I Got The Cover Of A Magazine!

This weekend as I came home late at night after a long & exhausting day at the store I tripped over a small package on my back stoop that I hadn’t seen as I was stumbling in the dark. Or maybe it was because my body was giving out at me after lifting heavy furniture for 12 hours & prepping for the grand re-opening this coming week. Either way I was excited to rip it open & see what was inside. As I opened it I saw two magazines & I couldn’t remember ordering anything, but kept investigating. It was “Gift Shop Magazine” & I immediately recognized the photo on the front cover….

Of course I recognized it from Magnolia Market & my visit there this past fall, but it was also a photo that I took.. yes, on the cover of a magazine! I was thrilled. There were also a few of my photos throughout the magazine as well. I had been in magazines before, but this is my first cover, & also a different situation where it was my photography & not my design work. Just a very cool new experience for me all together. It was also the perfect moment. Being a shop owner is hard. It’s so amazing, but it’s also a lot of work. I love it so much & I never want to hang it up, but there are seasons where your back feels like it’s going to break & your brain feels fried like these past two weeks as we closed the doors on our old shop & have been moving to our new location for our grand re-opening this coming Saturday [you can read more about it HERE]. The magazine was like a pat on the back, like a “Hey you are doing ok.” It was a true gift in that moment that I’m doing what I love & to keep on going.

That trip to Magnolia itself was a true gift. I went with Magnolia Home Paint by Kilz & it was a dream come true to not only visit Magnolia Market, but also to work with such a great team while I was there. A LOT happened during my visit & you can read more about that [HERE]. I spent a lot of time soaking in the sights, meeting amazing people, & capturing photos of angles that I loved. It’s such an honor to have those photos in print now to keep forever. I am just a girl who is passionate about design & decor & is so thankful for opportunities like this more than I could ever say. This feature was special in a new was as well because I’ve been in lots of home decor magazines, but to be in “Gift Shop” magazine as a store owner was pretty fun as well, now I think they need to come & photograph our new store don’t you think? A huge thank you to Gift Shop magazine for featuring my photos & making my whole weekend & a HUGE thank you to you guys because you encourage me daily to keep doing & sharing what I love. Thank you! & thank you for stopping by the blog today & everyday to see what I’m up to. Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx

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    This is awesome and congratulations! Do they actually tell you when they’re printing these photos you took onto their magazine?

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