Turkey Makeover – Neutral Thanksgiving Decor


I'm back with another post to show you how awesome white spray paint is. It can take something that doesn't fit in with your decor & make it look like something that was made for your home. & in this case it can take something that is awesome & make it even more awesome. I was shopping at World Market the other day for a few things for … [Continue reading...]

Neutral Fall Decor – Heirloom pumpkin Coffee Table


Sometimes I go a little crazy with my home decor. Most of you already know that by now, but in case you were new here I wanted to warn you in advance that today I went a little pumpkin crazy & it was wonderful. You see, I had created a pumpkin centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table that I will be blogging soon & I wanted to create a … [Continue reading...]

Antique Grocery Scale


It's not everyday I dedicate a whole post to one of my junkin' finds, but today is one of those days. You guys! I have been looking for a large grocery scale for quite some time now, but with no luck on finding on at the right price, I finally found one this past weekend & I couldn't be more happy. Now, it's actually a money scale.. haha, and … [Continue reading...]

Living Room Makeover: DeAnn Art Painting & Giveaway


Where to even begin with this one. I have dreamed for a long time now of having a beautiful piece from Deann art in our home. I'm sure most of you have heard of her & seen her amazing paintings, but for those of you who don't know, you must check her work out, I promise you will not be disappointed. Her paintings are simply lovely & the … [Continue reading...]

Velvet Pumpkin Fall Dining Room


I know I know I know, you all need a minute to catch your breath. This is the most color you have seen on Liz Marie Blog in years. You are so right, I hardly ever play with these bright pops of color, but let me tell you a little something about yours truly. I really do love color & I love pops of color in design. We just choose a more neutral … [Continue reading...]

DIY Fabric Covered Antlers


Hi friends! So, you all know I love some antique antler finds. I know they aren't everyones thing, but we won't get into that today & if you don't like some antlers than today's post isn't for you. I had this idea to line the top of our "Cottage on Tyler" sign that is in our living room above our card catalog, with some of my antique antler … [Continue reading...]

DIY Ladder Beam


We did something crazy. & I love it! So, I was laying in bed the other day & when you look out of our bedroom door from the bed you can see the high ceiling from the living room downstairs on the first level. I was thinking about how we had the beam on the ceiling removed when we gutted the house & how I missed the character it gave … [Continue reading...]

Oil Pulling – How I Whiten My Teeth


You know me, I rarely come on here and share my beauty & health tips, but when I do it's because I love it & it works for me. I shared before how I cured my acne and problematic skin [here] & I can't tell you how many emails, comments, & people I meet in public that tell me that it saved their skin too. Acne is no fun & being … [Continue reading...]

Michigan House Makeover: New Siding Before & After


Oh my goodness guys!! I'm so excited to be sharing this makeover with you today. You see, we moved into our home 10 months ago now & we have been slowly making this 1980's tri-level our own little cozy cottage. This summer we re-did all of the siding & it's made the BIGGEST difference. I'm finally sharing the before & after with you … [Continue reading...]

Ticking Stripe Chair Makeover


I have this very very very special woman in my life & I call her grandma. I am blessed to have both of my wonderful grandmas in my life still & it makes me cry just thinking how lucky I am & that I really should spend more time with them because I love them so much. I lived away for 8 years and was unable to see them whenever I wanted. … [Continue reading...]

Cottage Staircase Gallery Wall


Last week I decided to start a gallery wall on our stairway leading to our lower level living room that we are currently re-doing. Since we live in a tri-level we actually have 3 staircases, two of them that you can see from almost every angle in our home so they stand out a lot. Why not accent them & make them more our style. The staircase … [Continue reading...]

FarmGirl Flea – September 2015 Recap


Wow. I can't believe we did this. I feel weird saying "I hosted a really big flea market with 5 other ladies" because it may not seem like a big thing or something to as they say "write home about", but I'm here today to put my heart out there & tell you how proud of us that I am. Planning a lovely curated flea market like the Farmgirl Flea was … [Continue reading...]

Simple Dough Bowl Fall Centerpiece


Today we received some news that one of our little dreams was crushed. It wasn't anything to do with our fertility, but a lot to do with something that has been on our hearts lately. We felt God pushing us in a direction & we prayed on it, but today that dream was put on hold. Not necessarily gone forever, but just paused by God. I am thankful … [Continue reading...]

Living Room Makeover – Stacked Trunk End Table


Hi friends! Yesterday I blogged one of our new end tables in our lower level living room & promised to show you the second one this week, well I didn't wan to wait so here it is. I went with two non-traditional end tables for this cozy living room & I'm really excited about that since we had two very traditional pieces in here before. Our … [Continue reading...]

Living Room Makeover: End Table Number 1


I told you all last week that we are completely re-doig our lower level living room [ I shared a sneak peek on my @LizMarieBlogShops Instagram [here]] The whole thing started because we wanted a sectional in the space because it would fit better than the two couches that we had from our last house that we put down there. I will of course be doing a … [Continue reading...]

Best Posts of September 2015


I know I say this every month... but man September flew by! It was such a great month that brought some amazing things to us in our spiritual life, family life, & work life. No complaints here. As always we were super busy, but it was all welcomed. I worked on a few projects & decorated for fall in our home in a very neutral way [stay tuned … [Continue reading...]

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