Best Posts of June 2015


I really thought June was going to be a "slower" month for us here compared to May. I was wrong. May still wins for busy, but June was just as crazy & on top of that we were busy with a lot of fertility stuff that I will update you all on later. It's been busy here. I never try to "glorify" being busy because being busy isn't always good, but … [Continue reading...]

New Campaign Desk


On a whim last week Mr. LMB decided to switch around our office & our guest bedroom. We are moving our office upstairs on the same level as our master & master bath. Then our guest bedroom will be on our lower level with our lower living room & bathroom. I'm loving it so far even though it's far from done & I have been excited to … [Continue reading...]

DIY Crib Bench


Mkay. I just had to share this with you guys. The photos aren't that great because our office is far from finished, but I am so excited! We were out junkin' on Sunday & I wasn't feeling the greatest, but right before we are about to head home we stumbled across this lovely antique crib that a wonderful local couple turned into a bench/daybed. … [Continue reading...]

4th of July Decor In the Living Room


I'm not always a holiday decorator. Unless we are talking about Christmas & than I'm all about it. But this year after finding a few antique flags I have been really inspired to decorate for Independence day. Just in time for 4th of July, our upstairs living room is decked out for the patriotic holiday & of course I wanted to share with you … [Continue reading...]

#ProjectFab Traveling Bag


Happy Friday! I wanted to share something fun with you guys that I did recently. Well, Actually this was like a month ago, & I have been meaning to share ever since. So Marshalls asked me to play a fun little game with them called #ProjectFab Traveling bag. Me & some beautiful style bloggers.. I mean fabulous & beautiful.. I don't know … [Continue reading...]

Dining Room Cubbies


A while back I shared some cubbies on my Instagram with you guys & asked what you would do with them. At that point I knew I wanted to hang them in our house I just wasn't sure where. After reading your comments & thinking about it, I decided to hang it in our dining room. This proved to be a difficult task because of how heavy it was, but … [Continue reading...]

DIY Nest Sign


You know those projects that you start & then two months later you see it lying there unfinished & you decided to finally complete it? Yah. So I started these DIY "nest signs" about two months ago & today I decided to finally complete them so I thought why not share them here on the blog. Oh & don't think the signs were unfinished … [Continue reading...]

Dining Room Plate Wall


You know the thing about decorating your own house is that it's best to do it over time & be patient. Our walls are still empty or filled with things that I'm wanting to change. Someday. Our dining room walls have been changing a lot lately & I'm excited about where they are going. I'm finally starting to love our dining room & how we … [Continue reading...]

Dear Father Of Angel Babies on Fathers Day


Dear husband & father of angel babies, Happy Father's Day babe. You are such a great dad to our angel babies in heaven & our future children here on earth. You seriously give your all daily to your family, your work, school, & I just want you to know that it doesn't all go un-noticed. You may think that this day celebrating dads is not … [Continue reading...]

DIY Antique Spoon and Fork Art


You guys know we are always making random things around here. One thing I always find myself making is kitchen art. Why? You would think it was for our house, but that would be wrong. We actually have no wall space in our kitchen really so I make it for our booth for other people's kitchens & that's fun too. I recently stumbled upon a bunch of … [Continue reading...]

Lovely Before & Afters – Spring Makeover Ideas


Hi friends! I wanted to share something really exciting with you guys today. Remember last week when I revealed my sunroom makeover that I did with Lowes in Boston? Well, there were bloggers like me doing makeovers for spring all over the east side of the country & I wanted to share their makeovers that they did with you today. I mean, who … [Continue reading...]

DIY Planter Drawers


Sometimes I'm in my garage & I start daydreaming as I'm listing to my audio books & I just start creating something. Sometimes when I wake up from those daydreams I have created something lovely & sometimes not so much. There other day during one of my audiobook garage daydreams I created something quite lovely I would say out of some … [Continue reading...]

DIY BBQ Caddy Stand


Last week we celebrated my little brothers high school graduation. He's actually my brother-in-law, but I prefer to call him my brother because.. well, he's like my brother & it just sounds better to me. My mother-in-law is seriously the BEST hostess. She is very detail oriented & all of her get togethers are always the best. From the food … [Continue reading...]

Lately… Bloom Workshop & West Elm


Happy Friday friends! OH MAN. Lately around here it's been a blur. There isn't a day with a list a mile long of things to do, deadlines, work, school, projects, home renovation, exterior house makeover, booth, trip to Boston twice in a few weeks, & of course we love & need to make time with our family & friends for our sanity because … [Continue reading...]

Boston Sunroom Makeover with Lowes


You guys I'm so excited to be sharing the sunroom makeover I did with Lowes last week in Boston finally! It was seriously a dream come true for me to re-do a room for someone who wasn't expecting it. Ok, so they were expecting us, but they were picked out of a bunch of people who applied for the makeover so how cool is that? It was also a dream … [Continue reading...]

Michigan House Update: New Siding Progress


A couple of weeks ago I blogged that we were finally picking out new siding for our home exterior makeover! It was actually a long process of picking out colors that maybe has been going on for a year now. I'm actually so thankful that we had a long time to decide because over time our minds changed & I think we landed on the colors & … [Continue reading...]

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