Peace Bag

Peace. It’s something that has not been in our house for about a week now. No, we haven’t been fighting. No, we haven’t been unsettled. We have been sick. One of us more than the other. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may know this, but Jose had a really rough couple of days. Basically long story short is that about a week ago he noticed these painful bumps on his leg that looked like bruises. He finally went to the doctor after being stubborn & the doctor was confused as to what it was, but after some testing it turned out to be strep on his legs. Yah, I didn’t know that was possible either. He was given antibiotics & sent home. He started running fevers & on Thursday night after we had gone to bed he got up to use the rest room & he passed out in the bathroom. Scariest night of my life. He laid their not responding & my world came crashing down. I called 911 & within minutes there were firemen & ambulance here & Jose came to. We ended up in the ER where he was treated for severe dehydration & they jump started his antibiotics to help fight what he had. Three days later here we are, he is still not fully well, but he has a doctors appointment today to see what our next steps are. Anyways, in the midst of all that I became sick with the common [but uncommonly annoying] cold & I’ve been a 24 hour nurse filled with panic making sure he’s drinking water every 20 minutes with no sleep at night. It’s been quite the weekend over here that has made me appreciate being healthy so much.. can’t wait to be back there soon hopefully. Anyways… one peaceful thing that happened this weekend was getting this lovely Peace bag in the mail that was just added to my collection at Painted Fox…

I’ve always wanted one of these forest bound bags that typically say “escape”, but this “peace” one is so unique & that’s what I loved about it. I kind of love things that are a little unique & different & not like something that everyone else has. Also, I love the reminder of calmness on the bag as well which was a great thing to have this weekend. Peace. The thing I love most about it besides the amazing quality? It fits in so well to our decor in the farmhouse. I do intend to use this bag as my “shop bag” of sorts to tote back in forth between home and the store, but of course when it’s at home I will be displaying it as well. if you didn’t plan to use it as an everyday bag, imagine using it for blanket or pillow storage in your living room, or hanging in the entryway with pretty stems coming out of it. I’m a little obsessed. You can find the bag [HERE] in my Liz Marie collection at Painted Fox. 

This bag was a bright spot in our otherwise pretty down weekend & I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys because I knew some of you would love it too. What would you use this bag for? A purse? An overnight bag? Decor? This bag will fit all of my shop goods just perfectly.. Excited to use start using it today! I’m sure you will see it pop up in future posts & on my Instagram. Thank you guys for all your love & prayers this past weekend with Jose’s health… it helped us so much! Thanks again & thank you for stopping by the blog today. It means a lot! xx



One thought on “Peace Bag

  1. Jess McKenney

    That is such a scary feeling! My husband had a motorcycle accident a few years ago, and that feeling of helplessness and fear was so hard to overcome. I’ll be praying for healing for Jose, and also for comfort and calm for you because I know what a struggle it can be for you as well!

    I am seriously loving this bag, though! The leather straps caught my attention immediately and I love the contrast between them and the white canvas. I’ll be honest, I probably (::read:: most definitely) don’t need another tote bag, but I feel like I’ll end up splurging on this one because of its style and design. I just keep picturing it everywhere: for the farmer’s market, as a beach tote, a work bag… Yep. It’s gonna happen.

    Appreciate you and your blog, Liz! I hope y’all are back to healthy really soon!

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