DIY Window Kitchen Cabinet


Jose did it again! He made a window cabinet & it's pretty much one of my favorite gems he has ever made. I couldn't wait to share it with you guys today here on the blog & on his blog [here] he shared how you can make your very own. A little back story: Jose built a bookshelf for this partition wall in our home that divides the kitchen … [Continue reading...]

Simple Terra-Cotta & Moss Centerpiece


Once in a while, ok every single day, we have things at our store [The Found Cottage here in Michigan] that I must have. The other day it was moss balls & some shabby little terra-cotta pots. I just had to have them. All. I wanted to create a super simple centerpiece for our dining room. Because nothing is more simple than adding a bunch of … [Continue reading...]

#LMBLovesHouses: Cozy Cottage HomeFront

PicMonkey Collage

Hi guys!!! I am back today with my first ever official #LMBLovesHouses post. If you don't know, a couple weeks ago I announced I was going to be doing blog posts featuring homes that I loved. If you follow me on Instagram [here] you know I am always featuring houses that I love on there. Well, today is day one on the blog where I will be featuring … [Continue reading...]

The Best Farmhouse Style Desks


  Dark campaign desk [here] Gray gilford desk [here] metal & wood desk [here] painted gray desk [here] Chrome & wood desk [here] campaign desk [here] White writing desk [here] Wood & metal shelf desk [here] master desk [here] Metal filing cabinet desk [here] white top filing cabinet desk [here]     I … [Continue reading...]

DIY BeeHive End Table


I must admit something. Our garage is messy. I'm somewhat of a hoarder of junk. It's all amazing junk if that helps anything. Recently I have been really trying to go through my junkin' finds & either make something out of them, use them in the house, or say goodbye to them just so our garage can actually be used... you know... for garage … [Continue reading...]

Simple Spring Porch


I blogged our fall porch [here] & our Christmas porch [here] this past year that we have lived in our 80's tri-level that many of you have maybe seen. If you have seen those posts then you know that we don't really have a porch exactly. It's more of a stoop. This is the first house that we have lived in that doesn't have a vast porch, I mean … [Continue reading...]

DIY Three Tiered Tray


A few weeks ago I blogged that Jose was making some candle stick holders [here]. He's a super handy guy & I wish I had half of his talent. Anyways, He had some leftover smaller candleholders so he made a three tiered tray for me.. because why not? Trays trump flowers always. So I decided to share it with you guys today & show you how you … [Continue reading...]

How To Make Any Room Cozy


Hi guys! One goal when decorating our home is to make it super cozy & inviting. One of the biggest compliments that I get is that our home looks cozy & that makes me so happy because to me every room in our home should be very cozy, warm, & inviting. We do not have the most perfect home by any means, but that doesn't matter to me as … [Continue reading...]

DIY Epsom Salt Bath Soak


I have been a little stressed lately, maybe one day I will be able to talk about why, but for now just know that you are not alone in your stress & I have something to help today! When I'm stressed I like to focus on some "me time" & pampering because when my nails are painted & I don't have paint in my hair for once I just feel a … [Continue reading...]

Cottage Style Patio Decor


white patio set [here] Rounded wicker chairs [here] Outdoor poof [here] turquoise chairs [here] Outdoor farmhouse table [here] Bike outdoor rug [here] bike pillow [here] Bistro set [here] wicker patio set [here] patio lights [here] outdoor clock [here] plant stand [here] galvanized plant stand [here] plant pot [here] You guys! It's been such a … [Continue reading...]

The Best Grain Sack Pillows


  I wanted to answer a question today that I get asked all the time! I actually don't know why I haven't done this post sooner, but here it is finally. & actually this post is on a whim & I didn't even let the small handmade company that I was posting about them today so this is exciting. It all started over a year ago or maybe … [Continue reading...]

2016 HGTV Dream Home Tour


I am so thrilled to be sharing this post with you guys today of the 2016 Dream Home Tour! If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, Periscope, or Twitter you know that last week I went to Orlando with my absolute favorite company, GMC, to view the HGTV Dream Home. I WAS SO EXCITED. Ask everyone that went with me. I was like a kid on … [Continue reading...]

Dry Sink Makeover – DIY Coffee Bar


A couple weeks ago I picked up a little dry sink. Yah, I didn't know exactly what it was either so this is what the dictionary says: "an antique kitchen cabinet, now generally used as an ornament rather than for practical purposes.". Basically it's a little dresser with a metal top that used to be used for placing water pitchers on before there was … [Continue reading...]

The Found Cottage: Before & After


A little shop update for you guys! The Found Cottage has been a major part of my life since we opened in January so I really want to include it here on the blog once in a while & keep you guys updated on this big part of my life. I have been wanting to share this with you guys since before we even opened up our store doors, but today seems like … [Continue reading...]

Office Makeover: Stool Makeover


Today I wanted to share with you guys a super quick furniture makeover that I did yesterday for our office. We eventually want a table in the center of our office with stools around it & I finally found some stools at Target. Oh, you wondered if I had found some expensive fancy ones finally?! Nope. I found some basic wood stools for less than … [Continue reading...]

Gable Lane Crates – Farmhouse Style Dining Room


I have been CRAVING a super simple dining room table lately. After all the Easter decor in the dining room, I really wanted to strip it all down & simplify the table & make it super pretty, but also practical. I didn't really have a plan in place, but then came my Gable Lane Crate at my doorstep. I was contacted by them a while back to … [Continue reading...]

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