DIY Moss Ball Topiaries

A few years ago, probably like 5, I made some DIY topiaries [HERE]. It was one of my first blog posts that didn’t suck. I mean, they all kind of suck in some way because I never spell check, re-read the posts, & I’m not a perfectionist in anyway, but you guys seem to not hate me for it & for that I love you. Anyways, for those DIY topiaries I took the time to create my own moss balls for each topiary & burned my fingers more than I probably should have, but they turned out pretty decent. Mind you back then to take photos for the blog I didn’t really ever style anything or make it pretty for the blog which makes me laugh looking back at how much I have changed, but none the less… it was a project really anyone could do. Well, this week, I’ve created an even EASIER DIY topiary using some moss balls that we carry at our shop, some wooden dowel rods, floral foam, a vase, & a tiny bit of moss….

Seriously it’s sad how easy these guys were to make, but they. Add a pop of charm to our tiny guest bedroom that desperately needed some cottage style greenery. Ok here are a few steps on how to make these easy little DIY Moss Ball topiaries…

1. Buy your moss balls [one small & one large for each topiary], moss for the bottom, a vase, some floral foam [any foam will do it just needs to hold the dowel in place in the vase], a wooden dowel, & some stain or paint depending on how you want the rod to look like.
2. Stain or paint the rod & allow time to dry. Cut it to your desired height.
3. Your moss ball that you get should have a foam center to make this super easy, but all you have to do is feed the dowel through the center of the moss balls. One large moss ball & one small moss ball on each rod.
4. With the small moss ball on top & the large moss ball on the bottom feed the dowel into the foam filled vase. To put foam in these round metal containers we put the vase on top of a foam block we got from Michaels & pushed down like a cookie cutter. Bonus: to make the container super sturdy & so it won’t tip you can add rocks or something heavy at the bottom before you add your foam. This vase was also from our shop, but they are also at as well.
5. The rod with the topiaries should be standing up at this point without any wiggle room, but you can always fill in the gaps with hot glue, we did not have this issue at all. Now you an lay your moss on top of the styrofoam to make it pretty. You can either glue it down or tuck it in the sides so it’s seamless.. I know you will find the best way for you.


That’s it. Five easy steps for some DIY lovely topiaries. Now of course there are so many different moss balls out there & I wish we could ship them from our shop, but we are unable to even keep them in stock so I’m sure you can find some on the internet or at your local craft stores, but you could always go with my original DIY & create your own you crafty people! Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & for always coming to visit the blog no matter what season of life we are in, I can’t tell you how much that means to me & my family. Thank you!


One thought on “DIY Moss Ball Topiaries

  1. Alison Leslie

    Love them. I have several moss balls & have never made one. Mine are hollow. You mention foam filling ones- I could put my own foam inside them for the same effect yes I’m gonna try it. Wish me luck.



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