Guest Bedroom Barn Door

On Tuesday didn’t I just post about an item that I had lying around forever that I had plans for? Well, we did it again. We finally hung something this week that I have been holding onto for well over a year or two. It’s large & gorgeous, & if my dad hadn’t stopped me I would have hung it as an exterior door to our house. But my dad is a very wise man & this time I listened to him. I also wanted to keep out the cold winters in our drafty farmhouse & I’m not sure this door would have done that. So, I hung it inside & it’s now our new door to our guest bedroom….

There she is! Ok, she’s unfinished, but she is looking amazing so far! This room has been kind of a hodge podge of projects.. for example I ripped up the carpet & didn’t put any flooring down to replace it, but just laid a rug down for now. I also half painted the walls, but now I have decided to do another wall treatment yet I hung things on the walls before I do the wall treatment.. I’m a mess guys & so is the room, but I have a vision & know it will be pretty one day. & now we have our barn door hung! How cool is that? I think I found this door in an old barn one day right when we moved to Michigan & it’s been my favorite door ever. As far as guest bedroom privacy? We’ve talked about frosting the glass, hanging a curtain, & also who knows when we will have guests over, but this side of the house probably wouldn’t be used when they were here anyways so it might not matter because they can shut the door beyond this one for privacy if that makes sense. Actually I haven’t cleaned the glass yet so the dirt is adding privacy at this point haha.. sad but true. Anyways, that’s for a later day… for now the door is hung & I’m happy. Here is what the other side looks like from inside the room. I love the pop of green in the room & just by hanging the door it has motivated me to work on this room and get it finished…..

The door needs some hardware & I still need to take the other door off the hinges and throw it out. There will also be another sliding barn door in this room as well on the other side that connects to the bathroom off this room.. sliding barn doors help save space in a room & also add a touch of charm which is perfect for this little space. Now I need to decide on flooring. I’m thinking tile maybe? Or wood planks. I can’t decide. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, what do you think of our door so far? It’s turning out pretty good if you ask me! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram as well to chat. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today! xx



6 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom Barn Door

  1. Stephanie

    Love this door and everything about this room and your farmhouse. You have great design style. Thanks for letting us readers follow along your farmhouse adventure!

  2. Tori

    Love this door, but would definitely want some privacy too; so maybe curtains that can be drawn across the doorway at night?

    Also, would definitely go with wood on the floor. Tile can be really cold, especially in the winters y’all have! ❄⛄

  3. Heather

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the door. I think you should go with wood planks for the flooring it with compliment the door. Great job 👍🏼

  4. Stephanie

    Don’t I remember a post about some “Flor” tile carpet squares? Weren’t you going to use those in this room?



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