Antique Chicken Feeder Plate Rack

You’ve probably seen this one thousand times across pinterest & social media. A chicken feeder that holds plates. Rewind to about two years ago when I bought a giant chicken feeder at a flea market & raced home to put some plates in it in our last home. What do you know when I got home the chicken feeder fit no where. Not on our kitchen cupboard as planned, not on our dining room table, not anywhere. Story of my life. My design eye is usually bigger than my spaces, but the dream still stayed alive & when we moved I dragged that chicken feeder along with me. We’ve lived here for almost a year, but the other day after we moved this buffet here in the dining room I finally dug out my chicken feeder & by golly it fit…

Yup! She found a home. & I have a few tips if you want to use a chicken feeder as a plate holder in your home. First… you are going to want to power wash that sucker. I mean, chickens ate & did other things around it. This one was super clean when I got it, but it still got washed. A few times. After that I sealed it with some spray polyurethane so that everything on the piece was sealed up. This piece isn’t holding our everyday dishes that we eat off, but it is holding some pretty special dishes to me. I started collecting some ironstone about a year ago & this is some of the plates that I have & display them here. I love the combination of ironstone and the chicken feeder so much.

I like sharing the big things with you guys here on the blog, but sometimes it’s the littlest things that show us where we are & how far our journey has taken us. Sometimes living in a fixer upper house that is torn up from top to bottom can be annoying, but honestly this chicken feeder this week reminded me that we are living our dream, in our dream house, with our dream chicken feeder.. haha it’s the truth! Anyways, I’m so glad you stopped by the blog today & I’m so grateful for each and every one of you who follow our journey here on the blog each day. Now the question is.. what do you do with your antique chicken feeders? I must know! xx




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