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I hope I’m not the only one who does this because now that I’m typing it I feel a little bit selfish, but here it goes… During this fertility journey of ours I have learned that in the low points or the hard times that giving myself a gift makes it a little easier. I think they call that retail therapy. Well, as I blogged about [here] & [here], Christmas after miscarriages & while struggling with infertility can be pretty tough. The reminder of loss is all around. One thing that comes up is not being able to buy gifts for our seven littles that are in heaven. So, it always helps to buy myself something special around the holidays as a reminder of hope & of those babies of ours that we lost. Also, because let’s face it.. when I’m sad I like buying pretty things. It’s just what I do. Of course I don’t use this method alone to deal with our huge loss, but spoiling myself, Jose, & my family around the holidays is one of my favorite things to do. So, this year a while before Christmas I purchased something that I had my eyes on when I visited Waco this past summer…
The magnolia lamp from Magnolia Market. It’s described as Joanna’s favorite lamp & I’m quite fond of it as well. After living in North Carolina for 9 years, magnolia trees were always my favorite. In our downtown rental we had a large magnolia tree hanging above our courtyard & I was obsessive with picking up the fallen leaves & using them in our decor. I wish more than anything I could plant Magnolia trees on our farm here in Michigan.. Maybe it’s possible? Something kind of special actually happened by this lamp on my visit to Magnolia Market. You see I was by myself a lot at the market during the silobration this summer. I had a lot of alone time & found myself wandering around a lot taking it all in. As I was shopping by the lamps I met the sweetest couple who came to Magnolia market that day & we got to talking. I want to say we started talking about something else, but the conversation moved onto this lamp and how much we loved it. I wasn’t able to buy the lamp then because it wasn’t going to fit in my suitcase, but I convinced her to buy it since they were driving & I wanted at least one of us to get it that day. I was so fun meeting such nice people doing something so simple as shopping. I swear I met the nicest people while at Magnolia & this lamp is kind of a sweet reminder of that trip as well.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this lamp when I got it. It was packaged perfectly & came surprisingly fast to my doorstep. I was shocked that the lampshade was actually a thick sturdy metal [it probably said that in the description, but I was too lazy to read it] & the lamp base was also thick quality metal as well. Everything on it was super sturdy including the finial at the top of the lamp which is a large magnolia blossom. I wouldn’t change a thing.. super happy with my new whimsical lamp!

This magnolia lamp, or Joanna’s favorite lamp as they call it, fits perfectly in our cozy little sunroom & adds the perfect little glow to the space that it needed. On this rainy day when I snapped the photos it made me especially happy. I love lamps on in the house on rainy afternoons. It’s a simple joy that makes me so thankful for a warm cozy home. Have you ever checked out this lamp? Do you own it? I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. xx


6 thoughts on “Magnolia Lamp

  1. Heather hammes

    Love the lamp- where did you get your throw pillows and chairs??? I’m sure you’ve blogged it before and I somehow missed it?!??!?

  2. Erin Pfeiffer

    What a stunning addition to your beautiful room! The lamp really looks perfect there, it is set off so nicely by all the cream and white. Now I want one too. Thanks for the inspiration as always 🙂

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