One Horn White Nightstand Makeover


You guys know by now that you can't trust me locked in a room with a can of paint right? Well, a few weeks ago I got my shipment of Magnolia Home paint & I've been having a little fun with it. One of my first projects? Giving our nightstands in our master bedroom a makeover! I got these antique dressers years ago in North Carolina & they … [Continue reading...]

The Best Red, White, & Blue Decor


Hi guys! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. It's memorial day & I thought about taking the day off from blogging, but I really wanted to come on here & share my love for our country & my love for our service men & women who have given everything for our freedom. Memorial day is all about being thankful for our troops … [Continue reading...]

The Best Farmhouse Style Buffets


  White shabby console [here] shutter door sideboard [here] solid wood sideboard [here] tall curio cabinet [here] Rustic white buffet [here] driftwood tall cabinet [here] mint chippy cabinet [here] Rustic black server [here] Gray rustic buffet [here] card catalog buffet [here] rustic hutch style cabinet [here] wood & metal buffet … [Continue reading...]

DIY Window Greenhouse


I don't say this to Jose often, but when he makes me something it's literally the most romantic thing he could do for me. Jose is very extravagant with surprises & romantic gestures, but really my favorite thing is seeing him be creative & create things for me. But if I tell him that he might stop with the other surprises.. so, let's have … [Continue reading...]

DIY Succulent Drawer


I've been doing a whole "clean my garage out" series lately. Just click [here] to see more posts I've done lately of things I've been pulling out of my garage & fixing up & doing projects with. Well, this week I found a couple old drawers & decided to do something fun with them. Why not do something quick & easy with my favorite … [Continue reading...]

Antique Bi-Fold Doors – How To Cover A wall Vent


There has been one thing about this house that has bothered me since we moved in over a year ago. Like, bothered me to my core. It's something that shouldn't bother someone this much, but it has bothered me & I finally fixed it! Well, one of my antique finds fixed it. I shouldn't take all the credit. So, here is the corner of the living room … [Continue reading...]

7 Cottage Style DayBeds


Gray wash daybed [here] White iron daybed [here] Gray tufted daybed [here] Metal curved daybed [here] White daybed with Drawers [here] weathered wood daybed [here] white tufted daybed with trundle [here] I was working in our guest bedroom today & I realized that I have never shown our daybed yet! Well, I did on my Instagram, but not here on … [Continue reading...]

Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


You guys know that I switch up our kitchen decor quite often. I get tired of things or the seasons changes, or just because it's Tuesday & I got an extra shot in my latte. You just never know when I'm going to switch our kitchen decor up. Well, I got my Gable Lane Crate in the mail the other day & many of you know I've been getting this … [Continue reading...]

Rustic Cubbies Makeover


Here is part #2376 of my "cleaning out the garage" series. I blogged last about the beehive end table [here] & in that post I shared that we were cleaning out our garage & that means getting rid of my hoard. I made the beehive table out of all things that were in my garage & thankfully that helped clear out a few things. Well, we are … [Continue reading...]

DIY Farmhouse Bench


I have really been pushing to "finish" our upstairs living room. It's been since January that we got our new sofas [here] & that I started on giving it a mini little makeover. At this point I just want it to feel complete. I may switch things up later, but I am sick of looking at an incomplete room. So, this past weekend Jose & I did a few … [Continue reading...]

Sunny Cottage Tour- #LMBLovesHouses


I was feeling like we all needed a little dose of sunshine on this Friday so as I thought of a home to feature from #LMBLovesHouses, I knew I had to feature Sarah from Little Vintage Nest. Her home is a ray of sunshine & every little corner is just happy. I love how she mixes vintage & her love for DIY & makes her house a cozy sunshine … [Continue reading...]

10 Amazing Farmhouse Style Wreaths


  willow & hydrangea wreath [here] faux succulent wreath [here] clara wreath [here] Lavender wreath [here] boxwood wreath [here] boxwood wreath [here] olive wreath [here] driftwood wreath [here] hydrangea wreath [here] cotton wreath [here] Peony wreath [here] magnolia wreath [here] Want to know what's really expensive & really … [Continue reading...]

DIY Picture Frame Terrarium


I am one of those people that CAN NOT watch HGTV or go on Pinterest too often. Why? Because my brain will get overwhelmed. I already have too many ideas, too many project lists, too many things going on in my head so watching HGTV or going on pinterest will only flood my little head. BUT there are some things that I have seen in passing on … [Continue reading...]

Magnolia Home Antique Rose Bookshelf Makeover


A couple weekends ago I was at the store working, Saturday's at our store are my favorite, & Jose was so sad that I was going to be gone for the day. It's rough being away from your best friend am I right? But you got to do it sometimes. Anyways, Jose was so sweet & said he wanted to go out with his mom to some garage sales. I knew he was … [Continue reading...]

You Are A Mom.


I read an article recently that kind of got my blood boiling. It really takes a lot for me to get upset by an article online. I'm really good at just scrolling past things I don't agree with & going along my merry way. BUT this one made me stop & really think. I'm not going to name names or give away this particular article because she is … [Continue reading...]

How To Blog: The Top Eight Secrets To Blogging


  I am the FARTHEST thing from a pro blogger. I am just little old me, Liz Marie, who is going through different seasons of life & blogs through it all. Including our home & life journey. I don't use photoshop, I don't blog every single day, I don't use special lighting or wait for sunny days to take photos, not every project of … [Continue reading...]

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