Down stairs Guest Bedroom Progress

We have been slowly working on something super exciting here in the farmhouse lately & I’ve been sharing tiny updates on my Instagram with you guys, but can’t believe I haven’t updated here on the blog about it yet. We started working on our downstairs guest bedroom because honestly we were inspired by a new piece of excersise equipment that we got recently… sounds weird, but hear me out. We bought an elliptical and wanted to put it in this room, but it was kind of a mess & wasn’t too inspiring to go and workout in it so of course I had to start doing a big makeover on the room… you don’t have to ask me twice!

Here is the room a few weeks ago…

& as it looks today with tons of progress…

So far I ripped up all the carpet & put a coat of paint on the floor [Magnolia True White] in the mean time until we figure out what we want to permanently do with the floor. Promise not to judge me? The room is FAR FROM DONE & by that I mean the walls are not even all painted yet & I started to decorate already. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does that. Anyways on my list of things to do still: finish painting the walls, paint the window trim, paint the floor boards, take down the two doors [entryway to the room & door to the bathroom] & replace with sliding barn doors, add a current to the closet area, figure out what we want to do with the floors or just leave them painted, & finish decorating. Just a few things. Also, we did move furniture in here like the daybed from World Market [HERE] & a dresser, but I’m not sure those pieces are staying.. I’m debating on switching a few things around like maybe replacing that white dresser with a  taller storage piece there, but other than that the room is coming along great & it’s already so much prettier and more inspiring to use our elliptical in [it’s on the other side of the room in all these photos, but I will show it in the final room makeover reveal].

So there is the room so far, it’s a little hard to get photos of with it only having that small window, but I’m happy with how cozy & pretty this room is turning out. A few quick facts of items in the room: The wall color is shiplap from Magnolia Home, The bedding is from Pottery Barn Outlet, the window & shutters are antique finds, the wall sconces are from Painted Fox [HERE], The candle sticks are from World Market [HERE], The terrariums are also world market [HERE], & there are more sources below if you would like. So that’s about it for now, I’m going to try to make a lot more progress this weekend & hopefully we will have a cute finished little room here soon to escape to from the rest of our fixer-upper & of course a cute room to work out in…. wait, am I just re-doing this room to procrastinate from working out? haha we will find out I guess. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the  blog today & for following me over on Facebook & Instagram as well, it means the world to  me! xx

Shop some other sources in the room with my affiliate links:

Check out the inspiration board I shared for this room below…

Check out my inspiration board for this cottage style bedroom [HERE]

6 thoughts on “Down stairs Guest Bedroom Progress

  1. MJ

    Curtains? Did you make those from drop cloths? I love them!, But I love everything you do !!😊

  2. Janice bernloehr

    Hi, check out EllaClare blog. She did a brick wall smearing that looks really cool in her daughters bedroom. I’ve been thinking it would great in your guest room. I’m trying to figure out where I can do it in my house.

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