse is that…it gets cold! We are learning ways to keep it warm and cozy, but it’s not like living in a brand new built home that’s for sure. I’ve learned to dress warm & that slippers are my best friend. I’ve also taken a special liking to blankets. Not any old wimpy blanket, but thick cozy ones preferably made of wool. Most recently I purchased a blanket from a sweet company I’ve been following for a long time now. I feel like I need to add a little disclaimer here. This blanket is a splurge. I’m usually a thrifty girl, I mean I have the blanket sitting on a vintage $10 chair from GoodWill & right behind the chair I hung cheap drop cloth curtains. Most of the furniture in our home is found items, most of the furniture in our sunroom here is hand-me-downs from my gram, & every once in a while I like to spend money on myself to spoil myself. This Christmas was hard for me, you can read more about that [here], & I wanted to gift myself something cozy. You know I always share my thrifty decor with you & DIY projects so thank you so much letting me share this with you as well. Every winter I feel like I need one of these big guys, but this year I finally gifted myself one & I’m so thankful I did! The company I’m talking about is Modern Wool…

Winter decor - chunky wool knitted blankets

Seriously, it’s the most gorgeous [& cozy] blanket I have ever seen. I can’t believe we own one now! I bought the large throw on their site [here] I’ve been sitting under it every day in our sunroom & I’ve had a hard time sharing it because it’s become my favorite cozy thing. Bella & Bear have also taken a liking to our new wool blanket & it just goes to prove how spoiled those little fur babies are.

Winter decor - chunky wool knitted blanketsWinter decor - chunky wool knitted blankets
Winter decor - chunky wool knitted blankets

These blankets are a splurge for me for sure, but there were a few points that had me sold. First of all it’s a small family business & every item is handmade with lots of love. They are made with the softest sheep wool with no synthetic fibers which is what I think sets these blankets apart from others that I have seen. Modern Wool also gave me a discount code & I’m able to share that with you guys as well. Use code LIZ for 20% your orders. How nice of them to offer that? They also have more products than just the wool blankets such as pillows, outerwear, & more.

Winter decor - chunky wool knitted blankets
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing one of my recent big purchases & also how I will be staying warm this winter in our farmhouse. You will probably be seeing this blanket pop up in a lot of my photos I share. Do you have a blanket from Modern Wool? Is it not your favorite thing ever?! Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today & for sharing it with you friends & family. Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx


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  1. Cathi

    Love your blog & farmhouse style..I’m saving for the chunky wool blanket ..their gorgeous. On another note have you thought about adoption or even fostering ..their are so many babies & children out there that need a loving home..I know people who have adopted & then ended up with biological children or vise versa..you love them all the same because they need you & love u back..God works in mysterious ways.. have a blessed 2017

  2. Cathi

    I forgot to mention I tried your face cleansing routine & love it..I’m 63yrs. & have dealt with adult acne since my son was born at 29yrs. ..tried it all ..so thank u so much..clear skin that feels supple and looks smooth..never had a lot of wrinkles but It looks even smoother now ❤❤❤

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