Front Living Room – Fireplace Progress

I meant to blog yesterday and update you guys on some progress that we made on the fireplace in the front living room, but I got distracted by Jose coming home after a week long business trip. So you can blame him or the fact that I was so excited I forgot what I was doing. Anyways, the fireplace area is looking so much better these days, not finished, but in this 1800’s farmhouse fixer-upper I’m learning that it’s about progress, not finished product…


Here is what it was looking like before I got started..

& now…

Jose closed up the top of the fireplace with some leftover shiplap we had from the rest of the room. We then attached boards to the side of the reclaimed fireplace so we could attach the fireplace to the wall as shown the photo above. I’m in the middle of painting and caulking all the wood now to make it more cohesive, but it’s starting to come together. I then used some hight heat paint in matte black for the brass parts [HERE]. I got the brush on version so that it wouldn’t make a terrible mess in the house & it seems to be working quite well. I have a few touchups to make, but it covered all the brass parts well! If you haven’t used this paint before, it is quite runny so be cautious when using it.

Up next? Get a custom piece of art for above that mantel by the wonderful Natalie of Hammmade [HERE, tile around the base of the fireplace, finish the flooring around the fireplace, & maybe add some windows around the fireplace if that plan works out, but more on that later. Oh, & those recessed lights need a little help as well. I’m sitting here this morning with Jose drinking our coffee & I just asked Jose if we could take the ceiling out… he is silently trying to process what I just said, so for now we will just say that’s a maybe. I hope you guys have a great weekend! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!


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