Deconstructed Chair


The other day I was on Periscope [If you haven't found me on there, I'm Liz Marie Blog.. follow me as I make live videos of our home, my finds, & videos of my husband and I being awkward.] Anyways... I was showing our living room & I got a ton of comments about this little deconstructed chair that I had picked up at a flea market a few … [Continue reading...]

How To Add Farmhouse Style To your Home


I have some exciting news!! I was asked by Painted Fox to curate a line of home decor for them. Ummmm yes please. I have been shopping there for quite some time now & if you remember I got our master bedroom light there [here], my leather bag [here] & our office sign [here], from Painted Fox & they are two of my favorite items in our … [Continue reading...]

Painting The Card Catalog – Part 1


Wow.. this post has been a dreaded one of mine. For many reasons. Many of you know that we got a wonderful card catalog about 2 years ago in North Carolina. It's our greatest find ever & we both love it. There are a few issues though. What you don't see in all the pictures is all of the damage & work that it needs. This piece had lots of … [Continue reading...]

What Every Blog Should Have


Yah. That. What is something every blog should have? What would the perfect blogger have? What would their blog be like? What would make people want to read it? Who is the perfect blogger? That is the question! The question I haven't been asking you guys all along. The questions I should have been asking you all along. What do you guys want to see … [Continue reading...]

DIY Farmhouse Table


A few weeks ago I was trying to clean our guest bedroom when I accidentally took a nap. You know those kind of naps when you lay down just for a second to check your phone & than wake up like 4 hours later to your husband standing over you saying good morning. Yah. Those naps. Well, this particular day Mr. LMB was laughing as he woke me up … [Continue reading...]

How To Grow Your Instagram Following

PicMonkey Collage

Hi guys!! I am back from Haven Blogging Conference in Atlanta & I had the best time! While at Haven I taught a class with Jen from Style House Interiors. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to teach about how to grow your Instagram following & the class went really well. I am passionate about Instagram so it was a fun class for … [Continue reading...]

DIY Croquet Mallet Art


Hey guys! So, I'm currently in Atlanta right now for the Haven Conference. I'm so excited to be here with GMC & I'm honored to be speaking on Instagram. You know how much I love Instagram & so I'm excited to share my passion for it here at the blogging conference. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get all the updates on the conference. … [Continue reading...]

Master Bedroom Makeover Progress: Arhaus Bed


When we moved into our Michigan house 7 months ago we started dreaming about our "adult" master bedroom. That may sound weird, but since getting out of the military & going through so many life changes like moving across country, new jobs, losing our babies, & many other changes, we wanted to create a grown up master bedroom that we could … [Continue reading...]

10 Things To Not Say to a person struggling with infertility


This post is not a bitter post by any means. Sometimes when I read posts about fertility I sense this harshness that turns me off right away. This post has been requested so many times for me to do & I have now lost 5 babies so I feel like all 10 of these things have been said to me. You know, when people are trying to comfort me or when they … [Continue reading...]

Glass Jug Centerpiece & A Schoolhouse Clock


When you get a new dining room table you are supposed to create a new centerpiece right? That's a rule right? Well, I just made it one. Honestly our centerpiece before was a little too much for me at the moment so I wanted to create a super simple serene centerpiece that didn't compete with the cubbies & other things we have in our dining room. … [Continue reading...]



I kind of announced it in another blog post this past week, but I thought I would write a blog post & let you guys know about something fun that I recently started. One day while shopping at HomeGoods I saw so many things that I wanted to share with you guys, & I was hindered by that voice in my head saying that I was going to annoy … [Continue reading...]

How To Decorate Your Rental


I have been meaning to do this post for so long now! I'm sorry to all of those who have requested this post & had to wait. As many of you know when we were in the process of moving from North Carolina to Michigan this past year we sold our home that we owned there & moved into a rental downtown for 6 months. Our rental was an amazing … [Continue reading...]

Vintage Toolbox Makeover


Hey guys! So, I found this vintage wooden toolbox a few weeks ago while out junkin'. I probably shared it on my Instagram when I got it, but from the moment I saw it I knew it had to be painted. Looking back on it I probably would have chosen another color than I did, but I've been obsessed with this spanish moss color lately & so there is … [Continue reading...]

#LMBhome Tour July 2015


If you follow me on Instagram you know I have a hashtag #LMBhome that I tag any photo to do with our home on there with. It makes it easier for you guys to see past and present photos of our home all the way back from the day we moved in. Well, I decided that I should keep an up to date monthly #LMBhome tour here on the blog because every month our … [Continue reading...]

Best Posts of June 2015


I really thought June was going to be a "slower" month for us here compared to May. I was wrong. May still wins for busy, but June was just as crazy & on top of that we were busy with a lot of fertility stuff that I will update you all on later. It's been busy here. I never try to "glorify" being busy because being busy isn't always good, but … [Continue reading...]

New Campaign Desk


On a whim last week Mr. LMB decided to switch around our office & our guest bedroom. We are moving our office upstairs on the same level as our master & master bath. Then our guest bedroom will be on our lower level with our lower living room & bathroom. I'm loving it so far even though it's far from done & I have been excited to … [Continue reading...]

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