The Found Cottage Is Almost Open… Again!

You guys! I first want to say thank you for all the support you have given us these past few weeks as we have been moving our store, The Found Cottage, from our original location to the new & improved larger store. THANK YOU. All the words of encouragement & excitement has made pushing through this long & grueling process a little easier. Also, I want to say sorry because I feel like I’ve been a tiny bit MIA from life outside of the shop lately & I feel like I haven’t been present in other areas so thanks for sticking by my side & even though I’ve been blogging everyday I just don’t feel like I’ve been myself.. so thank you for understanding and always supporting this journey I’m on. So, we open in one day.. ONE DAY!! I’m writing this to you Late Thursday night so we have one more day of intense work ahead of us & then on Saturday at 10am it’s grand re-opening time!! We moved from a 2,200 square foot building to a 6,000 square foot building so things are a lot different in this new store & I know that where we are starting now is not how it will look in even a few months. I’ve learned from opening the last shop that we will learn what works in the store & learn to expand & grow. I’ve actually learned a lot in this past year since opening our shop exactly one year ago this week & I hope to share those thoughts & insight with you very soon, but for now here is a tiny glimpse of what our shop looked like today this close to opening…

We still have lots of little things to do still before we open the doors, but we have truly done so much in a short amount of time. Although us girls have been there everyday working hard, we could not have done any of this without our amazing families & volunteers who have helped us… we are so blessed by so many awesome people in our lives! I’m so thankful for all of this. A year ago we were opening up a store & in a very short amount of time we needed to expand & this building happened to open & now this year we are having a grand re-opening exactly a year later in a new space… I just can’t write my life better than God can. I wouldn’t choose a lot of things, but He always knows better. I will be back with a recap of how the grand opening comes this weekend & be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for updates as well. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for supporting our dreams & for stopping by the blog daily to see what I’m up to. I can’t tell you what it means to me, but it means a lot. xx


See the ugly “before” & progress of our new building below…

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3 thoughts on “The Found Cottage Is Almost Open… Again!

  1. Stephanie

    I have “found” so many items I would love to have! Unfortunately, I do not live in your area! Best of luck in your grand opening!

  2. Stephanie

    I’d love a post, or series of posts, about your store. I’ve been wanting to do something similar for YEARS, and can’t convince the hubby that it’s do-able. I’m in Michigan also (and far enough away from you that I wouldn’t be any competition), and I’m convinced that I could make a go at it. I was wondering if you girls find all your wares, or if you have consignment? Just wondering what your overhead is like… along with about 50 other questions! Lol!

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