1. Please and with great respect, consider “Down Alternatives” for your home. The Down Industry is a cruel one, and promotes horrible suffering and pain. For someone who is so dedicated to their animals, I urge you not to advertise for, nor be a part of this maddening cruelty. With your voice, we can put an end to the barbarity of this industry.

  2. Hi Liz! Can you elaborate on how you add fillers to your duvet cover? I have a down alternative comforter in ours, but it doesn’t always stay super fluffy. Thanks!

  3. Liz your Pottery Barn store that you love to shop and advertise for use a grade of down for pillow inserts and duvets. The foul truth is that the feathers and undercoating of geese and ducks are pulled off their skin while the waterfowl is still alive. Their feet are restrained or held by their necks while farm workers pull feathers and undercoating off their skin leaving open and bloody wounds in the process. While you lay your head on a pillow insert or cozy up with your duvet think of the torture these poor creatures went through.

    • Al, thank you for calling attention to this. I was unaware of the cruel ‘live-pluck’ down process. I just researched it and it is heartbreaking!

  4. GIRL! Obsessed with this post. Pottery Barn is my fave for bedding and I love how you laid it all out (no pun intended ;)) in such a helpful way! As always, keep doing awesome stuff Liz!

    • I love this post. What do you mean you stuff your duvet with added fillers? What do you use? I have a down alternative from Pottery Barn and love it. It is so warm. There isn’t a lot of fluff though.