How To Decorate Around A TV


I got a request on Instagram the other day to do a blog post on how to decorate around a TV. Great question! Well, in our house that we just moved into I haven’t really blogged our two entertaiment centers yet. One is in our bedroom which is an old antique buffet that you will […]

DIY Barn wood Scrap Art


This blog post isn’t about a tutorial really, but more of an inspiration post to show you how you can make some simple art for your home. For free. On Sunday morning this week I had a few quiet moments while I was drinking my coffee & I decided to create some art with some […]

DIY Small Hallway Gallery Wall


We have this small hallway on our lower level {I say lower level because our house is an odd layout with 4 levels. More on that later} This hallway is right off of our lower level living room that leads to the basement, bathroom, & office. The hallway has barely any wall space & no […]

DIY Wooden Heart Valentines Day Art


I mean come on. Three valentines day posts from me now? I think this may be my last one for the year. Pretty sure. So, as many of my blog posts start out… I was walking through target & I spotted something cute & I thought, “Hey! I can make something with that.” This something […]

Valentines Day Living Room


I have to start this post out by saying Thank you. Thank you for all your kind words, tips, encouragement, prayers, & more on yesterday’s post [here]. I am floored at how many people have reached out via email, comments, Instagram, Facebook, & other outlets. It is sometimes so hard to be transparent &  not […]

H&M Home Decor Haul – January 2015


Not going to lie, putting 2015 in the title of this post had me second guessing what year it really was. Doesn’t it just look strange? Well, it’s no secret that I love H&M home decor. The style couldn’t be more “me”, it’s affordable, & great quality. I do a few hauls a year from there […]

DIY Valentines Day Garland


It’s really funny. Valentines day is one of those holidays that I don’t always decorate for. It’s one of those holidays that I have to be really inspired to even acknowledge with my home decor & this year I was inspired! What inspired me you ask? Target. The answer is always Target isn’t it? I […]

New Farmhouse Table & Dining Room – The “Before”


I’m not sure if I ever said it here on the blog, but ever since we moved into our Michigan house almost two months ago we have been on the hunt for a dining room table. We couldn’t use our amazing farmhouse table from our last two houses because this dining room is so small […]

New Curtains & Some DIY No-Sew Curtains


What?! I’m actually giving a Michigan house update? Yesterday I shared our DIY bathroom cabinet & today I’m sharing a few curtains that we have hung up in the house before. Why not more curtains than these? Because most of our windows are sitting there naked & curtain-less & sad. We did manage to hang […]

DIY Bathroom Cabinet


I am so excited to share Mr. LMB’s latest build with you guys for so many reasons. One, is this is one of the bigger things he has built in the month we have been living in Michigan. Two because it’s just beautiful & he is so creative. & three, he designed, built, & painted […]

Favorite Things Friday


Happy Friday friends! Thank you for stopping by today to see a tiny piece of my brain & what inspires me. I know I say this a lot, but you guys stopping by the blog means so much to me… & I never take it for granted, so thank you! I am currently sitting in […]

The Best Staircase Gallery Walls


My brain has been spinning with new ideas for our Michigan home. Of course I have been busy with our  new booth & life in general. Anyways… we still don’t have stair nose on our stairs, but I am already thinking of gallery walls for two sets of stairs in our home. There are actually […]

A Cozy Gray Chair Makeover


Do you ever get an urge to use a certain paint color? Like you are sitting on the couch & all of the sudden you are like, “I have to paint something gray RIGHT NOW or I might go crazy?!” Crap, is that just me? I know I’m not the only one. Well, the other […]

DIY Antique Window Sign


I was sitting in our garage recently just creating some new things when I came across a big “oops” I had made when we were leaving our home in North Carolina. I had dropped a window on the ground & glass & the frame of the window shattered everywhere. Of course, me being a hoarder, […]

Merry Christmas & Best Christmas Projects


Hi friends! It’s Christmas eve here in Michigan & I wanted to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas a day early because I know most of you will not be online at all tomorrow. I hope your Christmas is filled with laughter & beautiful moments & that you are surrounded by the ones you […]

Winter Decorations – Winter Table Ideas & More!


Oh man.. I’m putting this post up before Christmas because there is always a BIG question after opening up all the presents Christmas day & after the Christmas tree comes down, how do I decorate my house for winter?! Of course I will be showing you how I decorate at our house for winter here […]

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