DIY World Market Coffee Table Makeover


You guys! This coffee table DIY has seriously been done since this past winter. Yes, & I have never blogged it… why? I don’t know because it’s seriously one of our favorite pieces of furniture in our home. This DIY World Market coffee table makeover was a process until we had it how we liked […]

DIY Extra Long Lumbar Pillow


If you know me, you know I get big ideas almost daily. & as soon as I get the idea in my head it’s like I need the idea executed immediately. That’s what happened last week when I stumbled upon the cutest little Table runner at TJ Maxx. I knew I didn’t need another table […]

Simon Says Cornhole – DIY backyard game

pic 12

A while back I was asked by Home Depot to create a DIY backyard game to feature over on their blog. Of course I said yes! I love or backyard at our historic downtown rental & I LOVE HOME DEPOT. Sign me up! I wanted to create a game that was stylish {duh} & fun. […]

Gray Nursery Reveal


First I want to say a HUGE thank you for all of the sweet comments on yesterday’s post {here}. You guys are amazing & truly lift my spirits daily! I feel like since I started this blog a couple of years ago there has been a few posts where I talk about my friends moving […]

TJ Maxx Tufted Chair – Times Two.


Remember in the last house when I bought this tufted chair at TJ Maxx? Well, if you don’t remember when we bought it, it was my favorite chair ever & not much has changed! That chair we bought is now in our front sitting room & is still loved to this day. Well, fast forward […]

Summer Brick Patio DIY Seating Area


A few weeks ago I shared a sneak peek of our summer brick patio DIY seating area. Well, I was waiting on a few more things to complete the space, but I got tired of waiting for those things & decided to show you the space anyways. I mean what’s the fun in waiting? As […]

DIY Industrial Pendant light Hanger


It’s monday. & not only is it monday, but it’s the monday after a holiday weekend. & let’s face it mondays are a little rough & even more rough after a holiday. I call it a holiday hangover. So, I’m back today with a super easy, but super cute DIY so I wouldn’t overwhelm you […]

Painted Mirrors- LMB Rental Daybed Room


I know even as I write this that this post will be a little controversial. A while back I posted the daybed room that had two mirrors behind the daybed. I asked on here if I should paint them & if so, what color. Well, the answers were overwhelming on the blog, Facebook, & Instagram. […]

How To Get People To Read Your Blog


Okay. I am not a blog expert. Really, I’m not. I blogged about How to start a blog & ever since I have got a LOT of questions on how to get people to read your blog. To be honest I come here to share what I am up to with my DIY & home […]

LMB Rental – Guest Bedroom June 2014


This past weekend was so much fun. We have some of our best friends staying with us for a week & it has been so nice to be able to spend time with them. Before they came I wanted to be sure the guest bedroom was super cozy & ready for them to spend the […]

Summer Patio Sneak Peek


Yesterday I shared our summer patio table here on the blog. Thank you for all of the sweet comments, seriously it warms my heart so much hearing your feedback. It makes me want to keep blogging & sharing my heart on here. Keep em’ coming! Today I wanted to share a tiny sneak peek at […]

Summer Patio Table


Mosquitos are going to be the death of me this summer. Is it just me or are they just awful this year? Our lovely brick patio here in NC has been infested with mosquitos until last night when we got so fed up with them that Mr. LMB & I  decided to spray the entire area with […]

DIY Vintage Science Poster


Many of you remember our new, super old, card catalog that is now in our rental. Well, I needed some art for above the card catalog & I had to get creative since we live in a rental I couldn’t make any new holes in the wall.  After scouring the internet for some lovely prints […]

LMB Rental Paint colors – Part 1

Milestone valspar paint

I think the number one question I get lately is, “What is that paint color on the wall?” whenever I post about any room in our new home. So I wanted to do a post today sharing the first two colors in our rental. I love these two colors. We really got lucky that our […]

4th Of July Home Decor


Hi friends! Have I shared with you what a procrastinator I was before? I mean I am bad. I find a do my best work when I have more pressure on me, but I am still trying to work on the whole procrastination thing. Anyways, I have been wanting to decorate our front porch for […]

DIY Simple Green Wreath


I have this DIY chalkboard  sitting in our dining room in our new rental that was pretty empty & bare. I knew I wanted to hang a wreath on it, & I looked around for one that I loved for a few weeks. I found a few that I liked, but at $40+ I wasn’t […]

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