Ikea Haul & The Best Faux Greenery

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, it means a lot! Many of you saw on my Instagram [here] last week that I went shopping at Ikea. I have received 2,345,554 questions about where to find the faux plants in my house that I have been sharing in photos since my recent Ikea […]

DIY Potting Bench

I wanted to come on here quickly today & share with you something pretty awesome that came together in the store this week. So, last Sunday a friend of mine & I drove to Indian Junkin’. We had such a great time & found some amazing things. Well, at one of our stops were two […]

Shiplap In The Office – Part 1.

One thing I really wanted to incorporate on the blog more in 2016 is more of the “in between” stages of our projects & home. I think I slack on that the most & only share the final reveals. Maybe that makes our projects & rooms seem super perfect & not relatable? Well, I have […]

18 Of The Best Farmhouse Light Fixtures

Small mason jar light [here] Large mason jar light [here] black crystal chandelier [here] Crystal chandelier [here] rod iron & rope light [here] beaded chandelier [here] wood & metal light fixture [here] round rod iron light fixture [here] 4 sided light [here] hanging barn light with cage [here] hanging barn light [here] metal pendant light fixture [here] light with crystal drops [here] metal pot chandelier [here] basket chandelier […]

Farmhouse Sink Review – Pros & Cons

I am finally doing a post that some of you guys have been waiting for for so long. We got our farmhouse sink over a year ago & a lot of you have been asking me many questions since we got it like if we like it, would we recommend getting one, which one did […]

DIY Rustic Wood Box Centerpiece

  It’s fun to try new things as a blogger over the years. New projects, new room designs, new furniture, new DIY projects, new decor, & so on. But sometimes it’s fun to stick with the classics. The classic projects that you once did & want to do again & the classic home decor that […]

Linen Closet Organization Before & After

Today’s blog post is kind of a brag post. Or is a shameful one? I can’t decide. We moved into this house a year ago & I’ve done ZERO organization. Nothing like life getting crazy to motivate you to get your act cleaned up. Stop number one? Our tiny upstairs linen closet. It was embarrassing. […]

15 Farmhouse Clocks Under $180

Pocket watch clock [here] Silver Modern Schoolhouse clock [here] Gray & white wall clock [here] metal & rope clock [here] Classic Cooper Wall Clock [here] turquoise metal wall clock [here] white metal wall clock [here] wood & metal wall clock [here] white & black wall clock [here] mint wall clock [here] rustic white and black metal clock [here] white stop watch wall clock [here] black and […]

Cozy Cottage Valentines Day Bedroom Decor

This time last year I did a post on valentines day decor & I said that I never do valentines day decor. Well guess what… Target made me do it again! Like a lot of my blog posts, I’m going to also blame this one on Target as well. I was walking through the other […]

Vintage Bookshelf Makeover

I’m going to preface my next sentence with, I’m not complaining in the least bit. Starting this store has been a whirlwind! We were so crazy busy everyday of opening week & I never expected that. I thought the first few days might be busy, but then level out. Nope. Everyday was busy this past […]

Industrial Furniture & Home Decor From Target

bed [here] coffee table [here] dining table [here] black bucket chairs [here] wood & metal dining chairs [here] wood and metal stool [here] upholstered bed [here] rolling bookshelf [here] short rolling bookshelf [here] Three cage light [here] wood & metal desk light [here] basket [here] ceiling pendant [here] pulley lamp [here] Industrial dining bench [here] Industrial scale [here] clock [here] Tripod clock [here] cart coffee table [here] metal bench [here] This weeks online […]

Upstairs Living Room Makeover – New Sofa Sneak Peek

I’ve been hinting at this for a few weeks now. We got new sofas for our upstairs living room. For those of you who are new here, we live in a tri-level home so we have a living room upstairs right when you walk in our front door & we have one on the lower […]

The Found Cottage Grand Opening Weekend Re-Cap

Exhausting. That is what comes to my mind first when I think about this past weekend. But a good exhausting. You know that exhausting feeling you get after doing something extremely fun, rewarding, & something you have been dreaming of & working hard for? Yah, that exhausting. To be quite honest I haven’t fully grasped […]

Stripe Grain Sack Chair Makeover

I want to start this post out by saying that I am not an expert upholster. Like in the least bit. Just a girl who likes trying new things & who gets ideas in her head & has to go through with them. Last week when I was trying to get the store open by […]

The Found Cottage Grand Opening

You guys. Today is the day that our store finally opens. I shouldn’t say “finally” this dream actually just started a few months ago, we just got our building not too long ago, & in a very small amount of time we threw together something quite fantastic. Today we open the doors to the public […]

Neutral Tufted Headboards

  1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8//9//1o I’m going to be honest here. Getting the store up and running [ The Found Cottage grand opening is this Thursday January 14th] is very tiring, but so rewarding at the same time. Sleep has been a little nonexistent so as I sat down to blog about a home project tonight all I […]

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