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Hi! I am Liz Marie, the girl behind Liz Marie Blog. I am a 26 year old Michigan girl living in the southern sweet tea sippin’ state of North Carolina. I have an obsession with antiques, mason jars, and giving new life to old things. I am a wife & a mother to three babies in heaven & two little fur balls, Bella & Bear. I have a passion for blogging & interior design, so I decided to combine my passions & create Liz Marie Blog to share my love for all things DIY & interior design. Liz Marie Blog is a place where you should feel like you are capable of making your home as lovely as you dream. You are capable of all things DIY, & I will show you that here on the blog daily. I am so happy that you are here & I would love for you to stick around & check out what I am up to. See my Project gallery, Sign up to get my posts delivered to your email, Follow me on Instagram, & see my latest posts. Please don’t be a stranger, I would love to be DIY 



Meet the love of my life, Mr. LMB. My best friend, husband, my rock, & the person that pushes me to chase all of my dreams. He just started a DIY man blog called Craftsman Drive which hosts the DIY behind my projects, cooking, & so much more. Be sure to follow him & show him some love.  



We love blogging & sharing our DIY’s, Design, & our lovely little life here on the blogs. I truly hope you leave the blog feeling inspired & feeling like you to can conquer the DIY projects you have been wanting to tackle. Cheers to a happy DIY life!!

Just some random facts about me, Liz Marie…

>> I am from Michigan, but I live in North Carolina
>> Jesus is my Lord & Savior.
>> I am a mother to one baby in heaven & two fur babies on earth.
>> I’m obsessed with my shitzus Bear & Bella. Bella is Bears mom.
>> Cherry coke is my weakness. From Target preferably.
>>We are moving home in a year to MI to live in a house my husband grew up in.
>> I went to a private school my whole life.
>> I was a cheerleader & ran cross country & track.
>> I am scared of heights. Like, really scared.
>> I used to make beauty videos on Youtube about makeup & pretty things.
>> I love road trips, cuddling, & shopping.
>> I love every genre of music & I play it all way too loud in my car.
>> I am passionate about interior design & blogging
>> I am 5’2″ & wear size 5 1/2 shoes. I love being short & having small feet.
>> I’m addicted to Instagram , facebook, & Pinterest.
>> My husband is my best friend. We met 10 years ago & have been married going on 6.
>> I was going to school for business management before Interior design.
>> I collect mason jars, anything deer antlers, quilts, & moments
>> My favorite season is fall. I’m not a fan of being hot.
>> I can’t function in the morning with out coffee.
>> I get my hair cut only twice a year.
>> I find painting furniture to be really peaceful & relaxing.
>> I don’t go a day with out wearing perfume.
>> I talk on the phone with my mom everyday {usually my dad too :) }
>> My goal everyday is to create beautiful things & to make others smile.
>>I’m a flats kind of girl. I’m WAY too awkward to wear heels all the time.
>> I have a birthmark on my neck in my hairline. You can’t see it, but just know that it’s there.
>> I was a competitive cheerleader back in the day.
>>I still wear some jeans I wore in high school They need to be thrown out. Someone save me.
>>I’ve attended three colleges.
>>I was a barista for 4 years. Room for cream?
>>I’m addicted to sweet potato fries.
>>I avoid roller coasters like it’s my job.
>>When breaking bad ended I cried a little
>>I hate shi-tzus.
>>I randomly lie about my obsession with shitzus
>>Cherry coke is my weakness. Target fountain cherry coke all day everyday.
>>I love baseball. Go Tigers!
>>Favorite celebrity guy: Tom Hardy. Yup.
>>I’m dutch. Among many other things.
>>I’ve been labeled a sauce connoisseur by many.
>>I hate being hot. Summers in North Carolina are no bueno.
>>Sleeping in is my favorite.
>>I brush my teeth & wash my face with coconut oil every night.
>>A jeep wagoneer is my dream vehicle.
>>Forensic reality shows are my favorite!
>>I strictly maintain a messy purse.
>>I’m a night owl. & please don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee in the a.m.
>> I call a phillips screwdriver a starfish.
>>my closet & my home decor are mainly neutral. Neutrals are my jam.
>>I set at least 8 alarms to wake up in the morning. Don’t lie, you do too.


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