Simple & Neutral Fall Farmhouse Dining Room

The one room in our home that is the farthest along in our farmhouse renovation is our dining room. It honestly is just a big room of hope. Every other room is in an unfinished state which is really putting a cramp on my fall decorating. But of course I love renovating our farmhouse more […]

Farmhouse Living Room All From Amazon

  Slipcovered sofa [here] Jute Area Rug [here] Tufted Chairs [here] Cart Coffee Table [here] Large Clock [here] mirrors [here] Scale [here] clock [here] Metal tray [here] topiaries [here] number 7 pillow [here] striped pillow [here] olive wreath [here] light fixture [here] ribbed tin buckets [here] knit throw [here] candle sticks [here] I did a post a while back on farmhouse decor from Amazon [here] & I just can’t stop looking […]

The Chandeliers Are Hung!

Something that I have been dreaming of since before we even knew about this house came to life this week. I have dreamed of having three chandeliers hanging above our dining room table for the longest time now. What a silly dream right? It’s just something that I never thought I would be able to […]

A ladder & Some Corbels

I have some fun and unique updates to share with you today in our farmhouse dining room. Things have been moving a little more slower in our renovation process the past two weeks with work, summer fun, school, jobs, & more, but we have been working behind the scenes on a few fun things. One […]

Cozy Farmhouse Fall Sunroom

Living in a fixer upper is an adventure. & with every adventure there is the the good, the weird, & the weirder. One weird thing I am just now discovering is the strangeness of wanting to decorate for the upcoming seasons like fall & Christmas, but then you realize no room in your home is […]

How To Decorate With White Pumpkins

Hi guys & happy Monday!! I have been getting a lot of comments lately saying how fall is for “tons of color” & not for neutrals. In my very very very humble opinion, I think fall is beautiful in vibrant colors & soft neutrals. Personally I love both, but today I wanted to share with […]

Fall Chicken Feeder Centerpiece

This week I was blessed by so many gifts from talented friends that I decided to make a centerpiece in our sunroom with all of the lovely gifts grouped together. I am usually really early at decorating for fall.. I’m talking August, but this year it has been so hard for me to even think […]

Late Summer Farmhouse Porch

Hi friends! Thanks for coming to visit our late summer farmhouse porch today… What a weird thing for me to be sharing my Summer porch in September. But as many of you know we moved into our farmhouse in June & it’s been a whirlwind of us renovating ever since so decorating wasn’t the top […]

Primitive Dining Room Hutch

Ever since our post last week about our new dining room table chairs [here] I have been getting TONS of awesome questions about the large primitive furniture pieces in our dining room. I get it.. because I love it too. I spotted it at Heritage Trunk Co.’s booth right when we moved into the farmhouse […]

Front Living Room Fireplace Makeover – Planning

If you guys have been following our farmhouse makeover here on the blog or on social media, you may have seen that I recently dissected our fireplace in the front living room [here]. I found original-ish [I say this because the home was built in the 1840’s & I don’t know when the brick was […]

New Farmhouse Dining Chairs

I have a really exciting thing to share with you today. Why is it exciting? Simply because I was amazed by this & thought you would be as well. Ok, so this past weekend I got introduced to & no, this post is not sponsored, but I would NEVER have thought that I could […]

DIY Flower Pot Chair

Happy September!! I  have not in the least bit started decorating for fall yet. I’m not that ahead of the game I promise. But I couldn’t resist some mums while I was at Home Depot the other day. & naturally when I got home I had to find a place to put the mums on […]

Farmhouse Style Slipcover Dining Chairs

1 // 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// Hey! I went shopping for you again. If you have a hard time finding things from chairs, to dressers, to wreaths, & beyond.. I love doing these shopping posts for you guys because I’m always looking online for these items so I might as well share them! Today we got some of our […]

DIY Basket Coffee Table

Like many blog posts before this idea came to me while wandering through Target with my cherry coke. The other day I went into the home decor section & on one of the end caps there were two of the most beautiful round baskets. You know when you didn’t know you needed something until you […]

Farmhouse Dining Room Floor Progress

We made some HUGE progress on our floors in our dining room this weekend. Or should I say Jose? One of his main goals over the weekend was to really get our floors down to their bare state to see what we were working with. We discovered that the floors were for the most part […]

The Front Living Room Is Painted… Kind of.

You guys.. I’m sorry, but I’m going to keep preaching on the power of paint. No, not just white paint like we have been using, but just paint in general. Holy cow it can transform any space in seconds! There were parts of this farmhouse that I thought could never be brighter without adding larger […]

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