DIY Door Chalkboard Calendar


A while back I got some old french doors randomly. When I got them I had NO idea what to do with them so they just sat for a while. One day I laid the doors sideways on the floor & I instantly saw it. A weekly chalkboard calendar. I know there are many possibilities for this door, but that is where my brain went with it. It was so easy to make … [Continue reading...]

Industrial Farmhouse Dining Room

Untitled 1

farmhouse table [here]. Light fixture [here]. Dinnerware [here]. Table runner [here]. rug [here]. Curtains [here]. organizer [here]. console table [here]. bottle dryer [here]. Mugs [here]. Flatware [here]. Metal bar [here]. Metal display cabinet [here]. black dining chairs [here]. slipcovered chairs [here]. candlesticks [here]. Gray chairs … [Continue reading...]

Simple Winter Kitchen


I figured it out today. I figured out why my decor this winter is so simple & why it's so pleasing to me. This is going to get deep, but these are my thoughts I had today as I snapped a few photos of our simple winter kitchen. Many of you know that I am opening up a store with two other lovely ladies. It's been such a blessing & so amazing, … [Continue reading...]

Simply Cozy Winter Dining Room


This week is so fun for me guys! I was so honored by your sweet words here on the blog, Instagram, Facebook, & more about our cozy rustic winter living room yesterday [here]. Thank you for always making me smile, sharing my blog, & just stopping by to see what I'm up to. I love blogging & it wouldn't be as fun without all of you guys … [Continue reading...]

Cozy Rustic Winter Living Room


I have been so excited to share our winter home with you guys! I was excited for a few reasons, but one of the main reasons was because taking down the Christmas decor can be really hard every year because the house feels really bare & empty, but I wanted to show you that winter decor can be cozy and inviting as well. We took our Christmas … [Continue reading...]

2016 Word Of The Year – Happy New Year!

PicTapGo-Image (2)

Hi friends! Can you believe that today is New Years Eve? Yah, me neither. Wow! 2015 flew by & I'm not going to lie, even though the year had a million highs, it had it's share of lows as well. 2015 was a year of adapting. We settled in our new home in Michigan, new jobs, new state, new lifestyle, new everything. That was hard. I had so many … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Rustic Winter Decor


This week after Christmas I really wanted to focus on winter decor here on the blog to help any of you struggling with taking your Christmas decor & not knowing what to do with your house, or those who are about to take your christmas decor down & are sad because you don't want a bare house. Of course I'll be sharing our winter home soon, … [Continue reading...]

Winter Decor Inspiration


birch candle//candle holders//knit throw//Gray fur pillow//fur stool//fur throws//birch snowflake lights//lanterns//pine wreath//metallic pillow//Windsor dining chairs//copper accent table//bear head//plaid throw//plaid poof//string lights//birch logs//copper handle basket//coffee mugs//pine cone garland//wood tray//pinecone garland//mercury glass … [Continue reading...]

Best Blog Posts Of 2015


Wow you guys!!! I can't believe we are only a few days away from 2016. I know that people say that a lot... BUT I am honestly in shock. It doesn't feel real. This time last year we were moving into our Michigan home & settling in. This year has been filled with a lot of ups and downs, but mostly ups. We have been making this Michigan house our … [Continue reading...]

Cozy Neutral Master Bedroom


  As I was sitting here tonight between the busy week of holiday parties, getting the new store together, & just being busy with Christmas stuff I needed a break from it all & I went to my happy place which is designing rooms. I was craving a cozy retreat so I decided to throw together a design board filled with some of my favorite … [Continue reading...]

Christmas After Miscarriage


The holidays are my favorite time of the year & they always have been. The excitement, the build-up to the big day, warm family gatherings, tons of food, presents, holiday movies, giving gifts, seeing relatives you don't get to see too often, going to church to celebrate Jesus' birth, & the list goes on. One thing that has changed the … [Continue reading...]

Simple Cottage Christmas Bedroom


Happy "week of Christmas"!!! Jose and I were jamming out to Christmas songs in the jeep all weekend [we both can't sing very well, so be thankful that you weren't with us] I don't know what it is about the week of Christmas, but it made us even more excited for Christmas than we already were. The one thing I'm sad about being the week of Christmas? … [Continue reading...]

Industrial Farmhouse Office


  I am in the middle of re-doing our office right now & it's so fun creating a creative space for me to get some work done. It got me thinking tonight while I was drinking some tea by the Christmas tree thinking about some lovely office designs & of course my brain wouldn't turn off until I share some things with you guys. I … [Continue reading...]

DIY Snow Globe Jars


Today we are 10 days away from Christmas & it's seriously been in the 60's here in Michigan. I am NOT complaining at all, but I am going to say being in Michigan with no snow this close to Christmas feels odd & not as much like Christmas as it usually does. Does that make sense? So, I decided to bring my own snow to Michigan & do a … [Continue reading...]

Big News…. NEW STORE!

Image (1)

  Please excuse the bad selfie in the rain photo, but guess what is behind those doors?! So, I have been keeping a little secret. I am opening up a store here in Michigan. Yes, it's true. Well, first a little back story. When I was very very young my family and I discovered how in love with home decor & all things to do with it I … [Continue reading...]

Cozy Cottage Christmas Living Room


You know how I always change things around? Yah that. Well, I made some changes in our upstairs living room Christmas decor & I wanted to show you how just some small changes can change the room drastically. I loved the sleds in our cozy cottage Christmas living room, but I also wanted to use the sleds outside on our porch for Christmas so I … [Continue reading...]

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