Rustic Christmas Farmhouse Entryway

I woke up the other day & walked down the stairs to make coffee & noticed our entryway at the bottom of the stairs. I stared at it for a few minutes & realized it still had pumpkins in it from fall, but I hadn’t noticed because all around this one styled area is complete […]

DIY Farmhouse Porch Planter Boxes

Happy Monday friends! I had such a great weekend that ended with quite an eventful night. After going picking all day with my pal Abby I was heading home tonight in the snow… and oh my gosh the roads were awful. It was the first real snow of the season so it was pretty crazy […]

Chalk Paint Christmas Decor Makeover

Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged my Christmas rocking horse makeover [here]? Well, it started a domino effect that usually happens to me when I start painting things. You guessed it, it made me want to paint my entire rocking horse collection. So I painted 4 more of our Christmas rocking horses & […]

DIY Antique Spindle Christmas Tree

One thing that kind of went to the waste side in 2016 since opening a store & buying our fixer upper farmhouse was the DIY side of Liz Marie. The girl who used to make something daily or paint something weekly. Since opening up our store [which I love so much] I have had to […]

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains In The Sunroom

I did it again! I did something “crazy” in the sunroom this weekend. I added some DIY curtains. I know this room is all about the view & up until now I was nervous to add curtains, but it was time to cozy up this space a little more because that’s what I do. You […]

Vintage Black Dresser Makeover

You guys might not believe it but, I painted a white piece of furniture black. You read that right. The girl who always paints everything white painted a white dresser black. I got this dresser from my friend in North Carolina who owned my favorite little antique shop ever, The Black Swan. If you are […]

Farmhouse Christmas Cabinet & Rustic Santa

Last week I shared our rustic glam Christmas dining room on the blog [here]. It was kind of an overview & I left out some of my favorite parts because the post was getting long & I didn’t want to make you bored. I don’t think I ever showed you this piece of furniture when […]

DIY Farmhouse Style Buffet

I was talking to my friend Abby tonight from Binks & the Bad Housewife as we were setting up our shop for the holiday open house this weekend & I was telling her the tonight I was going to blog the DIY farmhouse style buffet that Jose just built. She asked me if I was […]

Christmas Rocking Horse Makeover

Happy Friday!! I’ve been pretty busy lately & not making a ton of time to paint. Well, I picked up a paint brush this week for a little project & I’m so proud of that so I wanted to come on here today & share what I painted. It’s the small things right? I’m sure […]

A Cozy Cheerful Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

Happy November! You guys!! It’s my first Christmas post of 2016… can you believe it? Neither can I! I wanted to start posting our Christmas decor early to hopefully inspire you in some small way for when you start to decorate for the Holidays. I teamed up with some of my best blogging friends to […]

Farmhouse Entryway Gallery Wall

A few weeks back while I was in Waco I blogged our front entryway [here] with Birch Lane. I went from blogging our house being a total mess to all the sudden showing you an area that was completed & I’m sure that was super confusing & I didn’t explain myself very well. That’s pretty […]

Fall Church Pew On The Porch

Can you believe that next week it is November? Where did October go? Thankfully I started decorating for fall here at the farmhouse super early this year so that I had tons of time to enjoy it. November here at White Cottage Farm will be mostly filled with Christmas decor in hopes to inspire and […]

Magnolia Market Tea Towel Art

At Magnolia Market a few weeks ago I found a lot of cute little things to pack in my suitcase & bring back to the farm. I wish I could have bought more, but alas they frown on you taking a dresser as your carry on. One of the most irresistible items was a couple […]

Buffalo Check Fall Decor On The Back Stoop

You guys. Don’t hate me. I seriously put up a Christmas tree in our house today. It’s true. I only did it because we have something due for a brand in the next week for a Christmas post. So our home is now a mixture of pumpkins in some rooms and Christmas trees in another. […]

Magnolia Home Paint At The Silobration

I blogged a little last week about my trip to Waco for the Silobration at Magnolia Market [here]. I shared a story that was pretty crazy, but I didn’t share one of the best parts of being there. I was invited to the Silobration by KILZ, the creators of Magnolia Home Paint by Joanna Gaines, & it truly was a […]

Rustic & Cozy Master Bedroom

  Affiliate links to all of the items above: upholstered bed [here] fur pillow [here] birch logs [here] rug [here] nightstands [here] knit throw [here] knit pillow [here] upholstered bench [here] lamps [here] baskets [here] fur rug [here] small framed art [here] chandelier [here] angel wings [here] clock [here] wall shelf [here] This week Jose and I started talking about our master bedroom here in the farmhouse. You guys, […]

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