DIY Bathroom Hooks


One thing that has been bugging me for the past 5 months in our new home is that our upstairs bathroom had no bathroom hooks. No where to hang my towels. I was literally using the back of the toilet and the counters to set my towels, I know, yuck. I would always forget I […]

Simple Stone Crock Centerpiece


I probably should stop collecting things. Or should I keep going? I still can’t decide. Something I have started collecting lately is antique stoneware crocks. They keep popping up in my life wherever I go & I just love them in all different shapes & sizes. I’m not picky about what they are or how […]

Chalk Paint Bookshelf Makeover


In every furniture makeover post I do I always say how I’m so impressed and amazed by the power of paint. Well, this post is no different. Seriously you can do amazing things with paint! Today I wanted to show you how I brought a pretty “blah” bookshelf & made it “ta-da!” Ok.. that was […]

New Office Sign


There is a wall in our lower level living room that has been bugging me since the day we moved in 5 months ago. It’s not anywhere near completion, but I finally have some progress & stuff on the walls so that makes me super happy. I wanted to share my progress with you today […]

Favorite Things Friday


Oh man! Happy Friday!! What a week. Seriously, I know  you know what I’m talking about. I can’t seem to get ahead on anything lately. Emails, posts, to-do lists, I am drowning & I’m so sorry if you’ve noticed I’m falling behind lately, but it happens & one day I will catch up. That will […]

What’s On My Nightstands – Master Bedroom


A few weeks ago I shared what’s on my coffee table[s] in a new series I started where I share my ever evolving decor in various places in our home. It’s such a fun series to show what’s on my ______ [night stands, coffee table, bathroom counters, exd] [fill in the blank with anything in […]

New [[Old]] Entryway Table


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a little green table. It was at some random garage sale & I kept seeing people walk by it. Is it weird to feel sorry for a table? Well, I felt bad for it & I thought it needed a good home. I loaded it up in […]

SkyBell- Video Wi-fi doorbell & giveaway


I would love to be able to share a lovely pretty porch on our house with you today. But that’s not the case. As many of you have seen [here] in my post about picking siding, we are completely redoing the outside of our house. This journey is scary and exciting at the same time, […]

My Marshalls Video


Remember when I went to LA a couple weeks ago? I went with Marshalls to shoot some videos for different commercial work & it was such a fun & cool learning experience. I learned what LA life was like, I learned all the work that went into one tiny 30 second commercial, I learned what […]

Spring Makeover With Lowes


It’s finally spring here in Michigan. Some of you may think I’m insane, but I turned the AC in my car on today & I LOVED IT. I was walking outside at 8pm tonight & I was warm.. it’s just glorious. Don’t get me wrong, I love the coziness of winter & I’m actually thankful […]

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture


I have been struggling with what light fixture to put in our upstairs bathroom for a while now. I’m actually struggling with the whole space. The bathroom is small & I am trying to maximize the space all while trying to make it pretty. It’s coming along, but the light fixture was holding me back. […]

DIY Simple Dining Room Buffet


The transition from military life to civilian life has be a long weird journey. It hasn’t been a bad journey or even really a hard one, just different. Our journey really started a year ago this month when we sold our NC home & moved into our NC rental. That’s when our journey home to […]

Chippy Drop Leaf Table Makeover


About two years ago or so.. maybe even three, I found a lovely antique beat up drop leaf table somewhere in the back woods of North Carolina. This table has been in 3 houses of ours & I loved it in it’s raw wood form. I always felt like it had a story. With every […]

Michigan House Update: Picking Siding!!

new house plans

Ok. Maybe this isn’t going to be the most exciting post for you so you may be wondering why I used exclamation points in the title. Well, I’m pumped. To the max. Picking new siding means that our 80′s tri-level is finally going to start looking decent after living here for 4 months. Everyday when […]

DIY Chalk Paint Farmhouse Light Makeover


I love a good cheap alternative to anything. I mean who doesn’t like to save money? Well, I’m here today to share a hot deal with you. A lot of you have commented on the pendant in our kitchen & we actually bought another one for our guest bedroom this week & I gave it […]

French Blue Dresser Makeover


One of the reasons that I love painting furniture is that I love the challenge. I love the challenge to make the piece look completely different from how it look originally. The power of paint surprises me every time & I think that’s  why I love re-doing furniture so much. This past week I got […]

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