Magnolia Home Paint At The Silobration

I blogged a little last week about my trip to Waco for the Silobration at Magnolia Market [here]. I shared a story that was pretty crazy, but I didn’t share one of the best parts of being there. I was invited to the Silobration by KILZ, the creators of Magnolia Home Paint by Joanna Gaines, & it truly was a […]

Rustic & Cozy Master Bedroom

  Affiliate links to all of the items above: upholstered bed [here] fur pillow [here] birch logs [here] rug [here] nightstands [here] knit throw [here] knit pillow [here] upholstered bench [here] lamps [here] baskets [here] fur rug [here] small framed art [here] chandelier [here] angel wings [here] clock [here] wall shelf [here] This week Jose and I started talking about our master bedroom here in the farmhouse. You guys, […]

DIY Farmhouse Style Nesting Boxes

While I was gone in Texas last week Jose had some extra time in his workshop & made something that I’m a little obsessed with & wanted to share with you today. With all the shiplap and things going on inside the house with our fixer upper, he was really missing his passion of creating […]

A Farmhouse Style Coffee Table In The Sunroom

I have the hardest time finding coffee tables. The. Hardest. Time. It’s probably because I’m so picky or that I feel like I had a certain one in mind. Or maybe it’s just that I’m always switch our coffee tables out so often. Either way, this post is about a coffee table that I found […]

Metal Wall Vases In The Dining Room

So yesterday I blogged something amazing that happened to me at Magnolia Market [here] & today I wanted to come on here and share with you one of my perfect little finds that I hung up this week in our farmhouse from Magnolia. Can I confess something to you? I was the one who flew […]

Sliding Barn Door – Laundry Room Door

A few weeks ago we had to take the door off of our laundry room for the painters… fast forward to a few days later, it was still off & you could see the mess of our laundry room opening from the dining room. We had to do something! Sure we could just put the […]

The Best Casual Farmhouse Decor

  grain sack bench [here] hutch [here] dining chairs [here] black pitcher [here] large trophy [here] Dining Console [here] mugs [here] Gray coffee table [here] wire basket light [here] clear glass lamp [here] shower curtain [here] white dresser [here] scale [here] clock [here] cow pillow [here] Oh my goodness guys! I’m fresh off the plane from Waco visiting Magnolia Market & exhausted from an amazing trip. You can see […]

Welcoming Fall Entryway – Rustic Farmhouse Entry

Welcome to our home today! Today I am sharing our farmhouse front entryway with BirchLane. A huge thank you to them for working with me on this & for having me over there on their Instagram today [here].. I took over so come check it out. As many of you know our 1800’s farmhouse is […]

Crocks & Mums – Farmhouse Fall Steps

Our porch is complex & I feel like I haven’t explained it very well so I feel like when I share the two stair landings on our porch I confused a lot of you because you think I keep changing up my decor day to day. So, I blogged the front steps the other day […]

Mora Clock Makeover

I shouldn’t call this a makeover because I liked the mora clock as I got it. I really did. I kept it in it’s original beauty for a year, but in my normal fashion I was craving change & a new spot for the clock. After some thinking I decided that I didn’t want the […]

Shiplap In The Front Living Room

We interrupt your fall decor posts to finally bring you another farmhouse update. I’ve said it before, but seasonal decorating in a fixer upper with half done rooms has been a challenge. A fun one, but still a challenge. We have been super busy in our lives lately & we haven’t spent a ton of […]

Rustic Fall Farmhouse Steps

I was one of those people this year that when I saw the first leaf on a tree change I headed to my local farm stand & loaded up carts full of pumpkins. Even though it was 90 degrees out, my little booty was the one picking out pumpkins while everyone else was still going […]

Simple & Rustic Fall Mantel

I was walking through the dining room today & realized I hadn’t shared our fall mantel on the blog with you guys yet. It is such a simple piece that we kind of just set in this dining room of ours so I kind of just forgot about it. I did “fall it up” a […]

Thankful Sign

  As I was thinking about our fall decor this year in our fixer upper farmhouse I really wanted to incorporate work from my creative friends. You may have seen the beautiful pumpkin painting that my friend Holly did [here] for our sunroom which I adore. Then I was at our shop the other day & […]

A Lesson From A Bowl Of Pears

This week I got a dose of perspective from a bowl of pears. A simple silly bowl of pears that taught me a valuable lesson that I’m so grateful for. You see I went to bed the other night dreaming up a tablescape [I blogged it here] with the pumpkins that I had picked up […]

Happy Fall – Rustic Pumpkin & Pear Farmhouse Table

Today is the official first day of fall. I know I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about how fall is every girls favorite season & it’s kind of a joke, but I don’t just love fall, I cry at the thought of it ending. I think it’s the hope & the promise that […]

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