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How To Decorate Your Rental

How to make your rental feel like your home! Simple & easy steps to Instantly make your rental feel like the home you love. A must pin!
I have been meaning to do this post for so long now! I’m sorry to all of those who have requested this post & had to wait. As many of you know when we were in the process of moving from North Carolina to Michigan this past year we sold our home that we owned there & moved into a rental downtown for 6 months. Our rental was an amazing historic home downtown & that didn’t hurt at all. Anyways, the day we moved into our rental I started decorating our rental & making it our home. I wanted to share some tips & tricks with you guys on how to make your rental feel like home in some cheap & non-damaging ways so you can get that deposit back haha. Also, these are all pictures from our rental & it was an emotional rollercoaster looking through them, I do miss this house & all of the lovely memories we had here! Enjoy & I truly hope this helps some of you!

-Add lighting.

Like we did here in our dining room in our rental, one of the first things we did when we moved in was switch out the rental light for our light that we wanted. It instantly made it look like our home & not a “builder grade” light. It added a nice warm statement that was welcoming to us & our guests. Also adding lamps, and switching out other lights in the home is a great idea too! [see the full room here] 

– Add statement furniture.

Furniture is one of those things that you can add to your rental that will be your focal point, doesn’t violate any rental rules, & that you can take with you when you go. This large card catalog was an amazing find of ours that we added to a hallway in our rental. It made the home feel like someone had been living there forever & not just passing through for 6 months. Couches, dressers, buffets, dining room tables, and the list goes on. Add it all & you can take it with you when you move again.  [see more of our card catalog in our rental here]


– Liven up the white walls with accessories & plants.

Don’t be intimidated by all of the “builder white” walls. I mean, we all know I’m not scared of neutrals, but bring in the color with your accessories! Plants, pillows, art, rugs, curtains, & so on will help you bring color into your space. Also, all of these small details really add up & make the room feel cozy & styled like you want your home. [see more of this room in our rental [here]]


-Hang things on the walls.

There is this handy thing called 3m strips & if you haven’t used them before, where have you been? Seriously they are like magic. I hung stuff all over our rental with them & they work. Maybe you are allowed to put holes in your walls & that’s cool too, but I was more comfortable using 3M strips. By adding things to the walls it seriously made the house feel like home & a lot warmer than a house with empty walls.

– Add a bar or coffee cart.

By adding a surprise element like a bar or a coffee cart you automatically add that wow factor to the space & bring it to the next level. It’s also one of those things that makes the space feel more inviting to guests & makes you feel more at home. [see more of my coffee cart [here]]



– Have a statement headboard & linens.

For the bedroom we decided to utilize the large windows in the space as our headboard. Bringing in a lovely headboard & bed is a great way to have an amazing focal point in your rental bedroom. Also by adding lots of cozy linens, pillows, & rugs you cozy up the space instantly!

– Art doesn’t have to be hung.

By simply setting art on top of dressers, mantels, entryway tables, sofa tables, & more you get the effect of the art without the holes in the wall or the hassle of hanging it. A simple way to add a huge impact to a space in seconds. [see more of our master bedroom in our rental [here]]

-Add rugs.

Seriously add them. Add them in every room. I always go for a neutral rug because that’s what I love, but go bold if you love it & add some color, warmth, texture, & life to your spaces. A rug instantly defines your areas in your rental & instantly adds that feeling of home to your spaces. [see this coffee table makeover [here]]

-Add storage.

Okay. So I got lucky on this one, our rental had huge amounts of storage. Like our office pictured here that had floor to ceiling bookshelves in all 4 corners. I know. Not all rentals come with this, I really got lucky. But seriously add bookshelves! Add dressers in rooms! Add closet organizers! I mean, utilize every square inch of your place & add as much storage as possible. For example: Right now in our current home we have a dresser by our front door that we keep shoes in, & a basket underneath that we keep shoes in as well because our coat closet by the door is really small. Add storage. It will make you happier. [See our office in our rental [here]] 

– Add mirrors.

It’s textbook. Mirrors just make rooms look & feel bigger. & let’s face it not all rentals have large rooms to work with. I love adding mirrors to small spaces & it’s a great way to make a high impact with one simple object. I added these mirrors behind our daybed in what I called the “daybed room” but it was really just a large hallway to the downstairs & the bathroom. It made the space feel bigger & added a unique detail with the vintage painted pieces. You can add mirrors above couches, beds, have them sitting on dressers, in the entryway, & so many more places.

-Utilize the outdoor spaces.
Create an oasis outside your rental for you to enjoy as well. Whether it’s a deck, patio, porch, stoop, or whatever you have, just use what you have to create a space for you to enjoy. It’s a great way to get out of your rental & enjoy the evenings or even to use in the morning while you have your coffee. In our rental as seen above we had a brick patio out back that we added a grass rug to along with some patio furniture & some cozy pieces. It didn’t take long or a lot of money, but we created a place that we loved to hang out & it made us love our rental even more.

– Ask what you can do.

This one is huge! When I blogged that we made over our sunroom & our bathroom in our rental so many people were like “Are your landlords going to be mad?” “I bet you will be in trouble if you get caught!” “How are you able to do this in your rental?” Do you want to know the answer? I simply texted our landlord and asked if I could paint the bathroom & the sunroom & they said YES! Both rooms were not the best & honestly I bet they were thankful that someone was going to help them out a little. It doesn’t hurt to just ask. If you love making you house your home & it makes you happy than a few hours of painting is so worth doing. That sunroom turned from a place I was scared to sit in because of bugs under the carpet to a place that I loved sitting and having my coffee when all we did was rip the carpet up and throw it out & paint the walls & the door. So simple! [Sunroom makeover [here]] [bathroom makeover [here]]


I hope you guys loved this post about my tips & tricks on how to decorate your rental. I loved renting that home & have so many great memories there. I get a lot of emails from people saying they hate their rental or that they hate renting all together so I hope this helps those that are in that position of not liking where they live at the moment. I truly try to make every house we live in a place that we love & can truly call home. Let me know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Instagram. xx


Jenna from Jenna Burger blog did a wonderful post on how I create a meaningful home over on her blog this week. Come see how I create a meaningful home & more pictures of our current home [here] xx



Bright & Light Master Bedroom – LMB Rental

Light & bright master bedroom - lovely inspiration on how to create a light & bright bedroom in your home!

Wow, I have no idea why I never blogged a tour of our Master Bedroom while we lived in our rental. I don’t even have a reason for you. We loved this space & we found it so cozy. I miss this space in our historic rental probably the most just because of the light & how the sun came in this room so beautifully. I shot a few quick photos as the sun was setting on night in this room the day before the movers came & I wanted to show a quick little tour of our bright & light master bedroom in our rental…

Light & bright master bedroom - lovely inspiration on how to create a light & bright bedroom in your home!
Light & bright master bedroom - lovely inspiration on how to create a light & bright bedroom in your home!
I know this is so symbolic, but the sun setting in the room as I was taking these photos really made me all teary eyed because it was like the sun setting on our time in North Carolina. I probably should have blogged this room a while before the movers were coming since somethings were packed up & things didn’t look the same, but I couldn’t possibly close the chapter on our NC home without blogging this space. What do you think of our North Carolina rental master bedroom? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!


Source list:

Striped bedding: Ikea
White bedding: H&M
Rug: RugsUSA
Bench: Marshalls
Throw: Target
Lamps: Target
Plants: Ikea
Nightstands: DIY{here}
Lumbar pillow: DIY {Here}
Curtains: H&M
TV stand: DIY {Here}
Pouf: Target
Shoes: Target
Frames: TJ Maxx
Word art: House of Belonging 
Baskets: Ikea

LMB Rental Bathroom Makeover – Pt. 4 Final Reveal

Bathroom makeover - on a SERIOUS budget! A must pin for anyone living with rooms that they don't love.

Yay! The downstairs bathroom in our rental is finally finished! This project was really fun for many reasons. One reason is because just seeing the power of paint & a little styling is always so exhilarating for me. Two because it proves a point, even if you can’t do as much as we can in our rental, you can make your rental a a haven. Even though we only have a month left in this rental, we now have a bathroom that we love & enjoy. We used all things we already had including paint & the only thing we purchased was the shower curtain & the rug which can be used again of course. With a little paint & some decor you already have, you can make any room in your home a place that you can be proud of. 

Bathroom Makeover - ON A SERIOUS BUDGET!
The small bathroom is now very light & bright as opposed to it looking like a dungeon before. I honestly was freaked out about taking a shower in this space before & now I actually look forward to it. Design can really change your mood & this bathroom is complete proof of that. The paint color we used is gray shimmer by Behr & it covered the purple like a dream.

Bathroom Makeover - ON A SERIOUS BUDGET!

Bathroom Makeover - ON A SERIOUS BUDGET! Bathroom Makeover - ON A SERIOUS BUDGET! Oh man. Just looking at the before pictures it makes me mad that we lived with it like that for 6 months & didn’t make the changes sooner. The details? Well, the curtains, rugs, plants, basket, candle, tray, antlers & towels are all from Marshalls. The only new Marshalls items are the curtains & the rugs. The amazing hexagon shelves that reflect the hexagon tiles on the floor are from Axel on Etsy. Their whole store is super cute & the shelves are a great focal point in this space. The gray towel with writing is from World Market along with the bath salts, soap, & lotion. The magnified mirror is from Ikea & that’s about it for the source list. You can see the painted cabinet makeover {here}, & more about the curtains {here}.




I’ll say it again because I know you are thinking it… THE POWER OF PAINT IS AMAZING! I really hope that through this bath makeover it really inspired you to make every room in your home a space that you love no matter if you are renting or if you own, & whatever budget you are on. Use what you have & make it a space you love. Let me know what you think of the bathroom makeover in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram! xx

See more of our rental:


Navy Blue Office – LMB Rental July 2014

Navy Blue Office

The navy blue office was one of the first rooms that I couldn’t wait to style when we moved into our rental a few months ago. I was unpacking boxes as we loaded them in the house & styling the shelves with stuff that we already owned. I was excited to work with these floor to ceiling bookshelves & this small little room off of our front sitting room. I’m still waiting on new window treatments, and I want to add a few lovely details, but if I waited for the room to be perfect than I would never be able to show it to you. Do I say that all the time? Yes, I probably do. I want you to feel confident with your house, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be perfect for you to be content with your space. Show those rooms off! Even when you have curtains hanging a foot off the ground….

Navy Blue Office

Navy Blue Office Navy Blue Office Navy Blue Office DSC_1894DSC_1899DSC_1929DSC_1932DSC_1906DSC_1908

The walls in the office are relaxed navy by Valspar & they were painted by the previous owners. Of course if I had my choice of paint I would have chosen white, but I had the fun of the “challenge” of decorating with the navy walls. The rug is from Pottery barn, the desk is a painted antique, the fiddle fig print is something I found {here} & had printed at Staples & I placed in an antique window. The chair was another fabulous antique find {For Free!} it’s a comfortable desk chair & I love all the pops of green in this room with the navy blue. What do you think of the office space? Have a question or want to know where something is from? Leave it in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram! I hope you like the space & thank you so much for stopping by my little blog today! xx

More rooms in our rental:

Painted Mirrors- LMB Rental Daybed Room

Painted mirror makeover -

I know even as I write this that this post will be a little controversial. A while back I posted the daybed room that had two mirrors behind the daybed. I asked on here if I should paint them & if so, what color. Well, the answers were overwhelming on the blog, Facebook, & Instagram. The answers ranged from, “They need to be gray!”, “Teal is where it’s at!”, “A bright and sunny yellow.”, all the way to, “You better not paint those or I will unfollow your blog.” Ok, maybe not that far, but some people were pretty serious about me not painting the mirrors. Well, I was WAY too curious to see what the mirrors would look like painted to leave them natural. I have mixed feelings about the painted mirrors, but I’ll let you be the judge too {be nice!}.

Painted mirror makeover - lizmarieblog.comNow here are my feelings. I loved the richness and warmth of the wood on the mirrors before I painted them. I liked the contrast of the wood against the white bedding. All of that was great, but I longed for more character & let’s face it I like painting things. The color I used for the mirrors is one of my favorite shades of light gray, Behr Marquee Gray Shimmer. I love that it’s almost white with a hint of gray. A subtle color that looks lovely with the warm wood poking out with the distressing.

Painted mirror makeover -

To paint the mirrors I first started by not taping. haha it was a spur of the moment decision to paint them so all steps I should have taken went out the window. I took a brush & just started painting. The Behr Marquee paint is nice in the fact that even being such a light color I didn’t prime and it needed only two coats. After the paint was dry I sanded the mirrors to give them a distressed look & I was done. I didn’t seal the mirrors because the marquee paint is so durable it’s not necessary. An hour project. I’m down with that.

Painted mirror makeover -
Painted mirror makeover -
Painted mirror makeover -

So what is your verdict on the mirrors? Be nice please. No need to break our friendship over some painted wood. I like you too much. Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.