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Coffee Date with me, Liz Marie

Hey it rhymes. haha.
I love blogging for many reasons, but one of the main
reasons why I love blogging is the fact that I feel
like I’m sitting down with my girlfriends {& guy friends.. heyyo!}
I feel like I’m having a cup of coffee & discussing my latest projects,
crafts, & beauty products.
I want you to feel like you are talking to one of your
friends when you leave me a comment, tweet me,
or facebook me… we are all friends here just
chatting over a cup of coffee about all things lovely…

 O hey! This is my comfy chair that I love sitting to blog, read,
& just to unwind.. Do you have a spot where you love
sitting to relax? You can read more about this
lovely chair {here}.

 So Mr. LMB did the sweetest thing for me for Valentines day…
A little background on the amazing man I call my husband,
he is amazing at surprises & planning romantic things.
Way better than me.. I am jealous!
Well, after I bought him his new phone & tablet for valentines day
{I had to give it to him early, because I couldn’t keep it a secret!}
I told him to not spend too much on me, because
the tablet was like a present for both of us.
His sneaky little booty knew that I had wanted a Keurig for some
time now so he surprised me with one on Valentines day morning.
I woke up with a coffee mug on my nightstand with a note
tied with twine around the handle…
The note read, “Go to the kitchen & fill me up.”
It was 6am & I was still groggy, so I just assumed he had
made me coffee.. to my surprise the keurig was on the kitchen
counter waiting for me.
& ever since then, I have wondered how I ever drank
coffee at home with out my Keurig.

 Today I chose the french vanilla K-cup.
I then mixed Almond milk & cinnamon in… It was delicious
& a healthier alternative to flavored creamers.
Don’t get me wrong, I love creamers.. I just chose
something else today to change it up a bit.
What’s your favorite K-cup?
Since I’m new to this, where do you find
the best deals?

Cheers! How do you like your coffee?
Any coffee tips & tricks you want to share?
I was a barista for many years, so I love trying new
things & learning more about coffee from
fellow coffee lovers like myself…

 Want to see something cute & exciting that I got in the mail today?
I was inspired to make these business cards for a while now,
& my friend Christine helped me bring them to life…

 Aren’t they adorable?
I was so excited to show them off & bring them
to some local businesses today.
What do you think of them?
For those of you wondering, we made
them on Photo shop & ordered
them from Vistaprint.

Thank you so much for stopping by my lovely little blog today…
Let’s do coffee again soon 🙂
I would love to hear what you think of Keurig coffee makers,
& your tips & tricks as well!

Talk to you soon..

Liz Marie