Ikea Sofa Slipcover Makeover

I get SO MANY questions daily about our sectional in our back living room & about the sofas we had in our last house. Well, they are all from Ikea & I blogged my review [HERE] about them. We’ve had our Ikea sectional for a few years now & I truly love how cozy it is & that’s why we have it set up in the new house as well now. The only thing was I wanted to give it a little makeover.. not a huge one, but a little one to give it a new look for the new space. That’s when I discovered Bemz.Com after searching for “Ikea slipcovers” online. & let me tell you for all my friends out there who have any Ikea furniture, you are going to kiss me for this one!!

Bemz.Com creates slipcovers for Ikea products with over 250 fabric options.. holy crap! To me that sounded overwhelming & then I thought, who am I kidding… show me all the whites and neutrals & I will pick from those. Am I right? So I ordered some fabric samples from Bemz.Com & they came in the mail super quick. It was fun to see all the colors & quality in person…

I fell in love with the natural linen colors naturally & even though I’m not straying too far from the color we have right now, the linen is going to be a great change from the current fabric. I’m obsessed with how linen gives that cozy farmhouse vibe & I’m excited to get that vibe on our Ikea Ektorp sectional in our back living room. I’m thinking we will either go with the true white linen or the wheat colored linen, more on that later!

I will be ordering the slipcover this week & I CAN’T WAIT to show you guys the new slipcover on our sectional when we get it in & give you my full review on the product and process. I’ve dreamed of finding slipcover options for our Ikea furniture for a while so I’m super pumped that I finally found someone. Which fabric would you choose? Which is your favorite? You can click [HERE] to go to the website to play with all the different fabrics on my sofa which is pretty fun. Let me know what you guys think & I look forward to hearing from you here on Instagram, Facebook, & in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by the blog!! xx


5 thoughts on “Ikea Sofa Slipcover Makeover

  1. Irina

    We had an ikea slipcovered couch before and I loved how easy it was to wash. They took so well to many washes. Later on we purchased synnergy slipcovered sofas and they were linen, one wash and they were completely ruined. Torn and shrunk. If you love being able to wash your slipcovers I recommend a denim or cotton fabric! They will hold better over time. The linen is beautiful though, reminds me of why I fell in love with it.

  2. Kim @IrishmanAcres

    I’m obsessed with linen as well, but I wonder if it would hold up in my crazy household….. I’ve been interested in blue denim sofas and would love that option to switch to denim every now and then. I’ll have to look into them! ~Kim

  3. Denise James

    Thanks so much for sharing this info. I’ve been looking for a slipcovered couch and never would have thought to look at Ikea. But I love yours and will be heading down to my local Ikea to check it out very soon.
    Thanks Again, Denise

  4. Rach

    We have a Bemz slipcover in pure white cotton for our IKEA couch. We receive so many compliments!

  5. Annette chavoen

    I LOVE the CHENILLE SOFT WHITE!! Good luck , no matter what you choose will look beautiful
    Can’t wait to see !!! ❌⭕️❤️💋

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