Thankful For Loss – Our Second & Third Babies

Thankful for loss - my miscarriage story
I shared the loss of our first child last mothers day here on the blog. Since then we have had to say goodbye to two more little babies. I wanted to share this here on the blog today not for sympathy because we are so happily at peace about the loss & we know that God wanted those babies with Him & not here on earth, but I wanted to share for those out there that feel like they are alone in their loss. You are not alone. I want you to know that it’s going to be ok. You will be ok.

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Last August I had a slight feeling that I was pregnant, which was strange & random because we had been trying for a year since our last loss the August before, so on a whim I took a pregnancy test & to my shock I got a big fat positive. I was a little nervous for the simple fact that at the same time the year before I lost our first child, but I went to the doctors and things seemed to be going great. A few weeks later right before our 6th wedding anniversary I had signs that I was loosing the beautiful life that was growing within me. I was devastated that another one of our children was being taken away from us so early. No answers as to why, except for the simple fact that the baby was not healthy. For that reason I am thankful. I’m thankful that the precious baby that was with us for 9 short weeks is now perfectly healthy in heaven, I’m thankful that I will meet that sweet child one day, & I’m thankful that God allowed me to get pregnant for the second time.

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Fast forward to last October, I was taking a bath one night & I felt a sensation in my lower belly that was so sudden and sharp that I knew something was going on. I hopped out of the tub & took an ovulation test trying to figure out what that feeling was & a big fat smiley face showed up right away. To prove it was ovulation & that I wasn’t pregnant I also took a pregnancy test right after & sure enough it said “pregnant” within seconds. This couldn’t be, we were not even trying. In fact we were about to start with a new fertility doctor the next day. Excitement, fear, & more emotions were looming over me. Were we ready for this? It’s really strange and maybe I shouldn’t admit this here on the blog, but every time we get pregnant I’m scared that we are not ready for kids & maybe not ready to say goodbye to this life we have known for so long with just us two that we love so much, but again we know God will make it perfect, like he has made it now & we trust He knows best. And who is really ever completely ready for that big change right? Along we went with our new doctor & things were going great this time. Over Thanksgiving we went to visit my friend Rach in Savannah & on that trip I was 8 weeks pregnant feeling tired & nauseous, but excited for this third baby & that is also when she took these photos of Jose & I that are in this blog post. These photos are special because I feel like it’s a way we can remember that third baby of ours & celebrate the short life & happiness that the baby brought to us. Thanksgiving in Savannah was amazing & the little life in me was still growing strong. When we got back to North Carolina a few days after thanksgiving we had a baby appointment that would change me forever. We went in not expecting much, but to our surprise right there on the Ultra Sound screen we saw a tiny baby heartbeat flickering away & a few seconds later we heard the beautiful sound of the babies heart filling the room. Tears. It’s the first time we had heard any of our babies heartbeats. What a beautiful sound it was. We left that appointment with photos of our precious baby & walked in silence because we were still in shock of how amazing the appointment had been & the fact that we had a tiny healthy little heartbeat flickering inside me. A week later our hopes and dreams for that little baby here on earth were brought to an abrupt halt. A few weeks before Christmas we lost our third baby. That little heartbeat just stopped beating. Again, no answers & no explanation other than this baby was unhealthy & is in a better place. Again I’m so thankful for that tiny baby & that God knows what’s best. I’m also thankful that I was able to get pregnant a third time. Such a blessing to have been able to carry one of God’s children even though it wasn’t for very long.

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No matter how thankful we are for God intervening in our life their are still moments where the losses are hard & some days are more difficult than others, but when I learned to say thank you for everything in my life, not only the easy things, my life became so much better & more full. Accepting that it’s all part of God’s perfect plan for us changes the way we view the losses of our beautiful children. Our life is amazing because He is in control.

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I want to end this post out by saying that I am thankful for my losses. You read that right. I am so thankful for every move God makes in my life. I am thankful for the lesson he has taught us about how fragile life is. I am now so aware of life & how precious each moment it is. I see miracles when I look at healthy babies & I no longer take for granted the things I used to. For that I am thankful. I am so thankful that God showed me just how amazing this husband He gave me is & just how amazing & strong the Marriage he blessed us with really is. I love this life of ours & I’m not going to say that it’s perfect, but for the lack of a better words it’s perfectly ours & I know if I planned my life it probably wouldn’t have been this good. I have this ability to wake up with a smile on my face everyday & be so excited about life because I have this faith in God that can’t be broken. I am thankful that through hardships he has made my faith in Him grow to limits I never knew were possible. I know He has amazing plans for us & I see them unfolding daily. Jose & I are so blessed beyond measure & I know some people may think we should not be this happy with 3 losses in the past two years, but everyone suffers from something in their lives & it’s how you choose to live your life that can make or break you. God didn’t choose for us to have those three babies here on earth, & we are so excited to meet them someday in their perfect form that they will be in. In a dream the other day I dreamed that Jose & I were on a honeymoon that lasted for years just us two & laughing & being free. After waking up I realized that’s exactly how our life is now. We moved away from home right when we got married seven years ago & have lived just him & I on this honeymoon by ourselves loving life & being able to just enjoy each other as best friends & soak every second in together. After that dream I regretted ever trying so hard to change God’s plan that I had lost track of being happy in the moment. ENJOY THE NOW! Enjoy the beautiful moment you are in whatever it is. Don’t focus on the loss, the heartache, marriage problems, money issues, job difficulties, or whatever you are going through because all these things will pass & you will be so much happier looking back realizing you chose to be happy through those times while trusting that God’s plan is better than anything you could imagine. Happiness is a choice. Be thankful for every moment in your life because God is shaping you for something great & those things are making you a better person. Choose to let those situations make you a better person. Let it make you softer, kinder, & love more deeply. Smile today & know that you are going to be ok. It will all be ok. 


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Dear sweet babies, I’m so thankful I was your mom for your short lives here on earth & I’m so thankful you have each other up in Heaven. Your dad & I will think of you everyday & we can’t wait to see your beautiful faces someday. I’m so thankful you are healthy & happy now. We love you so much. Love your mommy & daddy. 

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Photos by Rach Lea Photography/Facebook/Blog
Styled By Ivory & Beau

3,089 thoughts on “Thankful For Loss – Our Second & Third Babies

  1. Tori

    Thank you for writing this. Today is the 10th day since I miscarried our first child. I am still grieving, but I want to get to the state of mind you so beautifully shared. I don’t know where to begin.

  2. Brittany Sweat

    Liz, I am reading this in tears and just pure happiness to see God working in your life even in the rough patches. While, I haven’t lost a child, my heart aches with you. but i’m sitting here and I can just imagine your 3 beautiful babies in heaven dancing and praising His name. Thank you for sharing your story! I pray that I can meet you one day, girl. I look up to you! Please come love on my baby anytime!

  3. Kelly Orr


    I am so very sorry for your losses. I understand myself how difficult they are to bear. Praise God, though, for the gift of gratitude He has given you and your husband, and the peace, His peace, with which He has blessed you! And, be encouraged! Continue to trust Him and hope for the future. Hope for babies you will hold in your arms here. Within a 10 year period I had 6 miscarriages. But I also was blessed with 7 healthy children. Children which I do not take for granted! I feel the same gratitude for those babies gone to Heaven that you shared. Grateful that God created life in me, for Himself. Eager to see those other 6 children of mine some day. And humbled to see the ways God has used those trials of loss and grief in my life for His own glory and as a way form to give comfort to others. Jeremiah 29:11 contains precious words which always gave me hope and the desire to keep trusting God to either answer my great desire for children with “yes”, or the strength to endure another “not this time”. I will pray for your continued comfort and strength, and especially for a healthy baby for you and your husband. Thank you for giving encouragement to other women in the midst of your own trial!

    Blessings to you!
    Kelly Orr

  4. Justine

    I came across your blog because I started following the Shanty2Chic Sisters on Instagram. I decided to come to your blog today and saw this post highlighted off to the side of the page. I clicked on it and I’m so thankful that I did and took the time to read it. Your faith and way of thinking has inspired me. My husband and I went through a miscarriage as well a few years back between our two oldest. I thought at the time this is THE hardest thing I could ever imagine going through, and we only went through it once. I’m so sorry for your loss. After reading this blog you’ve inspired me to change my way of thinking, with everything in life. God’s plan is perfect even when we can’t figure out how exactly that is but you just have to have faith that it is. Sometimes easier said than done. But to thank God through the tough times (all of the “times”) makes me wonder, maybe it won’t be AS tough to walk through those times, if I just CHOOSE to thank him and keep moving forward. Be ok with being ok. So GOOD! Thank you!

  5. Trish

    This is so beautifully written. Thanks so much for sharing this. My son and his wife had several miscarriages. One of their pregnancy was twins. The first time in many generations we’ve had twins. But they lost them. They wanted a child so badly. But it was in God’s time when they were blessed with a little boy name Zechariah. He is 4 years old and he pushes them. But I think they are a little older and a little wiser now…so they can handle those pushes.Maybe, he wa preparing them. God is so awesome. I pray God’s blessing upon your family.

  6. Trish

    This is so beautifully written. Thanks so much for sharing this. My son and his wife had several miscarriages. One of their pregnancy was twins. The first time in many generations we’ve had twins. But they lost them. They wanted a child so badly. But it was in God’s time when they were blessed with a little boy name Zechariah. He is 4 years old and he pushes them. But I think they are a little older and a little wiser now…so they can handle those pushes.Maybe, he wa preparing them. God is so awesome. I pray God’s blessing upon your family.

  7. Jane

    First let me tell you how sorry I am
    for your losses. This was beautifully written and how amazing will it be to meet those sweet babies one day in Heaven!?? It is something I look forward to everyday as I too had a couple losses. I have now been blessed with two beautiful daughters since and both of them are “miracle” babies. I don’t know what your religious beliefs are but I wanted to share with you that I have so much faith in St. Gerard. the patron saint of Expectant Mothers and mothers trying to conceive. I prayed his prayer every single night and I wore a St. Gerard necklace every day before I got pregnant after my two losses and during my entire pregnancies. I truly believe him and God protected my sweet babies as I had complications with both and should have lost them once again. My friend struggled with infertility and I bought a necklace for her and told her “pray with him every single day”. She did… Wore that medal and she just welcomed a healthy baby girl. No I don’t worship saints like some think Catholics do…. The way I see it is I’m just asking him to whisper my intentions, my hopes , , my dreams into God’s ear even though He hears them everyday! :)A little reminder doesn’t hurt right??! 😉 I just wanted to share that with you and I hope you read up on him and his prayers. God Bless you! I found myself up most of the night reading your blog. I’m tired…. But it was so worth it! Haha! Look forward to reading it everyday!

    1. Mary

      Thank you for your beautiful blog! I normally don’t get chills when I read something inspirational, but I certainly did when I read your blog. My husband and I have been blessed with nine beautiful children. I’ve lost five babies in the past few years, the last one being two weeks ago. It’s highly unlikely that I will carry another baby to term because of my advanced age. I get sad sometimes at the thought of ‘ending’ on five sad notes, but I realize that this is all part of God’s plan for me and my husband. I recently read the following story which really touched me: There was once a widow whose young son became gravely ill. A priest was summoned, and he prayed something like, ‘Heavenly Father, if it be Your Will, heal this child.’ The widow rebuked the priest, asking, “How can you say, ‘if it be Your Will’? The Lord MUST heal my son!” Well, sure enough, the son was healed but unfortunately, he grew up and committed the most horrible crimes and caused his mother much grief. At last, he was executed for one of his crimes. How different things might have been had the widow been submissive to the Holy Will of God! Finally, here’s a quote that I like to reflect upon. It’s taken from my favorite book, ‘Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence’: You are like a block of marble in the hands of the sculptor. The sculptor must chip, hew and smooth it to make it into a statue that is a work of art. God wishes to make us the living image of Himself. All we need to think of is to keep still in His hands while He works on us, and we can rest assured that the chisel will never strike the slightest blow that is not needed for His purposes and our sanctification; for, as St. Paul says, the will of God is your sanctification. 1 Thess.4:3 God bless all who read this.

  8. Laura

    So sorry for your tremendous loss…
    Four years ago this fall we lost our third much wanted baby at over 17 weeks. It’s hard to explain to people that there is joy for little Oliver’s very short life inside of me. I remember birthing him in hospital and seeing the blue sky and golden leaves through the window, and being amazed that life was still beautiful! Six weeks later we were expecting again, and now have a healthy little boy, 3 1/2 years old in addition to our older kids. I marvel at this gorgeous, happy boy every single day and I’m so, so grateful. Our Creator is marvellous, isn’t he?

  9. Jessica

    Thank you so much for sharing, and I am soooo soooo sorry for your losses. Your steadfast faith and perseverance throughout those trials is inspirational. 3 months ago my husband and I suffered the loss of our first pregnancy at seven weeks along, and I’m learning to be thankful as well. He really is so faithful and mighty to save. Thank you for your words and transparency, I know that cannot be easy but please know you have touched me with your words and faith. Our God is the Ultimate Redeemer and He will restore what has been taken! He does have a perfect plan for all of our lives. I believe that the Lord wants to bless us with children even more than we want it for ourselves, but it must be in His perfect timing. I pray you get your miracle baby soon. God bless and please keep sharing your heart through your blog!

  10. Michelle

    I am so inspired by your story and I love how you express your faith! That is my heart as well, to show Gods love and faithfulness in all that I do! I know that God has such an amazing plan for you and your sweet husband! This is only the beginning and the best is yet to come! Praying only blessings and love come your way! You are stunning, beautiful and such an inspiration!!! Yay! You beautiful lady, as going to be an amazing mom!!

  11. sarah

    Aww well I’m just feeling such joy and admiration after reading this! I used to volunteer at a reproduction endocrinologist office and saw many couples with their struggles for babies. Although I was only 20 years old, I learned a whole new level of respect for those who come across these life circumstances. I was blessed with the oppurtunity to see the joy of the whole office (including secretaries and doctor) when a couple had a successful pregnancy, along with the despair when it didn’t take. It’s a tough and draining process. Reading your story I learned that you are so young and have such a strong and beautiful mind that can inspire many people. I am around your age and newly married. I debate when the right time for children is… And although I have not gone through a situation like yours I would like you to know that your words helped me very much along with other people who have gone through it. It reassured me that as much as I debate or plan my life according to when I feel ready, its up to God not me. His plan is always better and he is always setting us up for a better life than we dreamed. Thank you for believing and being such a beautiful person. We need more of you in the world!:) Congrats to you and your husband on the success of peace with the three angels who are looking over and are proud to have amazing parents.

  12. suzanne Martin

    First of all , I am so sorry for your losses. I cannot imagine the grief that you and your husband went through but I am glad that you found the peace you need through God.

    There is another reason I wrote this comment however. My husband has an autoimmune disease called anti-phospho lipid syndrome. The disease was only discovered about twenty years ago and causes abnormal bleeding and clotting. It was discovered while studying women who have multiple miscarriages. It is rarely found in men. Once diagnosed ( a series of blood tests, nothing invasive) women are given a drug to keep the baby viable until 37 or so weeks . It is not a widely known disease, but while my husband was being diagnosed, I met a woman who had suffered multiple miscarriages in the past and finally after her diagnosis of APL had just given birth to a healthy baby girl.. It may be worth a mention to your ob/gyn to do the test for this uncommon disease . I am praying for you and hope to someday read a blog about your beautiful new baby. Trust in God, He is the Great Physician.

    1. Jessie

      That is exactly what I was thinking (after I was thinking about how nice your story is and how blessed you are of course). I’m in school to become a physician assistant (basically like an NP) and we just finished our cardiology section. We had a lecture that mentioned antiphospholipid syndrome. Most women are diagnosed after 3 mysterious miscarriages. Hopefully, your doc has considered this, but if not I agree with Suzanne it’s worthwhile to mention it. I know it’s not a medical blog and I’m not a practicing clinician, but I felt that this was worth mentioning.

      Enjoy your happy life! 🙂

  13. Jessica

    I stumbled upon your blog while on Pinterest. Every morning I wake up and look for stories and scripture to inspire me and get me through the day. My husband and I just suffered our 4th loss at 11wks in October. Our worlds were turned upside down. Our other 3 losses were before 6wks, before we could ever see a heartbeat and before I ever had any real pregnancy symptoms. Incebwe got past the point of our other losses we allowed ourselves to become attached to this baby. We made plans. We have 2 healthy girls here in earth and I feel like that was the only thing that got me through the loss. That and my Faith in God. Our two girls didn’t come easily. 3 yes of TTC and fertility treatments before we had our first and the 3 early losses before our second. I feel like it gas made me appreciate them that much more. I am reminded daily just how precious life is and through all of this I have became so much closer to God. I feel like it has been part of the plan all along. I’m trying to learn to just enjoy how things are at the moment and everything else will fall into place.

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  15. Shelley

    Liz, I am fairly new to your blog. I began reading because I noticed you were a military wife. My husband recently retired after 23 years in the Navy. I came across this post as part of your 2014 reflection. The post is beautifully written. I walked your path almost 20 years ago. I it is my prayer that my words my give you hope and reaffirm that that being thankful for losses is part of the journey. Thankfulness begets peace, joy and acceptance. After many losses my husband I felt God was calling us to adopt. After months of research we decided on an agency. That agency was Bethany Christian Services. It is a national agency with offices all over the country but the headquarters is in…..Michigan! I could not more highly recommend BethanyChristian Services. We have two beautiful ‘Bethany Babies’. Actually they are no longer babies. Our oldest daughter is graduating high school this spring and our second daughter is 13. Both of our daughters were domestic adoptions. Our first baby was placed in my arms just two short weeks after she was born and our youngest daughter we were at the hospital. The loss and fear of infertility is the ‘labor’ of an adoptive parent. It’s out labor of love.

  16. Suzanne

    It is so special for you to share this story… the loss of a child is more common than I think people reaiize… when you can share your experience with others it does help to know we are not alone….and trust that God loves us and wants us to be happy..

  17. Rida

    You have written it all so beautifully..I went through the same as you..I have had three early miscarriages..too early for doctors to figure out what goes wrong..and you are right, the pain, the loss and the unknown makes your faith so much more stronger…it truly makes you believe in God and let go of control and just enjoy life as it is…your post has made me a little more strong for whats yet to come 🙂
    Know that there is someone across the world sending you lots of prayers for healthy, happy, beautiful babies whenever its meant the best for you 🙂

  18. Mysheu Cranford

    Hello Liz,

    I am a person who loves to DIY but not interested in small details (blogging). So today I visited your blog to view the DIY bathroom Cabinet and instructions then went to the project gallery. And something or someone the Holy Spirit lead me to a picture of you and your husband on his Mr. LMB page. I saw genuine love. So I got interested and click on the Thankful for Loss page. Not expecting much (especially not to read the entire thing). What I am saying is that you guys are truly special and your words were very inspiring. Something that I needed at this moment. I have never had a miscarriage. But your words of ENJOY THE NOW.. I know that God wanted me to be reminded and by a stranger in the natural. Thank you for being obedient.. Thank you . Thank you. May God continue to bless your tremendously!

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  20. Christina

    Thank you for sharing your story. I admire your husband and your strength. I am extremely blessed to have given birth to my 2nd “rainbow baby” in December but I am also mother to 3 little angels. In 2013, I experienced a 2nd trimester loss and an ectopic pregnancy. Due to these losses, I discovered that I was slightly postive for a blood clotting issue. I took a low dose of aspirin throughout my last pregnancy (before conception until 36 week). I may have still have my little boy without taking the aspirin but it gave me new hope. I have faith that your perfect little baby (babies) are coming in your future. Best wishes for the future.

  21. Kiera

    Thank you for sharing your story. My husband and I just lost our first baby and my heart is wrecked. Sometimes I feel OK and sometimes I feel like I can’t even breath. I didn’t realize the pain could be so hard – I know that it could only be born out of love though.

    It’s been 2 months since we lost Hiro and I don’t know where to go from here. How do I honor and remember him?

  22. Sherri

    I too had 3 miscarriages only in between each of my boys. I now have 3 grown handsome fellas who are a gift to this world. May God bless you soon with a beautiful baby. When you’re not expecting it…he will come!

  23. Leisha O'Brien

    Thank you for your beautiful words; you said everything I have been trying to say since my husband & I had 6 IVF losses & an ectopic pregnancy. It has been four years & every year I become more strong & at peace. My husband & I are parents to two dogs, nieces, & have wonderful family & friends in our lives. We also have become so strong as a couple despite all of the struggles. Your words were touching & made me cry, but tears of peace! THANK YOU!

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  25. Susan

    God led me to this blog, I have no doubt. It has only been a few days since our first miscarriage and even though I have been in prayer I’ve been longing to hear other women’s stories of hope to help me through. Your story, as well as everyone who wrote before me, has helped me tremendously. Most of all it just brings me back to the one solution that never fails us, and that is belief in God, faith in his work and plan. I am constantly amazed by his favor in my life, how could this be any different? It may appear different, but it is the same. God appears and speaks to us through others, and I have no doubt he is speaking through you. God bless you and thank you for your hope and light!

  26. Marion

    WoW!!!! This is exactly what I needed today! Thank-you so very much for sharing with us! After 8 painful years of trying to conceive and 2 IVF procedures I’m trying very hard to mend my broken heart. The first IVF worked and were extatic!!!! Walking on SUNSHINE….a feeling we thought we’d never have the priviledge to feel! Unfortunately we lost the baby at 9 weeks it was soul destroying. The second IVF 3 little embies were implanted but sadly none took! That was 4 months ago…..Im trying to be very brave and face the world with a smile but inside my heart is broken and there is a part of my soul that feels like it has been ripped away forever. This is IT for us……we have been told there’s no point in continueing the torture but rather to face the fact that we will not be parents. It’s been extrmemly tough for me as all I’ve ever wanted….since I can remember is to be a mom! I suddenly find myself in a place where I don’t quite know what my purpose is! I feel lost! Thank-you so much for reminding me to be THANKFUL…..Thankful that I could experience a pregnancy, although so short lived, while millions of others never can. THANKFUL for my husband, family & friends that have been amazing! THANKFUL for the amzing little Grade 2’s I get t teach every day! THANKFUL that God has NEVER left my side! THANKFUL for the exciting future that lies ahead! THANKYOU so very much!!! There is something I have always wondered about, perhaps someone reading this blog can answer my question. When is it considered a life? At conception? Will I get to meet all my little babies in heaven one day or only the one I carried till 9 weeks? There were 2 transfered with my 1st cycle & three with the last…..are all 5 babies in heaven or were those little embies that never grew just considered cells?

  27. Mamaof4

    I am a follower of yours on Instagram and happened to come across your post about infertility. I have two precious boys on earth, and suffered two miscarriages in between. I’m not sure if I came to terms with my losses, but I do believed it happened for a reason. The big man upstairs have a great plan for us. I’m thankful to have come across your blog as it provides a bit of comfort to read your uplifting and positive outlook. I really needed that reminder. Thank you and God Bless your little family.

  28. Rose

    I want to say thank you for being so brave and sharing your story. I know it is not something people like to talk about and some do not EVER talk about it. I am so sorry for your loss but I am so happy that you are in a good place. Those babies were blessed to have been a part of you and your husbands life and never forget that.

    These are some beautiful shots by the way!

  29. Brittany

    Have a friend who just lost her first pregnancy today. Trying to find the right words and do the right things to help her.

    Trying to help with food, praying for her, being there to listen–is there anything you would have liked someone to do for you to help or even to help keep commemorate your child? Thank you for sharing your story, and so glad you have found peace in God’s plan.

  30. Tara @ Lehman lane

    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. This is beautifully written. Having lost a baby due to a miscarriage there are moments even so many years later when the pain and sadness is still very real. Our baby would have been a month shy of 13 today:). I am SO encouraged by your thankfulness in the journey. Love your words to ENJOY THE NOW… how true for all of our lives! Praying that you will continue to feel God’s presence and for His blessing on your family.

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  36. N. Teri Grottke

    This is the fourth time I’ve tried to post but the page keeps reloading before I’m thru. Please email me. I’m not a flake. I’m a published author. You can check me out on Linked in or Amazon. I do have some helpful info to share with you.

  37. Betsy

    I read this blog and was blown away by your thoughts on these losses. I have the same ones regarding the loss of our baby girl. She was born alive and lived for five hours, but due to a traumatic delivery and blood loss, we lost our perfect little baby. It took me awhile to come to the great realization that SHE is with the Lord, at peace and in perfect health, not having to live through the heartaches that this world gives us. I wouldn’t want anything less for her and it was selfish for me to want to keep her. Someone said, “God owns everything, stop stealing” and I realize that means everything…including our children. I was told I would not have more children, but God gave me a baby boy just 11 months later followed by my little girl 19 mos after him. God is good all the time. Trusting Him is a learning process for me, and tough at times (it certainly was with my baby), but it only leads to peace.

  38. Jenna

    Thank you for this. I needed it today. I have so much faith in God and His plan for me and my family. But some days are harder to remember that than others. Ironically, Sundays are my hardest. We lost our son 4 months ago at 16weeks. We were lucky enough to get to hold him in our arms. My due date with him is fast approaching and I feel it will be harder than I anticipate. I strive to celebrate him and what he has brought to our life, instead of feeling sad. But sometimes sad comes. Today sad came, and finding your blog was a tender mercy of the Lord. I know God has a plan for us and that He loves us. I know my Savior Jesus Christ lives and knows exactly what I’m going through even when I feel alone. I know I will get to see my son again, and until then, we will celebrate him.

  39. Dulce

    I love your testimony! A great reminder that God is greater than what we can understand or imagine! Life is so fragile and can change in the blink of an eye; I know I will remember your testimony for probably a very long time. Thank you so much for sharing because I know your story will help many (including me) to remember to be thankful, positive, and most importantly, that we completely belong to God. His plans for us are better than whatever we imagine. I hope to always stay positive and be thankful during dark moments.

  40. Lisa jimenez

    Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! I’m going thru my first miscarriage and my heart is having trouble mending, but your words are truly inspirational and give me hope! I thank you for your beautiful words!

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  42. Norma

    I just happened to be growing when I came across your story. Sad, but beautifully expressed. I actually needed to hear this (read this) today. I have been struggling thru some problems in my life and complaining about “why”. I KNOW not to do that. Now that I have read your article, I will be thankful for all that I DO have and have gone thru and know that it is God’s will. I know He will make something good of everything that I think is bad happening to me. I know He has plans for my life and I will trust in HIM. Thank you for posting your article, I needed it:) I am going to subscribe to you.

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    I just wanted to say this post is beautiful. It brought me to tears. I admire your faith and your strength. I am currently facing some battles with marriage, work, and other events of crazy life. When I read this your last paragraph made me feel better about my situation and remind me that God has me and that I seem to forget that often. I often fear the outcome of things in my life. It really was a light in my day yesterday. The funny thing is that a post about organizing brought me here. Have a blessed day.

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    Liz Marie, I never reply to blogs and think this was a GOD guided moment where I was searching for room decor designs & intersected with you. My story is a bit different but could warn other women of being cautious when being told they are having a miscarriage. My husband & I had been blessed with 2 beautiful children & then got pregnant a third time. My family and I were traveling to join our relatives on a family vacation in Florida when on the way to the airport I started bleeding to profusely. We paged my OBGyn physician & he helped arrange for me to go to a hospital in Miami when our plane landed. On the flight there was a peace that blanketed my heart & soul. Rather than being sad I prayed, I thanked God for my other two kids, I thanked him for my husband, the pregnancy that was in jeopardy and asked for strength for this baby facing distress inside of me. As crazy as it sounds I realized the very second things went wrong, but at that same time had a feeling of assurance that things would be as God had planned for me. We traveled to a women’s hospital & I was evaluated & tests confirmed there was a faint heartbeat and extreme bleeding. The doctor insisted I was further along in the pregnancy than I thought I was. I recall that it seemed odd, but knew it would not change the outcome of our baby. My husband & I stayed at the hospital until the early hours in the morning and prayed together sharing God’s miracle of life as we watched a very slight heartbeat on the monitor before departing to board a cruise with my family. I was told that because of the miscarriage I would be very tired and needed to rest. The doctor also advised that I was to use a wheelchair and avoid walking long distances until I returned back to the west coast. I was exhausted but never felt pain. I barely recall the vacation because my bleeding was severe. Upon returning home I immediately met with my doctor to follow-up. Luckily after our cruise I asked my husband to contact the hospital in Miami to get all of my medical records and test results because I am adopted & even though I already had two healthy kids without any pregnancy concerns, I wanted to gather my medical information that might someday be helpful. There are moments you are never prepared for. My doctor came in to tell my husband & I after doing some imaging, tests and reviewing the records I brought from Miami he determined I was still pregnant. We were shocked and in disbelief wondering how this could possibly be true after 8 days of bleeding had taken place. The doctor then told us the reason the hospital could not detect twins was because I had severe internal bleeding as well. I had several other complications that endangered the chance of survival – – for both the baby & I. Even though that day it was confirmed we had lost one child, the news of the other twin having a 10% chance of survival told us God indeed had bestowed a miracle upon us. I spent the rest of my pregnancy on total bed rest. Sometimes God brings us to a stand still & in those quiet times He speaks to us the most. On May 27th our daughter Lauren was born. That day the doctors and nurses were shocked that she had made it…apparently my placenta had so many tears, scarring and the umbilical cord was so short they knew she had fought for her life and truly been a GIFT from GOD. I know Lauren has a mission & purpose in this world. For those who face challenges with pregnancy consider adoption…..I have been blessed because someone gave me life and my parents chose me.

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