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Farmhouse Decor From Ikea

A few weeks ago on my 29th birthday I did what most people in their late 20’s do… go to Ikea for a fun filled day of shopping for our home. Isn’t that what the cool kids do? Well, I’ve never been a cool kid so I guess that doesn’t matter. Jose & I learned a valuable tip: Never go to Ikea on a rainy Saturday, you will be taken away by a sea of people throwing pillows & shopping for sofas. It was a mad house. None the less we had a great time & we found a few farmhouse decor & I thought I would share some of those finds with you guys here on the blog today…

Farmhouse Decor From Ikea - The best farmhouse finds from Ikea styled in a farmhouse.
Here are the above items as Jose wrote on our farm blog, TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com:

This faux Murraya is great on each side of the entryway inside or out. Also with proper scaling these look great on the top step of the porch. [Link Here]

Looking for a potter for the Murraya above, put it in this galvanized plant pot. [Link Here]

Finish out the look with this metal watering can. This piece adds just another level of detail to the design, and if you have any real plants around it can do what it’s meant for. [Link Here]

This light is one of my favorite buys from the IKEA trip. This over-sized metal lamp is a wonderful anchor to any space. [Link Here]

This dish towel fits in perfect with any farmhouse style, one day when we our kitchen renovation is over, we will fully be able to use them. [Link Here]

We picked up a few of these vases and have them placed around the house with flowers in hopes of speeding up this cold weather March and bring spring in. [Link Here]

Lastly, we bought three of these cushions for the three white metal chairs we have at our dinning room table. [Link Here]

& here are some of the items styled in our home now. We don’t have them all styled, but most of them & I caught a few shots with my cell phone today to share with you guys how well Ikea decor fits into our 1800’s farmhouse…

Some boxwood tress on our back stoop & by our front door along with the metal buckets & black watering can.

The chair pads on our white metal chairs in the dining room. The chair pads add a cozy farmhouse vibe & also make the metal chairs a little more comfortable.

Some of the tea towels in our dining room.. so pretty that we can even keep the drawer open. The tea towels there are so cheap, I highly recommend buying a whole bunch on your next trip to Ikea. Also those lovely greens in those pots are Ikea as well… I also recommend picking up a ton of those on  your next Ikea trip to place in all your vignettes in your home.

& lastly those clear glass jars styled on top of our piano as you can see above. They are the perfect vintage inspired vase for any room, & again, super affordable! Also, that sectional is Ikea as well which we’ve had for years & love!  I’ll share more of our Ikea finds soon, but for now these are working great in our fixer upper. As you know most of our house is in complete demo mode so it’s so nice to have a few areas semi-decorated in the mean time & doing it on a budget is pretty easy with these farmhouse finds from Ikea. What are some of your favorite finds from Ikea lately? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! It means the world to me! xx

Where To Find The Best Galvanized Home Decor

Where To Find The Best Galvanized Home Decor

Galvanized clock [here] // Galvanized light pendant [HERE] // Galvanized chairs set of 4 [HERE] // Galvanized & rope circle mirror [HERE] // Galvanized nesting bins [HERE] // Galvanized watering can [HERE] // Galvanized tray with rope handles [HERE] // Galvanized mail envelope [HERE] // Galvanized strainer baskets [HERE] // Galvanized three tiered tray [HERE] // Galvanized wall hanger [HERE] // Galvanized oblong tray [HERE] // Galvanized organizer tray [HERE] // Galvanized olive bucket wall hangers [HERE] // Galvanized lidded box set of 2 [HERE] // Galvanized windmill [HERE] //

Shop all the galvanized items & more below…

What started tonight as me finding a kitchen pendant for over the sink [I love the pendant shown above from Overstock!] turned into me gathering up some awesome galvanized decor for you guys. I also wanted a few pieces for our shelves in the front living room & so many of these items would work so well for those as well. I think one way to really bring the farmhouse look into any room is adding some touches of galvanized metal like a tray on a coffee table, some chairs around the dining room table, a light fixture, a mirror, & so much more. It’s a great way to add that rustic touch & it really adds a different texture as well which is always wonderful. I really think I might get that light fixture for over our sink… what do you think of it? Do you like adding galvanized pieces into your decor as well? I gathered some pieces here from Pottery Barn, Amazon, Overstock, & Target… where do you like to buy galvanized metal pieces from? I love finding authentic metal farmhouse finds, but when that’s not possible these are great too! Let me know what you think of them in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & be sure to click [HERE] to see some more of my favorite items!! xx

Click [HERE] to see some lovely neutral farmhouse rugs.

The Best Neutral Farmhouse Style Rugs

Affiliate links to the rugs shown above: 1 // 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8// 9//

Shop more rugs:

You guys! I’m currently sitting in our bed with Jose laying next to me sleeping. He’s so sick right now & I’m so worried about him. & of course when I worry, I can’t sleep. So, here I am doing some online shopping & blogging because those things are my happy distractions & that’s what I need tonight. We are looking for a rug for our front living room right now & it needs to be a large rug. My first instinct is to go for a jute rug which are my favorite, but I’m wondering if I could go with a neutral wool rug or if that would be a big mistake in the long run. I wanted to share some rugs with you I found tonight that are options for our front living room because I figured you guys would love to see the options & possibly love some of them as well. You an shop the rugs by clicking the numbers below the collage photo above or by clicking the individual photos above. Shopping for rugs is a love/hate relationship because I feel like the decision is so final, but I have to remind myself that rugs are replaceable, cleanable, & if it doesn’t work for our current space we are working on it could work in a different room. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with what we decide! Which rug is your favorite? What one would you pick for your home? There are more rugs included in the individual photos below the collage as well that I couldn’t fit, but loved as well. I hope this post helps those of you who are looking for some neutral rugs & thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes of our farmhouse fixer upper. xx

Modern farmhouse bathroom design - All from Amazon!

Click [HERE] to see a modern farmhouse bathroom design.

Farmhouse Style Pillows All Under $10

affiliate links to all the pillows: gray striped pillow [HERE] compass pillow [HERE] No. 7 Pillow [HERE] black & white checker pillow [HERE] neutral tartan pillow [HERE] pray big pillow [HERE] be our guest pillow [HERE] black throw pillow [HERE] swiss cross pillow [HERE] white swiss cross pillow [HERE] black and white stripe pillow [HERE] geometric black and white pillow [HERE]

Shop the pillows:

Wednesday’s are my day to be at the store all day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m there most days, but it’s my day to open and close the door and handle most of the responsibilities. So on Wednesday nights I’m pretty tired & I always set aside time for tv & web browsing.. it’s quite glorious with a cup of tea & no worries in the world. During my relaxing time tonight I was browsing on Amazon & I noticed at the bottom of my screen I kept getting suggestions for pillows. I thought I was seeing things because all of the pillows were crazy affordable. I recognized some of the pillows as ones that I have seen in real life in some people’s homes & I knew I had to share these deals with you guys. All the pillow covers above are under $10! Can you believe that? These covers are great to cover existing pillows you have or as new throw pillows. & because they are so affordable it’s easy to switch out seasonally or when you simply what a change. Of course these pillows are not the highest quality, even though the reviews are actually quite good on most of them, but I think having one as an accent in a space would be the perfect touch. Anywhere from a living room, kids room, entryway, porch, & beyond. What is your favorite pillow above? I think mine would be the tartan pillow. Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. If you want to purchase any of the pillows above you can click on the links below the collage or click the individual photos below that. Let me know if you end up getting one! If you want to see more of my favorite products & room designs you can go [HERE]. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today! xx

A whole living room from Amazon [HERE]

Church Pew Bench Makeover

You guys! Let’s take a break from all those kitchen demo updates & check out something pretty in our farmhouse today. A while back this past fall I got a church pew from Wayfair [HERE] when I worked with them on a project. Long story short, it came in late for the space I needed it for & so I didn’t really have a spot for it. Until now. It was at the end of our bed upstairs when it was in it’s original state & it was ok, but here at White Cottage Farm I like to make things customized for our space & sometimes that means that we paint the things. This time was one of those times….

Here is what the church pew looked like before…

You may remember it from when we had it at the end of our bed in our Christmas bedroom…

& after some paint in it’s new spot….

My idea was to move the church pew bench into our dining room to use at our antique farmhouse table. & since the table is a beautiful dark wood I chose to use Ivory chalk based paint by Maison Blanche. It’s my favorite paint & probably my favorite white for furniture. I did two coats on the piece & waxed it with clear wax. This bench is literally the perfect size for this table & fits three people comfortably eating at it. I put a long lumbar pillow from Madreana [Here] on the back side of it for some cozy texture. I love [This Pillow] by her so much & own quite a few & they are all amazing.

This little church pew inspired bench is the perfect little addition to our dining room & I love the added charm it gave to the room with the three different types of seating around the table now. I also love ivory paint so nothing is safe. What do you guys think of our new church pew at the dining room table? Do you have a bench at your table? Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today!! xx


Shop the post below with my affiliate links…

Read all about our dining room chandeliers [HERE]

I Got The Cover Of A Magazine!

This weekend as I came home late at night after a long & exhausting day at the store I tripped over a small package on my back stoop that I hadn’t seen as I was stumbling in the dark. Or maybe it was because my body was giving out at me after lifting heavy furniture for 12 hours & prepping for the grand re-opening this coming week. Either way I was excited to rip it open & see what was inside. As I opened it I saw two magazines & I couldn’t remember ordering anything, but kept investigating. It was “Gift Shop Magazine” & I immediately recognized the photo on the front cover….

Of course I recognized it from Magnolia Market & my visit there this past fall, but it was also a photo that I took.. yes, on the cover of a magazine! I was thrilled. There were also a few of my photos throughout the magazine as well. I had been in magazines before, but this is my first cover, & also a different situation where it was my photography & not my design work. Just a very cool new experience for me all together. It was also the perfect moment. Being a shop owner is hard. It’s so amazing, but it’s also a lot of work. I love it so much & I never want to hang it up, but there are seasons where your back feels like it’s going to break & your brain feels fried like these past two weeks as we closed the doors on our old shop & have been moving to our new location for our grand re-opening this coming Saturday [you can read more about it HERE]. The magazine was like a pat on the back, like a “Hey you are doing ok.” It was a true gift in that moment that I’m doing what I love & to keep on going.

That trip to Magnolia itself was a true gift. I went with Magnolia Home Paint by Kilz & it was a dream come true to not only visit Magnolia Market, but also to work with such a great team while I was there. A LOT happened during my visit & you can read more about that [HERE]. I spent a lot of time soaking in the sights, meeting amazing people, & capturing photos of angles that I loved. It’s such an honor to have those photos in print now to keep forever. I am just a girl who is passionate about design & decor & is so thankful for opportunities like this more than I could ever say. This feature was special in a new was as well because I’ve been in lots of home decor magazines, but to be in “Gift Shop” magazine as a store owner was pretty fun as well, now I think they need to come & photograph our new store don’t you think? A huge thank you to Gift Shop magazine for featuring my photos & making my whole weekend & a HUGE thank you to you guys because you encourage me daily to keep doing & sharing what I love. Thank you! & thank you for stopping by the blog today & everyday to see what I’m up to. Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes. xx

Read more about my Magnolia trip [HERE]

Read more about this lamp [HERE]

Magnolia Lamp

I hope I’m not the only one who does this because now that I’m typing it I feel a little bit selfish, but here it goes… During this fertility journey of ours I have learned that in the low points or the hard times that giving myself a gift makes it a little easier. I think they call that retail therapy. Well, as I blogged about [here] & [here], Christmas after miscarriages & while struggling with infertility can be pretty tough. The reminder of loss is all around. One thing that comes up is not being able to buy gifts for our seven littles that are in heaven. So, it always helps to buy myself something special around the holidays as a reminder of hope & of those babies of ours that we lost. Also, because let’s face it.. when I’m sad I like buying pretty things. It’s just what I do. Of course I don’t use this method alone to deal with our huge loss, but spoiling myself, Jose, & my family around the holidays is one of my favorite things to do. So, this year a while before Christmas I purchased something that I had my eyes on when I visited Waco this past summer…
The magnolia lamp from Magnolia Market. It’s described as Joanna’s favorite lamp & I’m quite fond of it as well. After living in North Carolina for 9 years, magnolia trees were always my favorite. In our downtown rental we had a large magnolia tree hanging above our courtyard & I was obsessive with picking up the fallen leaves & using them in our decor. I wish more than anything I could plant Magnolia trees on our farm here in Michigan.. Maybe it’s possible? Something kind of special actually happened by this lamp on my visit to Magnolia Market. You see I was by myself a lot at the market during the silobration this summer. I had a lot of alone time & found myself wandering around a lot taking it all in. As I was shopping by the lamps I met the sweetest couple who came to Magnolia market that day & we got to talking. I want to say we started talking about something else, but the conversation moved onto this lamp and how much we loved it. I wasn’t able to buy the lamp then because it wasn’t going to fit in my suitcase, but I convinced her to buy it since they were driving & I wanted at least one of us to get it that day. I was so fun meeting such nice people doing something so simple as shopping. I swear I met the nicest people while at Magnolia & this lamp is kind of a sweet reminder of that trip as well.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this lamp when I got it. It was packaged perfectly & came surprisingly fast to my doorstep. I was shocked that the lampshade was actually a thick sturdy metal [it probably said that in the description, but I was too lazy to read it] & the lamp base was also thick quality metal as well. Everything on it was super sturdy including the finial at the top of the lamp which is a large magnolia blossom. I wouldn’t change a thing.. super happy with my new whimsical lamp!

This magnolia lamp, or Joanna’s favorite lamp as they call it, fits perfectly in our cozy little sunroom & adds the perfect little glow to the space that it needed. On this rainy day when I snapped the photos it made me especially happy. I love lamps on in the house on rainy afternoons. It’s a simple joy that makes me so thankful for a warm cozy home. Have you ever checked out this lamp? Do you own it? I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. xx


Holiday Gift Guide For Farmhouse Lovers


Holiday Gift Guide For Farmhouse Lovers - A great list of gifts to get those people in your life that love farmhouse decor & more...

Affiliate links to all the products: I dream of shiplap pillow [here] Demo day & shiplap mugs [here] Magnolia Story book [here] cast iron string [here] measuring cups [here] tiered tray [here] candle [here] Bayleaf wreath [here] bottle rack [here] letter board [here] escape bag [here] hand stamped necklace [here] farmhouse pillow [here] baked pies sign [here] metal tray [here] Gather sign [here]

Shop all the products above & more below:

I can’t tell you how bad I am at telling people what I want for christmas or even making a gift list for myself for anything… I don’t want anything! From the time I was little I always wanted one thing & that was my list I gave my parents. To this day I won’t give a list to anyone because it makes me feel weird & I hate asking for things… BUT if I were to give a list this Christmas these would be a few things that I would love. Funny thing is, I could have kept going when making this “things I love list” & this is only the beginning. I gathered a few of these things that I love that I knew you guys would love too & may help you either give a Christmas list to your loved ones for yourself or shop for that farmhouse loving person on your list. You can shop the items in the words below the large collage or by clicking the individual photos below that. I also included some more items in the individual photos that I didn’t include in the collage because again, I couldn’t stop. I hope this helps some of you… PS. send this post to your man so they get a hint of what you want. But really, thank you for stopping by the blog today & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to follow along with me. & who knows, I might be back with another gift guide very soon before Christmas! xx


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10 Amazing Christmas Trees From Amazon

The 10 Best farmhouse style christmas trees all from Amazon!

Direct Affiliate links to all trees above: 1. Valley spruce. // 2. Flocked Utica // 3. Flocked Alberta // 4. Vickerman slim tree // 5. Prince Flocked Tree // 6. Abusa Flocked  tree // 7. Kingswood pencil tree // 8. Frosted Spruce // 9. Alaskan pine tree // 10. Douglas fir

I am one of those crazy people that started decorating for  Christmas on November 1st. I was also the crazy one blaring christmas music while decorating as well. No shame in my game! I’ve explained it before, but I start decorating for the holidays early so that I can share, & hopefully inspire, you guys here on the blog before you start decorating. This week I have shared a few of the Christmas trees around my house & I get a lot of questions about where to find Christmas trees. I love looking for Christmas trees a lot of places, but one place I find that has a great variety is Amazon & hello, two day shipping! So I gathered up 10 of my favorite today [there are many many many more] to share with you guys especially you guys who are struggling to find the perfect tree for your home. I hope this helps in some small way, if you already have a tree then I hope you can pass this along to help someone else. My favorite tree out of this bunch? Number 9. I think I NEED that tree. For some reason at this moment I want a heavily flocked tree in our house.. am I a Christmas tree hoarder now? I think so. Crap. Another thing to hoard. You can shop the trees by clicking the numbers below the collage photo or by clicking the individual photos below that. Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today, it means a lot! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram. xx


More of my Favorite Christmas finds…

plaid Christmas decor all from Target [here]

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A Very Plaid Christmas

Plaid Christmas decor all from Target - Cozy plaid christmas decor

Affiliated shopping links: buffalo check stocking [here] white and gray plaid throw [here] green plaid throw [here] plaid stitch pillow [here] merry pillow [here] noel pillow [here] reindeer pillow [here] plaid deer ornaments [here] red holiday plaid pillow [here] plaid tree skirt [here] plaid car placemat [here] merry Christmas banner [here] knit ball garland [here] buffalo plaid pillow [here] fur plaid pillow [here] plaid ornament [here]

Can I be honest with you? I planned on coming on here tonight & sharing a new piece of furniture that Jose built. But guess what happened? The election. That’s what happened. I didn’t think I would get so caught up in it & get so filled with anxiety, but I did. I prayed, I ate a lot of food, I put up a Christmas tree in our sunroom, & now I’m doing the last thing that always works to get my mind off things… online shopping. So as I’m sitting here in my PJ’s drinking hot cocoa & periodically checking on the results I’m shopping at the happiest place on earth.. Target.. for the happiest pattern on earth.. plaid! I gathered some of my favorite plaid items to share with you guys & I hope it cheers you up today too! I love adding pops of plaid in my Christmas and winter decor & I just love how it instantly makes the room cozy with texture and Just remember, no matter who wins.. God is in control & that’s pretty comforting doesn’t it? You can shop these items by clicking the names of the items below the photo or by clicking the individual photos of the items above. Thank you guys so much for stopping by my happy place today & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to follow along with me. xx


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Rustic Holiday Decor from H&M All under $25

The best Christmas decor from H&M all under $25!! Great farmhouse style inspiration & holiday decor ideas.. a must pin!

Affiliate links to all the products above: deer mug [here] deer plate [here] Gold deer [here] Gold tin with lid [here] pinecone candlestick holder [here] gold metal storage box [here] pinecone ornaments [here] book page ornaments [here] merry & bright tea towel [here] tree tea towel [here] tin candle [here] black candle jar [here] Gold trivet [here] large metal storage box [here] large gold metal storage box [here] large wooden box [here] wooden ornaments [here] gold deer hook [here] red & white pitcher [here] merry and bright coffee mug [here] merry & bright pillow [here] striped pillow [here] gold cloche [here] bear candle holder [here]

Since it’s November & I posted my first Christmas decor post here on the blog yesterday, naturally I went to one of my favorite home decor stores online & did some browsing in their Christmas section. My first step was H&M & I was so shocked at how much holiday decor I found under $25 so I had to share. I mean, are you kidding? That merry & Bright mug? Those large crates are metal & fabulous & those ornaments start at $3 for two of them. H&M might be the best place to shop this holiday season! Have you ever shopped H&M’s home section before? Their pillow covers & cushions are pretty much the best & for the price, the quality of the items are amazing. I couldn’t keep these deals to myself so I hope you guys enjoyed this glimpse at H&M’s holiday decor. You can shop the items above by clicking on the descriptions below the photo or the individual photos above. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram. xx

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Rustic & Cozy Master Bedroom

Lovely rustic & cozy master bedroom design - A great farmhouse style cozy master bedroom with all links to every item. A great blog for farmhouse & cottage style inspiration!


Affiliate links to all of the items above: upholstered bed [here] fur pillow [here] birch logs [here] rug [here] nightstands [here] knit throw [here] knit pillow [here] upholstered bench [here] lamps [here] baskets [here] fur rug [here] small framed art [here] chandelier [here] angel wings [here] clock [here] wall shelf [here]

This week Jose and I started talking about our master bedroom here in the farmhouse. You guys, when we start re-doing our bedroom it’s going to be so hard to decide what direction to go. Our last bedroom was super light & airy & I loved it, but I wanted to do something different in this house. We are just in the planning stages, but I thought I would give you a sneak peek into our planning process as I put together some mood boards for us to get inspiration from. Today I gathered some items from Wayfair [randomly started with that website because it’s been a while since I’ve shopped on wayfair] & I put together a more dramatic rustic & cozy bedroom. I love the dark furniture pieces like the upholstered bed mixed with the raw wood tones & cozy textures. That light fixture is also calling my name. I love the large wood nightstands for each side of the bed & the upholstered high back bench for the end of the bed as well. I think my most favorite thing was that rustic wood mantel shelf because it looks like authentic salvage. You can shop the items by clicking the words below the photo & also by clicking the individual photos above. Do you love this darker cozy master bedroom? What is your favorite part? Let me know what you think of this cozy rustic master bedroom in the comments below, on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & for sharing it with your friends & family.. it means so much! xx

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Farmhouse Living Room All From Amazon

A lovely living room design with all items from Amazon! Great cottage style & farmhouse style home decor inspiration. A must pin!


Slipcovered sofa [here] Jute Area Rug [here] Tufted Chairs [here] Cart Coffee Table [here] Large Clock [here] mirrors [here] Scale [here] clock [here] Metal tray [here] topiaries [here] number 7 pillow [here] striped pillow [here] olive wreath [here] light fixture [here] ribbed tin buckets [here] knit throw [here] candle sticks [here]

I did a post a while back on farmhouse decor from Amazon [here] & I just can’t stop looking there for decor ever since. I still want to spread the word that you can find farmhouse decor for your home just about anywhere. Anywhere from Target, Home Goods, & now even Amazon.Today I wanted to take the challenge & find an entire living room design all from Amazon & this is what I came up with. Trust me, I could have kept going & I could have picked a million things, but for today these are the farmhouse items I picked. All of these items are things I either have or what love in our farmhouse. In every room we have some sort of jute rug & we all know I love a good slipcovered sofa & neutral tufted chairs. I provided the links below the collage & I also included the individual photos of each item that you can shop just by clicking on the photo. I get asked daily where I find a lot of our cottage style & farmhouse style items & this is a great place to start. & if you are looking for a neutral style living room, then I truly hope this room design I did tonight inspires you in some small way! Have you purchased any farmhouse decor from Amazon? What is your favorite item that I posted about today? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today & for following our journey daily. xx

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Farmhouse Style Slipcover Dining Chairs

Farmhouse style slipcovered dining chairs

1 // 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7//

Hey! I went shopping for you again. If you have a hard time finding things from chairs, to dressers, to wreaths, & beyond.. I love doing these shopping posts for you guys because I’m always looking online for these items so I might as well share them! Today we got some of our dining room chairs in the mail that I will be blogging about very soon, but I wanted two accent slipcovered dining chairs to have at the ends of the dining table so I went hunting online & found some that I like. Some of the ones I share above are simply just the slipcovers & some are the full chair & slipcover combo. If you are needing a chair to put the slipcovers on, I really like [these] from World Market.  I love the slipcovered look to add texture & coziness to a space & also to break up all the wood & metal I tend to use in my spaces. I have personally had the world market ones shown above & the Ikea ones & love them both. I may just stick with the classics or break it up a little. You can shop the chairs with my affiliate links listed above or click on the individual photos of the chairs to go directly to the website. How do you guys feel about slipcovered dining chairs? Do you have them in your home?


Here are the World Market slipcovered chairs [here] in our last house & I still love them so! We are now using them at our desk which I will share later on the blog, but who knows we might end up with the same ones again for our new dining room. Updates to come! Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for first looks at all our rooms & new changes & as always, THANK YOU for stopping by my blog daily to see what we are up to. xx

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Untitled-4 (1)
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Untitled (1)
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