Farmhouse Blanket Cupboard

Some dreams are big in life & some dreams are small, but either way when a dream comes true it feels pretty good no matter the size. With our 1800’s farmhouse I have big dreams & I have smaller dreams, but each time we accomplish something in a room it’s like a little dream come true & that is what keeps me motivated through this whole renovation of our farmhouse. One of my small dreams that I have had since even before we lived in this farmhouse was to have a a lovely large cupboard in our living room that we would fill with cozy quilts &  leave the doors open to display all of them. A small dream, but one that has come true & made my farmhouse loving heart happy…

I found this cupboard last year right after we moved into this house. It came with tags on it stating it was built in the 1800’s and had amazing dovetail detail on it that made me instantly fall in love. Also the fact that I paid next to nothing for it didn’t hurt either. It sat in our garage for a quite a while & collected dust because I really had no place to put it since every room was under construction. After we started on our front living room I knew that I wanted to put the large cupboard in between the two front windows so after a marriage testing time we finally got it into this space & I was able to stack some of my quilts in the cupboard & I couldn’t be happier…

So there you have it one of my tiny farmhouse dreams. It may seem small to many, but it’s these little things that keep me motivated to keep on going with all of our renovations. Another side note is that today I’m going to call my dad about turning these two windows into two doors that lead out onto our porch.. what do you think? More on that later. This room, although it looks bright in these photos, needs some more light. Oh the projects, they never end & neither do the dreams… Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today & for sharing the blog with your family & friends! Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to chat. xx


Some sources from this space:

Cupboard, chairs, metal basket, trunks, laundry basket: antique finds
Rug: World market
Pouf: Joss & Main
Lamp: Painted Fox
Word pillows: With Lavender and Grace
Wool quilt: Modern Wool
White quilts: Antique finds
curtain rods: target
Curtains: Ikea
Planters: Target
Greenery: Michaels


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