DIY Shiplap Hall Tree & New Farm Blog!

You guys! Today is such an exciting day here at White Cottage Farm! For two reasons actually. The first being I finally get to share a project that Jose built last week & we get to announce our new blog!Well, let’s take care of that first. So, as many of you know we bought our farm, White Cottage Farm, last June. Ever since then we have been talking about getting a website for the farm where we both can share what we are up to, our farm adventures, our animals, what Jose is building, what I’m making, & just all things White Cottage Farm… so here we are. Today is the launch of our new blog for the farm: TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com eeeek! It feels so good to finally spill those beans. Ok, so remember how Jose would blog at he no longer will be & he will be full time blogging on I will be blogging over there as well along with here. There I will share the things that I don’t share here whether it’s the ugly side of the farm life or just more of my deep thoughts living on the farm, trust me there is a ton that I don’t share here. Ok, so that’s the first thing. Be sure to add TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com to your reading list & also all of Jose’s past posts from Craftsman Drive can be found there as well if you were looking.

Now on to the second exciting thing of the day. The awesome DIY shiplap Hall Tree that Jose built recently as a collab with Ryobi…

Isn’t it just the best thing ever? He is so creative. This whole thing was born right from his brain with no help from me. Honestly I was kind of a downer in the planning stages. I was trying to step in & tell him that it didn’t sound that great… & look. He is so creative & I LOVE that we both have different ideas. He shares more about it [HERE] in his own words. Now, I did have a hand in styling it for the photos. Want to hear something funny? We actually styled this big hoss in our unfinished sunroom. We put it right in front of two windows in the sunroom with a rug under it & styled it.. & there it sits. A little about the styling of this beautiful DIY lighted hall tree: The “welcome” & the corbels for the shelf are from our good friend Heidi from Feather & Birch [HERE]. we love collaborating with Heidi in our creative adventures because she is one of our biggest cheerleaders & she is always down with our crazy ideas. The hooks were something we had along with the vintage wire baskets. The black tray is from my Painted Fox collection [HERE]. The blanket is from H&M, the pillow is from With Lavender & Grace, the hat & jack are from Target, boots from Left to right are Target, American Eagle, & Aldo. Those lights are from Home Depot [HERE]. & Jose even installed a light switch on the hall tree to turn the lights on & off.. isn’t he adorable? that part made me laugh because I thought it was cute. Lastly that leather bag was a gift I got him for his 30th birthday back in January from Brothers Leather right here in Grand Rapids. I think he almost cried when I gave it to him because he loved it so much. He uses it daily for work & it makes my heart happy to see him use it.

Ok, you know I always share WAY too many photos when it comes to things Jose builds.. but I am SO proud of him. Be sure to head on over to the new blog [HERE] to see what he has to say about it. We aren’t sure what we are doing with this big guy yet, but I’m sure we will find a place for him. I was thinking we could use it in Jose’s workshop as a little welcome area & where can hang his jacket whiles he’s out there & more. We will keep you updated on that! Also, I want to say thank you guys for alway supporting our adventures from farm to fertility… you are a big reason that we have the hope & confidence to push forward. Be sure to follow our new blog on social media as well like on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes.  Thank you! xx

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  1. Briana

    Wow!! Liz, I just found your blog and I’m blown away at how awesome this is! I love the welcome sign, the lamps, the paneling… really everything about this! I wish I had a mudroom to make something like this in but perhaps I could use the space in our garage next to the door. Thanks for the inspiration!

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