Farmhouse Kitchen Tray


I normally don’t blog 5 days a week. I usually take one day off which happens to be Thursdays normally, but this week I just wanted to come on here & chat on my “day off” & share some inspiration. I love blogging so much, I love you guys, & I love talking anything home […]

Spring Guest Bedroom


What a fun post to do on my BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe I’m 27 today & feel so lucky every day to live this beautiful life I live. Today is special because it’s my first birthday in 8 years that I’m living at home in Michigan. Feels really good to be around family for my […]

DIY Wood Pallet Clock – An Imperfect DIY Project


I want to start out by saying that I’m not perfect. Obviously because no one is, but I never want anyone who reads my blog to get the idea that I never mess up or that every project I do is perfect the first time. Sometimes I only tend to show you the projects that […]

We Named Our house!!


Seriously we named our house. This may seem like a silly idea to some, but to me it means something more. Our home is our little haven. It doesn’t matter that it’s not finished, maybe not our permanent home, not perfect or finished, but it’s our little tri-level cottage & it’s our home right now. […]

Favorite Things Friday


Welcome to Favorite Things Friday!!! This is a day on the blog where I share some of my favorite bloggers. I mean, I feel like I can’t keep these lovely people to myself & my momma always taught me to share so once a week I share people who inspire me. I hope this is […]

Dough Bowl Centerpiece


I wanted to introduce you to a new amazing find of mine! I have always wanted one of these babies & I randomly stumbled across one the other day & really couldn’t even believe I had found one. For a good price, & at the oddest price. Okay, before I introduce you, I have to […]

Rustic Chic Brunch – In LA with Marshalls


Last week as many of you saw on my Instagram or Facebook I was in LA with Marshalls. I didn’t really explain why, but I’ll tell you briefly today. I went to California to film some lovely videos for Marshalls with 3 other bloggers & it was a really fun experience! It was one of […]

Beachy Side Table Makeover


You know those pieces of furniture that are hand me downs from your loved ones? I feel so lucky to have a lot of those & I treasure them dearly. Some of those furniture treasures can be found around our house, & others I have yet to find a place for, or need some love. […]

DIY Antique Industrial Lamp


Ok. So, I have to admit this is one of those projects that was on such a whim that I debated even blogging it. I wanted to make a quirky industrial style lamp for our booth & I happen to have an old beat up lamp laying around the house to play around with. I’ve […]

DIY Floor Mirror


We do not have an “entryway” per say in our home. It’s a little bit of a design/function struggle, but also a super fun challenge for me. We built our DIY rustic coat rack [here] for one of the walls by our front door & I’m liking how that wall is shaping up for the […]

Industrial Pipe Sliding Barn Door TV Cover


I have been so excited to share this project with you guys!! Some of you may remember a few weeks ago on Instagram I shared a little sneak peek of it & I said something like, wow this DIY project didn’t come easy & with out a fight. By fight I mean like bickering between […]

DIY Rustic Magnetic Message Board


Once in a while I get a weird idea to do something & twenty minutes later the hubs and I are finishing the project up. Those DIY projects are always awesome when they work out like that. This project was born because of the fact that I had the materials laying around the house already […]

Best of LMB – February 2015


Hey guys! Happy March! So I thought I would start something here on the blog every month to make sure that you didn’t miss anything from me, LMB. Each month I’ll do a recap of the month before of some of the high lights of the past month to bring you up to date if […]

The Best Tufted Neutral Chairs


Ok, so one of my MOST asked questions is “Where are those tufted wing back chairs from in your living room?” The answer? Marshalls!! Seriously, they are two of my favorite pieces in our entire house. They are for sure a focal point of our upstairs living room & I’m so happy I found them […]

DIY Antique Office Drawers Makeover


I love a good furniture makeover. It’s one of my favorite things. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this set of drawers that was not in the greatest condition, but I had a vision for it. I knew it needed to be mine & I knew exactly what color it had to be & […]

DIY Metal Letter Industrial Kitchen Sign


Last week Michaels had a sale that sucked me in. How many times have I said that? Too many to count! Anyways, the sale was a good one. The items I wanted were already 40% off plus they had an additional 20% off your entire order. Ummm yes please. So I walked my happy butt […]

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