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A Pretty Corner In The Dining Room

Earlier this week I shared a pretty corner in our living room [HERE]. I chatted about how pretty corners are what is keeping me going while living in a fixer upper. It’s what keeps me motivated & gives me hope as to what our farmhouse will one day look like when we get to complete atleast one room in this lovely home of ours. Today I wanted to share a little pretty corner in our dining room now that it’s somewhat looking like spring in our house…

The main part of this corner is this white chippy cabinet that I got way back right around the time we bought the farmhouse. It’s one of my favorites with this simple bead board look. In front of the cabinet is a chippy little deconstructed chair that is another find of mine with a pillow on it from H&M. Hanging on the cabinet is a basket filled with grape vine leaves which are special because we have grapes on our little farm. Both of those finds are from our shop. The white tiered tray is from my collection with Painted Fox [here], the bowls are from Marshalls, & the rest of the goodies like the scale & cutting board are all antique finds. All of these elements are so simple, but create a pretty little corner when grouped together.
The floors aren’t finished, this room is the closest to done, but not quite done yet, but we have one pretty corner & that helps out so much in this whole “living in a fixer upper” thing we have going on. Honestly, I really do enjoy most things about living in our fixer upper as we work on it. There are so many pros, but there are some cons & I know some of you who have experienced this know them as well, so I hope these pretty corners this week inspire you in some small way to make lemonade out of your lemons & create pretty little spaces as you work on you fixer upper. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today! Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx

See the pretty corner in our front living room [HERE]

A Lovely Corner In The Front Living Room

One thing I have been struggling with since moving into our farmhouse this past June is not having one room that is even nearly finished. On one hand I don’t want to rush anything & I want to really enjoy the process of it all since we hope to live in this farmhouse for the rest of our lives. On the other hand, I want to have one space I can escape to in those frustrating moments. I am a creature of my surroundings. My surroundings often dictate my mood & that has had to change since living in a home with holes in the floors.  I’m really starting to bask in the progress & not just the “afters” which has been a cool transformation in myself, but the one thing that cheers me up when the whole house is torn up & under construction is pretty little corners in our house so I wanted to share one with you today that is in our front living room…

The floors aren’t finished in this room & one half is still torn up by the fireplace, BUT this little corner is so happy & sunny. I’ve decorated it with a collection of my favorite things from this antique dress form, some chippy white shutters, a lead glass window, a white chippy cabinet that holds some of my green book collection & clocks, & of course my antique typewriter that I love so dearly. I’m a collector of all things so having cabinets & little corners like this to display things is a dream come true. I know the “trend” is more clean & modern, but my heart is always going to stray to chippy &

So this is the beginning of the front living room getting decorated. I like the path we are on so far! I guess if I were to give some advice today to those who are re-doing spaces in your home.. decorate little corners int he process or a little space while the renovations are going on. It’s almost like a corner filled with hope for what’s to come in your home. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today to see this happy little corner in our home. I will be back with another lovely corner in our fixer upper this week so stay tuned. I hope you guys are having a great week! I’m here in Waco with Kilz checking out the silos, be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for all the behind the scenes while I’m here. xx

White Cottage Farm Kitchen – Demo

As many of you know we have been so sick at White Cottage Farm. Like not just your average sick. Really sick. Me, I just had a cold among other things, but Mr. LMB has been extremely sick. He was diagnosed with a rare illness that sounds like something from Harry Potter that I won’t bore you with right now, but the doctors say that it could stick around for over a month. For those asking for an update: His blood work is not great, but improving as of last week. I’ve never really seen Jose sick in the 10 years we have been married, so this has been really hard on me emotionally seeing him weak. Jose isn’t a weak man. He works and works and works & is never one to sit or not be singing or talking while we are home. To see him quietly bundled on the couch has been so hard. I’ve seen life return to him in the past few days which has made me so happy.. I want my best friend back to normal. We are getting close! That all being said.. kitchen progress has been SLOW. I’m talking, we are only ALMOST done with demo. I wanted to give you  a little update of what the kitchen looked like today..

The kitchen before…

& after…

Island gone, flooring gone, cabinets gone, & it’s looking like a true construction zone. We are so close to starting the fun things like paint, tile, counters, island, walls, flooring, & so much more. This past week all we really could manage was taking down all the upper cabinets. There will be no upper cabinets in this kitchen in an attempt to make this space feel more open and airy, but more on that and that decision later. All there is left to take out is those old counter tops which should be a quick job.

So, there we have it. The kitchen and the sunroom all torn up & ready for us to work some magic. I can’t say it enough, I am SO READY to have a kitchen again. I can’t wait to use this as the heart of our home & not just avoid it at all costs. We honestly don’t even live in 1/2 of our house right now because most of it is torn up. I’m ready to have one area that is kind of finished. Thank you guys for following along with our fixer upper journey & supporting us through it all! It’s been quite the journey. Thank you for all your prayers for Jose as well & for stopping by the blog today… be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx

I’m Heading Back To Waco!

Ahhh it feels so good to say that! If you guys remember this past fall I visited waco for the first time for the Silobration at Magnolia Market with Kilz & Magnolia Home Paint & I’m heading back! You can read about my last trip [HERE] & [HERE]. My photos from that trip even made it to the cover of a magazine which you can see [HERE]. This time there is a LOT of exciting things are going to be happening that I can’t wait to share with you while I’m there… I can’t even process it all yet & I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I’m so thankful. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart that I’m grateful & I never want to take these amazing experiences for granted. I’m heading out there on Sunday so be sure to follow me on Instagram [HERE] for all the behind the scenes moments. I will try to share a ton with you guys. You guys made my last trip to Waco so much fun by sharing along in the journey with me & I hope to do that again this time.

I’ve blogged my love of Magnolia Home Paint by Kilz many times before, so you know my love for it, but this paint is something that I’m so passionate about that we used it throughout more of our farmhouse before & will be using it through the rest. Magnolia & Kilz are two brands that we can stand behind confidently & that’s why we love them. Oh, & the color selection is out of this world, there is that factor as well. Anyways, I can’t wait to show you what fun things I get to learn about & explore this time around. Promise to share all the details with you!

Just sharing these photos of my trip to Magnolia market is getting me pumped to go again. Of course I’m sad to leave the farm & our shop behind, I know this trip will be a huge blessing in my life in many ways. Last time I ended up on the roof of Magnolia market with sweet women praying over me, I can only imagine what will happen this time! Thank you guys so much for sharing in all of this with me, for stopping by the blog daily, & for supporting me from near and far… this wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you! & be sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss out on what happens next week at the silos! xx

Where To Find The Best Galvanized Home Decor

Where To Find The Best Galvanized Home Decor

Galvanized clock [here] // Galvanized light pendant [HERE] // Galvanized chairs set of 4 [HERE] // Galvanized & rope circle mirror [HERE] // Galvanized nesting bins [HERE] // Galvanized watering can [HERE] // Galvanized tray with rope handles [HERE] // Galvanized mail envelope [HERE] // Galvanized strainer baskets [HERE] // Galvanized three tiered tray [HERE] // Galvanized wall hanger [HERE] // Galvanized oblong tray [HERE] // Galvanized organizer tray [HERE] // Galvanized olive bucket wall hangers [HERE] // Galvanized lidded box set of 2 [HERE] // Galvanized windmill [HERE] //

Shop all the galvanized items & more below…

What started tonight as me finding a kitchen pendant for over the sink [I love the pendant shown above from Overstock!] turned into me gathering up some awesome galvanized decor for you guys. I also wanted a few pieces for our shelves in the front living room & so many of these items would work so well for those as well. I think one way to really bring the farmhouse look into any room is adding some touches of galvanized metal like a tray on a coffee table, some chairs around the dining room table, a light fixture, a mirror, & so much more. It’s a great way to add that rustic touch & it really adds a different texture as well which is always wonderful. I really think I might get that light fixture for over our sink… what do you think of it? Do you like adding galvanized pieces into your decor as well? I gathered some pieces here from Pottery Barn, Amazon, Overstock, & Target… where do you like to buy galvanized metal pieces from? I love finding authentic metal farmhouse finds, but when that’s not possible these are great too! Let me know what you think of them in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & be sure to click [HERE] to see some more of my favorite items!! xx

Click [HERE] to see some lovely neutral farmhouse rugs.

Vintage Inspired Wooden Arch Window

If you know me, you know that I like to decorate a space even if it’s unfinished. I do it so that we can enjoy the space even while waiting for it to be finished… it’s just something I do. I mean, I’m the girl who painted our rental home even though we were only going to live there for less than six months. It’s in my blood. So, there is one side of our living room that we have kind of big dreams about that involves a DIY from Mr. LMB, but since he is sick right now & it’s his dream to build it, I decided to decorate the small space so that the room could seem more finished temporarily. This came with some issues because I had to cover some things up, but with my good friend Heidi from Feather & Birch it was taken care of….

On this wall in the living room is a large hole with chords coming out. This will be the wall in the space where we put our TV so that will not be an issue, but for now I just had to cover that mess up. I put my sofa from Painted Fox [HERE] in the space. Behind the sofa I hung my new arch from Feather & Birch [HERE] that I hung on a 3M hook since it will only be here temporarily. I love this arch that she made because it looks authentically vintage which you know that I love. On the arch with another 3M hook I hung a magnolia wreath & this is hiding all of the wires in the wall. It’s all hidden now behind this lovely sofa, arch, & wreath.. simple as that. A great temporary fix for our front living room.

I love what a statement this arch made in our living room & how easy it was to hang. A simple 3M hook & we had a huge statement wall in minutes. Usually with a large statement piece like this I would have to put a bunch of holes in the wall, but thanks to my talented friend it was a much cleaner temporary fix. I can’t wait to share the progression of this space super soon once we start, but for now I’m going to enjoy how cozy it is. Also, I’m already dreaming of where we can put this arch after we are done with it here. I’m thinking it needs to be on our porch or maybe near the sunroom.. we will see! Where would you use this large arch? I’m thinking it needs to be used as a headboard.. can someone please do that? Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today!! xx

Peace Bag

Peace. It’s something that has not been in our house for about a week now. No, we haven’t been fighting. No, we haven’t been unsettled. We have been sick. One of us more than the other. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may know this, but Jose had a really rough couple of days. Basically long story short is that about a week ago he noticed these painful bumps on his leg that looked like bruises. He finally went to the doctor after being stubborn & the doctor was confused as to what it was, but after some testing it turned out to be strep on his legs. Yah, I didn’t know that was possible either. He was given antibiotics & sent home. He started running fevers & on Thursday night after we had gone to bed he got up to use the rest room & he passed out in the bathroom. Scariest night of my life. He laid their not responding & my world came crashing down. I called 911 & within minutes there were firemen & ambulance here & Jose came to. We ended up in the ER where he was treated for severe dehydration & they jump started his antibiotics to help fight what he had. Three days later here we are, he is still not fully well, but he has a doctors appointment today to see what our next steps are. Anyways, in the midst of all that I became sick with the common [but uncommonly annoying] cold & I’ve been a 24 hour nurse filled with panic making sure he’s drinking water every 20 minutes with no sleep at night. It’s been quite the weekend over here that has made me appreciate being healthy so much.. can’t wait to be back there soon hopefully. Anyways… one peaceful thing that happened this weekend was getting this lovely Peace bag in the mail that was just added to my collection at Painted Fox…

I’ve always wanted one of these forest bound bags that typically say “escape”, but this “peace” one is so unique & that’s what I loved about it. I kind of love things that are a little unique & different & not like something that everyone else has. Also, I love the reminder of calmness on the bag as well which was a great thing to have this weekend. Peace. The thing I love most about it besides the amazing quality? It fits in so well to our decor in the farmhouse. I do intend to use this bag as my “shop bag” of sorts to tote back in forth between home and the store, but of course when it’s at home I will be displaying it as well. if you didn’t plan to use it as an everyday bag, imagine using it for blanket or pillow storage in your living room, or hanging in the entryway with pretty stems coming out of it. I’m a little obsessed. You can find the bag [HERE] in my Liz Marie collection at Painted Fox. 

This bag was a bright spot in our otherwise pretty down weekend & I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys because I knew some of you would love it too. What would you use this bag for? A purse? An overnight bag? Decor? This bag will fit all of my shop goods just perfectly.. Excited to use start using it today! I’m sure you will see it pop up in future posts & on my Instagram. Thank you guys for all your love & prayers this past weekend with Jose’s health… it helped us so much! Thanks again & thank you for stopping by the blog today. It means a lot! xx



The Best Neutral Farmhouse Style Rugs

Affiliate links to the rugs shown above: 1 // 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8// 9//

Shop more rugs:

You guys! I’m currently sitting in our bed with Jose laying next to me sleeping. He’s so sick right now & I’m so worried about him. & of course when I worry, I can’t sleep. So, here I am doing some online shopping & blogging because those things are my happy distractions & that’s what I need tonight. We are looking for a rug for our front living room right now & it needs to be a large rug. My first instinct is to go for a jute rug which are my favorite, but I’m wondering if I could go with a neutral wool rug or if that would be a big mistake in the long run. I wanted to share some rugs with you I found tonight that are options for our front living room because I figured you guys would love to see the options & possibly love some of them as well. You an shop the rugs by clicking the numbers below the collage photo above or by clicking the individual photos above. Shopping for rugs is a love/hate relationship because I feel like the decision is so final, but I have to remind myself that rugs are replaceable, cleanable, & if it doesn’t work for our current space we are working on it could work in a different room. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with what we decide! Which rug is your favorite? What one would you pick for your home? There are more rugs included in the individual photos below the collage as well that I couldn’t fit, but loved as well. I hope this post helps those of you who are looking for some neutral rugs & thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes of our farmhouse fixer upper. xx

Modern farmhouse bathroom design - All from Amazon!

Click [HERE] to see a modern farmhouse bathroom design.

Master Bedroom Makeover- Magnolia Bed

Ok, I have to explain myself. We were not supposed to be starting on our master bedroom makeover for a long time. I’m talking at the end of this year MAYBE, but if you don’t know me by now, you should know that I’m pretty a.d.d. when it comes to decorating & this is just one of those instances that proves that point. We are in the middle of our kitchen demo & our entire main floor is unfinished, but I found a bed the other day & had to have it…

Ok, sorry for the terrible cell phone photos on this gloomy day, but I had to pop in here and share with you guys this little update. The other day on a date night Jose & I wandered into Value City & spotted this bed by Magnolia Home, again sorry for the terrible photos but cell phone+ bad lighting+ bad angles= what we are working with today. The bed is a king & it has a queen mattress on it & the wrong size bedding, but I love this bed from the Magnolia Home Collection so much that I didn’t want to wait until we started the makeover to buy it. I loved the classic feel of this bed & how it will be a lovely focal point in our space when the room is finished. It got delivered a few days later & of course we couldn’t wait to set it all up. That light fixture? I picked it up at our store, but I’m not sure it’s “the one”, but it will work for now. It’s hard to tell with the dirty carpet, terrible wall color, and a room that needs to be gutted. For now it gives us light & it’s pretty.

I have so many plans for this space & now that we got the bed I’m kind of impatient to start on all the renovations. I have a feeling I will be starting the renovations in here sooner than later now…. stay tuned. I’ll have a better review on this bed later, but for now I love it. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx

DIY Rustic Small Console Table

Jose & I have been really busy lately with different things. He’s in school full time and works full time while I’m working at the store more full time lately among other various jobs & life. It’s been quite crazy so we have had to be more intentional about doing things we love. Our house renovations have been a little slower lately which has made me a little sad because it’s something we both love doing together, but hopefully that will be changing very soon. A few days ago Jose wanted to build a little piece of furniture because it has been a little while since he had taken the time to do that & he came up with a little plan & headed out to his workshop. He came in a couple hours later with this unique little DIY rustic small console table…

It is in a way like many consoles he has made before like this one [here] [here] & [here], but this one has a slatted shelf at the bottom & a thinner top. The legs are also hollow and four sided unlike before when he was using one piece of wood. Usually when he builds furniture he shares the plans on his blog [here], but he wasn’t sure if you guys would want them. If you do, leave a comment below & he will share all the details. He had a lot of fun making this one & we brought it to the store the next day & it sold right away. I’m kind of regretting that & I think I need him to make me one for the farmhouse…

This piece only cost about $70 to make & a few hours of time. I styled this one in the front living room to share with you guys & I love the contrast of that dark stain with the white flooring & walls. Usually the pieces he makes are bulkier & more substantial so I’m loving this dainty version. It would make a great TV console, dining room buffet, sofa table, entryway table, & so much more. What would you use it for? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today! xx

Some sponsored links to room sources:

Bookends are from Magnolia Home & everything else are finds.

See this farmhouse style console [HERE]

Simple Early Spring Centerpiece

As January ended & February began I realized that my mood was being greatly effected by the lack of sun here in Michigan this winter. I had never really noticed this in me before, but there was one day last week where I just started crying for no reason & I just felt depressed, but the next day when the sun came out it washed all that away & I felt like a new person. I’m not a warm weather person, but I realized that the lack of sun had an effect on my mood. To combat this I ridded our whole farmhouse of winter decor & brought just a teeny tiny bit of spring into parts of it…

We got these sweet little faux herb planters in at the shop & I knew I had to have some to bring life to our dining room. I started with a tablecloth that I folded up to make it a runner from Magnolia Home. On top of that I put a rustic terrarium that I found on one of my picking adventures. I don’t think it’s old, but I do not know where it’s originally from. I did add some that I love at the bottom of this post. If you are looking for some potted greenery I got you covered [HERE]. I filled the terrarium with some of the potted herbs & left some around the terrarium as well. Jut a subtle and easy way to bring spring in just a tiny bit in February.

I know I’m not the only one who’s mood is effected in the long winter months, & I have to tell you that by bringing in some spring into our farmhouse it really brightened my mood a lot. You should try it! What do you do to keep your spirits up in the winter? I would love to hear from you in the comments below, on Facebook, & on Instagram. Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today. I have to say that blogging & sharing our farmhouse & home decor journey with you really helps my mood as well. Thank you for stopping by & for always sharing with your friends and family. xx

Shop some terrariums I love in affiliate links below:

See the best faux farmhouse plants [HERE]

Check out our dining room church pew makeover [HERE]

Front Living Room – Fireplace Progress

I meant to blog yesterday and update you guys on some progress that we made on the fireplace in the front living room, but I got distracted by Jose coming home after a week long business trip. So you can blame him or the fact that I was so excited I forgot what I was doing. Anyways, the fireplace area is looking so much better these days, not finished, but in this 1800’s farmhouse fixer-upper I’m learning that it’s about progress, not finished product…


Here is what it was looking like before I got started..

& now…

Jose closed up the top of the fireplace with some leftover shiplap we had from the rest of the room. We then attached boards to the side of the reclaimed fireplace so we could attach the fireplace to the wall as shown the photo above. I’m in the middle of painting and caulking all the wood now to make it more cohesive, but it’s starting to come together. I then used some hight heat paint in matte black for the brass parts [HERE]. I got the brush on version so that it wouldn’t make a terrible mess in the house & it seems to be working quite well. I have a few touchups to make, but it covered all the brass parts well! If you haven’t used this paint before, it is quite runny so be cautious when using it.

Up next? Get a custom piece of art for above that mantel by the wonderful Natalie of Hammmade [HERE, tile around the base of the fireplace, finish the flooring around the fireplace, & maybe add some windows around the fireplace if that plan works out, but more on that later. Oh, & those recessed lights need a little help as well. I’m sitting here this morning with Jose drinking our coffee & I just asked Jose if we could take the ceiling out… he is silently trying to process what I just said, so for now we will just say that’s a maybe. I hope you guys have a great weekend! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

Farmhouse Style Pillows All Under $10

affiliate links to all the pillows: gray striped pillow [HERE] compass pillow [HERE] No. 7 Pillow [HERE] black & white checker pillow [HERE] neutral tartan pillow [HERE] pray big pillow [HERE] be our guest pillow [HERE] black throw pillow [HERE] swiss cross pillow [HERE] white swiss cross pillow [HERE] black and white stripe pillow [HERE] geometric black and white pillow [HERE]

Shop the pillows:

Wednesday’s are my day to be at the store all day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m there most days, but it’s my day to open and close the door and handle most of the responsibilities. So on Wednesday nights I’m pretty tired & I always set aside time for tv & web browsing.. it’s quite glorious with a cup of tea & no worries in the world. During my relaxing time tonight I was browsing on Amazon & I noticed at the bottom of my screen I kept getting suggestions for pillows. I thought I was seeing things because all of the pillows were crazy affordable. I recognized some of the pillows as ones that I have seen in real life in some people’s homes & I knew I had to share these deals with you guys. All the pillow covers above are under $10! Can you believe that? These covers are great to cover existing pillows you have or as new throw pillows. & because they are so affordable it’s easy to switch out seasonally or when you simply what a change. Of course these pillows are not the highest quality, even though the reviews are actually quite good on most of them, but I think having one as an accent in a space would be the perfect touch. Anywhere from a living room, kids room, entryway, porch, & beyond. What is your favorite pillow above? I think mine would be the tartan pillow. Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. If you want to purchase any of the pillows above you can click on the links below the collage or click the individual photos below that. Let me know if you end up getting one! If you want to see more of my favorite products & room designs you can go [HERE]. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today! xx

A whole living room from Amazon [HERE]

Affordable Industrial Farmhouse Pipe Curtain Rods

I think for the past three years we have been meaning to do some DIY industrial pipe curtain rods in our past three homes. I love the look & we even had the pipes bought for all three homes as well. Seriously with two people who love DIY projects I have NO IDEA why we didn’t do the easy DIY project in any of our homes that we have lived in or why I never share it with you guys, but like most blog posts start, I was walking through target the other day & all my industrial pipe curtain rod dreams came true…

We hung these curtain rods & curtains in our front living room on the two small windows in the space. [Side note: we are hoping to add more windows in this space soon]. That’s not a DIY industrial pipe curtain rod.. nope that is one for less than $30 from Target [HERE] that was super easy to hang & use, & required no assembly by me. The other pros? If you don’t know, the pipe pieces that you find at the hardware store is quite expensive & quite dirty. The ones I found at Target were cheaper & clean… in the midst of the chaos of a fixer upper, an easy fix like this is much welcomed. I’m ALL ABOUT a good DIY project, but I’m also all about saving some money & the easy way out at times.

It’s crazy how some simple curtain rods & curtains can make a little spot feel more finished & more cozy. This living room is becoming my favorite place in the house & it’s a tiny sanctuary away from the demo and construction in all other parts of our house. Have you seen these curtain rods at Target before? Have you used them? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today. xx

Church Pew Bench Makeover

You guys! Let’s take a break from all those kitchen demo updates & check out something pretty in our farmhouse today. A while back this past fall I got a church pew from Wayfair [HERE] when I worked with them on a project. Long story short, it came in late for the space I needed it for & so I didn’t really have a spot for it. Until now. It was at the end of our bed upstairs when it was in it’s original state & it was ok, but here at White Cottage Farm I like to make things customized for our space & sometimes that means that we paint the things. This time was one of those times….

Here is what the church pew looked like before…

You may remember it from when we had it at the end of our bed in our Christmas bedroom…

& after some paint in it’s new spot….

My idea was to move the church pew bench into our dining room to use at our antique farmhouse table. & since the table is a beautiful dark wood I chose to use Ivory chalk based paint by Maison Blanche. It’s my favorite paint & probably my favorite white for furniture. I did two coats on the piece & waxed it with clear wax. This bench is literally the perfect size for this table & fits three people comfortably eating at it. I put a long lumbar pillow from Madreana [Here] on the back side of it for some cozy texture. I love [This Pillow] by her so much & own quite a few & they are all amazing.

This little church pew inspired bench is the perfect little addition to our dining room & I love the added charm it gave to the room with the three different types of seating around the table now. I also love ivory paint so nothing is safe. What do you guys think of our new church pew at the dining room table? Do you have a bench at your table? Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today!! xx


Shop the post below with my affiliate links…

Read all about our dining room chandeliers [HERE]

More Demo In the Kitchen

I left you last week with the flooring getting ripped out of the kitchen & sunroom area. Now that the island is gone & the flooring is gone there was another big thing that needed to be taken out before we started on the cabinet area. It was the bulkhead that was built down from the ceiling above our kitchen island that housed the recessed lights. It was a great idea with the former island, but I really wanted to open the space up more & it really blocked the view of all the angles of the large room & we want the sunroom & kitchen to feel like one space. Ever since we moved into this farmhouse 7 months ago I have wondered what was under that bulkhead & this weekend we figured it out..

The island & bulkhead before…

After the island was removed…

& with the bulkhead removed…

Oh my goodness… it’s so open now, but oh my goodness it’s so brown! I’m so excited to start the pretty work, but we have a lot of the ugly work ahead of us. I was so curious to look up into the ceiling after we removed all of the drywall and framework…

& it was quite uneventful to say the least. I was hoping that the planked ceiling ran under the bulkhead, but since we discovered the hole in the ceiling I’ve come up with a plan to still make this part of the ceiling a point of interest, but still keep it cohesive to the planks. We will also be hanging lights from this area as well which I’ve had since this past summer. Can’t wait to show you! This week I’m going to be working on removing the upper cabinets, more bulkheads above the window, & cleaning the lower cabinets & ceiling to get them ready for paint. I CAN’T WAIT for the paint. A lot of you have asked if we are getting an island in the kitchen & the answer is YES! We are actually having one custom made by Jessica & Co. Vintage which I can’t wait to show you when it’s done. This kitchen will probably be my favorite room in our home which is going to be amazing because right now it’s my least favorite.  The demo in the kitchen just keeps going & it’s all one step closer. Go [HERE] to see a little quick list of some more projects coming up in this space very soon. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & be sure to follow me on Instagram & Facebook for more behind the scenes. xx