Kitchen Makeover – Bye Bye Island!

If you guys follow me on Instagram you know that this past week among the chaos of opening up our new store last week that Jose and I decided to start demolition on our kitchen & so we ripped out our kitchen island. It ended up being a little harder than I imagined… it was a very well built island! Something that I thought would take 20 minutes took a few hours, but we made it into something fun. We actually thought we would be farther on our kitchen demo by now, but I honestly couldn’t get  vision for the space. I was very confused on what we should do in our kitchen, but one day I woke up and knew exactly what to do. Then the holidays hit & then we were moving stores… it was a mess. So everything else in my life got put on hold including fun house projects. BUT because I couldn’t resist starting the demo, on our only day off last week we decided to rip out the kitchen island. Here is how it looked before with the island still in tact…

& how it looks today…

So much fun to see the little progress we have made. It already feels so much more open now! We honestly just started by taking all the cabinet doors off the island and removed all the drawers. after that we started tackling the trim off the bottom and it kind o just started falling apart at all the seams as we went. Jose and I both commented on how fun it is to demo something because it’s kind of like a puzzle as you go. We used a lot of pry bars, sledge hammers, multi tools, hammers, & screwdrivers. It took a couple of hours & it was right out the door into a trash bin we had ordered prior to the demo to get rid of the mess right away. & that was that, the island is no more!! We still need to take that bulk head piece out of the ceiling, but that’s for another day this week. I’m a person who wants everything done right away, but I’m learning to be patient & that it’s just impossible so beginning this big kitchen remodel just felt really good. What do you guys think so far of our demo.. long way to go huh? The next project?

-ripping out flooring
-new window
-tearing out all upper cabinets
-painting lower cabinets
-painting the ceiling
-new countertops
-new hood range
-putting a new island in
-changing out appliances
-adding a wall treatment
-adding shelving
-putting a new wall in on the opposite side of the room
-putting new flooring throughout the kitchen & connected sunroom
-painting, painting, & more painting
-adding new & more lighting
….. & the list will go on I’m sure.

Thank you for being on this journey with us as we fix up our 1800’s farmhouse!! Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover – Bye Bye Island!

  1. Jody P.

    I absolutely love watching the transformation of your beautiful farmhouse. Enjoy the journey!❤️

  2. Kendra Herr

    Have you ever considered making your sunroom more part of the kitchen-by making that your dining space? Then making your dining room your family/sitting room?? I would think the flow would be great and everyone always wants to hang out in the kitchen-the table area would get used more. And with the sunroom being so long and narrow and lots of Windows it would make a great space for a table!!
    You guys seem to love always having your hands in a project and accomplish a lot!! Can’t wait to visit your new store location!

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