A Sneak Peek At Our Kitchen Island

Happy Monday friends! We have made a little bit of progress in our kitchen this weekend that included priming a lot of wood with our trusty Kilz, but honestly by this time I thought we would be a LOT farther. But I think this is the true side of fixing up an 1800’s farmhouse. You are bound to run into things. After ripping up the flooring we found tons of water damage, & most of the windows are leaking in the sunroom so that comes before all the exciting installation of the new things. I’ll be back later this week with a kitchen update after priming & some ideas we have about some of the big things we are going to do. For now, I wanted to introduce you to the kitchen island that was made by my friend Jessica from Jessica & Co. Vintage & her husband that is currently sitting in our living room. Because, fixer upper farmhouse…

They took an old work bench & built it out to be an amazing functional island complete with some old chippy bead board & reclaimed wood. This piece is so heavy so I couldn’t spin it around to show you the whole piece, but once we get it in the kitchen I will show you asap. Funny story: Since Jose was sick during this whole process of getting it to our farmhouse from Jess’ farmhouse, we hired Two Men & A Truck to come and move it for us. With three guys carrying it they still struggled so much they almost dropped it. I was honestly scared for everyones life [& toes] so scared that I actually jumped in to help & I they thought I was crazy, but I could just see the thing falling through the floor to the basement. That’s how heavy this thing is. Looks like rolling it to the kitchen is going to be our best bet. Since I am Liz Marie, I will probably be making some custom changes to it once we get all the finishes picked out for the kitchen like some paint & maybe even some corbels, but I have to show you my favorite part of the whole piece…

The top of the island is gorgeously finished reclaimed wood that I can not wait to use in our kitchen. I can’t wait to make meals on this island & drink coffee by it with Jose. I can’t wait to have kids & dogs & possibly other animals running around it one day.. I think this island is going to see a lot of good memories in this farmhouse. I wanted something that looked like an antique

This island has motivated me to get things done quicker in the kitchen, but for now here it sits in the middle of our living room. You know that I had to style it while it was here… whats that saying? Make lemonade out of lemons? Yah, that’s what I’m doing. If I make some changes to the island before we move it, I’ll be back with an update, but otherwise I can’t wait to show you this big baby in our kitchen & share it with you guys!! Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of our kitchen island! Be sure to follow me over on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx


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