DIY Trunk Coffee Table

So excited to finally share with you guys today a DIY coffee table that Jose built a few weeks ago that we accidentally forgot to blog. We do that from time to time. Jose is always working on a project of some sort here on the farm & so it seems normal & then we remember oh hey.. maybe someone will want to see that & how you did that! So today I wanted to share with you the DIY trunk coffee table that Jose built for our little gazebo outside…

If you missed it, we blogged how we gave this gazebo a little makeover [HERE] last week. Jose built this table so that we could have storage for our outdoor items like pillows and blankets either when we are not using them or when we want them out of the weather, but also so that we could have a coffee table for our porch as well. I love things with more than one use! Practical & good looking.. just like Jose. This piece would make an amazing toy box, window seat,  & so much more. I personally love it as a coffee table myself inside or outside. He shares all the directions & information you need on how to build one of your own over on our farm blog today TheWhiteCottageFarm.Com [HERE]. I love how he chose to paint this piece as well. Jose has this way of painting pieces that is his own technique and I love how it always turns out different on each piece, but is his own style. Is it fair that he is good at everything? Nope.


Be sure to head on over to let him know what you think of his DIY coffee table. I’ve been sitting here with my feat propped up on this coffee table as much as I can these days. I love how this little gazebo on our porch has become an extension of our house since the weather has warmed up. When you live in a fixer-upper & the whole house is a mess, it’s great to be able to have a spot that feels like an oasis in the middle of chaos & this coffee table Jose built just makes it that much better. Be sure to check out our farm blog [HERE] for more details & for more of our patio sources & into go [HERE]. & also find me on Facebook & Instagram to see what else we are up to. xx


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