The Found Cottage Grand Re-Opening!

WE ARE FINALLY OPEN AGAIN!! We are all moved into our new building & Saturday we had the biggest success of our “Found Cottage Career”. Mind you we have only been open a year officially now, but my have we grown quickly in that year. More things have happened in this year of being opened than we could have ever asked for. The three of us owners [Lisa, Abby, & I], & all of our vendors are so grateful for such a huge turnout to our grand re-opening event on Saturday & I wanted to share that with all of you who couldn’t be there in person. It all started in the morning with a big line of people lined up an hour before opening which made me just want to burst the doors open & let everyone in early, but we had to get everything ready like hanging our sign out front… YES, you heard that right. Our sign on the building was hung an hour before we opened. It was an error on the sign companies part, but we are just thankful we have a sign now. We huddled together for a prayer of thankfulness &  then we opened the doors & the magic started. It was actually complete chaos because we could have never dreamed of that many people coming to our grand re-opening, but everyone was all smiles even if the line was to the back of our new 6,000 square foot store the entire day… WHAT? how is that possible? I’m humbled, floored, amazed, & feeling so blessed that we, along with our amazing & talented vendors, could create this happy place for people to come and shop unique finds that are vintage, new, & handmade. We had people who traveled from all over & among the chaos of crowds and people it was so fun to meet people & get to chat. I met so many interesting people & I feel honored that everyone chose to spend some time at our store on Saturday to celebrate with us. I could go on, but I just wanted to say thank you for supporting our store from near and far. I want to give it all back to Him, the one who makes it all possible.. He is the reason we found our happy place. The Found Cottage.

Here is a glimpse of one second of our day from a corner of the store….

& a little video I quickly put together of a few other snapshots from the day. We were so busy that we forgot to document the whole day, but here is just a tiny little glimpse…

The day went on perfectly. We felt like we had sold our entire store & spent the weekend restocking for our store to open this week as normal. A good problem to have, I know. It was a success.. I’m exhausted… & oh so happy. I love owning a shop, I love being on this adventure, & I love this little shop of ours. Ok, I’m sure you are over me talking about the grand re-opening, but it literally took over my life for a few weeks & I always want to share my life with you guys. Now we settle back into finding the “normal” with the new store & getting back to things as usual at the farm… I’m so ready to get the renovations going again on our farm after that long break of the holidays & opening the store. You can read more about the store updates [HERE] & [HERE]. I truly hope you like following along with our store journey as well as our farm & fertility.. I love having you guys along for it all. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!! xx

3 thoughts on “The Found Cottage Grand Re-Opening!

  1. Jude

    I sooooo wish I could visit this store to purchase a few finds…Cape Town is just a little too far away 🙁

  2. Mary

    I love the black “life’s a journey” white flower farm pillow, do you do mail order or is there another outlet for this pillow? I live to far away to visit your store.

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