Kitchen Makeover Update: Repurposed Ceiling Boards

I thought I would update you guys on our kitchen because it’s been a while & even though we are no where near finished, we have made some progress. If you guys remember [this update here] where we decided to go with exposed ceilings, well that is still the plan & we found a way to repurpose those ceiling boards that we took down in the kitchen….

Here is the kitchen before we took the ceiling boards down….

& with the ceiling boards down showing the gaps towards the ceiling that need to be filled….

That partition from the kitchen to the sunroom has to stay unfortunately [the partition on the right side of the photo above]. I was really hoping to take it out so the rooms seemed more open and seamless together, but it’s load bearing so it will be staying. You can’t always get what you want in a fixer upper that’s for sure! After we took the ceiling boards down they were just sitting on our kitchen floor until we decided to recycle some of them & use them on that beam. Do you see the holes on the top of the wall by the ceiling where the joists meet the walls on either side? All those gaps have to be filled so we decided to fill them in with the boards by placing them vertically in those areas & it’s now looking like this…

We will be closing all the gaps by the ceiling around the entire room now in the kitchen before we paint everything white. Please excuse the way these boards look now with just primer on them. We had primed them when they were on the ceiling when we thought we were keeping the ceiling up, but soon we will be painting the entire room from the ceiling to the floor so it will all be looking seamless. It’s also so nice when you can use free material that you already have and repurpose it in another spot. That’s a fixer-upper win folks! The kitchen is no where near finished as you can clearly see in the photos, but as soon as we get some new windows in this place we can get moving quicker. Y’all I just want a kitchen…. that’s all I really want. It’s been months without one & I’m so so so ready! We plan on making some other major progress this weekend on a few other projects in this space so I will keep you posted on those. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today & for following along with our farmhouse fixer upper.. I can’t say it enough. Thank you! xx

See where we started in this kitchen below…

Click [HERE] To see the kitchen when we started.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover Update: Repurposed Ceiling Boards

  1. Christina

    It’s looking great! I feel your pain just wanting a kitchen! We are finally at the point of just waiting for countertops to be installed, working on installing the hood and need to build an island. I’m so ready to cook on a stove again. Can’t wait to see more of your progress.

  2. Tammie Huffstutler

    This makes the two rooms look more cohesive than before so even though you can’t remove that load bearing overhang, you have achieved the look you were after! My opinion!



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