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Magazine Storage


We all have those moments no matter what we are doing where we have a block. Writers block, decorators block, creative block, & so on and so on. In these times we need to be inspired. When I have decorators or DIY block I like going to stores to get inspired,
browsing pinterest, checking out my favorite blogs, but one of my favorites is being inspired by magazines. I love flipping through the pages, reading them in the bath, & there is just something about having a hard copy of a magazine in your hands that is so inspiring.


 I always keep a stack of magazines around like pottery barnBetter Homes & Gardens, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Country Living, exd. I love browsing through these magazines to get inspired & now these magazines have a lovely place to sit in our home on display & ready to be browsed through. I have found that if I have them out in the open I am more likely to read them as opposed to them being tucked away some where & forgetting about them. Also by seeing them out in the open they can become part of your home decor with their beautiful covers like this pottery barn cover in the photos.


With a wire basket from TJ Maxx {They always seem to have great baskets} an off white paint chip card, & some alphabet stamps which you can purchase for $5  {Here} I created a lovely little home for my inspirational magazines. For the label I cut out an off white paint chip I had into the size of the opening on the basket. & then  I simply stamped with my mini alphabet rubber stamps with the Staz on ink {my favorite stamping ink}. The reason I used the off white color chip for the label was because first of
all I had it lying around & second so the label would not be stark white like a normal sheet of paper. It worked really well!






This post may be a sneak peek at another change in our living room. I am So excited to share the changes in our living room with you. For now you can see some small changes in the living room {here}. I hope you are all having a great week. For what I have been up to you can find me on instagram {here} and facebook {here}. Where do you store your magazines? Do you go to magazines for inspiration? What are you favorite magazines?

“Clean It” Linky Party

PicMonkey Collage

Hi friends! It’s time for the “clean it” link party. That means if you have a post about cleaning,
organizing, or just tidying up any old space you can link it below and show it off.
At the end of this week all {9} of us bloggers will be choosing our favorite posts & showing
them off on our blogs. Be sure to check back for the features at the end of the week!

The ladies from the Dog Days of Winter have been busy! See what cleaning posts they
put up this week below…

Just a few rules before we get started:
1. Please link-up posts that involve cleaning/organizing projects.
2. Feel free to link up old and/or new “Clean It” projects.
3. Please include a text link back to the blog where you linked up
{link to specific blog post not home page}.

“Organize it” Features

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A HUGE thank you to everyone who linked up at the “Dog Days of Winter” linky party number 1- organization.
It was a great turn out with so many wonderful posts linked up!

Don’t forget to come back Monday for the “THRIFT IT” challenge.
It can be anything old that you made new.
It can be a new post, an old post, and anything in between. Be sure to come link up
your best “thrifted” projects on monday. For now enjoy the features from the “organize it” challenge…


I am loving how this small laundry room from Simplicity in the South packs
so much organization. Such a great use of a small space!


& since I am really indecisive, I couldn’t pick just one post from Simplicity in the South
& I chose her lovely closet office too. You have to see all the organization in this
office on her blog!


I’m loving this DIY Daily Journal Calendar from Mamma Miss, I have always
wanted to do this! Such a great way to organize all of your memories!

IMG_4646sunroom hutch

I love this organized {& pretty!} hutch from Craftivity designs! Organizing doesn’t
always have to be boring, it can be beautiful!


I am in complete awe of all the organization going on
in this lovely closet from Confessions of a serial Do-it Youselfer

dvd washi tape labels main image

This DVD storage from Simply Organized is amazing for many reasons, but my
favorite part is how so many DVD’s fit into such a small area.


Simply Ciani shared tons of great tips and tricks on how to store toys,
like this armoire storage. Check out the post for more great ideas!

To see ALL the features you can visit each one of the nine bloggers that are hosting.
We each featured different projects!

Mandy from House of Rose
Jennifer from Blissfully Ever After
Carmel from Our Fifth House
Liz from Liz Marie Blog

& remember, be sure to come back on Monday to link up all of your “thrift it” projects!!

Organize It- Linky Party!

Welcome to the first linky party of the “Dog Days of Winter” series! This week
it’s all about organizing. Organizing anything from your bedroom, you closet,
your kitchen, or like me, my master bathroom. If you blogged about anything
to do with organizing, I invite you to link up your post below & show it off!
& remember when you link up your post here on the blog, it will show up
on all {9} participating blogs!! How cool is that??
First let’s take a look at my organizing post. I organized our master
bathroom {here} & included a bunch of tips and tricks to inspire you to
organize your space as well…

PicMonkey Collage

You can check out my master bathroom organization {here}

Just a few rules for the linky party:

1. Please link-up ORGANIZATION posts only.
2. Feel free to link up old and/or new organization projects!
3. Please include a text link back to the blog where you linked up. (Only those that provide a text link will be featured)
4. Party Hop!! Please visit a few of the links & leave them some comment love!
5. We will be sharing some of our favorites on our Pinterest board. Be sure to follow it HERE.

Before you link up your posts below, let’s see what the other 8 ladies behind the Dog Days of Winter
have been organizing….

Master Bathroom Organizing Ideas

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So, last week you may have see my post on bathroom organizing {here}. That post pretty much motivated me to get our master bathroom into shape. We are about to give our bathroom a complete makeover, but it will be easier now that I organized the entire room. I was also motivated because tomorrow is the first day of our Organize it Challenge, part of the Dog Days of Winter are over series, click {here} to read more about it! My bathroom needed a lot of help, because let’s face it, the bathroom is one of those rooms I can shut the door pretend the mess isn’t there… Don’t lie, I know I’m not the only one who does it 😉 Let’s take a peek at how I organized our lovely little master bathroom & I’ll share with you some master bathroom organizing ideas. Please don’t mind the lighting,  unfortunately other than a window in our shower, the room does not get any natural light…

PicMonkey Collage


I bought all of these storage bins for underneath the cabinet at Target & to make things
better, they were all on clearance! I am usually not a black and white kind of person,
& these will not go with our master bathroom makeover, but they are under the cabinet
so that doesn’t matter right?



In the before photo, I literally had all of my hair and body products piled into one basket.
It was a mess to say the least, and so hard to find anything! I decided to sort the products
by body {lotions, face washes, body sprays} &  hair {conditioners, volumizers, creams, exd}
The chalkboard label stickers are from Staples, and I just stuck them directly onto the
containers & quickly labeled them.. easy easy!

PicMonkey Collage

If I learned anything from this organizing process, it’s that I have way to many products & that now
that I am organized hopefully I will use up some of my products!!


For the other baskets, one is filled with towels and wash cloths. This is probably
not permanent since we are re-doing the bathroom, but for now it works great!
In the middle basket I have my hair tools & some everyday bathroom cleaners.
Now onto my dollar store tiered tray that I made to organize my counter…


This was really easy to make and it really is so nice to have all of my most
used items out in the open, but not messy. It has made getting

PicMonkey CollageThis tiered tray was really easy to make. I simply bought crystal candle stick holders,
metal trays, super glue, and a sponge brush all from the dollar store.
I painted the trays with regular valspar paint in {green water}. After the paint was dry,
I glued the candlesticks to the trays in the center. That’s it. So easy & can be used for
so many things {kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom} The ideas are limitless!




Many of you may know, but I created a vanity closet in our master bathroom
complete with a vanity desk where I get ready & other organization DIY’s that I created
that help me stay organized daily…


This closet will also be getting a makeover when the rest of the bathroom does, but for
now.. this is what it looks like today. This closet was so large & we did not need that much
closet space, so we decided to take some of the shelving out and put in this vanity and
mirror. It seriously is life changing having a place to sit and get ready in our bathroom.


Inside the closet is my DIY magnetic makeup board that I made & you can read
more about {here}. It’s simply two metal sheets from Lowes that I painted.
I hung the magnetic sheets on the wall with a few small nails.
I hot glued magnetics on the backs of some of my most used
makeup, and they stick perfectly onto the magnetic sheets.
For the frame I simply hung it around the metal sheets…


For my nail polishes instead of throwing them all in a drawer, I created a nail polish rack
out of a spice rack {from World Market}…


Now, this rack would not fit all of my nail polishes, but it fits some of my favorites & I plan on just
purchasing another one to fit right underneath this one to fit the rest….



As far as my drawers go, I use these small white containers to organize my hair ties,
bobby pins, combs, and all of that fun stuff. Don’t mind my worn out brushes,
you can tell I use them a lot 😉




I hope you will all come back to the blog tomorrow to link up all of your organization posts
at our first linky party of the series…


When you link up to just {one} of our blogs, your submission will show up on all {9} of our blogs!
How awesome is that?? These linky parties are going to be a lot of fun, so start preparing your
posts for all of the other linky parties above! If you don’t have a blog, don’t feel left out! I welcome
you to link up all of your projects to my facebook page {here}. I can’t wait to party with you all!
What do you think of my bathroom organization? How do you organize your bathroom?
I’m pretty excited to re-do our bathroom, I love fresh starts!

Ways To Organize Your Bathroom

PicMonkey Collage

It’s the new year! I don’t know about you, but the new year inspires me to organize, clean, &
throw a lot of stuff away. It’s all about the fresh start. Here are 13 ways to organize your
bathrooms for the new year, whether it’s just adding some baskets or completely
remodeling, get inspired to make a fresh start in your bathrooms for 2013….


This pull out cabinet is amazing for storage of everything from medicine and face
wash to hair brushes and curling irons! If you are building a new home or remodeling
a bathroom, this would be a great addition to your bathroom.



Hanging window baskets on an odd bathroom wall eliminates wasted space &
adds great storage for things like toilet paper or towels for easy access & pretty storage!


My biggest problem in my bathroom is under my sink! Adding
some hooks, & slide out wire baskets instantly organizes  under your
sink for easy access to all of your bathroom goods.


Built in shelving behind the toilet area is not only great looking but also
great for lots of stylish organization & decorating your lovely little bathroom.
Think of all the possibilities!


Keep it pretty!! If you have bathroom items {q-tips, towels, hair ties, bobby pins, exd} make it pretty.
Use pretty storage containers, mix in some decor items, hide those towels that aren’t so pretty,
& by doing this the bathroom can be pretty & de-cluttered all at the same time.

bathroom organization{Source}

You will be so amazed how organizing your bathroom drawers makes
the room seem larger & like you have more space. Some simple drawer organizers to
store makeup, hair tools, and other products can make a little bathroom space go a long way!


For those of you with super small bathrooms, there may not be a lot of room
for shelving & no closets. Placing shelves in a corner like this can


Lacking counter space? A lovely shabby chic ladder next to the sink acts as a
small counter & also shelving for bathroom linens, and other bathroom items.
If you don’t have an old ladder, painting a newer ladder would be perfect!


Hanging a shelf or cupboard high up on a wall in a bathroom leaves it
out of walking area & is great for towel storage and also leaves
storage on top of the cupboard for other bathroom items.


To keep your makeup brushes organized you can makeup these brush holders from
supplies at your local craft store. Very cheap and a great way to stay organized!


Adding a shelf above the door is probably the best idea for storage that’s out of the way,
functional, and practical! This is great for items that you do not need everyday,
but for those items like extra shampoo, back up products, and extra linens.


Adding furniture in your bathroom {if you have the space!} Is a great way for
pretty storage to organize all of your bathroom necessities.


My bathrooms are not big enough for large pieces of furniture so I used
this antique stand for towel storage & also placed painted mason jars
on it for Q-tips & Cotton balls.

I hope you were inspired to organize your bathrooms! What idea was your favorite?
How do you organize your bathrooms? Have you used any of these ideas before?
I would love to hear from you! Well, I better get to organizing my bathrooms…

Facebook Changes & How To

We have all heard about it, Facebook has been making some drastic changes. These changes are making it so that fan pages, like Liz Marie Blog, are reaching less of their viewers than normal unless they pay to reach them. Some may be asking what the big fuss is all about… well, to me, facebook was is a great way of staying in contact with YOU! Some of you may follow me through email, twitter, google+, Pinterest, or Instagram, but a lot of you follow me through Facebook as well & I want to make sure that you see all of my posts, hear about my giveaways, have a way to talk to me & ask questions, see updates on my life, & see everything that’s going on here on the blog!

There is a few ways to make sure you see all of my updates on Facebook

First of all you want to hover your cursor over the “liked” button on the Liz Marie Blog facebook page {here} You will see a drop box with some options in it like: Get Notifications, Show In Newsfeed, & add to Interest lists…

Make sure the “Get Notifications” is checked. This ensures that you will see the updates from me on facebook by receiving updates when I update the facebook page.

Next.. Make sure that “Show In Newsfeed” is checked. This makes sure that my updates will show up in your newsfeed.

Another option facebook offers for you to receive updates from your favorite bloggers is by creating interest lists. You can add all of your favorite pages to lists so they are all combined in one area to view whenever you want.

After clicking “done” your list will show up on the left hand sidebar on your facebook page under “Interests” & you will be able to view all of the updates on your list by clicking it.

Did you follow that? haha. Trust me it’s easy & this will ensure you don’t miss anything! Do this for all of your favorite facebook pages & you will no longer be missing out on anything! If you have a facebook fan page share this with your followers so that they can do this for your page as well. I would love for you to follow along with all of my DIY adventures on Facebook, you can also follow me on Instagram {here} Pinterest {here} Twitter {here} Google+ {here} & I would love to hear from you in all of those places!! I love talking to everyone on all of my social media sites & staying in touch. Share your furniture makeovers, your DIY projects, & your crafts with me by tagging me so I can see you work…. Talk to you soon!

xx Liz Marie

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Closet Rooms & A Giveaway

As many of you know from my last post {here} where I shared tips & tricks on small space living, that I have recently partnered with Apartment Guide to help you make your small space living a little easier & more efficient….

 1 II 2 II 3

1 II 2 II 3

Small space living doesn’t always offer extra rooms for office space, laundry rooms, or vanities, but don’t forget about those nooks and crannies {Yes, I googled that how to spell it. What’s a cranny?} or those closets. Make use of them. Turn them into work spaces, laundry rooms, or anything that you feel your spall space living has been missing.

I turned our bathroom closet into a vanity closet a while back because of the lack of counter space our bathroom had. I still have the storage above the desk & now I have a place to get ready & store my bathroom essentials….

You can see the full post on my bathroom vanity closet {here}. By expanding my room into the closet, it made the space feel so much larger & you can do the same thing with your spaces too! If you are ready for a whole new space or looking to move, Apartment Guide has the photos, floor plans, features, & tips to help you find the perfect community for you.

Now for the giveaway. Apartment Guide is giving away a $50 American Express gift card to one lucky winner. It’s my first “Rafflecopter giveaway”, so if you haven’t done one before, just click “do it” on the widget below and you have 9 optional ways to enter.. you can do one, or do them all, it’s up to you! Just enter below, the giveaway will end in a week {Sep. 24}

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Apartment Guide and owner Consumer Source, Inc. partner with bloggers such as me to participate in blogger programs.  As part of that program, I received compensation.  They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any products and believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.


Maximizing Small Space Living

I have recently partnered with to bring you tips & tricks on how to maximize your small spaces! Whether you’re living, looking, or moving, Apartment Guide offers great tips on how to decorate your apartment and make the most of your space on the Apartment Guide Blog. Apartment Guide has a great article on essentials for apartment living & I came up with 12 design essentials for maximizing small spaces for 3 very important rooms in your home…

1 II 2 II 3 II 4

Bathrooms can get really crowded in small spaces. My number one tip: Utilize every inch you have! That includes the walls, door space, drawers, every single last inch of space.

Above the door storage: By simply putting a shelf above your bathroom door you have created an entire new space for lots of storage of bathroom necesseties such as toilet paper, cleaners, makeup, linens, & much much more!

Magnetic Makeup Board: This is simple to make & makes organizing and accessing your cosmetics a breeze! You can read the full post {here} but in short you can cover metal sheets from Lowes with fabric or paint, put it in a frame, and voila you have a makeup organizer to hang on your wall that looks good too!

Spice Rack Nail Polish Organizer: By simply hanging a spice rack in the bathroom to organze nail polishes {or other bathroom necessities} you just freed up counter space or drawer space for other items.

Cabinet Door Storage: Utilize cabinet doors by adding shelves, racks, or hooks to store your bathroom essentials. Talk about using every last inch of space!

1 II 2 II 3 II 4

The living room could be considered the center of ones home, It’s where you hang out & in an apartment it could be a small space that needs to be functional & livable….

Baskets: Baskets are your best friend in a small space! Baskets on the walls, baskets on shelves, baskets under couches, baskets on dressers. Baskets are great for stylish storage in any room. Store your blankets, dvds, shoes, toys, and any other odds and ends that you don’t want laying around the room.

TV console with storage: Select a TV console that has lots of storage to utilize the space that it takes up. You can store many things in your tv console not just DVD’s and electronics.

Ottomans: Ottomans serve a dual purpose. They are great for stylish storage & can be used as a coffee table/foot stool. Just like the TV console, you should choose furniture that can be dual purpose to maximize your small space living.

Bookshelves: Bookshelves are great way to utilize your wall space height. We often think we can only use our floor space for storage. We need to build up and use our ceiling height in our storage. Bookshelves can store more than books and utilize the height of the room.

1 II 2 II 3 II 4

If you don’t think that the living room is the center of the home, than it’s the kitchen. It’s important in a small space to keep the kitchen organized so that it is efficient….

Open Shelving: In a small space cupboards may be limited. So, where there are not cupboards add shelving to store your cups, bowls, and anything that is used on a daily basis. Open shelving can also add to your decor as well. Pretty storage!

Pantry Storage: If you have a pantry in your apartment, maximize the space with baskets, again don’t rely on just the shelving, use the wall space!

Kitchen Island: If your space came with an island, that’s wonderful! use that as a station for all of your cooking & storage needs. If it didn’t come with an island, you can add one if there is room. Add a small cart, butcher block, or turn a spall piece of furniture like a pretty petite dresser into an island with usable storage.

Pegboard: You can use pegboard as seen in this picture to hang cups, pots and pans, utensils, and much more! Paint the pegboard to make your storage a pretty piece of art.

Stay tuned for the second part of this post for a giveaway & more tips on apartment and small space living! Do you or have you lived in an apartment or small space? How do you utilize your space to the fullest? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!! Share with us your experiences & questions you many have in the comments below…

Apartment Guide and owner Consumer Source, Inc. partner with bloggers such as me to participate in blogger programs.  As part of that program, I received compensation.  They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any products and believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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Jewelry Organization 101…

I wanted to show you a pretty
basic way to organize all of your lovely jewelry today.
Literally kindergarten level of organization.
but hey, it works!! 
I can’t stand clutter. Period, so any organization 
gives me happy little butterflies inside & that’s 
the simple truth of my life.
Well maybe I was really happy because this
is what I was dealing with prior to organizing..

Having trouble deciphering what is what? 
No, it’s not your eyes.
It’s a big ball of necklaces,bracelets, earrings & many other
little girly things.
As you can see the clear bowls on the tray above
just aren’t cutting it anymore. 

That’s Better. 

I used the hidden jewelry drawer in the top of one of my dressers. 
It was empty before & is the perfect size for
jewelry, but you can use any drawer that you have available.

I used different sized drawer organizers 
{about .75 each at WalMart}
You can also find prettier organizers, but I did this
very last minute, so this is what you get.
I also was thinking maybe a silverware drawer organizer would
work very well too!
I have a lot of extra space in the back of the drawer
 for more jewelry,
 which is good since I hadn’t put all my 
jewelry away when I had taken these photos.

I separated my bracelets, stud earrings, cocktail rings, watches & hanging earrings.
For other Jewelry organizing blog posts from me click here.

I hope my jewelry organizing spree has inspired you 
to go organize your jewelry stash.
This weekend has been a good weekend so far…
Today I worked on a few furniture pieces that will be in 
my shop soon & a few customized pieces for 
clients.. It was a busy day!!
Tonight I’m enjoying the Michigan game with 
my husband, I’m jumping off the couch as 
we speak cheering, so I better 
let you go, Thanks for stopping by!!
xx Liz Marie

ps. Don’t forget to enter the 2,000 follower giveaway {click here}.

Makeup organization {Part 3}

 If you are anything like me, 
which I hope I’m not the only one 
because that would be embarrassing…
you have a junk drawer full of nail polish & other odds & ends.
{Don’t lie, you know you do.}
I sometimes forget all the nail polishes I have because I can’t find them.
Here is a great organization tip 
for all of your favorite polishes…
Spice Rack + Nail Polishes= Love 

All you need is…
I got this spice rack from World Market for $9.99
You can hang this on a wall or since it has little feet, 
you can set it in the bathroom or closet like I did…
I hung my nail polish organizer in my vanity closet.
You can see my vanity closet here
Sorry about the weird bright lighting in my bathroom…
I need someone to teach me some sweet 
photography tricks… 
I hung the organizer with two nails & it’s perfect!
I plan on getting another spice rack to hang below this one
for more of my nail polishes. 
This makes doing my nails so much easier
& so much quicker because I don’t
have to dig for my polishes.
The polishes on the rack are…
Top left to right:
Sephora by OPI- Under my trench coat 
OPI- Lincoln Park after Dark
OPI-Suzi Loves Cowboys
OPI- Feelin Hot-Hot-Hot
Love & Beauty- Mint
Essie- Watermelon
Essie-Smooth Sailing
Essie-Sand Tropaz
Essie-Sugar Daddy
Essie-French Affair
Bottom Left to right:
Sally Hanson-Without a stitch
Sally Hanson-Pink Breeze
Sally Hanson-Pink Blink
Sally Hanson-Sonic Bloom
Sally Hanson-Quick Sand
Sally Hanson-Jade Jump
Nicole-Make You Smile
Wet n Wild- Party of Five Glitter
Sally Hanson- Strengthening top coat
My favorite nail polish brands right now are Essie  & Zoya
which I discovered through BirchBox.
I hope you found this organization tip useful,
& be sure to check out my other makeup 
organization tips {part 1} & {part 2}
Have a great Labor day weekend everyone!!
& Don’t forget the “2,000 follower Giveaway” 
starts Tuesday!!!

Lovely Jewelry Organizer…

    As many of you know, my husband & I recently took a trip up to our home state of Michigan.    While we were there we celebrated my Sister-in-laws birthday. As part of her gift I wanted to make her something along with things I bought for her. I decided to make her a jewelry organizer that I had been inspired to make for a while now. {You can read more about how I accumulated all the cabinet hardware to make this project HERE.} Now onto the lovely little Jewelry organizer that I made…
Even though I had made this a few weeks before we went to Michigan
I had to wait until after I gave it to her to post it on the blog
This was so very simple to make {In a way}
So this is the hardware board before I removed all of the hardware

Here is what the back looks like. 
Most of the hardware you can simply screw off. 
 After removing all of the hardware
I wrapped the board in fabric.
{I chose a type of burlap}
After the board was completely wrapped, 
I had to situate where I wanted the hardware on the board.
That was the hard part for me, because not every piece of hardware fits in every hole.
so placement took the longest. 
After I got them situated, I simply screwed them in through the fabric, 
and Voila
I also added some burlap to the jewelry organizer.

The bin pulls can hold rings, watches exd…
The cabinet pulls can hold earings, or necklaces can be draped on them…
The knobs can hold bracelets, necklaces…
I attached the fabric with hot glue {a girls best friend} 
& also the burlap detail was added with hot glue as well.
I hope you guys love my jewelry organizer that I made as much as I do.. If you do not have hardware display boards laying around, you could always attach hardware to a normal board {different shapes & sizes, lots of possibilities} 
I hope this inspired you to make some jewelry organizers for yourself.
Have you made any jewelry organizers lately?
Feel free to link up on Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page.
I would love to see them!!
Happy Sunday to you all! I was lucky enough to spend my day with my best friend,
{Also known as my husband} 
We had a lazy day, and it was wonderful!!

Makeup Storage {Part 2}

Welcome back to Part {2} of my makeup storage series. You can go see Part {one} of my makeup storage series HERE. Okay, so while hanging out with a few girlfriends this weekend we came across this awesome blog (can’t remember the name, so upset!) With an amazing makeup storage idea. Here is my version of the magnetic board makeup storage….


A magnetic makeup board. love.  As you have seen in my previous post Here, you saw my new Closet makeover into my new “Makeup Vanity Closet”. This magnetic board makeup storage is perfect for my new vanity closet. I put most of my favorite makeup items on the two boards I made.
{What You Will Need….}
Fabric ( I used a shower curtain I got on clearance @ Target for $5.00!!), Magnets (Lowes $2.99), Sheets of metal (Lowes $4.00 per), & a hot glue gun.
I simply attached a magnet with hot glue to the back of my most used makeup products. To make the metal boards I cut the fabric (Shower Curtain) a little larger than the metal sheet. After it was cut I folded the sides over & hot glued the fabric to the sheet.
Maybe I will add A frame to the boards? We shall see….
This is so easy for me to be getting ready at my vanity & reach over to grab the makeup product I need. I love this!! My vanity closet is coming together. Remember to go check out the closet makeover HERE. Also go to Christine’s blog & check out her version of the Magnetic Makeup board here.
I hope you liked {Part 2} of my makeup storage series. How do you store your makeup?? If you try this idea, go link up your pictures/post on Liz Marie Blog Facebook. I would love to see them! Hope you all are having a great week. ummmm pretty sure I am so excited that tomorrow is FRIDAY!! I have never wanted time to fly by so fast… My hubby will be home soon. I. Can. Not. Wait. I’m so impatient. anyways bon voyage… & look forward to seeing more blog posts this weekend!!

Makeup Storage {Part 1}…

I have decided to do a series on {makeup storage}. I am such a girly girl, and I know a lot of you are as well.. so let’s organize those makeup drawers!! I have a passion for makeup & true confession: I have A LOT of makeup. I love collecting & trying out new products, & let’s face it the cosmetic industry is constantly putting out new products that I am tempted to try… not my fault. So I am in need of good makeup storage, so I thought, why not make it cute? {Part 1} is how I store my makeup brushes….

I made these {Makeup Brush Storage} Jars for my new vanity.
I got all my items to make these jars at my local Michael’s.
Two jars (I chose a square shape), letter cut outs (That were on Clearance!), a hot glue gun,
& colerfill (tiny clear beads) to hold the brushes upright in the jars.
This is sadly not all my makeup brushes, but I wanted to just
but my most used ones in my jars. I will show you in another post how
I store my other makeup brushes.
The beads help the brushes stand up strait so they are always
easy to find & easily accessible.
I hot glued the letters to the jars. It seemed to hold really well,
but a specific glue for glass might work even better.
I hope you liked my part {one} of my makeup storage series. How do you store your makeup brushes? I hope you all are having a great week.. It’s Wednesday tomorrow, ALMOST the weekend. Let me know if you use this idea!! I would love to see your makeup storage tips, go link them up on Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page.