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Bathroom Closet Re-Do…

    Recently I began having big ideas for our bathroom closet. Yeah, I really do think about those kind of things. It’s a really big closet for inside a bathroom. I am not complaining about the size, but the amount of shelves was unnecessary for just my husband & I. What the bathroom was lacking was a nice area for me to get ready at. I’ve always wanted a makeup vanity in the Master Bedroom, but a vanity just wouldn’t fit ideally. That is, until now! After removing a few shelves, painting the inside of the closet, adding molding to the shelves, & a few other changes, I now have my own little room to get ready in…

My New “Vanity Closet”
Before During….
I forgot to take a before picture. Of course. I got really carried away with taking all the shelves down, but here it is with the shelves taken down & me patching the holes. This was also a great opportunity for me to do some “Spring Cleaning” & get rid of a lot of this stuff shown in the pictures.
I love that the mirror takes up almost the whole back wall of the closet.
I love that even though I removed shelves, there is still a lot storage.
I added molding to the front of the shelves to give it a more polished look. The two boxes are “His” & “Hers” for all of our bathroom products. The two plastic drawer containers are for my makeup storage.
The inside of the closet is the same soft gray as the rest of the bathroom.
I am installing battery puck lights under the bottom shelf to better illuminate the mirror. 
This is the vanity as you have seen in my past post HERE & the mirror that I re-did HERE. No all I need is to find a cute vanity chair for my vanity closet.
The storage: Two Tan Boxes, Target 9.00. & you can find the makeup storage containers at any Walmart, Target, exd….
So there is my “Vanity Closet” Re-do.  I have a few more things to add & still work on, but I wanted to show you the re-do as of now. I wish the lighting was better in my bathroom so the pictures would have been better quality… but you get the idea. What do you think of it as of now? What have you been working on this weekend? Go to Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page & link up your latest DIY projects. 

A Lovely Vanity…

   In the middle of my bedroom “re-do”, that is on hold until I pick out a new wall color, I came up with a fantastic idea for our master bathroom. We have a walk-in closet in our bathroom with lots and lots of storage, which is somewhat unnecessary for our little family of two. My idea is to remove a few of the shelves in the closet & put the vanity inside. I am so excited for this reveal! A makeup vanity in a closet.. My own little space to get ready everyday.. Can’t wait to show you! In the mean time, I found the perfect vanity, and by perfect I mean it fit in the closet.. nothing else was perfect about it.. until now….

This is the vanity that will be in the closet… I’ve fallen in love with this powder blue vanity. Here is the vanity before….
I had to fix the drawers, and there were a ton of little flaws in the wood that needed to be fixed, & it’s still not perfect, but I like things like that. I fell in love with the legs on this vanity… Other than the perfect size that’s why I chose this vanity.
To achieve this color I layered many different blues and greens. I am really happy with the final color, it’s exactly how I wanted it. A somewhat “Powdery Blue Green”. The color reminds me a little of Tiffany Blue, perfect for a girly vanity.
The mirror has a lot to be desired. Since this is an antique, the mirror has seen better days.
I decided to keep the original hardware. I felt it looked best & being painted the blue color they blend in nicely.
Hope you all enjoyed my Makeup vanity “makeover”.  & Thank You all for all the wonderful birthday wishes  this past friday. My weekend was wonderful, my amazing friends here in NC & all my friends and family back home in MI made my birthday wonderful even though the hubby was out of town. What have you been working on this weekend? Go link up your projects on Liz Marie Blog Facebook! I would love to see what you are working on… Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! 

A Sunny Little Bench

   This past week I picked up a cute little bench from an antique store near my house. It was painted to match my hutch that I re-did & my entry table already, But I had a vision for this bench for it to be a bright color that would stand out. My amazing husband helped me a lot with picking the new color for the bench & this was our bright idea….

Bench Before…

Bench After..
I put the bench in our dining room by the hutch that I re-did… You can see the hutch HERE
This yellow candle holder that is on our entertainment center was the inspiration for the new color of the bench..
I chose a semi-gloss paint so that the bench would be easy to clean.
After… Bella even likes it haha

I have a plan for what is going to hang over this cute little bench, but that is a project for another day…

I hope you liked my cute little yellow bench that I re-did! I feel like it was always meant to be this bright, sunny yellow color. Remember to go “like” Liz Marie Blog on Facebook & add any pictures of DIY projects you have done or are working on! Also if you want to be featured on Liz Marie Blog, send your pictures and info to! Have a lovely day!!

Ten Simple Tips to Painting Furniture..

 I love painting furniture & giving it new life. I have painted so many pieces of  furniture that in turn I have made a lot of mistakes. Let me tell you, painting furniture is way different then painting a wall. I wanted to share some of those lessons I learned from my mistakes I made while painting furniture. Hopefully you can learn from all my many errors! Now I am not saying that I have perfected the art of painting furniture, but I do have some great tips for you to get started….

  Tip number one… If you are working with a dresser or another piece of furniture that can be taken apart, do so. It is so much easier to paint the furniture when it’s in separate pieces such as drawers out of the dresser or table top off the table base. Remove all hardware & anything else that can be removed. You can pay better attention to the fine details & it’s more manageable to paint the entire piece that way.
  Tip number two … Always sand your piece of furniture before you start painting. You may not think that it’s necessary, but it will completely change the way the paint dries. The furniture does not need heavy sanding, just a light sanding with a fine grit sand paper would be sufficient.

  Tip Number three … After sanding the piece of furniture always wipe it down with a clean rag to remove any dust. This will allow the paint to be true to color with out any dirt drying into the paint.

  Tip Number four … Use a primer. This helps the final color to look its best. When choosing your primer remember that you must use an oil based primer with oil based paint. You can use an oil based primer with latex paints. The difference between the primers? Oil based primers are amazing at blocking stains and awesome at helping the paint stick to the furniture. It’s downfall is that it has a strong odor. Latex is not as good at blocking stains but it still does a good job & does not have a strong odor.

  Tip Number five … Prevent drips. This is one mistake I have made so many times because I rush too much! There are a few good ways you can do this. If you are using a roller (which I love the most) Make sure you only have a light amount of paint on the roller at a time & wipe any access of the edges with a rag. Same goes for your brushes, do not put an excessive amount of paint on the tool at a time. Also work from the top of the piece to the bottom to wipe any drips as you go.

  Tip Number six … Choosing paint. I like to use Satin finish latex paint for all my shabby sheek pieces,but you can experiment with any finish to make your piece turn out the way that you envisioned it. When you go to pick up your paint you can ask the paint counter employee what they suggest for what you want your final outcome to be.

  Tip Number seven… As far as whether or not you want to use a brush, paint roller, or sponge brush, that is all up to you. I happen to use all three tools when I paint pieces. Rollers are nice when you are working on a large surface (Such as when I did my entire bedroom set!) Brushes are nice for adding texture & simply adding great coverage to your piece. Sponge brushes are great for getting in small areas & for fine details. Also if  you have an air compressor, they make great paint tools for all kinds of painting jobs that are easy to use &  have a great final result.

  Tip Number eight … Polyurethane the piece when you are finished. This will make your piece easy to clean & dust in the future. You can get polyurethane in a spray can or you can buy it to paint on with a brush. Make sure to put on the polyurethane in even layers because as the polyurethane is clear, you can still tell a difference when it dries if it is put on uneven. Be sure to follow the instructions on the polyurethane can.

  Tip Number nine.. Allow your layers of paint to dry. If you plan on doing more than one layer, allow at least twenty four hours between layers. Also allow your paint to dry before adding your layer of polyurethane.

  Tip Number ten… If you are doing a shabby sheek piece of furniture, work with a few different colors. By doing layers of colors you add more depth & richness to the piece & after sanding it adds more of an antique look. & to achieve the shabby sheek look, sanding after the paint is completely dry is ideal.

  So that’s all of the painting tips I can think of today, but I am sure there are so many more that I didn’t mention. If you have any paint tips you would like to share please feel free to add them in the comments below! Also be sure to go like “Liz Marie Blog” on facebook for upcoming posts, pictures, & just to chat!

Love Always,

White Washed…

  When we moved into our new house this summer we bought all new furniture for the whole house except our master bedroom. After living in the new house a few months we realized our three year old furniture was looking a little rough & something had to be done about it. Being the ambitious person I am, I decided I was going to re-do the whole set. Wow! What a project. Half way into re-doing the whole set I wondered what I had got myself into, it was so much work. We have a king size bed, two dressers, & a nightstand that had to be painted. After two weeks & working 50 hours at my job on top of finishing the furniture, it was finally done! I didn’t realize what a big change it was until I looked back at the before pictures that were taken by my best friend the week we had moved into the house. Enjoy the Before & After Photos….

The final result…

I painted many layers of different shades of white on the furniture & gave it a subtle antique distressed look.

  The new light color of the furniture brightens up the whole room & makes it look completely different. I was scared at first for such a dramatic change, but I have fallen in Love.


Some more snap shots of the re-finished furniture….
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