Something that sort of accidentally started happening was on my Sunday walks I started taking photos of houses for inspiration for our future home. I am obsessed with all different styles of home & I wanted to make a scrapbook of the houses to look back on later for inspiration. The windows, the color combinations, the architecture, it all just inspires me & makes me so happy. You can find inspiration everywhere & I like to find my inspiration in everything I see everyday. My Sunday walks have been so inspirational & I’ve had fun sharing some of the gems I have seen on my walks with you guys on Instagram, but I thought I would blog a few of my favorites on here today to leave you with some inspiration for the weekend. Happy Friday friends! Enjoy a few of my recent Instagram photos from my #LMBlovesHouses hashtag….




Happy weekend friends! I hope you had a great week & that you have an even better weekend. I hope you enjoyed this simple post of seeing some homes that inspire me in my area. Be sure to follow me around on my Instagram & Facebook & see other things that are inspiring me as well. As always, thank you so much for stopping by my blog & taking the time out of your day to show my posts love…. it means a lot! xx

11 thoughts on “#LMBLovesHouses

  1. Julie

    I need to do this while my husband is deployed again (5th time) this January. I will pray that it will bring me focus. Thank you for these post. I love the simplicity.

  2. LuTinaB

    One of my many favorite things to do is drive around looking at houses and landscape. Love all your picks

  3. Dominique

    I love that you have a post dedicated to home buying inspiration! I do this all the time! Also, just wanted to say that I am hoping to meet you at the Black Sheep Farm barn sale on the 14th! I missed you at the Painted Farmgirl flea! Love your Insta and design style 🙂 toodles!

    1. Liz Marie

      Yay!!!! I will be there! It won’t be as crazy as the flea so I’m excited to meet you! Thank you so much for your sweet words & I am looking forward to Saturday <3 xx

  4. Diane

    All so beautiful! I know you mentioned it before on a photo, but did you ever end up doing a post on how you were able to get your Instagram back after being hacked? I’d love if you could!

    1. Liz Marie

      Hey Diane!
      I haven’t done a post on it yet for a few reasons, but I will hopefully be doing one soon. But, with all of the help from everyone reporting my page being hacked & me reporting that it was hacked I was able to get it back. Instagram sends you ways to prove your identity & it’s a whole big process. Hope this helps for now! xx

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