Christmas Ladder


A few weeks ago I shared this ladder that Jose & I hung from our ceiling in our home. We seriously were obsessed with it right away & couldn’t wait to decorate it for christmas. A few nights ago I actually dreamed I was hanging from the ladder because someone was trying to get me […]

DIY Hanging Bucket Christmas Wreath


The dollar spot at Target got me AGAIN. I’m serious. They know what they are doing by putting all those goodies up front where I go and get my yummy cherry coke. I have to pass by all the shiny things as I enter the store. It’s not my fault that they end up in […]

Rustic Winter Woodland Dining Room


IT SNOWED HERE IN MICHIGAN THIS WEEKEND! Ok, sorry about the all caps, but that was a mixture of excitement & absolute fear haha. It’s our first fall into winter season in Michigan since we were both teenagers so it just felt like the snow came very quickly. I’m sure this is normal, but it’s […]

DIY Tobacco Basket Christmas Card Holder


Usually on the blog my compulsive DIY stories start out with me saying “while I was out shopping at… ” This one starts like “While I was browsing the Country Living Magazine…” I was browsing the magazine the other day & spotted a tobacco basket that they used to hold their Christmas cards. I was […]

Neutral Rustic Christmas Daybed & A Giveaway


I don’t show this little daybed/bench in our home very often. It’s just a little nook in my office that we put this bench made out of a crib in. It’s super cozy & I have napped here more than once. To be honest this part of my office turns into a hoarders corner once […]

Hanging Vintage Sled


I have been sharing a few sneak peeks of our Christmas decor as it slowly goes up in our home & as it evolves as we approach closer to Christmas. I have said it before, but I will say it again. I know that I’m decorating earlier than your average person for christmas, but there […]

DIY Birch Log Ladder


I went into Joanns the other day which is something I find myself doing now that I finally live by one. I don’t go in too often, but every once in a while I remember to go to just check out what is there & of course the fabric section is pretty great along with […]

DIY Cabinet Door Christmas Wreaths


Eeeeeek. Ok, ever since I have started decorating for Christmas this month. I can’t stop! The other day I finally had an hour to do nothing & I decided to & watch some TV & craft a little. I never really take time to craft & it’s something I really love doing. I had some […]

DIY Rustic Wood Sled


I feel like Mr. LMB aka Jose doesn’t share too much about himself, so guess what? I’m here to share a little about him today. He loves building & creating new things. His happy place is building, but only things that he really wants to build. It’s rare that I ever say “Hey, can you build […]

Eclectic Metal Christmas Centerpiece


You guys know that I love playing around with home decor, especially around the holidays. I love trying new things & playing with different materials & items that I already have lying around the house. I was playing with some coffee table decor the other day & I decided to share with you one of […]

Vintage Rocking Horse Christmas Card Catalog


You guys who read my blog daily & have been reading it for a while have noticed a HUGE change in our home recently. If there is one conversation piece in our home it’s our antique card catalog that I found while out junkin’ in North Carolina & I recently painted it. Gasp! I lived […]



Something that sort of accidentally started happening was on my Sunday walks I started taking photos of houses for inspiration for our future home. I am obsessed with all different styles of home & I wanted to make a scrapbook of the houses to look back on later for inspiration. The windows, the color combinations, […]

Rustic Heirloom Pumpkin Thanksgiving Table


I am so excited to be sharing this Thanksgiving table with you guys today. I teamed up with my friend Bre from Rooms For Rent & some other lovely bloggers to bring you a bunch of lovely Thanksgiving tables all week this week. Bre will be doing a Thanksgiving table in her home everyday this […]

Rustic Natural Thanksgiving Table


Eeeeek! I’m so excited to share this Thanksgiving table that I styled with you guys today. World Market wanted to work with me on a Thanksgiving themed table & of course I said yes! We purchased our dining room chairs, rug, & light fixture from here already, so if that doesn’t say how obsessed I […]

Salvaged Corbel Shelf


Today’s post is hard to write. I don’t know why, but it just is. You see I lost my grandpa this past spring. Oh man I’m already crying just typing that. Get it together Liz! I’m so blessed to have had 27 years with him & still have one of my grandpas here still today, […]

Simple Fall Stoop & Front Door Makeover


A few weeks ago I shared the exterior makeover progress of our house [here] & I got so many requests to share our front “stoop” fall decor & I love sharing what you guys love to see so here it is. I hesitated sharing our front stoop fall decor because in my head we were […]

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