DIY Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop

You guys probably remember my friend Holly  of Hollyhocks & Hydrangeas from [this post] last year where I shared her amazing DIY greenhouse. Holly is a friend of mine & also an amazing artist. I think a lot of you actually have her work in your home & that makes my heart so happy to see! Whatever Holly touches truly turns to gold & I’m always excited to see what she is up to next. Well, recently she built a chicken coop that was dubbed “The Chicken mansion” & I knew you guys would love it as much as I did so I had to share it with you today…

The best part of this “chicken mansion”? Holly made everything from scratch. With a little help from her beautiful family they made this whole chicken coop out of handmade and found items. Everything from those corbels to that door that looks like a vintage find, but it’s actually one of the things that she made herself. I love everything from the metal roof, to the nesting boxes complete with curtains, to the sign above the front door that reads ‘The Chicken Mansion’ in french because, like Holly says, everything really does sound better in french. Every single detail is special & makes this chicken coop she made so unique. Holly was inspired from some chicken coop plans she saw online & took that idea and made it completely her own using repurposed and handmade items. I feel like that combination always makes everything extra special.


I love when she mentioned that most of these items she had lying around her house like the barn wood & the windows. This chicken coop should really teach us all that you can make anything from a pile of scraps. Holly also took a lot of extra precautions to make the chicken coop extra safe and super protective of the chickens which I thought was very cool. The coop locks up super tight when the chickens are inside to protect them from all outside animals. Holly has a real love for animals and it shows with how cozy she made this chicken coop. I mean, they even have shiplap walls & floral curtains.. I’m jealous!

I hope you guys liked taking a peek into Holly’s new chicken palace!! I hope you feel inspired by her work as much as I do. I always said that I didn’t want chickens to be our first animals on the farm so now that we have bees and the sheep are almost here I think it’s almost time for chickens… So, planning a chicken coop will be fun! After this I’m for sure ready to start planning. Anyways, thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & be sure to say hi to Holly & let her know what you think of her Chicken coop! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to chat about all things home decor and farm related! xx

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