Rustic White Christmas Tree


In our rental we have two living rooms, one is more of a sitting room that we went all out decorating for Christmas. & then we have our main living room where we lounge, watch tv, blog, eat dinner, & basically live in. In this room I didn’t got to crazy with Christmas decor, but […]

Rustic Christmas Sunroom


Many of you already know that I decorated our rental here in NC  for the holidays even though the movers are coming tomorrow to pack our things up. I just had to see this lovely historic home decorated for Christmas. There were moments where I really thought I was crazy, but it was very worth […]

DIY Joy Sign


This little DIY joy sign has been popping up in two of my recent posts lately & I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. Well, the wait is over! I have seen these Joy signs all over the blogoshpere & don’t know who the original creator of this design is, but I would […]

Red Christmas Table – Holiday Hues Giveaway


Do you ever see a piece of furniture at the thrift store or the side of the road & just picture right away what color it should be painted? That happened to me a few weeks ago when I spotted this lovely little leggy table at a local antique shop & I just knew it […]

DIY Rustic Tomato Cage Christmas Trees


Apparently the guy at Lowe’s told me that this time of year they sell more tomato cages than they do all summer because people are making tomato cage Christmas trees. Just a fun fact for you. I was one of those people. I have seen tomato cage Christmas trees around the web, but I didn’t […]

Rustic Neutral Thanksgiving Centerpiece


We are only a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving! It’s one of my favorite days. Family, lots of food, football, cozy sweaters, remember everything we have to be thankful for & cold weather. Ahhhh, just thinking of it is making me giddy inside. This year Thanksgiving is going to be very strange for us. […]

Warm Gray Master Bedroom & A Giveaway

warm wood and gray

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a great weekend, ours was WAY too busy. Can time just slow down? Check out my Instagram for more details. Today I wanted to introduce you to Scout & Nimble. Cute name huh? Well, I actually discovered them this past summer & I’m not sure why it took […]

LMB Rental Bathroom Makeover – Pt. 4 Final Reveal


Yay! The downstairs bathroom in our rental is finally finished! This project was really fun for many reasons. One reason is because just seeing the power of paint & a little styling is always so exhilarating for me. Two because it proves a point, even if you can’t do as much as we can in […]

LMB Rental Bathroom Makeover – Pt. 3 Shower Curtain


We are on day three of the LMB rental bathroom makeover & day three is the day that we try to hide that ugly shower door. Ok, so most homes have these sliding shower doors, & some probably work great, but ours was in pretty bad shape & quite frankly it was an eye sore. […]

LMB Rental Bathroom Makeover – Pt. 2 Painted Vanity


Remember last week when I announced we were giving our downstairs bathroom at our rental a makeover? Yah, I know, a lot of you still think I’m crazy. We only have a left month left in this house, & I’m spending time doing this. I’ll say it again. I always tell you guys to make […]

LMB Rental – Bathroom Makeover Pt. 1


I know so many of you are going to think I’ve literally lost my mind because we are doing a room makeover one month before we move out of our rental. But let me explain before you jump to too many conclusions like thinking that you need to regulate my meds or come and check […]

DIY Deer Head

how to make a pallet dresser yourself

  Hello Liz Marie Blog Readers! I’m Hannah from We Lived Happily Ever After, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be here!    I have a super fun tutorial for all you animal lovers. Today I’m going to share with you how to make your own Stuffed Animal Deer Head.   […]

DIY Pendant Light Shutters


Oh my this was such a quick and easy project, yet I love them so very much. I have been getting a lot of people asking me to do some “renter friendly” DIY’s since we have lived in this historic rental for the past 6 months after we sold our home here in NC. We […]

DIY Round Coffee Table


Sometimes I have these ideas that come to my head & I can never shake them. they stay on my mind forever until I complete them. Some call it a blessing that I have such great follow through, and others might call it a curse because it will bug me until it’s done. This project […]

Rustic Thanksgiving Fall Dining Room – LMB Rental


The other day I blogged our early fall dining room. It was neutral & green & so great for early fall. Now as we head into the end of October & into November I was craving warm colors & cozy textures so I decided to go bold for a thanksgiving dining room with warm fall […]

DIY Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Cookie Coffee Creamer


One of the main parts of my everyday routine is my coffee time. Usually it starts in the morning with a cup of hot joe to wake me up. Throughout the day I have a cup here and there when I need to take a break and reward myself. A cup of coffee to me is a […]

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