Vintage Inspired Wooden Arch Window

If you know me, you know that I like to decorate a space even if it’s unfinished. I do it so that we can enjoy the space even while waiting for it to be finished… it’s just something I do. I mean, I’m the girl who painted our rental home even though we were only going to live there for less than six months. It’s in my blood. So, there is one side of our living room that we have kind of big dreams about that involves a DIY from Mr. LMB, but since he is sick right now & it’s his dream to build it, I decided to decorate the small space so that the room could seem more finished temporarily. This came with some issues because I had to cover some things up, but with my good friend Heidi from Feather & Birch it was taken care of….

On this wall in the living room is a large hole with chords coming out. This will be the wall in the space where we put our TV so that will not be an issue, but for now I just had to cover that mess up. I put my sofa from Painted Fox [HERE] in the space. Behind the sofa I hung my new arch from Feather & Birch [HERE] that I hung on a 3M hook since it will only be here temporarily. I love this arch that she made because it looks authentically vintage which you know that I love. On the arch with another 3M hook I hung a magnolia wreath & this is hiding all of the wires in the wall. It’s all hidden now behind this lovely sofa, arch, & wreath.. simple as that. A great temporary fix for our front living room.

I love what a statement this arch made in our living room & how easy it was to hang. A simple 3M hook & we had a huge statement wall in minutes. Usually with a large statement piece like this I would have to put a bunch of holes in the wall, but thanks to my talented friend it was a much cleaner temporary fix. I can’t wait to share the progression of this space super soon once we start, but for now I’m going to enjoy how cozy it is. Also, I’m already dreaming of where we can put this arch after we are done with it here. I’m thinking it needs to be on our porch or maybe near the sunroom.. we will see! Where would you use this large arch? I’m thinking it needs to be used as a headboard.. can someone please do that? Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today!! xx