DIY Antique Window Bookshelf

You know those projects that start like one thing, but turn into something else? This was one of those projects. My original thought was to make a coffee table out of old windows. So, good old Mr. LMB went out in the garage & tried to make that little crazy dream of mine a reality. […]

DIY Simple Dining Room Buffet

The transition from military life to civilian life has be a long weird journey. It hasn’t been a bad journey or even really a hard one, just different. Our journey really started a year ago this month when we sold our NC home & moved into our NC rental. That’s when our journey home to […]

Chippy Drop Leaf Table Makeover

About two years ago or so.. maybe even three, I found a lovely antique beat up drop leaf table somewhere in the back woods of North Carolina. This table has been in 3 houses of ours & I loved it in it’s raw wood form. I always felt like it had a story. With every […]

French Blue Dresser Makeover

One of the reasons that I love painting furniture is that I love the challenge. I love the challenge to make the piece look completely different from how it look originally. The power of paint surprises me every time & I think that’s ¬†why I love re-doing furniture so much. This past week I got […]

Beachy Side Table Makeover

You know those pieces of furniture that are hand me downs from your loved ones? I feel so lucky to have a lot of those & I treasure them dearly. Some of those furniture treasures can be found around our house, & others I have yet to find a place for, or need some love. […]

DIY Antique Office Drawers Makeover

I love a good furniture makeover. It’s one of my favorite things. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this set of drawers that was not in the greatest condition, but I had a vision for it. I knew it needed to be mine & I knew exactly what color it had to be & […]

Leggy Bookshelf Makeover

We have now been living in Michigan a couple of months now & I’m finally starting to do things that I love that are not necessarily just for our Michigan casa. Things like creating art, painting furniture, & stocking our booth. This past week I painted a homely looking bookshelf for our booth & you’ll […]

DIY Round Coffee Table

Sometimes I have these ideas that come to my head & I can never shake them. they stay on my mind forever until I complete them. Some call it a blessing that I have such great follow through, and others might call it a curse because it will bug me until it’s done. This project […]

Chalkboard Top Coffee Table Makeover

This is literally my 3rd coffee table makeover post in the past few weeks. I can’t help it.. I must save all the sad coffee tables! This coffee table makeover I did was actually for my friend Christine which I’ve recently showed you her corner gallery wall & the bench we gave a makeover as […]

Wood Top Coffee Table Makeover

When moving into our new rental after selling our home, we ran in to the usual problem of some furniture not fitting & other rooms needing more furniture. One of those issues was our front sitting room needing a coffee table. We already had a coffee table for our living room, but the only other […]

Painted Mirrors- LMB Rental Daybed Room

I know even as I write this that this post will be a little controversial. A while back I posted the daybed room that had two mirrors behind the daybed. I asked on here if I should paint them & if so, what color. Well, the answers were overwhelming on the blog, Facebook, & Instagram. […]

Large Card Catalog – A New Furniture Adventure!

Hi friends!! I have something exciting to share with you! So, last week I was getting my hair cut & Jose went to an antique store right around the corner from the salon while I was getting pampered. I got out of the salon & Mr. LMB told me that he had something really exciting […]

DIY Craft Closet Office

As we are getting ready to pack up this house & move I realized that I had never really done a tour of my DIY craft closet office that is in the front guest bedroom. WHY? Because before a recent clean out it was quite a mess, but creativity is messy right? It’s still not […]

Mountain Smoke End Tables

A couple of weeks ago I asked on my Instagram & Facebook what color I should paint these lovely wood end tables. Some of you said white, very few said taupe, & the majority of you said to use the gray which was mountain smoke by Valspar. My instincts said to go white & play […]

DIY Rustic Bench

Hi friends! So, a few weeks ago I showed you our new “DIY small entryway”. By small, I mean small. Our house has an open floor plan so the little space by the door is the entryway we have to work with. Let’s not focus on how small it is, but instead make lemonade out […]

Buffet Makeover with DIY Chalk Paint

This is one of those projects that has been done for an entire year.. yes, a year, with out me blogging it. Sometimes I’m really bad at sharing projects that I do, but I get to blogging it eventually & that’s all that matters right? Well the backstory on this buffet is pretty simple. I […]

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