A Thank You & Early Fall Decor


I wanted to come on here today & say a HUGE thank you for my post yesterday [here]. All of your sweet comments, encouragement, prayers, & just supporting us means so much. We all have a different way of dealing with loss & I’m thankful for all of the understanding & love you guys have […]

DIY X Leg Farmhouse Table


Yup. Another DIY farmhouse table in the same month. We recently built a farmhouse table for our dining room & I’m in love with it. So why did we build another one? Well, this one was for Painted Farmgirl where we sell at. Jose was asked to build a table for the front of the […]

Dining Room Plate Rack


Hi guys! & Happy Monday. I have been working on some awesome DIY projects lately, but I wanted to share something kind of fun that we added to our dining room this past weekend to start this week off. As you know we have a small kitchen. Not a secret, & also not a huge […]

#LMBLoves – Kitchen Features & Living Room Features


Hi guys! So, I am really getting amped about the #LMBloves hashtag on Instagram that I announced [here]. I decided to start featuring some here on the blog as well weekly. Since we are two weeks in to #LMBloves already, this week I will feature some from the past two themes which was Kitchen & […]

DIY Kitchen Shelves


I’m so excited about this reveal!! For the longest time now, I would say 8 months, I have wanted a piece of furniture in this little awkward spot that splits our kitchen/dining area & our upstairs living room. & Mr. LMB made the best piece custom just for the spot! Seriously… can we all say […]

World Market Haul & Guest Bedroom Sneak Peek


I started this new Instagram that I told you guys a while back about…it’s called @LizMarieBlogShops & it’s basically where I take you shopping with me. I think it’s fun to also do hauls here on the blog once in a while & see what I’ve been buying lately. I love see what other people […]

Vintage License Plate Gallery Wall


I’m really starting to get into this periscope thingy. If you aren’t on it, it’s an app like Instagram, but it’s live videos! Kind of crazy, but really fun [ You can find me by searching Liz Marie Blog on Periscope]. I’ve really been getting into it lately & I’ve been doing live videos of […]

Quartz Countertop Review – Pros & Cons


House progress posts! I feel like I have been doing a lot of them lately, but guess what? That means we are making progress right? Yup! Today it’s all about our kitchen countertops because I get questions about them daily. & I also want to help some of you out who are in the process […]

Office Progress


Life has been kicking my booty lately. I know everyone is feeling that right now. It’s summer, life is busy, & lately I feel like I can’t catch up. I’m trying, but I also know I’m human so I’m not trying to be hard on myself for falling behind. I mean.. again, it’s summer. Time […]

Rustic Numbered Dresser nightstand


Yup. Another dresser nightstand! That makes three in our house now. Our master bedroom has two antique dressers that we turned into nightstands that you can see [here] & now our guest bedroom has a dresser for a nightstand. In our small home it’s just bonus storage which we need & love! I rescued a […]

DIY Dog Bed With Storage


I went back and forth on blogging this because it was just something so simple that I utilized in our office for the pups, but after sharing a photo on my Instagram the other day & getting lots of questions, I decided to share away! Our dogs love sitting by me wherever I go, so […]

Shabby Three Tiered Stand


We got some happy mail this weekend that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys! I ordered a few pieces from my collection at Painted Fox for our home & I just had to show you the three tiered stand that I styled quickly today. I’m holding on to summer as long as I […]

DIY Ampersand Art


I am back today to share a piece of art work that Mr. LMB made this past week. I can’t help but share what he makes, maybe I’m like the mom who hangs their kids artwork all over the fridge, but I mean one post a week or every other week with some artwork that […]

Master Bedroom Makeover – Chandelier


You guys!!!!!!!! I am so excited about this new light in our bedroom. Ok, so Jose & I got married when we were 19 [the audience gasps] yes, we were babies. Best friends who fell in love & tied the knot on a beautiful september day on a golf course in front of our close […]

Deconstructed Chair


The other day I was on Periscope [If you haven't found me on there, I'm Liz Marie Blog.. follow me as I make live videos of our home, my finds, & videos of my husband and I being awkward.] Anyways… I was showing our living room & I got a ton of comments about this […]

How To Add Farmhouse Style To your Home


I have some exciting news!! I was asked by Painted Fox to curate a line of home decor for them. Ummmm yes please. I have been shopping there for quite some time now & if you remember I got our master bedroom light there [here], my leather bag [here] & our office sign [here], from […]

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