I Was Prayed Over On Top Of Magnolia Market

No words can really explain what happened when I visited Magnolia Market last week but I did say that I would blog my experience so I will try to share it with you today. Last week, as many of you know, I visited Magnolia Market with the Magnolia Home Paint team. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and the best part about it was that I had no idea how awesome it was going to be. I mean I’ve always wanted to visit Magnolia market but I didn’t know when that would be or how it would happen and so when I finally got the opportunity I thought cool I finally get to see what it’s all about. Little did I know that it would be a life-changing experience. I didn’t go there with any expectations & I certainly didn’t go there looking for God.  The beauty of Magnolia Market is deeper than the surface. Of course every inch of Magnolia Market is dreamy & photoshoot worthy, but it’s also so much more than that. I was going to come on here today and give you my tour guide of waco and go on and on how amazing it was. It was. I about fainted 90 times from all the beauty every time I turned a new corner [I mean even the bathrooms were cute. Who does that?], but I couldn’t help but share about how God met me in Waco as well…

My Trip to Magnolia Market - Magnolia Market Silos Waco Texas

My Trip to Magnolia Market - Magnolia Market Silos Waco Texas

My Trip to Magnolia Market - Magnolia Market Silos Waco Texas

My Trip to Magnolia Market - Magnolia Market Silos Waco Texas


My Trip to Magnolia Market - Magnolia Market Silos Waco Texas

I know God is with me everywhere I go. He always has been & always will be. I feel His presence when I think of it, & I try to welcome Him in to every moment of my day, but sometimes, because I’m human, I will be going on with my busy life & He sends some big reminders that He is there. Like at Magnolia Market. The second I walked into the market on Wednesday night after I flew in I felt a calming presence. Like pulling up to my grams house for a visit. The energy level was half inspiring & half soothing. A perfect mix for my creative soul. & very much needed from my tireless weeks I’ve been having and the next day the God moments started. I won’t share them all with you because I know I share a lot on here, but some are a little private at the moment & some I just still can’t put into words. But right away I started meeting wonderful people. First was the Kilz team, I had no idea what to expect when I showed up all by myself & I ended up knowing two of the people on the team & they happened to have been my favorites from another project I was on & I had no idea they would be there. Also the rest of the team was amazing & all my fears of showing up alone quickly went away. During the silobration as I was walking around the market alone complete strangers were stopping to chat with me in the market including police officers who truly just wanted to chat about the weather & how I prefer my coffee. I met some random couples & we were talking like old friends in the first five minutes.  The people there were just nice. Then I started to meet some of my blog readers… & that was God moment after God moment. I first of all couldn’t believe how many wonderful people recognized this little girl from Michigan wearing her big floppy hat who happens to just share her little life online. Women who shared fertility struggles coming to chat with me & share their testimonies, women who have never had been to Magnolia who were not planning to come but came when they saw I was there so we could meet, men [yes, I guess there are a few of you!] who wanted to say thank me for inspiring them to start doing DIY projects, girls who felt like we were instant best friends, & so on. It was a dream to meet so many of you in such a creative space. But most of all I was humbled that anyone would ever want to meet me.. and I’m not just saying that, I truly don’t know why anyone would  want to come say hi or see me, but I am so grateful & will never take those moments for granted. Even when I’m in Target with  no makeup & a messy bun.. Love it. All day I had reassurance that Jose & I were being prayed for.. strangers coming up to us and telling us they pray for us & our 7 babies in heaven & our someday baby here on earth. It was such gift knowing that we are not alone on this journey & I’m so thankful for that strong reminder while at Magnolia Market. Lately I have been feeling very alone & struggling with our loss & infertility & this was such a gift knowing we have so many friends who faithfully pray for us.

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There were also so many God moments in meeting people in my creative field as well while I was there. One of them happened while visiting the Findery [you must visit while in Waco!] that was down the road from The Silos. I met all the owners & their sweet employees. We chatted about things that were weighing on me in this business & without even looking for answers a lot of my questions were now gone. & I never even had to ask. I honestly didn’t want to walk around Waco anymore than I had to in the heat, but I felt a push & I’m so thankful that I went. Through my short time wandering Waco it’s like God led me to meet all of these amazing people that all taught me and helped me in some way. I also met some amazing vendors at the Silobration that were so inspiring and encouraging. Every time I started a conversation with someone during this trip I left feeling more full of life, more inspired, & smiling from ear to ear. I’m telling you, it was weird. If I didn’t know better I would think that someone planned all of this. Actually now that I typed that out, I’m dumb, it was planned. & I’m so thankful. I won’t bore you with all of the business talk, but every corner I turned seemed to be filled with more opportunities & after a few months of really burning myself out, I felt refreshed in my business life & my creative brain. Much needed!

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Then there was the night I attended the Johnny Swim concert. Oh, that beautiful, life changing night. The Magnolia Home paint team & I were able to attend the concert on the rooftop of the Magnolia Market. It was a dream come true to see the beautiful place from such a high vantage point. The first memorable part of the night is being in Joanna’s presence for a few moments on the way to the rooftop in her office. Remember how I said Magnolia Market carried that peaceful vibe? Well, so does she. She is everything you see on TV & more. A beautiful down to earth woman who looks you in the eyes when you talk & treats everyone like they are someone. I gathered that from the 60 seconds I was in her presence. Her mom & sister are the same, they will make you feel like family after you meet them once. When Chip & Jo went onto stage & started talking it was like God was like “Hey Liz, you need to hear this.” Of course Chip & Joanna were hilarious as always, but they shared a deep message that really struck me. I think everyone could have gotten something different from it, but they spoke about not being able to do it all, slowing down, family & friends first, & to really take it all in. Oh my. I’m one of those who thinks she needs to do it all. I’m a people pleaser, a night owl, & work has always taken a priority. It took hearing that from two people I had never met to make me notice that. I need to slow down. I need to give myself a break & not put so much pressure on myself. I need to put my family & myself first. It’s all going to work out. There words were so raw & real. Of course Johnnyswim was dreamy and I’m a new fan of them as well & listening to their music really just made the night a complete dream.

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& then came a moment I never saw coming. The defining moment of the entire weekend at the silos that brought all of the God moments together. I went out of my comfort zone to say hi to a beautiful woman I had seen walking around the silobration that day. I had spotted her earlier in the day wearing a beautiful dress rocking a baby in a crowd of people & she had a glow around her that I couldn’t ignore. I didn’t meet her during the day & so when I saw her on the roof of the market that night I had to say hi. Best decision ever. She had the most calming energy I had ever experienced and as she sat swaying her baby as we talked I found myself starting to sway with her  as we got to know each other. She was wonderful. Her name is Jen & she is a singer, has amazing style, makes cute babies, & just oozed with the love of the Lord. Of course she is so much more, but this is about the moment that meeting her created. We were joined by Jamie from Three Twenty Co., & Christina Crenshaw. We talked about a lot of wonderful things & then the beautiful topic of babies came up & I somewhat froze. I am very open about our miscarriages & our fertility. It usually never bothers me to bring it up, but this night was so upbeat & I had just met these women. When it came to me, I just blurted it out, “We have 7 beautiful babies in heaven.” & there was a pause, but not for long & they all chimed in like I had just said that I had a beautiful baby at home. They were not phased by my rather alarming statement I had just made. They started sharing their journeys with fertility & gave me stories of hope. Then the moment I NEVER saw coming happened. Jamie asked if they could all pray over me. I was shocked. These women who I just met wanted to lay hands on me & pray. Of course I said yes. I can’t begin to explain the words they all spoke over me, but it was the most caring an loving thing that anyone has ever done for me that I just met. What an amazing gift. After they were done praying I felt a new spirit in me, I felt renewed in my faith, I felt changed. This might have been a small moment for them, but to me it was huge. It was something I will never forget. There I was at the top of Magnolia Market, surrounded by these Godly women, the breeze of the Texas air whipping around us, Johnnyswim playing in the background, & These wonderful women praying over me.

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& that’s how the week at Magnolia was. It was filled with small & big moments that I felt God in. I didn’t go there looking for God, but God met me there. He introduced me to some amazing people, He showed me a lot of things I needed to see, He taught me a lot about myself, & He certainly showed me that He is always there. I truly believe that the Gaines built that place upon The Lord & that He had His hand in all of it & it shows through everything that happened to me on that trip. I’m so thankful that they invited God into that place & I’m so thankful that they invite all of us to come there and experiece not only their creative talents, but the Holy Spirit. Thank you Chip & Jo!!!! xx


Ps. I will be blogging my fun experience with Magnolia Home Paint very soon as well because that’s a whole other amazing story. Thank you to Magnolia Home Paint & Kilz for bringing me on this amazing trip!

54 thoughts on “I Was Prayed Over On Top Of Magnolia Market

  1. Alyssa


    My husband and I just moved to Hawaii from the Texas hill country, and when I saw you were headed to Magnolia, I was so excited for you, but somewhat sad, that I would not be able to join and meet you there! I’ve been following and reading your blog for a while now, and I feel so connected to you somehow. I’ve read your blogs during times of anxiety and uneasiness and your words and photos are actually very calming to me. So reading this tonight (it’s 9 pm in Hawaii 🙂 ) I was so glad you were able to feel from those people you met at Magnolia what you do for me. I cried when I read about the women praying over you and I’m so happy your experience there was so amazing. I had a similar experiene and it brought back those emotions of how overwhelming God’s love can be. Texas is an amazing place with the kindest people. (And good sweet tea that I’m missing right about now!) I hope you’ll read this and know you have so many people who care for you and pray for you and your family.

    1. Meredith

      Hey Alyssa! I was reading this blog too and saw your comment that you just moved to Hawaii. I’m from NC but I’ve lived on Oahu for several years. Just wanted to say welcome and that I’d love to meet you sometime! Feel free to email me if you wanna get together! 🙂

      And Liz- thanks for posting such a neat story. I will be praying for you as well! So glad God put people in your path to encourage and strengthen you.

      1. Alyssa

        Meredith you are so sweet! I just went back to the blog this morning and happened to see yours! I’m not sure how to find your email on here, as they don’t publish them on the comments we leave 🙁

  2. Cindy

    You will never know how happy I was to read this post. I visited Magnolia for the first time in June. I too expected to be awed by the awesome interiors and had heard how special the displays were. But I was not prepared for the feeling I got there. I know that it sounds strange, but I have never felt the presence of God that strongly in a retail facility. It was like nothing I have ever felt outside of church. You just know that God is there and very present.
    Thank you for sharing your post, because I have had some people almost look at me like I was crazy. I know that it is an extremely different “take-away” from the normal shopping experience, but it is a real feeling. It is usually the first thing I tell people about my experience there.
    Please know there are so many people in blog land that pray for you. I don’t know why you struggle with infertility. I do know that God does know the desires of your heart. Prayers are lifted up for you all the time by people you don’t even know, who you have touched through this blog. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  3. Chris

    I love this!!!! I scrolled through absorbing every word, didn’t even focus on photos (will later). Praying for you and Jose too!

  4. Jamey farrar

    This is amazing. I am visiting in just a few short weeks and now I am even more excited. Thank you for sharing. Love following along on your journey. Xo

  5. Kim

    Liz, you ARE so loved… By God, by Jose, by all of us followers who you have made to feel like friends. I know I’m not alone in praying for you often… You and I have coffee every morning and you don’t even know me! I look forward to your posts on your blog, your Instagram posts and stories… And so on. You have even appeared in some of my dreams at night (not weird at all, right?). You are a very blessed woman and we are all blessed to have you in our lives even if it’s just online! I KNOW you will have all of your heart desires someday, just keep an open mind on how the Lord gives you those desires.
    Blessings! Kim @ IrishmanAcres

  6. Laura

    Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t know you had 7. I pray for you a lot. I’m so glad you felt peace while at Magnolia and what an amazing experience. Love your story and all the photos.

    1. Kate

      I thought the same thing, I didn’t know that there was a 7th. I’ve lost track of the number of times I cried for you Liz! I pray for you and wish the best, and just know one of these days I will look on here and you will have some great news.

  7. Maggie

    Your faithfulness amazes me. Just reading the title of your blog post brought tears to my eyes….the water workers were really flowing by the end. As a fellow “do-we of all”, it was a great reminder that I am enough. That I need to slow down and enjoy my family and the gifts God has given me.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.

    – Maggie

  8. Tara

    What an amazing story! I believe we are put into situations that will help us grow, gain confidence and challenge us all at the same time for the bigger picture. I can’t wait to hear more about your time there!

  9. Deborah

    Oh, I have tears as I read. Having friends pray for me means absolutely so much. It’s unexplainable.

    So happy for you and the wonderful time you had and how you felt God pouring out. He’s always with us, but there are definitely times that will never be forgotten and always treasured.

    Whispering a prayer over you this morning and thinking about your sweet babies.

  10. Sara Lewinski

    Hi Liz,
    I am so glad that you had such an amazing experience! You are such a wonderful and talented person who deserves nothing but great things. I have been reading your blog for a few years now and enjoy and are inspired with every post you write. Reading your blog is part of my morning routine and relaxes me before my day of teaching art to my sweet little elementary students. I hope you have a wonderful day doll!

  11. Lacy

    I have read several posts by different bloggers about their visits to Magnolia Market but this was by far my favorite. Liz, thank you for always sharing your testimony so honestly and faithfully. Just as God met you in Waco, He often meets me on your blog:)

  12. Pat

    I guess I’ve been living under a rock as I just found your blog! 🙂 However, I think it’s perfect timing due to this post. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your heart and your experience. I don’t know of the words, if there are any, to convey the power of God’s love for us. I’m so happy that you met such wonderful ladies and that they prayed over you. That was divine intervention! We lost my almost 16 yr old granddaughter 6/21/13 due to a freaky auto accident. Knowing about your 7 babies, my heart goes out to you. God has the Master Plan that we know nothing of. We just have to trust and believe. I am a new follower and look forward to reading more!

    Since I’m much older, may I suggest that you put God and your family first in your life, take time for YOU and don’t sweat the small stuff! 🙂

    P.S. I’m a Native Texan and live in the DFW area…about 2 hours from Waco.

  13. Pat

    I just want to clarify that when I mentioned having God and family first in your life, I didn’t mean that you don’t. I was trying to convey the importance of slowing down and not working so hard! I apologize!


  14. Morgan Molitor

    Oh my goodness, I got chills through your entire post and tears by the end. You are so loved my friend. I can’t imagine what God has in store for you. You are such an inspiration!

    Hugs, Morgan

  15. Karen

    I was so excited to hear all about your adventures at Magnolia. I didn’t expect to have chills and be moved to tears reading your post today, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I do that in church all the time. It embarrasses my husband sometimes. 🙂 You are so loved, not just by your adorable husband and your readers, but by God. He adores you, and He knows exactly what we need especially when we don’t. <3 Hope to see you at the shop before Christmas.

  16. Courtney

    This post absolutely made my day! What a beautiful testimony to that undeniable presence of the Lord not only in your life but in Magnolia. You are such an inspiring and creative woman and I truly enjoy all of your posts and pics! Many blessings to you and your family!

  17. Jessica Buben

    It’s so heart breaking that you had to feel so alone in the first place. I know that feeling, and it attacks us and tries to take our hope, but you are certainly not alone and I am so glad this trip has shown you that! I honestly think of you and pray often. Sometimes I struggle with a little bit of jealousy when I see your beautiful farmhouse, amazing property, incredible store… Especially with it all being in Michigan, where I grew up. Whenever I feel like that, I am gently reminded that your life is far from perfect and God humbles me, and I pray for you, your heart, and your fertility journey in those moments. I’m here in Georgia, believing with you and lots of others for the desires of your heart. <3

  18. Joy

    May God continue to bless you, your hubby and your family. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder that HE meets us where we are and HE has a purpose in everyone who crosses our path. I have so enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. My prayers will be added to many others. Much love to you.

  19. Ima

    Dear Liz,
    I can feel God’s power in every word in this post..!! I am in tears of faith .. thank you for sharing your experience with all of us !!
    I will be praying for you and Jose. Thank you for reminding us that we are enough and it’s ok not to do it all!! Keep your Amazing path and please share with us everything you want … have a blessed night !!!

  20. JessicaSchluns

    Glory to GOD Liz!!!! And keep speaking to life the words those women prayed over you and praising God for the unseen. He is good!!! I’m traveling to Waco next wkend with a friend and I’m claiming a God filled life changing wkend for us too! Your Sister in Christ, Jessica

  21. Dee VanDyke

    Oh dear girl! What an amazing time you were blessed by! Thank you for sharing not only the photos of this lovely place to bring it to life for us, but each word made me feel I was experiencing it along with you. I’m happy you were able to gain such friends and find a renewal with your faith and goals. God is certainly so good💗

  22. Sara Packard

    I’ve got God bumps all over me as I read your post tonight. There is nothing like having people pray over you. As we were in the process of adopting our daughter our church family laid hands upon us and prayed. Then when she was three days old and we were getting ready to leave the hospital with her, our closest and dearest friends came to pray not only over us, but our daughter’s birthmother too. I was in your shop a month ago as we were traveling through Michigan. I was hoping I would be able to meet you so I could tell you that I pray for you and will continue to do so. Hugs!

  23. Shelby B

    Oh goodness, once again your beautiful words have brought me to tears! I think about you quite often (especially since I keep up with you on here and instagram pretty much daily), and it’s definitely apparent that your kindness and generosity towards others goes so far. You are so loved girl, and people care a lot about you (even if we’ve never met you!!). Prayers and hope and love are sent your way daily. I know God has such a special plan for you and your sweet husband. I can’t wait to read about it in the weeks, months and years to come!

    Also…I wanted to tell you about a children’s book I found a few months ago. I was just perusing the aisles of Target one night, and picked up this cute little book with elephants on it called “Wish”. I had no idea what it was about, but I just started reading it right there in the middle of Target. I got about half way through before tears started streaming down my face. It is the sweetest book for anyone that has struggled with infertility and for parents waiting on their “wish”. I struggled with infertility for about a year before finally getting pregnant (with the help of medication) for the first time. We’re actually still in the process of getting our “wish”, but this book just immediately hit home. It gave me so much HOPE. Even though it made me cry, and sad and yearning for a baby – it gave me hope that one day I can read that little book to my child! I bought it that night and have read it pretty much weekly. It’s just a little reminder that whatever happens…God has a plan. 🙂

  24. Erryn

    I loved reading this. Im having one of those weird “two worlds colliding” moments because I follow you on Instagram and because I know Jen! Last week, while you two were at the Silobration, I saw you both posted videos from the rooftop and wondered if you had met. SO crazy! I knew from your description it had to be the Jen I know. Baby swaying and all 😉

  25. Chelsea

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just got off a call with some gals as we discussed the. Ok Present Over Perfect and so much of what you write resonates with our discussion. We do not have to do it all and we can’t do it all.

    Also, I have been following you because I too know the sting of infertility. This post so deeply touched my heart because there was a very specific prayer prayed over me by a complete stranger and it was life altering. Lifting you and your family up in prayers sweet sister that the Lord will bless you with your baby.

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  27. Jenny F.

    As I’m wiping my tears away I have to say Thank You So Much for sharing this! I am so glad that you had such an awesome time at the mothership and that God touched you like that while you were there! This post was so moving and I will continue praying for you. I also wanted to say thanks for just being you and let you know that God also uses you to touch others as I’m sure people have told you before 😉
    I was late to the house styling game. I actually found out about Fixer Upper AFTER I found your blog (seriously! insert monkey covering it’s eyes emoji here) through pinterest maybe a year ago (in my night owl mode), and couldn’t stop reading so many of your posts because your style is just so amazing! In fact I told the hubs a few months ago that the Found Cottage is my mothership that we have to go to someday. Anyhoo every time I pop back into your blog I’ve felt like God was using you to help me in some way. For example you might have just posted about your infertility struggles, which I was having a hard time with myself that day, or maybe you had just posted something with humor and God knew I needed to smile 🙂 And there have been many times when I was feeling like my house was just never going to get styled the way I’d like and then that night I’d “check in on what Liz had been up to” and your post would give me motivation or encouragement to keep going and DIYing. I just know that the times I have checked in on your blog was because God wanted me to read something or see something you had posted. This sounds sort of silly now that I’ve written it and I didn’t mean to turn things around to be about me but for some reason I was compelled to share that with you. So again thanks for being you and thanks for sharing your experience!!

  28. Ingrid Hoyt

    Beautiful story, loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to make the journey to Magnolia Market, it sounds even more dreamy now, after reading your experience. Thank you for always sharing. The message was just what I needed to, slow down, enjoy family and friends and everything will be alright! <3

  29. Jordan

    This post touched my heart. As someone who has struggled with the same problems but never met or talked to a real person who also struggles with it, I appreciate you opening up. Keep up the good work girlie. I needed to read this today.

  30. Kellie Jopling

    Wow!! As I sit with tears streaming down my face, just Wow!! Isn’t it wonderful how Great Our God Is? He is always in our presence! I have never been to Magnolia Farms but it’s on my bucket list! Chip & Joanna have inspired me so much over the last year!! I have always loved the Lord but this past year my faith was renewed and so was my creativity thanks to Chip & Joanna! I have always been creative but mostly for myself, always afraid to go out of my comfort zone and do it for others, I was afraid they wouldn’t like it or they might just plain hate it. So last October my husband was laid off work after 12 years of being with a particular oil and gas company. What were we going to do? I was scared. I had already paid for and was scheduled to go in an ACTS retreat for women and that weekend changed my life forever! I knew then that God gave me a talent that not everyone shares and that’s how I was going to help my family! I sat up late one night and watched probably every episode of Fixer Upper and realized that I could do this!! My friend shortly after opened a Christian based shop and asked if I would like to put furniture in it and soon the word spread and I have been blessed to have the opportunity to flip furniture for others without fear of disappointment knowing that God is guiding my hand every step of the way!! So thank you for sharing your story and I will keep you in my prayers, for I know our Father and he says everything will be fine! May God bless you and keep you and charming Brunei to shine his face upon you!! Kellie Jopling

  31. Melanie Widener

    I came across your Instagram which led me to this post. I apologize if this is something you’ve already looked into however I thought that I had to suggest it in case you did not know about it. Have you ever been to see a Reproductive Immunologist? There are 3 top docs in the country–California, Illinois and New York. These doctors start a repeat pregnancy loss and get to the root of the issues. Their testing is incredibly thorough and unlike anything else that is done by a Reproductive Endocrinologist or an OB/GYN. I too have a history of loss. Five miscarriages. I’m happy to say that I finally got some answers and was on the right medications and now have a two week old. Anyway I just thought I would throw this out there because someone else told me about it I am so glad that I looked into it. I wish you nothing but the best.

  32. Angela Block


    I am so inspired by your blog and your heart for Jesus. This post had me bawling like a baby as I just love how God meets us where we are. Thank you for your beautiful heart and your sharing your story. I pray for you as you continue to inspire many.

    Many blessings!

  33. Abby

    I was there on Saturday but didn’t see you! I missed you I guess. I have loved following your blog for a few years and have lifted you and Jose up in my prayers. I went through my first miscarriage this summer and going back and reading your posts was very encouraging to me.

    I’m so glad you were able to spend time at Magnolia! It’s an incredible place, and it’s such a gift when believers pray over you. It’s a reminder for me to listen for those urges, and take the time to stop and obey God when He tells me to do things like that…even if it may seem awkward at the time. There are so many people around us who need to be encouraged and feel that peace! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  34. Marla -schmaltzland creations

    That was so beautiful… thanks for sharing!
    It’s so encouraging to see how God is working…even through the struggles of this earthly life!
    My daughter has been very sick with Lyme disease for 5 years and as I was reading this…the verse that she clings to came to mind.

    Psalm 131:3
    Wait with Hope
    Hope now
    Hope always!

    We will keep you in our prayers!

  35. Natalie

    Thank you for your amazing story! I love watching Chip & Jo. I’m so happy to know that they are as genuine as they appear. Your story was uplifting to me and very timely. I needed to be reminded that God is always with us no matter what we are facing.

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  38. Renee

    My sister-in-law and I are planning a trip to Magnolia Market on Friday. Thanks for sharing this. I have two babies in heaven. I kept thinking that when it happened, my mother-in-law, who went to heaven, needed them.

  39. B

    Liz- I’m an avid follower of your blog and Instagram. I too have spent some time struggling to get pregnant despite being told there is nothing wrong with my husband or myself that shows up in tests. Please look in to endometriosis- it might be the culprit- hard to diagnose and everyone’s symptoms are different. I will keep you in my prayers.

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