Top Blog Posts Of 2014


Ok. Don't even get me started. HOW IS IT 2015 THIS WEEK? Like, how? This year went by so fast & looking back at blog posts from this past year makes it seem like it went even faster. This year was a little strange here on the blog. It started out with us living in our NC home that we built, & after that sold it was all about our historic … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Decor Gone & The Flu


As I'm writing this it's 11 at night & I got the case of the sickies. You may remember me saying I was sick the day before Christmas even on Instagram? Well... it never really went away. I kept feeling like something wasn't right & I was super nauseous & couldn't eat a thing, but I figured I was getting better. Nope. A whole lot of … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Things Friday


Happy Friday everyone!! I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas yesterday... man oh man. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know that I was really under the weather & we had tons of parties so I am exhausted from the holidays to say the least, but oh so blessed! Seriously it wasn't all the gifts we got {Where are we going to put … [Continue reading...]

Merry Christmas & Best Christmas Projects


Hi friends! It's Christmas eve here in Michigan & I wanted to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas a day early because I know most of you will not be online at all tomorrow. I hope your Christmas is filled with laughter & beautiful moments & that you are surrounded by the ones you love. I am so excited to be spending our first Christmas … [Continue reading...]

Winter Decorations – Winter Table Ideas & More!


Oh man.. I'm putting this post up before Christmas because there is always a BIG question after opening up all the presents Christmas day & after the Christmas tree comes down, how do I decorate my house for winter?! Of course I will be showing you how I decorate at our house for winter here soon, but before this big question was asked by some … [Continue reading...]

Simple Cottage Christmas Living Room


With just moving into our Michigan house three weeks ago I actually found it really hard to find the energy to decorate for Christmas. It's not that I was too tired & sitting around at the house doing nothing, but it was the fact that I wanted to put my energy into other things like fixing up our home, painting walls, & more. But I did want … [Continue reading...]

25+ Easy & Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


Ok. If you are like me, you were not blessed with the gift wrapping gene. The gene that allows you to be super creative & talented in the gift wrapping department. I envy people who show up to the party with the pretty wrapped packages while I'm holding a gift wrapped in paper that looks like it went through a paper shredder. Alas, I turned to … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Things Friday


You guys! We finally hung curtains in our house today! haha that may seem like a small thing, & it may have only been in two rooms, but to me it's a huge sign that we are finally settling in. Things around here have still been settling down & it feels more real everyday that this is home now. I'm loving that feeling. We have been exploring … [Continue reading...]

Simple Christmas Bedroom


I kind of knew when we moved into our Michigan house two weeks ago that I wouldn't want to go all out on Christmas decor this year here because between moving in, unpacking boxes, & trying to get settled in I just knew it wouldn't be a priority. Of course I was exhausted after decorating our historic rental in North Carolina for the holidays … [Continue reading...]

DIY Mason Jar Holder – The Updated Version


Wow. I can't believe I'm writing about a mason jar holder. Not because they aren't amazing, but because this was one of my first EVER blog posts 3 years ago back when I was blogging only for my mom to see it. Really. I was living 1,000 miles away from family & friends & they wanted to see my projects I was doing so this is where the blog … [Continue reading...]

How To Frugally & Quickly Decorate For Christmas


You guys.. in case you didn't know, Christmas is next week! I'll let you soak that in a second. Ok, now that full Christmas decorating panic has set in, calm down. I have a few ways you can frugally & quickly decorate for Christmas. What qualifies me as an "expert" in this situation? Well, a few weeks ago Mr. LMB & I were living in a rental … [Continue reading...]

25+ Amazing Christmas Trees – One For Everyone’s Style!


I know so many of you probably already put your trees up for Christmas, but I know there are some of you out there that haven't decorated your tree yet or maybe you haven't even put it up. I wanted to share some of my favorite christmas tree inspiration with you today to get you motivated to get those halls decked & have your decor screaming … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Things Friday


So, last week I skipped Favorite Things Friday & it made me so sad, but I shared some exciting news & that made it a little better. All week this week I was excited for Friday to post my favorites again & to share some inspiration with you guys. For those of you who missed Favorite Things Friday last week... I'm sorry & never fear, … [Continue reading...]

12 Bloggers Of Christmas – Balsam Hill Christmas Tree


This year I was asked to join the "12 Bloggers of Christmas" brought to you by Balsam Hill to show you our Christmas trees. I was so honored to be among these amazing bloggers & to work with such an awesome company. As many of you know, we just moved into this house a week & a half ago so this whole Christmas decorating thing in our new … [Continue reading...]

Bright & Light Master Bedroom – LMB Rental


Wow, I have no idea why I never blogged a tour of our Master Bedroom while we lived in our rental. I don't even have a reason for you. We loved this space & we found it so cozy. I miss this space in our historic rental probably the most just because of the light & how the sun came in this room so beautifully. I shot a few quick photos as … [Continue reading...]

DIY Christmas Reindeer Sign


There are moments in our marriage where I really just sit back and realize that I married the most perfect man. These moments happen more often than not & one day a few weeks ago when we were living in our rental one of those moments happened again. I was sitting there doing something crafty & Mr. LMB started painting a piece of wood & … [Continue reading...]

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